For The Weekenders: La Urbana, Cupcake ATMs, Escape to Okinawa

So as you all know I haven’t been feeling too sharp these past couple days…but that doesn’t stop me from giving all you the 411 on the best spots for this weekend – and an interesting list it is. Enjoy 😉

Let’s start with the beloved city of San Francisco….if you happen to be in the area this weekend, make sure you head down to La Urbana – a special little place that’s every intention is to draw you in and have you feel the warm embrace of what contemporary Mexico City is like today – and enough Mezcal to make your head spin. In a good way. Obviously. Not the…hungover, jesusgodwhy type way.

La Urbana 1

Don’t get me wrong – I’m not saying abuse the Mezcal. No – respect the Mezcal – it’s about as serious as drinking Kava. Yes, that serious. Just be sure to try out all their delicious food while you’re sipping away to your heart’s content.

La Urbana 2

I’d like to think of this as a good date spot. Why? Well, for starters – the food. Second – the drink. Obviously. Third – the place is jam-packed with history and originality. Every single detail put into La Urbana was carefully thought out, leaving no room for “well that’s just there because we thought it’d look cool.”

Aesthetically people from both Mexico and San Francisco banded together and went from little Mexican town to town, looking for the best pieces of furniture and items that could tell a story about the culture behind the restaurant, then infused all that with local San Franciscan flare. These guys weren’t playing around.

La Urbana 3

As for the food – they stuck closely to Mexican style cooking and combined that with the insanely great local ingredients in the Bay area. Every little thing that’s been put into this restaurant, was done with thought an dedication. La Urbana – grab your closest friends and head over – you’ve gotta check it out.

If you already tried La Urbana’s dessert menu, then this one’s not for you. No – no more, go back to fat camp. You’ve eaten enough today.

If you haven’t though and instead just left stuffed and tipsy with a need of a bit more food in your system to sober up, then read on – because you’re about to discover something in Dallas that’s going to rock your world.

Or stomach.

Maybe both.

Either one.

Sprinkles CUpcake ATM 1

Anyway – one of these things in this photo is real. The other is not.

Unless you believe in Batman – in which case, sorry.

But yes – that is a cupcake ATM you spy with your little eyes…and it can be found in a few places – one of which is Dallas. The guys over at Sprinkles Cupcakes thought they would gift you with this wonderful little charm – as in, 24 hour access to freshly made cupcakes (and now cookies!) all with the push of a button. Well touch screen really – but you get the idea.

Sprinkles CUpcake ATM 2

So when you’re feeling like a late night snack and one of their many bakeries is closed, you can hit up their ATMs in not just, Dallas, not just Chicago, but in Beverly Hills as well. There’s never an inconvenient time to cure your sweet tooth, except for at the gym…and Sprinkles Cupcakes beats Dunkin Donuts any day.

All this talk of convenience and ATMs that dispense gourmet food is reminding me of Japan. Personally, whenever I get really, really stressed – I always get a strong urge to go to J-Land and relax – I’m a minimalist – I need time to get away from the craziness of out west sometimes. Japan’s all about minimalism. Jusandi is just the place to do that.

Jusandi 2

Jusandi is all about clean lines, and quiet times. I need that. You need that – and with it being right on the coastline of an unforgettable remote tropical island, Jusandi fulfills that in a way most places can’t.

So what do you do? Well first of all brush up on your knowledge of Japanese. Or just use your auto-translator in Google Chrome.

From there? You make a reservation, book a flight to Japan (Air France is quite good, I’ve flown with them many times), make your way over to the hotel and plop your bags down in your room.

Jusandi 4

First – shower. If you haven’t eaten – do so at their restaurant then relax ocean side while sipping away on your choice of cocktail(s). Finally, head back to your room, take a nap, then shuffle over to the spa. Yes, the spa. Where you’ll be pampered and primed to the point where you begin questioning whether or not there really is royal blood running through those veins of yours.

Jusandi 5

If you so happen to find our there is – send me a check will you – you know, “Finder’s Fee.” 😉

Stay awesome.

– Rego

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