Musings Episode 27: Learning To Let Go…

So I know a couple weeks ago I touched on hate for no reason….I had a hell of a good time on my birthday weekend, and I just wanted to do a follow up musing to elaborate further on how to eliminate people like that from your life…


Energy is what we’re made of. Everything we do, say, and hear is energy. Which is why negative words can cut, and positive ones can sooth. As humans our main goal in life is to take in as many positive experiences as humanly possible, and learn from/eliminate/avoid any negative ones.

Don’t like a movie? Walk out of the theatre. Don’t like the way someone’s talking to you? Say “STOP….no.” and walk off from them, hang up the phone. Don’t like the location you live in, the party you’re at, the sport you’re in, exercise your free will and change it. It’s all possible – we have free will, and a right to everything we desire on this planet….


I know some of you may say this is at times difficult to do – I understand. “But Rego, what if it’s like this in my job, what do I do now?” While it may be trickier in a job setting, learning to let go just takes a little bit of creative thinking.

I’ll give you an example. As you all know, there’s various things I do to make cash – most of it’s web and technology based. Now I’m a pretty chill person – but when I was a kid….I was a bit of a tyrant (side note: pretty sure if anyone I knew from childhood read that, they’d say “a bit” is an understatement…ignore them). I didn’t let anyone, talk to me in any way that was disrespectful – and I spoke my mind when needed. As I got older, I learned to be a bit more charismatic…and less shoot and fire if fired at.

I could've been this guy...but I like to party too much. *nods*

I could’ve been this guy…but I like to party too much. *nods*

I developed…you know, charm.

…but in developing charm, there’s also something else I had to develop. I started reading Sun Tzu’s Art of War, and realized that sometimes, it’s best to pick and choose your battles – and if going into battle, there’s always more than one way to victory.

Hey I’m not perfect – I still slip up every now and then these days…but I’ve improved. Why…? Because I’ve learned to let some things go – learn to let some people go, and learn to let some methods of thinking go. It’s called the law of absolute abundance. Everyone’s born naturally with this, before we get thrown into the norms of society and taught there’s such a thing as lack.

A lack in money.

A lack in social options.

A lack in opportunities.

A lack in options in general, really.

As we become adults, we often try and battle this…though most just give in to it.


So really, lack is taught….not hardwired. When you get this, it clicks like a light bulb in your head – or a bullet in a barrel – whichever analogy you like best. 😉 Ergo if lack is taught, then abundance can either be re-taught, or destroyed. The goal here is to keep it from getting destroyed.

Abundance mentality can be destroyed in many ways – from failures to certain other negative life experiences or people, it can be shredded down to nothing if someone doesn’t constantly have a reminder that abundance was here first, and always has been. This is what I mean about eliminating negativity as much as possible. This is what I mean about staying away from negative people – and negative experiences. This is what I mean about letting go.


I’d say if there’s one bit I would change in the little snippet above, it’s spend time with genuine people – anyone can be nice. Genuine people are hard to come by.

Getting your mind to constantly think abundantly, is no easy feat. For one it’s like exercising for that killer bod – practice, practice, practice. Exercise, exercise, exercise. Train, train, train. You get the idea – you have to work practically, not just in theory. It’s about changing your self talk, and your mental imagery. I touch on both of these subjects on my official site, and a little bit about learning to inspire yourself as well – imagination is the first step to absolute abundance thinking.

Chase Amante has an article related to this as well – though it may just pertain to relationships and dating, you can take his examples and pointers, and easily apply many of them to other aspects in your life, financially and socially. It’s all about staying in the right crowd, and socializing with the right people – this is the easiest way to train yourself to think abundantly.


I’m sure some of you back in your grade school days – maybe even in university, used to have your own group of friends…they were people you shared the same thinking with, similar ambitions, and probably similar mentalities. Then somewhere along the line, things changed – I’ve known many people to start socializing with their co-workers, and eventually through doing that adapting their mental habits. This can be a very bad thing – I for one never believe in socializing with co-workers – it’s too close to the situation you’re in and can turn bad quickly.

