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Just a little mid-week inspiration.

Like I mentioned in this week’s episodic musing, remember the difference between the two types of dissatisfaction. It makes a world of a difference when you define the two, then execute accordingly.

Oh yeah – Happy Valentine’s Day.

Hope everyone’s having a great week.

As always…

Stay awesome.

– Rego

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Musings Episode 84: Running in Place…

Happy Sunday.

Hope everyone’s having a great weekend.

No fancy intro needed here today – let’s just jump right in.

Musings Episode 84: Running in Place…

Someone Told Me Something That Stuck With Me you Have To Envision Your Life And Then Go Backwards I've Been Living By That Motto For A While So I See Where I Need To Be Now I'm Just Backtracking And Trying To Get Back Up There Bruno Mars, Bruno Mars quotes, Rego's Life quotes, Bruno Mars, Musings Episode 84 Running in Place, Rego's Life Musings Episode 84 Running in Place, Musings Episode 84 Running in Place Rego's Life, Rego's Life, regoslife, episodic musings, episodic musings of a quintessential entrepreneur, don't live the same day twice, rat race, entrepreneur, living one day in 70 years, living 70 days in one year, pros and cons of being an entrepreneur, running your own business, pros and cons of having a business, dissatisfaction, tired, routine, schedule, day in day out, job vs business, truth about being an entrepreneur

You’ll remember last week’s episodic musing where I talked about having guts over fear and just getting whatever it is you want to move forward with or start done.

Reason being is because it’s better to start something than to just entertain the thought and never start at all.

Some of you may already be doing this, and that’s good.

Others may still be on the fence.

There’s two types of running in place. I think one of them is more frustrating than the other, but they can both be a thorn in one’s side.

The first, is keeping everything in your life the same.

Living “one day in seventy years,” my great uncle used to say.

This is how most people are.

You have a job, a routine. You wake up, get ready for work, grab a quick breakfast, go to work, have a drink with friends, come back home, watch TV, go to bed, wash, rinse, repeat.

Some have families and do a similar cycle.

I call this the hamster wheel, or rat race type running in place.

You complain, but never get annoyed enough to slip out of your comfort zone and make change.

Growth Is Painful Change Is Painful But Nothing Is As Painful As Staying Stuck Where You Do Not Belong N R Narayana Murthy, Rego's Life quotes, N R Narayana Murthy quotes, N R Narayana Murthy, Musings Episode 84 Running in Place, Rego's Life Musings Episode 84 Running in Place, Musings Episode 84 Running in Place Rego's Life, Rego's Life, regoslife, episodic musings, episodic musings of a quintessential entrepreneur, don't live the same day twice, rat race, entrepreneur, living one day in 70 years, living 70 days in one year, pros and cons of being an entrepreneur, running your own business, pros and cons of having a business, dissatisfaction, tired, routine, schedule, day in day out, job vs business, truth about being an entrepreneur

Photo Credit: Philip Haynes

Then you have the second type of running in place.

Or perhaps, it’s a perceived running in place.

The kind where you’ve already started towards something you want to get accomplished, but it feels like you’re going nowhere.

Maybe this is self-perceived. Maybe you’re your own worst critic.

You get a lot accomplished, cover a lot of road, but somehow, at least in your mind, things feel stuck. The speedometer is stuck on slow and no matter how hard you press your foot to the pedal the damn thing won’t go any faster.

You have a schedule, unlike a routine, and things change and progress from day to day, but it never seems to move fast enough.

There’s a similarity with both.

I think this is the side of entrepreneurship that no one really does a hard sell on.

The side most would rather have you not know about.

The side you’ve got to deal with after the motivation and excitement have long passed.

When you’re working a business, there’ll be times you never really feel satisfied with what you’re doing – in the sense that you never really feel satisfied with what you’re accomplishing.

People may feel the same way when it comes to a job, but there’s a difference.

The similarities in the two are just purely the dissatisfaction.

But the key difference is the source of dissatisfaction.

In the context of a job, someone could be dissatisfied with their pay, their boss, their work hours, or the higher ups not taking notice of their work.

In the context of a business, someone could be dissatisfied with the effort they’re putting in, their oversight on an idea they come up with later, their inability to turn into Superman and work around the clock with zero sleep.

