Musings Episode 14: Friends for Friends….or Friends for Money….?

So ¬†my friends and I were all sitting around this weekend by the pool, and remembering exactly how each and every one of us first met. Some at coffee shops or events, others through other friends…and it kind of bled into the topic about how exactly people acquire friends as they age.


Obviously by getting out there more and having more experiences, from travel to dance classes, yachting to hanging out at a decent lounge bar, you make friends one way or the other. Well really, acquaintances when you think about it – then there’s a filtration process. My buddies and I discussed that as well and that’s probably the most frustrating part.

Most of my friends run in the same circle – and by circle I mean way of thinking. Entrepreneurial, driven, independent, forward thinking. We all work, and play hard – well, maybe play a bit harder than we work ūüėČ after all the motto is work¬†smart, not hard.


What exactly do I mean by filtering? Well, I’m not trying to go on a rant here, while picking up acquaintances is easy, it’s finding genuine¬†friends¬†that requires a bit of skill. You’ve all heard it at some point before – in movies, general conversation, through music. While being successful is great, sometimes it’s an absolute¬†drag¬†when people get to know you better.

Think of it like this – you happen to meet someone – in public, at the grocery store, through a social event, maybe shooting pool or going bowling, joining a fencing class in your area or hitting up a dojo because you’ve been wanting to try out Aikido for months now. You two exchange a few words, hit it off really well, get each other’s contact info. You invite them out, either with other friends or maybe to party it up somewhere, maybe go for some hookah.

Somewhere nice. Hookah's always better when it's someplace nice.

Somewhere nice. Hookah’s always better when it’s someplace nice.

Turns out you guys have a lot in common – both into sports, both into great music, both into travel and open to other cultures. It’s great – ever had those kind of conversations where it’s not forced and it just flows really well? Yeah – those are awesome. So you talk, talk, talk the night away. Bond with some hookah, bond with some drinks, hell, you may even become wing men/women and hit on people together.

Things seem great – until something happens. It could be the first time, could be the second, third even. Bottom line is – it happens…

…and usually, it leaves you with that sick, churning kind of feeling in your stomach. The “oh no…not again” type.

The bill comes, and they ask if you can cover some of their portion for it.

Or the bill comes, and they say ask if you can spot them this time because you’re “good for it.”

Or…my favorite, because it’s just so damn funny – the opposite (or same, for some) sex, says that you’re good for it, and while they may not have enough cash – they have something else for you afterwards if you do front their half of the bill. Then just kind of…nudge or press into you and wink.

After sells. For some. I'll pass though, thanks.

After all….sex sells.
For some. I’ll pass though, thanks.

Now don’t get me wrong here – I love treating people. I love buying a bottle or two and passing it around the table. I love buying food for everyone or buying every other round of drinks.¬†However¬†– when it’s expected that it should be done¬†automatically, sheerly based off the fact someone is under the assumption you’re better off than them – even if they may be doing pretty damn well for themselves. This absolutely irks me.

My friend Luke (no, not the one from Star Wars) absolutely hates it as well.


Well, because honestly it kind of makes a person feel like they’re being used. Taken for. Taken advantage of. Sort of like if someone’s looking at you, and you look into their eyes, and instead of the reflection of yourself – you see dollar signs. Their eyes are lit up, bright and green, with paper.

As green as this girl's shirt.

Almost as green as this girl’s dress.

And again hey, don’t get me wrong, this doesn’t just happen with successful¬†men¬†– so fellas, before you go on a rant about how women are gold diggers, there are plenty of guys out there who seduce women for the thing humans so highly hold called money. Don’t believe me? Check out the movie¬†Spread (2009).

…and this is where the filtration process kicks in.

My friends and I all have different tactics – one of them when inviting new people out, attempts to have the most¬†boring outing of their life, just so they can see whether or not the person wants to be their friend because they want to hang out with¬†them.¬†Not their money. You’re probably asking why they’d go out and do something boring – well, think about it…

…you’re out and about, having a good time, at a live music venue, yadda yadda. Or maybe you’re both playing squash or out racing go karts. Naturally, a setting has been created, where¬†you’re both having fun.¬†This really eliminates the need for any form of meaningful conversation. The fun is there – the mind is focused on said fun. The engagement is¬†already there.


Prepare to get owned.

It’s like video games – or even better it’s like watching a movie – you don’t really engage with each other – you just watch the movie, and maybe share some brief thoughts about it afterwards. Which is why I’m really not a fan of suggesting those type of things in my¬†dating life, for a first date. It’s an inefficient use of time, and an exit for pushing yourself to become a conversationalist.

My point is creating a boring atmosphere really accomplishes two things:

  1. It pulls people out of their shell and gets them to talk Рinstead of fiddling with their phone.
  2. It reveals whether a person wants to get to know you or your money.

So when you’re sitting there with nothing but a Dos Equis in one hand and the view of the beach across the street, you’ve gotta actually¬†think about what to talk about. What questions to ask, topics to pick, etc, etc. The best part about this is – you can get a relatively clear reading on the person. Not doing an all too engaging activity gives you time to study body language, eye movement, facial expressions (which tell you a LOT, like if someone’s lying – if you pay attention), and much more.


This is the best way to get to know a person…and besides, before all the technology, before all the awesome things that were created for having a great time graced human existence today, this is how we started out – through conversation. Literature was once the fuel that flamed this fire – reading about different things, educating ourselves, studying an atlas, breaking down and comprehending poetry, all that jazz….