Some people can initially start out as nice, wanting to get to know you. Then turn negative, abrasive, and opposing – these are what I mentioned in my last post, as psychic vampires. People who suck the happiness and good thoughts out of you – after all, misery always wants company…and that, in absolutely no way helps you.


This is where I mean pick your battles. This is what I mean when I say do a little creative thinking. The easiest way? Zone out. Husbands do it all the time (sorry married brethren) – if they don’t feel like listening to something their wife is saying – they miraculously gain the ability to go into a vegetative state in relation to listening.

If you’re not listening, or remotely paying attention – there’s nothing to take in…and if there’s nothing to take in – there’s nothing to let go of….and then it’s problem solved. Like I said – this is not at all easy at first. It takes persistence, dedication, and commitment to your own self talk. When you learn to take care of yourself – you learn to take care of others – and in turn learn to let go. You can’t control other people’s mouths – nor their actions, or thoughts…but you can control your thoughts, your mouth, and your actions.

This isn’t the Gandhi approach at all – so don’t think I’m going there….when it’s time to stand up for yourself, you stand up for yourself and stand 10 feet tall…but sometimes, it’s better to let go of and mentally discard things. Get mad about it, kick, scream, punch, do whatever you need to do – and then find a solution. Letting go is the first part of the solution, and the first action – moving on and creating an answer to the solution are steps two and three.


Once you’ve got this down pact – you’ll know exactly what I mean about letting go. Check out my Make It Mondays posts on my official site, and subscribe for a free eBook that’ll blow your mind. Take the posts plus the book, study them, and then apply the reasoning and exercises. You’ve gotta do this for at least a month – Every. Single. Day. Come hell or high water – every day. No exceptions. It’s gonna be like crafting that insane body – but the work is worth the pay off…and don’t beat yourself up if you slip up.

The race isn’t over until the last lap. The track is meant to be conquered – not feared.

let-go (1)

Stay awesome. 😉

– Rego

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For The Weekenders: La Urbana, Cupcake ATMs, Escape to Okinawa

So as you all know I haven’t been feeling too sharp these past couple days…but that doesn’t stop me from giving all you the 411 on the best spots for this weekend – and an interesting list it is. Enjoy 😉

Let’s start with the beloved city of San Francisco….if you happen to be in the area this weekend, make sure you head down to La Urbana – a special little place that’s every intention is to draw you in and have you feel the warm embrace of what contemporary Mexico City is like today – and enough Mezcal to make your head spin. In a good way. Obviously. Not the…hungover, jesusgodwhy type way.

La Urbana 1

Don’t get me wrong – I’m not saying abuse the Mezcal. No – respect the Mezcal – it’s about as serious as drinking Kava. Yes, that serious. Just be sure to try out all their delicious food while you’re sipping away to your heart’s content.

La Urbana 2

I’d like to think of this as a good date spot. Why? Well, for starters – the food. Second – the drink. Obviously. Third – the place is jam-packed with history and originality. Every single detail put into La Urbana was carefully thought out, leaving no room for “well that’s just there because we thought it’d look cool.”

Aesthetically people from both Mexico and San Francisco banded together and went from little Mexican town to town, looking for the best pieces of furniture and items that could tell a story about the culture behind the restaurant, then infused all that with local San Franciscan flare. These guys weren’t playing around.

La Urbana 3

As for the food – they stuck closely to Mexican style cooking and combined that with the insanely great local ingredients in the Bay area. Every little thing that’s been put into this restaurant, was done with thought an dedication. La Urbana – grab your closest friends and head over – you’ve gotta check it out.

If you already tried La Urbana’s dessert menu, then this one’s not for you. No – no more, go back to fat camp. You’ve eaten enough today.

If you haven’t though and instead just left stuffed and tipsy with a need of a bit more food in your system to sober up, then read on – because you’re about to discover something in Dallas that’s going to rock your world.

Or stomach.

Maybe both.

Either one.

Sprinkles CUpcake ATM 1

Anyway – one of these things in this photo is real. The other is not.