I think the former is a dissatisfaction that centers around other people and their approval of a person.

While the latter is a dissatisfaction that centers around yourself and your approval of yourself.

There’s a certain drive that separates entrepreneurs from desk jockeys. Something that separates entrepreneurs from the pack.

Management in companies want this drive in each and everyone of their employees.

The job advert that screams “we want entrepreneurial minded people! Driven people! Motivated people!”

Yet they fail to realise that in the context of a company, that’s a double edged sword.

You’ll have people that have drive, but that doesn’t mean they’ll be submissive and obedient.

You can’t have someone driven and submissive. They’re opposite qualities.


It’s where sayings like “sheep get slaughtered and wolves eat” come from.

You may get certain people that are sheep masquerading as wolves, but it only lasts for so long – until they’re willing to crush someone else’s throat to appease their “boss,” in hopes of climbing the corporate ladder.

So really, their sheep masquerading as wolves, but really coyotes in their nature.

When you come across a real wolf, you’re really just playing with fire.

Both types, sheep and wolves, have hopes and dreams. Both start out as motivated and driven. Both take different paths when it comes to progression.

It’s only one that’s easy to control with smoke screens and carrot on a stick incentives.

The feeling of running in place may happen with both, but here’s a message to the entrepreneur:

You’re building your dream. Not some manager’s. Not an executive board’s. Not a company’s. Yours.

Learn to be objective with yourself. Take a step back and look at the progress you’ve made. Use timelines if you have to.

By doing this you’ll realise just how much you’ve moved forward – and if you haven’t moved forward, well then you’ll realise just how much more you should be putting in.

It’s a weird thing to have to deal with. Businesses are like a watched pot. It never boils until you take your eyes off it and step away.

Then sometimes you come back and realise it’s boiling over or you’ve let all the water boil out.

There’s a delicate balance to be maintained.

Step away, then come back.

When you’re in a car, going 90 mph doesn’t seem like a lot.

But when you’re watching from the side of the track, that same car going 90 mph seems like it’s zooming past you.

Learn to be in the driver’s seat and on the sidelines sometimes.

It’ll make things feel a lot less like you’re running in place.

As always…

Stay awesome.

– Rego

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Musings Episode 10: Clothes Make The Man…Woman…Person.

So recently I’ve been considering changing up my style for summer and created a list of clothing I’m gonna be shopping around for soon…and it made me think of another key component of successful business and business tactics.

Clothing play a big part in multiple aspects of success – the most common being first impressions and subconscious affiliations.

Think about it.

I currently have numerous ventures going on, and with each, must wear a different “hat”. If you were an investor and were meeting me at a smart casual restaurant to discuss financing, and we’d never met before, you wouldn’t exactly expect me to show up in a pair of trainers/sneakers, shorts, and an underarmour shirt that I just came from a fitness session wearing, would you?

You probably also wouldn't be too thrilled if I showed up looking like I was ready for an MMA match.

You probably also wouldn’t be too thrilled if I showed up looking like I was ready for an MMA match.

What would be your first impression?

Your first thought?

Would you take me seriously?

Would you instantly start sizing me up according to things such as social class, business etiquette, and ability to handle myself in a professional setting?

Probably not…and then maybe. It all depends on the individual.

My point here is clothes make the man/woman. No matter what, society inevitably links appearance to expectations. When you see someone with black trousers, black short sleeve button down, gun on the hip, and a badge, you instantly think policeman. When you see someone in a suit, tie, and holding a briefcase, you think corporate ladder climber. If you see someone in a silk suit, some form of exotic animal leather shoes, and gold/platinum cufflinks, you think rich executive or business owner. If you see a well groomed metrosexual man even, you’ll probably have one or two people assume he’s gay.

And honestly guys, there's so many of you that should start doing this.

And honestly guys, there’s so many of you that should start doing this. It gets you places with the ladies.

In knowing all this, I’d say it’s fairly safe to conclude what you wear is what you’re labeled as.

Now wait – before you jump to conclusions, I’m not going to judge you and tell you what you should and shouldn’t wear. I am however, going to give you a few pointers on what can aid you overall in life – business and personal. There’s a list of different things that could visually send power statements to a wide range of people, and it doesn’t have to cost you a fortune, unless you want it to.