…and by conversating with and reading people, often you’ll find you can read their thoughts. Their motives. Their intentions. Their hearts.

You can tell if they wanna get to know you, for you.

Not your bank account.

Stay smart…and you’ll stay happy.

– Rego

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For The Weekenders: Heligolf in Scotland, Horseback Riding Like Fabio, Island Hopping in Mozambique

Sitting in one place too long is never a good thing for a person.

It makes them twitchy.


Downright irritated and mean.

Or maybe that’s just my Aunt when she stays in her house too long and goes on an e-shopping sprees for a week straight. I call her the bag lady.

The Mary Poppins kind. Except Portuguese.

Either way, let’s take this For The Weekenders post and get you out of the country, and into a little bit of exploration. Enjoy.

Golf…one of the most relaxing, yet psychological games in the world. Right up there with fencing – if fencing didn’t involve swords. While I know some of you nay-sayers may disagree, exclaiming it is one of the most boring sports on the face of the earth – allow this next bit to change your mind.

Playing golf at Blue Ridge Mountain is entertaining – playing golf in Scotland is epic.

No? Still not fascinating enough?

Oh right – did I mention there’s a helicopter involved?


Yes, I’m talking about¬†heligolfing. What sorcery is this, you say…?¬†Well, for one, it’s not that sorcerous at all. Except for maybe the fact you can have drinking added to the agenda. So the next time you’re globe trotting by yourself, want something fun to do while your S.O. is out for a day at the spa, or just need an excuse to ditch the kids, ring up Gary and Andy with the code word “heligolf.”

From there all you have to do is show up – get your favorite set of clubs out, shine your golfing shoes and prepare to be escorted from course to course via both helicopter¬†and Bentley. Yes, you heard right – Bentley. If you’re going to golf with a helicopter, you’ve gotta have the proper car to match.

The classy way to avoid responsibilities.

The classy way to avoid responsibilities.

So you’ve popped over to Scotland, you’ve been transported over to the first hole – what happens next? Well, you get the game of your life, to put it simply. Gary and Andy are both ex-pro golfers, and if there’s anything that makes their day, it’s a good game and a great challenge. Don’t worry – in the event you just plain suck they’ll (possibly) go easy on you – but not too easy – you want it to be a memorable game, after all.

However, in the event you really do cock up, and somehow manage to wrap your 9-iron around the nearest tree after hitting the ball into the hellish sand bunkers Scottish golf courses are so famous for, you may need a drink.


Or five.

Either way, they’ve got you covered. Slowly back away from the tree, pop into the helicopter, and fly your way over to the nearest bar on site. Order up a brandy, take some putting advice, and answer your phone explaining to your wife (husband?) you’re going through a tunnel and losing reception. Sip. Toast to the good life. Sip again.

Let’s say you’re not much of a golfer though, and are into the more adventurous things. More rugged things. More novel things. More things to build some sort of basic human endurance, where you feel one with nature.

Or maybe, if you’re female, you’re looking to emulate those women you see in the romantic shampoo commercials. Male? Maybe you’ve always dreamed of being Fabio.

We're not here to judge.

We’re not here to judge.

Either way, this next one is not for the faint of heart. It’s more like James Bond (the Daniel Craig one), meets Fabio – then proceeds to¬†kick Fabio’s ass at a 5 day 4 night trek through the¬†Atacama Desert. Where exactly¬†is, the Atacama Desert? Well, it’s located in South America – Chile to be exact – and it’s probably the most interesting thing you will encounter there.

Fun fact:

The first European explorers of this area were drawn by tales of a land rich in gold, somewhere to the south of the Inca Empire. It was on this quest that the Spaniard Diego de Almagro, after a dramatic journey across the Andes mountains in which more than half of his men perished, became the first European adventurer to arrive in Chile and walk across the Atacama desert. Just as then, Atacama today continues to be a unique experience, an unforgettable encounter with surroundings rich in traditions, forms and colors.

So exciting Nathan Drake would want in.

So exciting Nathan Drake would want in.

So what do you expect when you get there? To put it simply, a semi-private (maximum 8 people) adventure that can take you 4500 meters plus, above sea level. A guide that is fluent in every standard language Berlitz offers as a learning package (Spanish, French, German, obviously English), and 7 to 14 different options for your much anticipated exploration.

So pull up a bar stool, order your multi-lingual guide a drink, and prepare to go over all your options, while picking wisely from volcanos, salt flats, geysers, wetlands, and the commonly known mountains. Shoot for the Quebrada del Diablo¬†¬†and gain some serious bragging rights for when you get home – bragging that includes the words “trotting” and “leaps.”


Disclaimer: Finding gold not guaranteed.

After all that adventure, you may want to relax and sip Mai Tais. Let’s get a little more original than that, skip sipping any form of mixed cocktails by the pool, and instead grab a cooler and load it with a 12 pack of¬†Laurentina Clara¬†– that’s right, next stop, Mozambique.


This is the time to let the weekend go from 2-3 days…to 2 weeks.

Get ready to hit up over 30 – yes, ¬†you read right, 30 different islands while you and a crew explore the¬†Quirimbus Archipelago in northern Mozambique – this isn’t your standard run-of-the-mill lazy Sunday float by – it’s a fucking adventure.

