For The Weekenders: The Casual Travel Bar 101…

Alright so finally following up from “For The Weekenders: The Classic Travel Bar 101,” here’s another list of some pretty epic (and discreet) travel bar essentials I like to have handy when I’m looking for a more casual feel. These are great for when you’re at the beach, on a plane, backpacking, or road trips across [insert preferred country here]. Discreet and compact enough to be carried anywhere with you, and unique enough to be the perfect conversation starter, these are must haves for anyone who has a love for all things awesome. Enjoy.

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1. Let’s start things off simple. Let’s mix a little bit of casual with classic.

So let’s say you’re out and about at some place in the states. As is the rule of thumb for many places that serve alcohol in America, taking your alcohol outside (even if it’s on the side exit of the building) is strictly prohibited. Public drinking in general really, is pretty taboo out there, while in other countries the laws are a little more loose.

Or let’s just say the cops know how to turn a blind eye. Your choice.

So what do you do when you feel like a quick swig? You pack a flask, naturally.

But let’s be honest – the average size flask isn’t very discreet, and unless you plan on getting sloshed during your transition from one bar, lounge, or club to the next, it doesn’t really make sense to carry out that much liquor anyway. Regular sized flask can be bulky. Obvious. And when you think about it, they were originally intended for inner coat pockets – back when drinking in public was a little more…acceptable.

So here’s something a touch more discreet.

Izola Private Reserve 3oz Flask,rego's life, travel bar, casual travel bar, for the weekenders the casual travel bar 101,private reserve flask, 3oz flask

Yeah. You’re welcome. The Izola Private Reserve 3oz Flask is the epitome of discreet. Izola’s flasks in general come in 3 or 5 oz. sizes, but what I like about this one is its aesthetic appeal. “Private Reserve” is just one of the engravings offered on this little 3 oz. flask, so each one can be a unique conversation starter.

Izola Private Reserve 3oz Flask,rego's life, travel bar, casual travel bar, for the weekenders the casual travel bar 101,private reserve flask, 3oz flask

It fits in your pocket perfectly without any bulge and if you’re ever throwing back your head in public for a swig nobody will really notice what the hell you’re doing as it fits easily in the palm of your hand. *Shrugs* if anything, people may think you’re taking meds. Take meds and no one bats an eye. Drink in public and (sometimes) all hell may just break loose.

2. Sandals – More Awesome Than You Think. Seriously. Years back I used to be sandals averse…until I saw the light. What is this light I speak of, you ask? Well. First there was the sandal that was drinking ninja level 99 – the Reef Dram. That was tragically discontinued…and from there I pledged that I wouldn’t put on another open toe piece of footwear until I found another sandal that met my thirsty needs.

Then shortly after I found the Reef Fanning and a new era was born. An era where I proudly strutted around public in sandals, outside of my “slumming it” days. Yes, it was a time where polos, walker shorts, and sandals were very much the order of the day.

rego's life, travel bar, casual travel bar, for the weekenders the casual travel bar 101, reef fanning sandal,

Why? Because when you need a bottle opener at a party, you NEED a bottle opener. Sure, you can use the old “hang on watch this” trick and risk either chipping your tooth every time or chiseling a piece of someone’s kitchen counter top off, and maybe even using that disposable lighter as a bottle opener is a nice party trick. Key chain bottle openers work too.

But let’s say you don’t wanna chip your tooth. Or someone’s kitchen counter. Or maybe you prefer refillable lighters instead of disposable. Or maybe you don’t feel like something so bulky on your key ring. What do you do then? Let’s put it in a different scenario…

rego's life, travel bar, casual travel bar, for the weekenders the casual travel bar 101, reef fanning sandal,

Someone to your liking just so happens to grab a beer or cider from a nearby cooler but oh no – no bottle opener. Your next move? Ever so casually grab that girl’s/guy’s bottle (they’re made for both men and women – the sandal, that is) from them without uttering a word. Pop off the cap in silence. Then turn around and begin to walk off casually. In 3…2…1, prepare to hear a “hey! Wait! That’s so cool – how’d you do that?”

Turn around slowly and smile, while you shuffle back casually saying, “Well…”

Congratulations. You’ve just learned a new party trick.