As you all know Urban Daddy is my party bible, but they’ve also been known to be my go to spot for all things original and distinct. This also includes clothing. Jetset Magazine is also another great go to place. The great thing about living in this world is the huge amount of variety we get. From tailor made to standard cheap cuts, we have choices. Why not make the choice to dress better? It just makes sense.

This goes for both the men...

This goes for both the men…

...and the women. Remember ladies - the perfect waistline is still considered the most attractive feature on a woman.

…and the women. Remember ladies – the perfect waistline is still considered the most attractive feature on a woman.

When you dress better, you feel more confident. Pair that with fitness and actually allowing yourself to look good in your clothing, and you’ve got yourself feeling like a new person, and sometimes, more often than not, rocking a new personality…and guys, this also means keeping up your fitness levels as well. You may be able to snag that 10 at the bar, but she still appreciates a well cut body – the same way you were eyeing her for her flawless figure.

I’m serious. Think about how many people look up to actors and actresses in Hollywood, or even athletes. What is it that most people admire about these people? Their acting? Their personalities? Their accomplishments?


Hardly is it ever their personalities…you may think you know an actor/actress or any other famous figure by their persona they display on TV during interviews – but then that’s just what it is. A persona…they’ve been trained and have learned to change up their attitude and personality at any given moment. It’s their job.

No, I’d say much of what makes them admirable is the way they present themselves. Presentation is everything. In our food, in our dress, even in our location. Most often we pick where we would like to live based on what the location has to offer us, what the place looks like, and the safety and happenings of the area. Find me one person that will live anywhere, and I do mean anywhere, and say they have zero regard for what the place looks like, and I will confidently call bullshit. The travel industry makes their money off appearance – appearance, location, and nothing else.


In my opinion, it’s always a good idea to make sure you make a small effort to look decent in general. A decent well made shoe, well made quality thread clothing, well maintained hair, facial grooming, moisturizing, smelling good, all these things have a great impact in more ways than one.

As humans, we’re mostly sensory beings. 90% of what we interpret and how we communicate doesn’t come from our mouth – it comes from all 5 senses, but hearing is just a small factor. Smell, touch, taste, and sight are critical.


So when we’re meeting up with friends, or we’re going on a date, or we’re meeting potential future business partners, most of what’s being evaluated isn’t coming out of our mouths. So what are the top things I look out for when I evaluate future business associates and want to see if they would reflect the business image I’m looking for? Read on…

Shoes. As mentioned earlier, shoes I believe are really important. No, I’m not saying you have to go out and buy a pair of $3000 kicks. Not at all. I do however, believe that they should look clean, be quality made, and show your personality. Whether it’s a pair of sandals or custom made boots, in my opinion they should reflect that you value yourself and your appearance.

Marcello Mastroianni - one of a kind...

Marcello Mastroianni – one of a kind…

Pants and shirts, skirts and dresses. I’m all for individualism and creativity, but let’s not forget style and class. Even dressed like you’re slumming it should seem like you’re making effort and still maintaining the ability to catch a few eyes…fitted clothing I think work best – so many times nowadays I see women wearing clothing TOO tight, and guys wearing clothing like they just rolled out of bed. What’s up with that? Na, stop trying too hard, stop not trying at all, and instead try to find a nice median in between. You’ll get there – it just takes a bit of effort.


Hair. I’m always one for great looking hair. Like seriously – when someone makes the effort to make their hair look great, in being a former photographer it really gives me a warm fuzzy feeling inside. Making the effort doesn’t mean going to any crazy extent and paying someone at a salon or barber shop either. Sometimes, it can mean just researching and looking into a few great hair products, finding a style that frames your face, and most importantly, what makes you feel comfortable in your own skin. Everything I mention here should make you feel comfortable in your own skin.


Accessories. These really say a lot about a person…more than you may think. A few good accessories can sum up your personality, your viewpoint in life, and even how you go about your day to day life. A watch could mean you’re mindful of time, while a bracelet made of fish hooks could mean you like adventure and the open sea.


I have a silver chain style necklace with a key that looks like a fin key to a surf board that I’ve had around my neck for the past 6 years, and it still says a lot. A few carefully selected accessories can get a message across without you having to say anything.