So what do you do? Grab a few people (or hey, person) that mean a lot to  you, toss your sandals off, run towards the beach and hop into a traditional dhow Рget oriented with your crew, learn a few names, trade a few jokes, and sail your way from Ibo island into the Mozambique Channel.

Your geography lesson for the evening.

Your geography lesson for the evening.

Take your time but go crazy and start your island hopping with star gazing at Matemo Island, fishing in Ulumbwa, and watch out for those reefs on your way to Little Rolas Island – wouldn’t wanna spill your drink or worse – fall in the water when you’re trying to impress a certain someone. Best to make this trip¬†memorable, not laughable.

Island hop a bit more until you make your way over to Londo Lodge, and go from dhow to canoe, to do a bit more exploring but on a more independent proactive level – sorry, no cup holders here so better to leave the alcohol back at the lodge.

Where the water's like a mirror to the sky.

Where the water’s like a mirror to the sky.

Canoeing is hard work, so I recommend hitting up the spa after, only to shuffle over to some outdoor lounge chairs, order up some food, and soak up the view while your object of desire makes their way over to you with the finest bottle of wine you’ve come across and two glasses. Grab your trusty corkscrew you somehow manage to sneak in every time you fly, twist, pull, pour, and enjoy.

This is life. Sit back and relish.

– Rego

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“A successful man…

Musings: Quote Wednesdays…

“A successful man is one who can lay a firm foundation with the bricks others have thrown at him.” –¬†David Brinkley

No matter how much bull crap or negative stuff people throw your way, always push to flip it to your advantage.

I know sometimes in life we’re thrown curve balls, told we’re too old to do this, too young to do that, what’s the sense in doing this, no one’s ever been able to do that – but as long as you instead use those things that are said and flip them into fuel for¬†pure motivation, like a stash of double NOS tanks under the passenger’s seat or in the back of your car, you can use that fuel like an extra boost, giving you that much more of a reason to prove all those nay-sayers¬†wrong.

Nothing’s impossible. Stay motivated.

Happy Wednesday.

– Rego

Musings Episode 13: Being Practical vs. Being Cheap…

I’ve always wondered why some people look for the cheapest¬†things, instead of just focusing on being practical.

The cheapest gas.

The cheapest iPhone.

The cheapest meat.

The cheapest (worst of all) shoes.

Many times when I ask about this most people equate practical and cheap as being one in the same. When they most certainly are not.


2013 Ford Taurus – starting MSRP $26k – new and “cheap.”

 Acura Integra - Fully modified asking price $14,500 - 57k actual miles. Which would you pick?

Pre-2000 Acura Integra – Fully modified asking price $14,500 – older and 57k actual miles, but quality engine and make. Which would you pick?

I really wanted to bring attention to this because many times a lot of people tend to lose¬†more money than they’re under the impression they save.

Sometimes it’s not always about finding the lowest price.

Sometimes it’s not always about clipping coupons to shave off the most cents.

Often times it’s about seeing the bigger picture, and realizing that looks can be deceiving and math a bitch if you don’t pay attention to the overall numbers.

Think of it like this – you go to the gas station – you top up your tank – the next week, you find gas at a cheaper station, not exactly one that you’re all too sure about, a no name station but hey – what do you care? It’s 15 cents less on the gallon!

Which technically is only 9/10ths of a gallon there, buddy.

Which technically is only nine-tenths of a gallon there, buddy.

One thing may be accomplished here – but two things could also be setbacks.

“Setbacks…?” you ask, questioning my sense of logic and slowly wondering if I have any bit of common sense.

“It’s cheaper gas,” you think to yourself.

The two main setbacks? Well let’s think:

A) You just wasted the current gas in your vehicle’s tank driving around looking for cheaper gas. Good job.


B) Aside from the bullshit the media tells you about it “all being the same,” you’ve potentially put something very bad for your engine in your tank that possibly has cheaper “detergents” – if you don’t understand what I mean, this basically means the numeric grades you see at the pump, “87, 89, 93”. While every station may have these, some skimp on quality.

Or worse, selling bad gas (left).

Or worse, sell bad gas (left).

And yes – you’re partially correct, it’s been argued that to a degree it doesn’t matter what grade it is – BUT, ¬†in my opinion that’s only when it comes to mid-grade. If you’ve ever pulled up to a pump you’ll notice the little ticker counters above the prices – and you’ll notice that while there are three nozzles, often there are only two tickers – often, mid-grade pulls off the same ticker as low grade.

So yeah, you’re partially being screwed…but honestly – I’d rather be screwed less and take my chances by buying high test.

I’m a fan of classics, ergo I drive one.

Gotta love Hondas.

Gotta love Hondas.

It’s probably the only thing I’ll consider my child, and probably the only kid I’ll ever have in my life, nephews being the exception. My vehicle only takes high test. Believe me I’ve tried – there was a time when I thought, “fuck it, gas is up to $4.35 a gallon, I’ll go cheap this time.”


Damn…did I screw myself over. One empty tank later and my girl (car), is choking like mad. Three fuel injector treatments later and she was back to normal…fortunately.

Now I’m not here to rant about gas, but this is just an example. Let’s shoot for another one —-

You hate your phone company? But you got that new iPhone 5/Samsung Galazy S III for only $100? Sounds good…sounds good….did you have to renew your contract for another two years?


Think on that for a minute.

Let it really sink in.