Unless you believe in Batman – in which case, sorry.

But yes – that is a cupcake ATM you spy with your little eyes…and it can be found in a few places – one of which is Dallas. The guys over at Sprinkles Cupcakes thought they would gift you with this wonderful little charm – as in, 24 hour access to freshly made cupcakes (and now cookies!) all with the push of a button. Well touch screen really – but you get the idea.

Sprinkles CUpcake ATM 2

So when you’re feeling like a late night snack and one of their many bakeries is closed, you can hit up their ATMs in not just, Dallas, not just Chicago, but in Beverly Hills as well. There’s never an inconvenient time to cure your sweet tooth, except for at the gym…and Sprinkles Cupcakes beats Dunkin Donuts any day.

All this talk of convenience and ATMs that dispense gourmet food is reminding me of Japan. Personally, whenever I get really, really stressed – I always get a strong urge to go to J-Land and relax – I’m a minimalist – I need time to get away from the craziness of out west sometimes. Japan’s all about minimalism. Jusandi is just the place to do that.

Jusandi 2

Jusandi is all about clean lines, and quiet times. I need that. You need that – and with it being right on the coastline of an unforgettable remote tropical island, Jusandi fulfills that in a way most places can’t.

So what do you do? Well first of all brush up on your knowledge of Japanese. Or just use your auto-translator in Google Chrome.

From there? You make a reservation, book a flight to Japan (Air France is quite good, I’ve flown with them many times), make your way over to the hotel and plop your bags down in your room.

Jusandi 4

First – shower. If you haven’t eaten – do so at their restaurant then relax ocean side while sipping away on your choice of cocktail(s). Finally, head back to your room, take a nap, then shuffle over to the spa. Yes, the spa. Where you’ll be pampered and primed to the point where you begin questioning whether or not there really is royal blood running through those veins of yours.

Jusandi 5

If you so happen to find our there is – send me a check will you – you know, “Finder’s Fee.” 😉

Stay awesome.

– Rego

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“Difficulties are just…

Musings: Quote Wednesdays…

“Difficulties are just things to overcome, after all.” – Ernest Shackleton

Sorry about the delay guys – wasn’t feeling like too much of myself health wise. Bit better now. I’d say this Quote Wednesdays’ quote is pretty spot on.

Difficulties really are just things to overcome…and really if you shift your perspective – most, if not all games that were ever made – sports, gambling, and especially video games – within all them lie a touch of difficulty..and you know what? We feel good when we overcome it.

So just think – if we applied that to our everyday life – really, the only thing we would have to supply to ourselves post victory is a reward. Think up a reward for yourself, and it’ll make any difficulty seem like just a challenge – instead of a stressful time.

Stay awesome.

– Rego

Musings Episode 26: Go Big or Go Home….

Often, I set certain milestones in my life. One in particular is something I’ve done since I was a child. I’ve always had the philosophy of if you’re gonna do something, you might as well do it right, and do it big – and I still stick with that method of thinking today.

So for this musing, let’s really get down to the nitty gritty of that.

Life is meant to be lived. We’re meant to play hard – and work easy. The new rich know this – and they along with every new generation that’s popping up will soon master this skill to near perfection.

Life is about making an impression on the world – no matter how big or how small – as long as that impression matters to you.


I’m not saying you have to get out there and start a peace movement, become the next Gandhi, or even Genghis Khan….you don’t even have to be famous. Making an impression on the world doesn’t even have to include being known by a lot of people.

There are tons of people who make large differences every day who will never be known by the mass majority – but they still live life large. Let me elaborate on this just to make it crystal clear:

Making an impression, is about living your life the way you want to – and doing it in as big a fashion as possible. It’s not about anyone else. Period.

When we’re teenagers, we all at some point have this “unstoppable” fearlessness in us – there’s no reason why we have to grow out of it. Growing up can sometimes be detrimental – to our imagination, our confidence, and our “can do” attitude.


You’re probably wondering – if I’m saying it’s not about being internationally known – then how on earth do you go big exactly…?