Lastly, personal grooming such as face and skin, perfumes and colognes, all tie in with completing the unsaid self-statement. Choosing good skin products, decent facial washes, and quality scents that match well with your body chemistry can aid greatly in getting people’s smelling and feeling sensory mechanisms to pick up on positively…and I don’t mean spraying scents on like a crop duster…


…or coating yourself in self-tanning lotion.

Subtlety is key, and less is more – except when it comes to showering.

You all know my viewpoints on exercise, eating healthy and staying fit…and honestly eating healthy can be Monday morning to Friday afternoon with weekends free to splurge and indulge. This spikes your metabolism and doesn’t make you feel like a prisoner to healthy foods – or a sinner if you pick up that dozen of Krispy Kreme donuts at your local Publix (hey, I’m guilty for it). Go ahead, you deserve it.

…and that’s pretty much it. It’s these little things that can help a lot in daily life, with just a little conscious effort, that go a long way. Keep this in mind and you’ll see subtle changes, in yourself and your surroundings.

Stay classy.

– Rego

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Musings Episode 8: Self-employment, Investing, and Commodities

So this weekend a couple of buddies of mine and I talked finance over a Sunday lunch, and this is what we came up with.

Why is it…that self-employed people don’t think to invest in commodities? Or even currency trade?

Forget stocks, bonds, and all that other junk. Well…option buying with stocks isn’t too bad, but that’s another story, another time.

The reason why I’m focusing on currency trade and commodities, is, well…because they both make absolute sense in today’s time. Commodities, more than currency trade by far.


Well, think pre-fiat currency. Before paper money, many bartered – with either silver, gold, copper, iron, you name it.

Back then, this could even be considered being a fucking millionaire.

Back then, this could even be considered being a fucking millionaire…

The Aztecs form of currency was cacao bean.

....and that better be a thoroughbred.

….and that better be a thoroughbred.

The trades we often forget about today brought in great profit if you knew what you were doing and knew what you were looking for.

Fur trade, carpentry, sewing, and every material that was required to make these things possible – all things that we take for granted today, were valued highly and well known with our ancestors.

...especially this guy. This guy was a god. Assassin and Native American

…especially this guy. Though non-existent, this guy was a god. Assassin and Native American.

Now, when we go to pick up milk in a grocery store (coconut milk for me), most of us don’t even think about how many coconuts it took to make it.

The bottome line is…many of these services, from making clothing (unless you wear polyester) to the pack of (certain) chewing gum you’re constantly smacking on, all require basic things from nature – aka commodities.

Getting back to my point, investments are so much more than stocks, bonds, 401ks, and savings accounts (HA…haha….ha)…those are the outdated ways of making extra money. Either high risk and little return (if you don’t know what you’re doing), or slow risk and break even return (by the time you compare inflation with it).

Look Timmy...you made a whole .0032549498 cents!

Look Timmy…you made a whole .0032549498 cents!

You wanna talk recession proof? Depression proof? End of paper currency oh shiz it’s the end of the world proof? Start investing in solid investments – things that humanity can’t live without.

Filtered clean water.

Food items, whether you’re vegan, vegetarian, or omnivorous.

Crude oil.

Natural Gas.




Think up any basic thing that you put on, eat, drink, write on, or consume, think what it’s made from, and you’ve got yourself a solid market to invest in.

And currency? Ha…the currency we have to day is a joke – but for the time being it still buys and allows us to invest in all these stable things….

….and we can invest in REAL currency such as precious metals, while the getting is good.


Everyday, I wear around my neck a silver chain necklace I’ve had in my possession for over 10 years. 10 years ago, it was valued at $30.

Present day, it’s valued at almost triple that.

I remember walking into a Jeweler’s in England back in ’09. Doing some light holiday shopping, I thought I’d buy a bracelet of equal weight to complement it. The bracelet was quoted at double what I paid for the necklace – but half in size.

How’s that for an obvious statement.

I remember writing a 20 minute critical commentary, including powerpoint presentation concerning China and it’s global effect. I decided to center the commentary around China and commodities, and if the boom would become an eventual bust.