3. Save The Best For Last. What’s bulky, holds all your money, and something that goes everywhere with you?

Hopefully not your wife.

i see what you did there spiderman, rego's life

Hopefully not your husband either. (Because ladies, if your guy has man boobs. He is not a man. Get him a bra. Or a gym membership. Guys – start looking like Daniel Craig. Like, NOW).

But I’m not here to talk about marital issues. Nope. Hopefully most of you answered “wallet” to that question. If you’re wondering how on earth wallets correlate with discreet travel bar essentials (besides buying them, of course), honestly – they have everything to do with them. This one’s purely for the most organized, forward thinking, and discreet among us.

rego's life, travel bar, casual travel bar, for the weekenders the casual travel bar 101,credit card size bottle opener, credit card bottle opener

The Credit Card Size Bottle Opener is the PERFECT gift for avid party goers and globe trekkers. Because you need something to open your beer when it’s -4 celsius. Not all weather is fair for sandals. I love this bottle opener because it’s very easy for me to travel with. If there’s one thing you learn after traveling enough it’s the key ring rule – only take whatever keys are vital to you on a trip (House. Car. Gun cabinet. You know, the usual.).

You don’t want to be somewhere in Europe/Asia tagging all your keys with you everywhere – and getting them out to open a bottle is pretty dumb – that’s like getting out your passport to use it as a coaster. Nope, you want something simple, easy to carry, and if anything so thin it slides into your pocket with you not even realizing it’s there. At only 1.5 mm thick making it easy to fit in your wallet (or by itself), and pure stainless steel, this is one accessory I think everyone should have.

Jack Threads has one that’s even cooler than the one above, but hurry, because the sale ends soon.

Sometimes, it’s the little things in life that count. 😉

As always…

Stay awesome.

– Rego

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Musings Episode 13: Being Practical vs. Being Cheap…

I’ve always wondered why some people look for the cheapest things, instead of just focusing on being practical.

The cheapest gas.

The cheapest iPhone.

The cheapest meat.

The cheapest (worst of all) shoes.

Many times when I ask about this most people equate practical and cheap as being one in the same. When they most certainly are not.


2013 Ford Taurus – starting MSRP $26k – new and “cheap.”

 Acura Integra - Fully modified asking price $14,500 - 57k actual miles. Which would you pick?

Pre-2000 Acura Integra – Fully modified asking price $14,500 – older and 57k actual miles, but quality engine and make. Which would you pick?

I really wanted to bring attention to this because many times a lot of people tend to lose more money than they’re under the impression they save.

Sometimes it’s not always about finding the lowest price.

Sometimes it’s not always about clipping coupons to shave off the most cents.

Often times it’s about seeing the bigger picture, and realizing that looks can be deceiving and math a bitch if you don’t pay attention to the overall numbers.

Think of it like this – you go to the gas station – you top up your tank – the next week, you find gas at a cheaper station, not exactly one that you’re all too sure about, a no name station but hey – what do you care? It’s 15 cents less on the gallon!

Which technically is only 9/10ths of a gallon there, buddy.

Which technically is only nine-tenths of a gallon there, buddy.

One thing may be accomplished here – but two things could also be setbacks.

“Setbacks…?” you ask, questioning my sense of logic and slowly wondering if I have any bit of common sense.

“It’s cheaper gas,” you think to yourself.

The two main setbacks? Well let’s think:

A) You just wasted the current gas in your vehicle’s tank driving around looking for cheaper gas. Good job.


B) Aside from the bullshit the media tells you about it “all being the same,” you’ve potentially put something very bad for your engine in your tank that possibly has cheaper “detergents” – if you don’t understand what I mean, this basically means the numeric grades you see at the pump, “87, 89, 93”. While every station may have these, some skimp on quality.

Or worse, selling bad gas (left).

Or worse, sell bad gas (left).

And yes – you’re partially correct, it’s been argued that to a degree it doesn’t matter what grade it is – BUT,  in my opinion that’s only when it comes to mid-grade. If you’ve ever pulled up to a pump you’ll notice the little ticker counters above the prices – and you’ll notice that while there are three nozzles, often there are only two tickers – often, mid-grade pulls off the same ticker as low grade.

So yeah, you’re partially being screwed…but honestly – I’d rather be screwed less and take my chances by buying high test.

I’m a fan of classics, ergo I drive one.

Gotta love Hondas.

Gotta love Hondas.