Well it’s fairly simple –

You do all the things you want to do.

without hesitation, and without worry. Dream as big as you can possibly fathom – then dream bigger. Perform as best as you think you can – then perform better. Be as best as you can – then be better.

It’s all very simple…and should be kept simple.

You don’t let anyone hold you back – mentally or literally.

You don’t let anyone tear down your thoughts/ideas – that includes about yourself.

You don’t let anyone tell you what level YOU should be at (i.e. you’re still a baby, you’re not supposed to be this young and have this, how is it possible you got this, how about just doing this/being this way).


When I dream – I dream BIG.

When I get stuff done – I make the end result BIG.

When I make my own style – I make the BEST.

When I set goals for myself – I don’t stop until I reach them.

This is what I mean when I say go big – Either give it your all, or give nothing at all. There is no in between – and if there is – if you are stuck in that grey area – sometimes it’s best to ask yourself:

Do I wanna be a race track success? Or an on the fence loser?

Ask yourself this, and I guarantee I know which one you’ll pick.

Stay awesome.


– Rego

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For The Weekenders: Mobile Drive-Ins, Thailand, The Club

I love Miami. For the nightlife. My reason for posting late? Well – Thursday was my birthday…and if there’s anyone else who has the same birthday as me – well, happy birthday you super cool being of awesomeness.


This weekend’s going to be a continuation of celebrating my birthday – and I wanna make it as epic and enjoyable as can be.

I’m pretty much gonna be all over the place – so coordinating exactly where I’m going to and when has been a big job.

Big job – not big hassle. I have a rule – each birthday has to be even better than the last…and goddammit, every year I push to stick to follow that rule as closely as possible. So for this For The Weekenders post, I’d like to show you one or two choice spots that are birthday boy/girl worthy – think on these the next time you’re given the task of planning/coordinating either a friend’s birthday or your own. Enjoy 😉


I’m a huge fan of certain spots in Miami. I’m also a huge fan of doing things big – making it memorable. So when I found out there’s this great little outfit in Wynwood that brings the drive-in movies to you I had to check it out. You all remember how I mentioned in a previous post what a huge fan of drive-in movies I am – and honestly, Blue Starlite Mobile Mini Urban Drive-In takes the cake. Originally these guys are out of Austin – but recently they’ve been gracious enough to bring a branch off of themselves down to Miami…and for that, I say thank you.


It’s pretty straightforward – if you have a big, open, empty space that you own or you know you won’t get chased off of by the cops, Blue Starlite can bring the drive-in movie experience to you. With a 22′ screen, and your choice of movie(s), they set up the whole thing wherever you want it. All you’ve gotta do is make a reservation, and bingo – done and dusted.

Alternatively, if you just wanna show up to one of their movie nights, you can do that too. Walk-ins and drive-ins are charged differently, the latter being a bit more, but hey – it’s an experience, and a great one at that – so it’s well worth it. This is ideal for birthdays or even date nights for a few reasons:

  • It’s nostalgic – everyone’s so pumped up on “HDTV this” and “LED that” – well, personally I like watching Ferris Beuller’s Day Off in all it’s filmy, grainy glory. It makes it feel like a movie dammit – a movie you can get wrapped into without checking out someone’s pores because of the picture quality.
  • It’s original, and refreshing – Think about it – how many drive-in movie places do you know that are still around, let alone offering to your door drive in movie service today? Exactly – not many at all.
  • It’s more private than a movie theatre – How many times have you been to a theatre and been annoyed by the people talking to loud next to you or being obnoxious? You don’t have to worry about that here.


Check it out this weekend. You won’t regret it.

Another great spot in Miami I recommend comes from my love for night life in Thailand – if you’ve never been to Thailand and befriended some of the few gun-wielding locals, you haven’t partied. Period.