Close-Up Of Stop Watch

Now take what you pay per month on a contract plan (I can guarantee you it’s probably more than me).

With a company you hate.


Then multiply that figure by 24 months.

Take that figure and compare it to the cost of the phone…which you’re probably going to ditch when “Like, OMG the iPhone 6/Samsung S IV is out!”

Truth is…you’re eating more of the costs than you think.

…..did you crunch the numbers? Good? Still think you got that phone for a steal?

Didn’t think so.

What am I trying to explain here? Well…even though you may think you got the better end of the deal because it was a “cheaper” price for a phone everyone has, you’ve just locked in two years of your income (and your life….that you’ll never get back. Congratulations.) all for the hype of that enticing price you saw in the display window.

Now let’s say you want to leave the country within those two years.

Move to a place where there’s no service provided by that company.

Just plain change companies because you’re finally fed up and bring yourself to accept the service¬†sucks.

Or like many do….change service providers because one company has a newer¬†phone that you’ve suddenly fallen in love with like a girl who changes her mind as often as she does shoes.


What do you get slammed with?

Huge fees because you’re breaking a contract.

That iPhone 5 doesn’t seem as cheap as it was when you first bought it now, does it?

Me? I pay roughly $40 a month for my phone.

Unlimited everything.

Smartphone everything.

No contract.

Ultimate freedom.


Did I pay a little more for my phone than you? Maybe….but the freedom I gained from practicality feels way better than the metaphorical ball and chain so many people acquire to get that “cheaper priced phone.”

I could leave the country tomorrow for two, three months and come back to the same number, same phone, like nothing even happened.

You get the general idea here. These are just a few examples and I’m not saying they’re for every scenario, but it reaches a wide scope of people.

The list goes on – you buy shoes cheap because of the price, you either get uncomfortable feet or shoes that wouldn’t last 3 miles if you decided to walk it.


It doesn’t have to be a crazy amount in order to be quality. $350 for a mass cut Chukka?

Fuck you Red Wing. I like you guys but with enough connections I could find a shoe maker who does a better job and creates a custom shoe.




That’s what you’ve gotta aim for.

Aiming for cheap is short term – short term is instant gratification – instant highs are often instant lows. The age old adage of “you get what you pay for” is still as relevant as the day “adages” were spawned. Aiming for stupidly expensive is impractical.

What I’m trying to say is cheapest isn’t always the best – nor is overpriced. Sometimes if you spend a little more and¬†shop around a bit differently while not always going after the mainstream stuff, you can really find yourself living a comfortable, enjoyable lifestyle with things that last.


I’ll buy a $300 Seiko diver’s watch any day over an $8000 Rolex or a $10 Timex – both of which I’d be terrified to get shoved into a pool with while wearing.

This doesn’t just include consumable items either. This type of thinking spreads to all aspects of spending – especially travel – a coach ticket on off-season to South Korea while picking a decent hotel that’s just an extra 5 minutes out from Gangnam, works out to be better than the peak-season ticket while wanting to stay in the city center and skimping on accommodation, winding up at a shared dorm dump.

The extra $15 you spend on cotton shirts, instead of that polyester shirt you found on sale for $5 at a closeout store, ends up lasting longer than the plastic crap that causes you to catch fire if you get to close to a hot engine hood on a Dodge Ram…and really with a little (and I do mean little) research you could get tailor made shirts for less than $20, cotton, without¬†having to trek over to Hong Kong.


You could look like a million bucks and only spend a thousand.

Instead of trying to look like a million bucks while spending $900 and looking like $9 (we’ve all seen it at some point).

Remember, it’s not always in the numbers but in the quality as well.

Anyone like LG TVs? I do – I have one. They’re great, I love them.

My ex was looking for a quality flat screen TV last year but didn’t wanna break the bank. She thought either a cheap off brand TV, or Black Friday was the only option.

 (HA....yeah no.)

(HA….yeah no.)

The result? 32″ LCD TV $149 with tax. Brand – Dynex.

“Dynex? Who the fuck is that,” you’re probably thinking.

Well, they’re a subsidiary of LG…and you know what, the quality is practically the same. Is it as sleek and sexy as the LGs? If you’re an electronics snob like I sometimes am, probably not.

Asian chick not included.

Asian chick not included.

….but she didn’t care. Because the quality was the same if not similar…for half the price…and she didn’t have to go buy some extreme ass-backwards off brand.

This is what I mean when I say practicality…and it doesn’t always have to involve coupon hunting like a mad house wife holed up in a condo while her husband works a 70 hour work week.


Next time you’re out and about think, before you buy…be it plane tickets, gas, shoes, clothing, heck, even food.

Quality over quantity.

Stay savvy.

– Rego

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For The Weekenders: Medicinal Cocktails in Miami, Water Taxi Rides in San Fran, Vino in Chicago

So there’s a certain someone you’ve been eyeing for a while and they’re back on the market. Jump in and ask them out you say? Most certainly not, I suggest.

But…but WHY? They’re on market now – somebody’s going to snatch them up!

Be cool, my red blooded hot-hearted friend. Do not ask out, but instead invite to chill out. Casually, gracefully, warmly. Observe:

You ring up this certain someone – not text, text is impersonal, hard to read, and a half-assed effort – and you tell them that you just discovered the fountain of life, tucked away in Miami Beach. Naturally being curious, they ask what you mean, and you explain to them that elixirs of all sorts can be found at this one special place – while instructing them to meet you in 2 hours at 1650 James Ave.