It’s probably the only thing I’ll consider my child, and probably the only kid I’ll ever have in my life, nephews being the exception. My vehicle only takes high test. Believe me I’ve tried – there was a time when I thought, “fuck it, gas is up to $4.35 a gallon, I’ll go cheap this time.”


Damn…did I screw myself over. One empty tank later and my girl (car), is choking like mad. Three fuel injector treatments later and she was back to normal…fortunately.

Now I’m not here to rant about gas, but this is just an example. Let’s shoot for another one —-

You hate your phone company? But you got that new iPhone 5/Samsung Galazy S III for only $100? Sounds good…sounds good….did you have to renew your contract for another two years?


Think on that for a minute.

Let it really sink in.

Close-Up Of Stop Watch

Now take what you pay per month on a contract plan (I can guarantee you it’s probably more than me).

With a company you hate.


Then multiply that figure by 24 months.

Take that figure and compare it to the cost of the phone…which you’re probably going to ditch when “Like, OMG the iPhone 6/Samsung S IV is out!”

Truth is…you’re eating more of the costs than you think.

…..did you crunch the numbers? Good? Still think you got that phone for a steal?

Didn’t think so.

What am I trying to explain here? Well…even though you may think you got the better end of the deal because it was a “cheaper” price for a phone everyone has, you’ve just locked in two years of your income (and your life….that you’ll never get back. Congratulations.) all for the hype of that enticing price you saw in the display window.

Now let’s say you want to leave the country within those two years.

Move to a place where there’s no service provided by that company.

Just plain change companies because you’re finally fed up and bring yourself to accept the service sucks.

Or like many do….change service providers because one company has a newer phone that you’ve suddenly fallen in love with like a girl who changes her mind as often as she does shoes.


What do you get slammed with?

Huge fees because you’re breaking a contract.

That iPhone 5 doesn’t seem as cheap as it was when you first bought it now, does it?

Me? I pay roughly $40 a month for my phone.

Unlimited everything.

Smartphone everything.

No contract.

Ultimate freedom.


Did I pay a little more for my phone than you? Maybe….but the freedom I gained from practicality feels way better than the metaphorical ball and chain so many people acquire to get that “cheaper priced phone.”

I could leave the country tomorrow for two, three months and come back to the same number, same phone, like nothing even happened.

You get the general idea here. These are just a few examples and I’m not saying they’re for every scenario, but it reaches a wide scope of people.

The list goes on – you buy shoes cheap because of the price, you either get uncomfortable feet or shoes that wouldn’t last 3 miles if you decided to walk it.


It doesn’t have to be a crazy amount in order to be quality. $350 for a mass cut Chukka?

Fuck you Red Wing. I like you guys but with enough connections I could find a shoe maker who does a better job and creates a custom shoe.




That’s what you’ve gotta aim for.

Aiming for cheap is short term – short term is instant gratification – instant highs are often instant lows. The age old adage of “you get what you pay for” is still as relevant as the day “adages” were spawned. Aiming for stupidly expensive is impractical.

What I’m trying to say is cheapest isn’t always the best – nor is overpriced. Sometimes if you spend a little more and shop around a bit differently while not always going after the mainstream stuff, you can really find yourself living a comfortable, enjoyable lifestyle with things that last.


I’ll buy a $300 Seiko diver’s watch any day over an $8000 Rolex or a $10 Timex – both of which I’d be terrified to get shoved into a pool with while wearing.

This doesn’t just include consumable items either. This type of thinking spreads to all aspects of spending – especially travel – a coach ticket on off-season to South Korea while picking a decent hotel that’s just an extra 5 minutes out from Gangnam, works out to be better than the peak-season ticket while wanting to stay in the city center and skimping on accommodation, winding up at a shared dorm dump.

The extra $15 you spend on cotton shirts, instead of that polyester shirt you found on sale for $5 at a closeout store, ends up lasting longer than the plastic crap that causes you to catch fire if you get to close to a hot engine hood on a Dodge Ram…and really with a little (and I do mean little) research you could get tailor made shirts for less than $20, cotton, without having to trek over to Hong Kong.


You could look like a million bucks and only spend a thousand.

Instead of trying to look like a million bucks while spending $900 and looking like $9 (we’ve all seen it at some point).

Remember, it’s not always in the numbers but in the quality as well.

