For The Weekenders: Travel Essentials…

If you’ve been on an airplane at least thrice, you know it can be a little frustrating – especially with all the “security measures” they have nowadays.

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The flights that really test your limits and aren’t for the faint of heart are the long haul ones – you know, the ones that are 24-28 hours including layover times.

So I thought I’d compile and share a list of things with you all that help me get through the enjoyable but slightly repetitive process of airport travel. Enjoy.

Travel Essential 1 – A Decent Bag Makes All The Difference

I’m usually – well, no, let’s be honest completely against checked baggage. For numerous reasons, the big 3 being:

  1. I have nice things. I prefer people don’t rummage through my nice things.
  2. I have nice things. I prefer said nice things don’t go missing.
  3. I have nice things. I prefer to…sit with my nice things.

…and in all honesty I always travel with a DSLR camera. That and I’m a minimalist – so the thought of more than one bag sounds horrific. Quick side note – I prefer leather bags over fabric or hard case now as I’ve had bad experiences with both – be it the fabric somehow tearing or the when-advertised “impermeable” (and pricey) hard case cracking…making me wonder if some luggage handlers bring sledge hammers to work for fun. Besides after a long flight all I want to do is relax – not stand around waiting for my bag.

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I have an affinity for weekend bags – even if I’m travelling over 5000 miles, I still travel with a weekend bag. So when I feel like changing them up for the sake of variety, I always make sure my favorites are cleaned, shined, and in tip top shape…but if I had to choose, I would say the one I like most is…

Weekend Discovery Duffel by First & Company

weekend discovery duffel first & company, weekend travel bag, weekend bags, rego's life, travel essentials 

What makes it so great? Well, for one, the look of it alone is enough to admire. The nitty gritty though I’d have to say is because it’s handmade, from Whiskey Batido Leather. It reminds me of something my elders would have back in their day – I don’t like to use this word often but I’m going to – it’s got, dare I say, a “Vintage” look and feel to it…

weekend discovery duffel first & company, weekend travel bag, weekend bags, rego's life, travel essentials

…and the fact that it’s lined in micro-fiber suede instead of the other cheap stuff they use for lining nowadays makes it all the more smart and quality purchase. The bag overall is unique so it stands out – meaning when you see it, you know it’s yours.

Travel Essential 2 – Relax…

The next part of flying that can be a nuisance but stress-free if handled correctly – is when you’re…you know, actually on the plane.

I’m not at all the type to develop motion sickness – but instead an annoying “insomnia” – as in, no matter what I do, I can’t fall asleep on a flight if I tried – I’ll go through 4 movies in flight before I fall asleep. Rockstar Energy drinks have always been good uppers for me, though I use them sparsely…what I like more though are their (unfortunately) discontinued Rockstar Relax drinks…

rockstar relax drink, rockstar relax, travel essentials, rego's life

….a lot of my friends always said this drink didn’t do anything for them – but I’m sensitive to this type of stuff – so it does loads for me. Melatonin is not my friend – one little pill and I’m knocked out. So I go for this instead. Comprised of rooibos tea extract, passionflower, and chamomile, it’s just enough to relax instead of render unconscious. The new alternative I’d recommend is Marley’s Mellow Mood, if you wanna stick to the less extreme alternatives such as sleeping pills for long flights.

Travel Essential 3 – When in Rome…Roam.

Layovers can get pretty boring – but are an art. Usually, you want a layover that’s minimum 3 hours and maximum 5.

Reason I say minimum 3 is because some douche bag pilot could wind up flying you around in the air on a connecting flight for double the time it takes then announce over the P.A. he’s been riding on fumes scaring the crap out of surrounding passengers only to say he’s a professional who’s been doing this for 17 years and inevitably make you miss your flight because he has to land in bum fuck nowhere (True story. *nods*)…

douche bag pilot, travel essentials, rockstar relax

…but that’s another story – for another time. Bottom line is, when you’ve got 5 hours to kill in an airport, you wanna be entertained – or at least check the place out. It’s just no fun sitting at the gate all that time. The cure? One little magic app I use called Point Inside Shopping & Travel. It’s like your own little tour guide, showing you the best places to eat, drink, grab a decent diver’s watch, and maybe check out that cigar bar no one knows about but you’ve heard through whispers and paranoid speech. Oh that and it helps you find parking *nods*…good ‘ol parking…

point inside shopping & travel app, point inside, android travel apps, rego's life

It’s practically a GTA/Sleeping Dogs map on your mobile…

So if you’re ever in Incheon International Airport and you find it to be too magnificently large to navigate through, you simply whip out your smart phone and go wild. The app’s available for both iPhone and Android users, so both can enjoy it’s nifty features.

Travel should always be made easier.

Stay Awesome.

– Rego

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