Mixology 202.

I introduce to you¬†Drogerie¬†Miami’s most original Medicinal Lounge Bar. While some bartenders may suggest the poison they think is best for you after a 5 minute “heartfelt” conversation, these guys focus less on¬†poison, and more on medicine…meaning they’ve been studying for decades learning about various herbs, alcohol attributes, and botanicals, mastering and learning what combinations go best with the¬†body¬†– and less on what the little misery demon inside your head is telling you you should have to drown all your problems away.

Let’s put the Xanax on ice for now.

So you both meet up and settle into a nice comfy sofa, while noticing the ultra loungey music in the background. You glance over to the bar and wonder why there are so many doctors there – maybe medical research you say – but no, those you see in white coats you soon realize aren’t doctors, but bar tenders – or more accurately,¬†mixologists.

So what’s your next move? Well, you confidently say “hang tight one sec, I’ll be back” and make your way over to the bar. Grab one of the “Prescription Lists” – aka menus – but never use that word – then you start to use simple logic, and go for one of the drinks appropriately categorized under “Stress relievers.”

From there you order the “Miami Chiller,” a well thought out drink containing¬†muddled celery, gin with hints of cucumber, green Chartreuse, a touch of Chardonnay vinegar, and fresh cut lime. You order two, and walk back to explain the creation of the drink and it’s purpose – being to take someone to a calming, more relaxed state of mind….and after 3-4 of those and 60 minutes in, combined with the class A ambiance of the place – ¬†you realize it does.

So you’ve both hit up a unique lounge bar, loosened up, and now that alluring someone feels they need some air. What do you do? ¬†While taking a stroll on the beach is all fine and fun – it’s so….standard. How about something a little different, a little refreshing, where they can feel a little bit more of that gentle open breeze brush against their face? This is where Tideline Water Taxi comes in handy.

I know what you’re thinking. A water taxi? That doesn’t sound fun at all.

Au contraire, my friend. It’s more fun than you think – just slightly more relaxing…and that’s what you were looking for, right…?

The great part about these guys is, they run a small service – up to six passengers at once. Making it far more private and personal.

Operating along the San Francisco waterfront and lower Marin County, they travel to popular locations, so every stop always has something interesting to see. Like Pier 39.

What’s better than clearing your head while having wind blow through your hair? The soft hum of a motorized boat and captivating rhythmic patterns of water being cut through and the sound of the ocean? When you’re stressed out and not sure about anything, nothing sounds like sweeter music to the ears. Plus – being an all-weather taxi, it’s a great excuse to get closer when things get chilly. Yeah, I know.

After cruising around for an hour or so, you warm bodies are a bit chilly – and sobered up at that. How do you kill those two birds with one stone? Simple – you hit up a wine bar. That has great wine…but isn’t afraid to serve other spirits.

Yamazaki whisky

Like 18 year old Yamazaki Whisky.

Nothing warms the body better than wine…or whisky. I’m talking about The Twisted Vine, comfortably located in Chicago, IL. The best part? You get to cozy up in elegant and timeless leather seating, enjoy strategically placed lighting, and decked out hardwood floors. Order a bottle of your choice, ask for their menu of hors d’oeuvre, and shoot for the gourmet olive bowl or varied insanely delicious cheese and cracker platter – and no, we’re not talking Nabisco and Kraft.

gourmet cheese twisted vine chicago

With a touch of walnuts and other delights on the side.

What’s better than polishing off a choice bottle of wine and select cheeses with someone easy on the eyes?

Have a great weekend.

– Rego

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“Always be yourself…

Musings: Quote Wednesdays…

“Always be yourself, express yourself, have faith in yourself, do not go out and look for a successful personality and duplicate it.” – Bruce Lee

It’s not what other say you should be – it’s what you think you are. It’s not how others say you should act – it’s what you choose to express. It’s not what other say you can or can’t do – it’s what¬†you yourself believe you can do…and it’s not who others say you should be. It’s who you want to be.

No matter what, although there are models and successful figures you may admire, it’s still about carving your¬†own path, making your own distinct name, and writing your own version of history – by making it if you so choose.

Happy Wednesday.

Musings Episode 12: Location, Location, Location…

So this guy I know just closed on a house last week, and I have to admit I was pretty happy for him.

For a bit of background, the guy made his way down to South Florida after a brutal break up – he and his fiancee were set to marry, he’d sold his house, given away all his furniture and moved in with her. Then, no more than a few weeks later she said she didn’t think it was gonna work out, and the poor guy was left high and dry. Ridiculous.

Almost as ridiculous as this guy getting kicked out of his own country for being too handsome””. That’s a true story, by the way. Check it out.

Just brutal.

First time I met him, he was cantankerous. With a bit of conversation though, you could start to see his real side come out. I knew he wasn’t a mean guy – just hurt.

So I pulled a few strings, got him a nice set up where he could forget any and all problems associated with that situation.


Then I find 3 weeks later he’s up and running again, ready to get back into his usual way of doing things, ready to see what else out there the world has to offer, ready to check out the other fish in the sea and cars on the market.

This whole situation made me realize even more how the location and area that surround a person is more important than we may think. In both a financial, and energy sense.