Hatyai - August 2009

Fact: I actually know this guy. Also took this photo. True story. *nods*

So if you’re looking for cocktails out of a plastic bag (in true Thai fashion…obviously) and classic street foods – this is the place to go. The name? Inspired and named after an infamous red light district in Bangkok, PatPong Road is a dark, sultry place filled with a mixture of red and yellow lights with insanely sexy decor. Cocktails named Hive + Seek and Laid-ee can run you a pretty penny, but well worth it.

Patong 2

The food is also choice, with selections like Drunken Rice Noodles and Thai Summer Rolls. So you book a spot (they take reservations), invite a few select friends who are really into epicly aesthetic places, and a date you secretly want to impress without it seeming that way. From here you grab a seat on one of their ultra soft brown leather sofas and take in the “sights,” enjoy the music and let the drink go down smooth. Conveniently located in Miami Beach – this is one for the books.

Patong 1

After all that indulgence it’d be a good idea to hit up the club, sweat the unhealthy bits out (y’know, like the mixers) and have a good long work out. Grab a carry-on and make sure your passport isn’t expired – because it’s next stop Massachusetts.

But wait hang on – you didn’t think I meant the club club did you…? Naaa….this is a different kind of club – as in, fitness. As in, awesome bod. As in, abs of steel. As in, single punch K.O…a playground of proper classes, equipment, and a shot at becoming a founding member.


What’s better is when you sign up with The Club, you get access to all the classes, all the best equipment, all the best trainers, and a one hour personal training session with George Foreman III. If you ever wanted a luxury gym – congratulations – you’ve found it. Located in Boston, I’d recommend hitting up a baseball game or three after a hard work out – it’ll get the blood pumping and the reflexes itching….just don’t run into the field. Yeah don’t do that. Not cool.

So for now I say take your time and take your pick….and if you already have well, good job and prepare for a box of awesomeness. Happy birthday to all those who birthday was Thursday, and this weekend.

Stay Classy….and most of all….


….and I genuinely mean that.


– Rego

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“Not all those…

Musings: Quote Wednesdays…

Not all those who wander are lost.” – J. R. R. Tolkien

Sometimes wandering is the best thing to do…it’s how you find yourself. I did it for a good few years consistently – travelling from here to there, there to here – for almost 2 years I lived practically out of a suitcase just travelling and discovering new places. Now I still travel – but I’ve found a place I can so far call “home” 😉

Wandering is simply discovering. Uncovering….and gaining knowledge. It’s a subconscious desire to question everything, know new places, and unearth new things. Try “wandering” a few times a year, and see how awesome it is.

Stay cool. 😉


Musings Episode 25: Hate For No Reason…

So this weekend’s been kind of up and down for me…


At first I thought it was a joke, but now I’ve realized a person I once talked to, got along with, and really thought was cool people hates me.

Hates me.

….and I’ve no real idea why. I’ve considered just confronting them directly about it – but a few other friends of mine have advised against it. Yet I prefer getting to the bottom of things asap – no bars, no holding back, just straight talk. In situations like these it’s better to just shoot straight, get it over and done with.

Thing is, I don’t think the person has the guts to do it [openly state their hate] to my face. Which annoys me. If someone has the audacity to hate someone – and openly state it to others – but never directly say it to the person the negative energy is directed at – then that person is a coward.


In relation to social matters, I have one main philosophy – hate for no reason, is unwarranted hostility. I don’t do well at all with unwarranted hostility. I find it unnecessary, time consuming, and a bad channel for energy. I tend to give everyone a decent level of respect, and have these mental “respect meters” in my head….if a person starts hating me for no reason though, or unnecessary negative experiences are thrown my way – the meter drops….and in turn so does my opinion of the person.

If it drops below a certain point, I no longer find it necessary for that person – that negative energy, to be in my life. Plain and simple.


This got me wanting to write a bit about why hate for no reason – or hate in general, is something that should really be avoided. Dislike is inevitable at times – especially if there are valid, legitimate reasons…but disliking/hating someone without reasoning, is probably the worst thing you can do to another human being – not to mention yourself.

I’d like to touch on this lightly, as getting dark really isn’t my cup of tea. If I go dark I’ll only do it if the situation really calls for it.