Anyone like LG TVs? I do – I have one. They’re great, I love them.

My ex was looking for a quality flat screen TV last year but didn’t wanna break the bank. She thought either a cheap off brand TV, or Black Friday was the only option.

 (HA....yeah no.)

(HA….yeah no.)

The result? 32″ LCD TV $149 with tax. Brand – Dynex.

“Dynex? Who the fuck is that,” you’re probably thinking.

Well, they’re a subsidiary of LG…and you know what, the quality is practically the same. Is it as sleek and sexy as the LGs? If you’re an electronics snob like I sometimes am, probably not.

Asian chick not included.

Asian chick not included.

….but she didn’t care. Because the quality was the same if not similar…for half the price…and she didn’t have to go buy some extreme ass-backwards off brand.

This is what I mean when I say practicality…and it doesn’t always have to involve coupon hunting like a mad house wife holed up in a condo while her husband works a 70 hour work week.


Next time you’re out and about think, before you buy…be it plane tickets, gas, shoes, clothing, heck, even food.

Quality over quantity.

Stay savvy.

– Rego

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For The Weekenders: Cigars, Vintage Lounge Bars, Cinemas on Steroids

So this week has been crazy with the launch of one of my new business ventures, which has left me thinking of every possible way to kick back and celebrate the fruits of my labor this weekend.

Hence, I thought I’d stay local, and introduce you guys (and girls) to my top 3 for go-to spots this weekend – whether you’re a resident or a visitor of SoFlo. Enjoy.


When you think cigars, what’s the first thing that pops into your head? Your brother-in-law becoming a dad? Old Cuban guys playing cards? Gordon Gecko from Wall Street (1985)? Well, it’s time to think outside that box, and check out Wynwood Cigars, rightfully making their way onto UD, this isn’t your average cigar shop. The place is massive, spanning 5000 sq. ft., decked out in graffiti, rolling tables, cozy couches and live music to compliment the already epic setting.

’nuff said.

The aesthetic perfection of lighting…the feel of the couches when you slip onto them after a long day…the ultra aromatic smell of tobacco permeating even the most judgmental nose…the unique sounds of carefully selected live music…and the unique taste of a carefully crafted smoke that rolls off your tounge have earned this place more than just the title of originality and creativeness, but downright class.

Wanna get away from your standard smoking lounge? Starting to think those Camel cigarettes are getting old? This is the place to go. They keep the warehouse open late every second Saturday, bringing in tango dancers and supplying cocktails, all for your entertainment. Gotta love ’em.

Vintage Lounge Bars.

When I think of a nice drinking spot, I envision lounge tables surrounded by ultra comfy seating, a bartender who always remembers my name and top 5 favorite drinks, carefully strategized ambiance  and walls painted and outfitted with decor that makes me forget I’m even in a public drinking facility.

Then I stop envisioning and walk right into The Flat – a bar designed not to feel like a bar, yet not a lounge either…but instead a getaway spot you’d stick right on the side of your house if it weren’t 32 stories above ground level.

I also think of my fellow weekenders who were forced to play piano when they were younger, now realizing that the once geeky talent has huge payoff present day, when you usher your date over to the couch and casually begin to talk about music and musical talent while eyeing the piano next to you both.

The drinks here are unique and the owner old fashioned, only closing his doors when the last customer is ready to leave. That’s what I call service. The one place that I can say this establishment has come close to replicating, is a place Cocktail Factory in England I used to frequent during my uni days…and that, my friend, is a tall order to meet. So kudos, The Flat…I’d say you’ve earned yourself a name worth keeping.

Cinemas on Steroids.

If you’re an avid cinema goer, you will appreciate and love what I like to call a cinema on steroids – iPic Theaters in Boca Raton. Imagine your usual movie theater…and then take everything usual out of it. Insert cocktails, leather recliners, an on-call waiter, and blankets to cozy up under when the plot gets good.

Well I thought about hitting up AMC…but then realized that would be a little too conventional for dinner and a movie, don’t you think…?

Feel less like a run of the mill movie goer, and more like a movie critic while sitting back sipping Kamikazes, commenting on what’s going to happen next with your fellow buddies while nibbling on sliders – or cozying up to your significant other when she flinches at the slightly frightening scene of a good thriller flick….and here she was thinking it was just going to be regular movie night…

Stay awesome. 😉

– Rego

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