I’m very big on location. VERY. 95% of where I have lived is based on 7 major factors – local activities, distance, weather, beauty of surroundings, general attitude of people in the area, convenience, and building layout and view.

I think many people think this way, but then also many people move where work takes them. They learn to settle in, get adjusted, and become interested in the place because that’s where they’ll be for the next god knows how many months because that’s where the money is.

While this is all fine and dandy for some, I’m sure for others it may seem like a nightmare.

For example, one wrong word could set this fellow gentleman into hurling his suitcase at an innocent...back away slowly.

One wrong word could set this fellow gentleman into hurling his suitcase at an innocent…back away slowly.

In my opinion that type of moving doesn’t really allow you to move for the reasons you want to – and in fact it’s more like chasing dollars – literally. The “who moved my cheese?” metaphor and then going to find it is real, scarily enough.

So after much pondering, I thought I’d write a bit about some key factors in a location I look for, and maybe, just maybe it’ll get you thinking about what you look for as well…and remember – I’m talking about things that would make where you live seem like an absolute sanctuary. So here goes.


Let’s start with local activities. Clearly, from all the “For The Weekenders” post you all have read, it’s well known I’m all about places that have amazing things to do without having to necessarily travel to some exotic far out place no one’s ever heard of if you choose not to.

Even a paddle boat in the right setting can be fun.

Even a paddle boat in the right setting can be fun.

Yet keep in mind when I look for a place that has great local activities, I also avoid overpopulated and high traffic places like the plague.

While finding such places that have one without the other may seem impossible, I must assure you it most certainly. Is. Possible. Just takes a bit of research is all.

So I guess you could say local activities also tie in with distance. Yes, very true. I always try and look for places that if possible, have everything at your fingertips, where literally if you’re going by car, you could just keep making a right at every major intersection until you circle right back around to where you live and hit up every place you need for groceries, gas, nightlife, etc.

Lox, champagne, high priced call name it. Joke on that last one.

Lox, champagne, high priced call girl…you name it. Joke on that last one. Indulgence level 99.

The same thing should be if you’re going by car as well.

Take Shin Okubo for instance, in Tokyo. Located on the Yamanote line, this trendy little area had an array of shops, and you could find a decent place with a nice view that was a very short walking distance to the train station. The best part? Two of the most major hotspots were no more than a few exits away – making total costs to travel to them less than $2 one way. Heck, you could even walk if you felt like a nice little stroll.

Kickass little place.

I’d say that’s win.

Speaking of which, trendy for me isn’t complete without some class A surroundings. I have to, have to, have to, have an excellent view with every place I move into. When I step out my door and get in my car, drive down that street, it has to be aesthetically appealing. From the landscaping to the architecture of buildings. Add a beach less than 10 minutes away and you’re talking an A+ spot in my mind. Which really when you think about it ties in with weather.


Another great area I could say pulled this off with tremendous effort albeit surprisingly dreary weather are some places in the UK. I remember uni days there. Now if you’ve been to some bits of the UK, you know exactly what I’m talking about when I say dreary. Minimal sunshine, rain for days, bitter cold winds.

Yet then you get the odd, sunny days where everyone bolts for the park like a herd of race horses or wild mustangs.

Sunny or dreary, the place I was in had great architecture. Old structures that had been up for years, somehow brought together with new developments to form this sort of, hybrid town with shoppes, banks, and decent “high street” lounges, that you could dip into on a cold rainy night during your uni days after that three hour lecture that almost bored you to tears.

From this....

From this….

…to this.

And most of all…combined with everything else, I’d say the attitude of the people in such areas with the attributes I’ve been discussing with you ranks incredibly high on the list. This, in actual fact, can either make or break a place, in a variety of ways.

Ever noticed how certain people hang out with certain people? It’s not intentional, it just sort of happens. I wouldn’t call it a “clique” tendency, that’s too juvenile and should be left behind at grade school graduation day.

But I’m talking about how people who are fans of water sports or fishing migrate to areas where there’s a plethora of opportunity for that, or how people who are really into performance auto migrate from Tokyo to Yokohama. Heck – even snowboarders make their way to Vermont Canada or Colorado.


The people and the attitudes of said people play a larger part in enjoying where a person stays more than many people think it does. That’s why younger people wouldn’t exactly feel comfortable in a 55+ community…nor would young spirited 55+ feel comfortable if said community had a majority of members that were constantly talking about hip replacements.

It’s these subtle little things that people sort of know they’re looking for, but never really make the ultimate decision and assertion that they ARE going to be picky enough to find all their requirements and desires…more importantly desires….


…and by neglecting those desires you neglect a part of yourself.

It all ties in, be it clothing, or cars, accommodation or friends. We were given free will to choose¬†– and in doing so thus stimulating our imagination. There’s more importance to this than you may think…and in the end it’s all worth it, guaranteed.

So go ahead, get creative, and get picky – it’s you who has to stay in that area, live in that house, and make friends with those poeple. Exercise your free will, and in doing so you’ll exercise your imagination and awaken your real desires – and by awakening your real desires, discovering just another part of your real self, fueling and finding your own happiness within because you did¬†activate your imagination.

Stay decisive.

– Rego

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For The Weekenders: College Edition…

So this weekend I wanted to postpone the usual Thursday’s “For the Weekenders” post, because I wanted to share something local with you guys I was waiting for the chance to check out. Not only that, but I thought I’d put together a carefully thought out list of things that you current college students out there can enjoy, even when you’re strapped for cash. Been there, done that, sucks. Life is too short to not have fun.