So – hate. Why do people do it…? Why does it exist…? Why is it more frequent than it’s opposite, love?

it’s far easier to hate – but it takes far more energy. Energy that easily turns into negative energy. With enough focus on hate at the end of the day someone could render themselves sick – just by the way their energy has been focused.


Negative energy is a waste of time and effort. While without it we would never know it’s opposite – positive energy – at the same time after getting familiarized with it you’d think people would prefer to avoid it. It can knock you off course, make you less focused, and consume your thoughts.

If you regularly work out, it can actually lower your immune system thus hindering workouts and performance. This is why fitness consultants advise people to try and eliminate as much stress as humanly possible from their day to day lives. Stress, anger, sadness, any kind of negative emotion that releases LDLs and VLDLs (lipoproteins that create “bad” cholesterol) more often, and contribute to excess cholesterol levels increasing. Stress has a tendency to release the “fight or flight” adrenaline used when in a dangerous situation – it pumps out adrenaline when it’s not really called for or needed.


Stress and building up hate inside yourself isn’t the only thing that can actually transmit negative energy or “vibes” your way – but interestingly enough so can someone sitting and thinking on their resentment towards you. It’s what many people, both religious and non-religious, and some cultures recognize as the evil eye.

Remember that saying “if looks could kill?” it also ties in here. This is why some cultures believe if someone is having recent, frequent negative experiences go on in their lives it’s potentially from an outside source – a person or thing that has negative energy directed at them, thus causing chaos and confusion.

This is where silver owned signifying redemption or mercy, and talismans come in. Some also believe that any negative energy can be removed with the burning of sage, etc.


Energy, a lot of times is so overlooked. It’s what people in the 70’s called “vibes” – “you’re killing my vibe man,” really in effect meant one person could be making another feel a certain pulse of unwanted energy.

So when you think about it – this applies across the board.

When people are in romantic relationships, they feel desired, wanted, loved.

When people have good platonic friendships or great family support, they feel appreciated, needed, important.

….and when people are in conflicting situations or go through negative experiences they’re left feeling disrupted, uneasy, confused, on guard.


This is why it’s so important to filter or screen. Some people can, and will suck the life out of you. Chase Amante wrote a great article on this, about “psychic vampires.”

And really that’s what life is all about – going forward, getting better, and eliminating negative experiences.

When you walk down the street, you walk around or step over shit – not go through it. It’s as simple as that – anything negative in your life, you have complete control over whether or not to keep it there.


So let go, and continue making you a better you. Just like I’m doing it’s better to kick the feeling out of your system rather than let it sit there. It just takes a little will power – hence why every single being on this earth was given free will. Humans and only humans – no thing else.

Stay sharp.

– Rego

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For The Weekenders: Surfboard DIY, Bombay Bliss, Ninja Lessons

This summer’s been hot.

Too hot.


It’s the kind of weather where all you want to do is stay out of the heat, go swimming, and avoid the beach during high noon at all times for the sheer fact the sand will burn your skin off…so you wait until evening instead.

Well, while waiting until that time – why not be productive, not to mention creative….? Can’t think of any ideas…? I can.

Three words.




Grain Surboards can help you out.

Grain Surfboards

In my most recent musing, I talked a bit about DIY – well, this is the perfect chance to exercise that side of yourself. You can thank the guys at Grain Surfboards for this. Formerly wooden boat builders, these guys thought it’d be a great idea to take the concept and put their time and effort into something smaller, more transportable, and, well, fun. Not that boating isn’t at all fun…but honestly – which one do  you think your date would be up for more?

Hey I know, we should build a BOAT!


Hey I know, let’s make our own surfboards (then head for the water so we both have excuses to see if both of us look good with less of our regular clothing on)!

Grain Surboards 3

The answer is obvious.

So it’s pretty straight forward – you google their website and head over to their online store – pick a board that’s to your liking (and body composition) and go from there. Wait a while for the mail to arrive (plan the order early on in the week to get it at a suitable time before the weekend), then sign for the package – receive it calmly until your door closes then proceed to tear it open to shreds like a 5 year old at Christmas.