Ahh, Shanghai…

2 months later back on my way to the U.K. I picked up a Financial Times paper before getting on a departing flight from Seoul, South Korea. My evaluation, and prediction, stared at me in the face within an article in that same paper concerning that exact subject.

Speaking honestly – university wasn’t an education for me…God no. It was academia, and business thinking was far from expected. No, that was, “after uni.” Any time before that, many times you were considered unusual or “idiosyncratic,” one of my lectures not so fondly said of me.

No, instead, university was something I partook of as an experiment, to see if what I’d learned from the real world was actually applicable, and really, if I’d learnt anything at all.

And I did.

Plain and simple I did.

And I learnt it well.

What I realise is, in all the academic training we receive from colleges or universities, people are rarely ever taught in most courses or modules the truth. They’re instructed how to follow – never to lead. They’re instructed to regurgitate information from a book – but rarely to state their own opinions without always referring back to some scholarly person.


Academia…the second best business to get into next to religion.

So when people become employed, and they choose to branch off into self-employment or any form of independent business practice such as starting their own company, most often the “employee” minded thinking never quite leaves them. The inside-the-box thinking stays with them.

And really, it doesn’t take much to think outside the box about commodities. If you just think, “back to basics,” you’ll realize there are a plethora of lucrative business opportunities and investments, just by thinking of the simple things.

But for now, I both want, and need, all of you to understand that following the mass majority way of thinking is old and dated. People like Tim Ferriss – the man well known for being part of the new rich, and though older and more classic, Robert Kiyosaki – heck, even Donald Trump, as much as I don’t always agree with him – are on the right track.

Do you know why? Because they rarely, if ever, reinvent the wheel…they simply, improve upon it.


Currency trade is not for the faint of heart. Though ironically fueled by emotion, it is still partially fueled by world economic decisions – which still, when you think about it, tie in with emotion. Worry, stress, and pessimism. Excitement, anticipation, and optimism.

Each and every on of these things plays a hand in how currency value and exchange rates fluctuate.


Commodities, on the other hand…well, while some can also be fueled by emotion (mass panics when the media states there may be a “shortage” of gas), most of it, if played right, can be a steady investment.

Hell, even liquor stores are worth their weight in gold – while liquor stores make money, rain, snow, or shine, depression, recession, Cinco de Mayo or world Olympics time, the suppliers of the ingredients that provide the breweries and factories that make the liquor prosper and prosper well.

Three measures of Gordon's, one of vodka, half a measure of Kina Lillet. Shake it very well until it's ice-cold, then add a large thin slice of lemon peel. Got it?

Three measures of Gordon’s, one of vodka, half a measure of Kina Lillet. Shake it very well until it’s ice-cold, then add a large thin slice of lemon peel. Got it?

Let me reiterate. It’s not always a matter of reinventing the wheel…

…but improving it.

I’d like to expand more on this topic…I may very well be over the next few weeks, who knows.

In the meantime, really read into what I’m trying to say hear. Don’t just skim. There’s a bigger picture here other than words can describe…even if it may just be a teaser.

Stay sharp.

– Rego

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Musings: The Prologue

Ever wake up one morning, look out the window, gazing out at a clear blue sky and think to yourself – “Life’s pretty good right now, but there’s more to life than this mundane routine….and it’s gotta go. Starting now.” – and then realized…you weren’t sure where to start?


My first revelation like this happened early in life…..I was 5.

Fast forward years later, and in my 20s I find myself inadvertently holding true to this way of thinking, constantly setting and reaching mini milestones laid out for myself.

I’m sure everyone’s felt this way at some point…the tingle you get driving down the road when a ’67 AC 427 Shelby Cobra breezes by. The daydream of summer nights in Fiji that distract you at work from noticing the bitter fact it’s only been 5 minutes since you clocked in, with 7 hours and 55 minutes to go.

It’s the feeling of knowing that there are more things to do, more places to go, and more people to meet out there than what many have been conditioned to settle for. I’ve discussed and debated this for a while now, discovering new philosophies and ideologies in my adventures of travel and entrepreneurship….and every time learning something new.

I figure it’s time to set a new milestone, and I figure why not start here. I’ve blogged on and off for the past few years, and finally find myself at WordPress.

This should be fun.

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