Therefore I bring to you, For The Weekenders: College Edition. Enjoy.

Live music. Sangria. Tapas. Paella. Ceviche. Speaking of….that’s the name of the place I checked out this weekend.

Muy rom√°ntico.

“With a couple buddies, Rego?,” you ask? Why no – while this is the perfect spot for friends and family, it also rates very high on my scale as an excellent date spot.

Especially when you have insanely talented music artists such as May Barreto in the background while you eat, that you get to listen to live with absolutely no cover charge on a Friday & Saturday night. Not a fan of Flamenco guitar? No problem, they have many other artists that come to play as well.

Yes, you heard right, great music, great Sangria, and one of a kind Paella,  makes for an unforgettable night.

Order of Sangria for two, please.

So if you managed to land that 10 at the bar on campus, and you don’t wanna break the bank while still doing something with style, shuffle over to Ceviche, which you can find at¬†various locations, not just limited to Delray Beach.

No reservations here, it’s first come, first serve…ask for one of their best, most romantic tucked away tables. Close enough to hear and (if you choose) see the live acts, far enough to carry on a conversation at a whisper where you both have to lean in (wink).¬†Motion to the waiter/waitress, and request confidently a half bottle of the Cristalino Brut, while you nonchalantly explain to your date the hints of citrus notes and light texture of it.

From there, order up the Zarzuela, packed with seafood and slow simmered in saffron tomato sauce. Your date’s a vegetarian, you say? No problem, go for the Paella de Vegetales and watch as she enjoys every last bite.

The food is reasonable and the drinks even more-so…what do you have to lose? Check out their menu, and website. You won’t regret it.

I get it – you got a little carried away last night and ended up ordering 3 half bottles instead of 2, ¬†aimed for appetizers, entree and dessert, and now you’re a little short for that game you wanted to go see.

Well, skip the game and hit up the park yourself, grab a few buddies, drop by your local toy store, and kick it old school by playing some Frisbee.

You guys remember these things, right…?

The best part is you don’t have to spend $30, $20, or even $10 if you don’t want to…and unless you’re planning on being Frisbee’s version of a Tiger Woods, I wouldn’t encourage you to.

No, instead, with a little out of the box thinking, you can find a Frisbee for under $10. Fun fact – I found mine for $1 when a store was having a blowout sale – and this was well into the 21st century when I did. How’s that for savings?

So you’ve got the friends, you’ve got the park, and you’ve got the Frisbee. Now what? Well, just go wild. You’d be surprised how a simple childhood pastime can still be as fun as it was when you were 10…not to mention competitive.

Frisbee – cooler than it sounds.

The best, most inexpensive sport since…running.

Alright so now that you’re all pumped up from that being a decent exercise in itself, you figure you deserve ¬†a little wind-down time before hitting those books again. Something fun, something classic, something…college like.

And honestly, what’s more fitting than some good ol’ drinking games?

I know…I know, I know, I know. Typical. Ring of Fire. Bleh. Never Have I Ever. Boring. Beer Pong. Are you kidding me?

How about revisiting your childhood once more….but with a twist.

Remember Connect Four? Four in a Row? Anyone remember that…? I do. I loved it. I love it even more now, with this lovely little adult spin-off version –¬†Pour in a Row.

pour in a row

I laughed the first time I heard the name. Until I realized how fun – and amazingly similar to the childhood version it was. It’s designed for two players, so it’s a fun little thing for an intimate date with your S.O. Total damage? $15 plus alcohol.

But let’s say you want more than two players – let’s say you’ve got a little house party going on and have always been a fan of the casino scene. No need to panic – this is where¬†Shot Glass Roulette¬†comes into play.

shot glass roulette

While this thing may not be made of the same material they use in Las Vegas, it gets the job done…besides, who would want to risk a $300+ party piece around people who are 7 drinks in? Count me out. Save your dollars. Save your worries…and get some common “sense.” Total damage is only $12, plus alcohol. For 16 shot glasses and the game itself, I’d call that a deal.

Alright…so you’re not the casino type, and you’re not the novelty childhood games type…but you¬†are however, the game show type…? Well, there’s something for you too.


Let’s put it this way – if Wheel of Fortune, and university/college drinking games had a night of passion, and from that passion came a love child – it would be called¬†Wheel of Drink. The American version of Spin, Sip, or Strip,¬†will have everyone in a feel good mood in no time. Total damage? $4.71, plus alcohol. What’s not to love…?

….and there you have it really. A handful of ideas for when you just feel like keeping your wallet fat and doing something low key. No matter what, there’s always a fun time to be found.

Stay awesome.

– Rego

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“The greatest way…

Musings: Quote Wednesdays…

“The greatest way to live with honor in this world is to be what we pretend to be.” – Socrates

Pretty much speaks for itself. If you’re going to act it, do it. There are different ways to break your word, different ways to build, and destroy, your reputation, and different ways to show your character. Always make sure you strive to be the best in your attitude, your beliefs, and your ways you go about doing things. That, is one of the most essential, key things for success in business, and personal life.

Otherwise you’ll just be labeled as being full of shit. No one wants that.

Happy Wednesday.

– Rego

Musings Episode 11: Cars and Status Quo…

Recently a few friends of mine have been looking for decent automobiles – and naturally with me having ties with the auto auction business, I was the first person they turned to.