Get in your zen moment, and call up that special someone you’ve been trying to get out and about – finally, you’ll have something interesting to suggest doing other than the same old lounge bar/restaurant deal. Head to your garage and push aside that floor jack and Snap-On tool set – from here up until the next few days your garage is now your “wood work shop.” Put on some nice music to work to, and create speak easy conversation while crafting your masterpiece and showing him/her the satisfaction of creating something so unique.

If that’s too much for you or you just really dig classes – sign up for one of their numerous classes now, and meet some new acquaintances.

Days later hit the beach up and enjoy your finished project.

Grain Surboards 5

You haven’t tried surfing until it’s on your own hand made board….

Then again if you haven’t tried surfing – you might want to learn first. Just a thought.

Speaking of hot, if you’re into hot and healthy foods it’d be a good idea to hit up a decent restaurant….not just decent but unique, original…inviting.

I’ve always been a fan of lamb…and with Bombay Bliss, there’s more than one way to have it. Now hang on – don’t let the drab website fool you – their site is nothing compared to their food. With so many options, it’s not wonder its a hidden gem. Forget Chicken Tandoori – so typical – let’s go for the works and start with Mumbai Pav Bhaji, a mixture of flavors and ingredients, my favorite two being mushrooms and bell peppers – win.

That was just to tease the pallet. Continue with either soup or salad, and have your fill and more with Spinach & Mushroom soup, or Asian corn with Edamame. Sit back and enjoy all this and take in your surroundings while waiting for the main “event” – I’d recommend sharing.

Bombay Bliss 2

Nobody likes to feel like they’re gonna burst. Plus…there’s always desert to follow. What – you didn’t think it was gonna be some boring chip shop menu did you? Think again.

Hands down the main event for me is Lamb Boti Masala….tender, succulent tandoori lamb cubes surrounded and embraced by a hot & spicy sauce. Now I’m not usually one for spicy – unless it’s Kimchi and a few others – but this….this place – and this dish, quickly changes my mind when I think of all the great (and aromatic) options they give to fuel your stomach.

Bombay Bliss 1

This is the perfect spot for friends, family, or even a date. The setting is neutral but welcoming, with a touch of class….I don’t go many places that lack class. So it’s a given you’re always being steered in the right direction 😉 If you’re vegetarian, they have plenty of options for you too. So go ahead, sit back, relax, eat to your heart’s content, and if you can manage grab some dessert after. Or before…I’ve always liked my dessert before dinner. *nods*

But let’s say after all the chill, calm zen moments you’ve had, you wanna take that inner peace and discipline and turn it into something cool…like being a ninja for a day. Or 3….or 5. You get the idea – ninjas = cool – and for a good long while they were the experts on espionage.

Ninja (1)

Well now you can take classes at Bujinkan New York Dojo, and be on your happy way to being one step closer to cooler…it also teaches serious discipline and self-awareness – not to mention a bunch of useful self-defense moves and the spiritual aspect of combat. With lessons every Tuesday and Thursday – it’s a chance you don’t wanna miss.

Right now they’ve got a trial month going on – $79. Keep in mind – this isn’t a place you can just drop into and check out – they want their students to focus fully on their training with no distractions – so walk-ins where people watch aren’t really allowed. They also have special workshops the first Saturday of every month – a different item on the menu every time. When you sign up – you’re signing up for a commitment – not a casual night out.


What makes their classes so unique? Check out an excerpt from their site:

Any good martial art can teach you to kick, grapple or use a weapon. The Bujinkan arts differ in that we pursue the essence of the martial arts: living and training with the proper spirit. This can lead to a just and prosperous life… devoid of this spirit, one can be lead to ruin.

The Bujinkan arts emphasize the development of character. The qualities we strive for are honesty, desire to learn and perseverance. A warrior is always calm and never surprised by any situation. In this way, we neutralize an opponent’s ability through an effective economy of movement.

If you really wanna learn the art of ninjutsu – this is it.