One of them in particular wanted either a BMW or a Lexus. Another wanted a Nissan GT-R.

“Rego, I seriously want a nice luxury vehicle, I’m thinking a BMW 7 series with all the bells and whistles, gps, seat warmers, crazy sensors, one touch gear change, the works,” one of them says.

“Why?” I ask nonchalantly but curious as to where they’re going with it.

“Because – they’re sick! They’re the best luxury cars out there, and I really think it would reflect my personality and lifestyle.”

It’s here I laugh and flop back in my chair putting my hands behind my head.

“Dude….have you looked around lately?” I smirk proceeding to explain my logic.

Everyday I ask this question. There was a time, when seeing a BMW on the road was something enjoyable, unique, different, refreshing….but now, they seem to be the most commonly driven car.

bmw it's a lease

“It’s a lease…” – Fun with Dick and Jane (2005)

Their advertising displays speed, elegance, class, adventure, durability…and while all of these may be true unique to the brand, ironically there are so many leased units out there, the terms “originality” and “distinction,” have lost their association with the BMW name.

What I’m trying to say is – why is it, that every Tom, Dick, and Harry runs around thinking they’ve got the best thing since silk sheets when they own a car that practically everyone drives? There are so many on the road yet I’ve met many a BMW leasee¬†(or owner) that acts with an air of superiority and cockiness because of the keys that jingle in their pocket.

Mila Kunis Quote

I think it all boils down to status quo. An obvious statement some may see that as, but I’m being serious.

Think about it Рif media such as television and commercials, movies and music are all things that many people as humans listen to on a daily (especially television), the subconscious idea that car companies such as  BMW or Lexus, Infiniti or Dodge (their new Challenger and Charger models) attempt to instill seems to unintentionally portray that there is, and should be, a certain way one should act upon acquiring such an automobile.

....and that's how I became a douchebag. Now, who's up for champagne?

….and that’s how I became a douchebag. Now, who’s up for champagne?

It was then I continued to explain to my friend there are loads of other ways, and other automobiles, to express your personality and lifestyle choices.

I’ve always been a fan of classics. I love the way each car used to be truly unique – in shape, engine, and characteristics. Customizable, where you could bond with your vehicle and that bond made it feel like it was¬†yours.

Nowadays you see so many cars with¬†automated this and¬†automated that, it becomes so hidden and neatly tucked away from you, that when you pop the hood you’re lucky if you can find the dipstick to your engine’s oil.

Wait...wait...there it is...!

Wait…wait…there it is…!

Pre 2000’s, auto makers strove for originality and keeping their vehicles “open source,” as funny as that may seem to use a computer term…and though I understand today many cars are made the same to maximize costs and time efficiency, they’re made cheaper with lesser quality materials.

Yet there has been another thing going on – you see many people starting to bring the classics back…the A/C 427 SC, ’69 Ford Mustang, Plymouth Cuda, even the VW Beetle – all slowly being restored and coming out of the woodwork.


That’s originality.

Like I said, and as I will always say, life is all about experiences, and it is absolutely unnecessary to pursue an experience television advertisements flash in front of your face everyday simply because they dictate what qualifies as status quo and lifestyle classification.

After hearing this my friend then starts thinking differently, realizing there are loads more options he really likes but just never thought of before.

Long story short he’s a large-sized car fan (go figure wanting a 7 series) and decides instead of dropping $70-$130,000 on a single, shiny BMW, he’s gonna do his research and look for 3 cars he really likes – one of them being a Plymouth Superbird.

"Like in the movie...???"..."Like in the movie."

“Like in the movie…???”…”Like in the movie.”

Many times I find that hype and enough mass enthusiasm can get people as humans into a real pickle and cause many to lose track of their real desires and dreams.

Truth is it’s not really what anyone else thinks or drives, what commercials or large corporations tell you what’s in or out, or even if your tailor tells you “ostrich shoes are far more stylish this year than your standard cow hide.”

It doesn’t matter how stylish anything is – it boils down to what makes you feel good in your own skin and you alone. Not anyone else.

We have so many choices as humans yet daily, I see many give up their free will and follow in masses. Like Mark Twain said, “Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it’s time to pause and reflect.”


I’m sure I’ve written that previously, but it constantly needs reiteration, because it’s true. This post isn’t just about cars, but the overall message of what society claims status quo to be.

If anything, it is merely a meter. A measure for what qualifies as social class and what drops below any given rank.

Forget the ranks.

Forget the social class.

Always pursue great experiences yes, but sometimes a ride down the boardwalk on a long board can beat a ride down South Beach in a ridiculous looking stretch limo.

It’s all about the good feeling.

What makes you feel good, without letting the majority of what you see influence your decisions.

Lifestyle? Personality? Like I tell my friends – always, always make sure your personality defines your lifestyle – not the other way around. Keep your eye on the ball, avoid getting caught up in the majority, and stay true to yourself – regardless of what anyone else says.

Also, before I conclude, there’s this really great song (featuring¬†Seulong¬†of¬†2AM)¬†from DJ Clazzi – the leader of Clazziquai¬†that’s been stuck in my head. Great driving song ūüėČ Thought I’d share it with you all, it’s got a great beat and the lyrics are well written (which you can find here – thanks Princess of Tea for the post).

Have a great week.

– Rego

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