Stay awesome 😉

– Rego

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“Nothing happens unless…

“Nothing happens unless first we dream.” – Carl Sandburg

Without exercising our imagination, just like we exercise our body, we can never expect to grow better than what we are, never expect to do more than what we have, and never expect to be better than who we were yesterday.

So exercise the right side of your brain just as much as your left, the same way you would if you were at the gym. This way, you can grow better than what you are, do more than what you’ve done, and be better than who you were.

Stay awesome.

– Rego

Musings Episode 24: Do it Yourself….

Growing up I was taught independence.


Self sustaining habits.

The works, really.

There was a period where I was home schooled, for a short time – it helped me skip two grades and graduate grade school early. This taught self-discipline and time management, which helps me a lot today.


I know – I’ve been late in posting my musings the past two weeks – but only because I’ve been working on a BIG project that’s going to provide valuable and EPIC content for all my readers.

Those are the only two hints I can give right now – anything else and I’d spoil the surprise.

Now I’m not at all a micro-manager – no way. I believe in telling someone to get something done, then sitting back and watching them execute it. Only if they’re steering off the path in a major way do I intervene.


I like to give people flexibility to try different methods, new things, and alternate solutions. If a person finds a better, more efficient way of carrying out things – I look at that as time leverage.

As long as things are done properly, and in a timely matter, I’m not bothered much by the exact means in which the result was obtained – because there’s always more than one way to an answer or a destination.

What I don’t like is someone taking forever to decide on something then waiting until the last minute to drop the hammer.

This shows indecisiveness, and inability to make a snap decision independently.


There’s two character traits I mostly live my life by – independence, being the stronger of the two – and interdependence – something that I’ve learnt over the years through relationships, both platonic and romantic.

Since I was a kid I really had no problem doing things on my own, speaking out, or learning things on my own. Because of this, I also had no problem getting into the odd scuffle every now and again – if it was warranted.


There are huge benefits in doing things yourself – in certain circumstances. Other times it’s good to allocate things to other people if it pans out to be more time consuming or impractical than it’s really worth. To put it simply, it’s better to “outsource,” when the need calls.

A quick and easy example of this could be getting your car oil changed at a mechanic or doing it yourself.

The pros and cons?

Take it to the mechanic:

Pros – You don’t have to deal with doing it yourself and could be doing other things while your car is geting serviced.

Cons – They can throw any kind of cheap oil filter in there they choose to and they may not use the ideal oil type for the engine…thus inadvertently shortening your vehicle’s engine life. If you don’t have a second car you could be stuck sitting at the mech shop waiting for your vehicle anyway.


Doing it yourself:

Pros – You know what components are going into your car and can choose quality, for practically the same price. You learn a simple service enabling you to choose whether or not you want to outsource the task.

Cons – If you don’t have the tools (ratchet, washers, oil pan) you have to eat the initial investment. It’s a learning curve – whether or not you choose to conquer it is up to you.

Pros and cons of being a Do-it-yourselfer can be spread across any and all spectrums. The thing I like about doing things myself sometimes is the education – you can learn a lot if you just take the initiative and learn the basic structure of how things work.

Learning this could even mean just interacting with people from all aspects of life who specialize in various things – from mechanics to the art of conversation, a simple one-on-one conversation and genuine interest in someone’s talent can teach a person a lot.


Once you gain the insight though, don’t become a dick.

A lot of people extract information, apply it practically, and then forget exactly how they learned it in the first place. Every do-it-yourselfer is really just someone who’s studied their interests and gained insight from multiple sources.

However, the real and final learning process lies in execution, and executing well.

I’m not saying try and do everything yourself – not in the slightest…but every once in a while it’s good to have a go at something and see if you can conquer it.


Make it your business to learn or do something new at least once a week, and you’ll find you’ll develop more skills, gain more knowledge, and have more to talk about when interacting with other people.

I do, and it’s probably the best thing I’ve kept up in my life for a while. 😉

Stay awesome.

– Rego

Musings Episode 24: Do it Yourself…. is a post from and appeared first on Rego’s Life