For The Weekenders: The Casual Travel Bar 101…

Alright so finally following up from “For The Weekenders: The Classic Travel Bar 101,” here’s another list of some pretty epic (and discreet) travel bar essentials I like to have handy when I’m looking for a more casual feel. These are great for when you’re at the beach, on a plane, backpacking, or road trips across [insert preferred country here]. Discreet and compact enough to be carried anywhere with you, and unique enough to be the perfect conversation starter, these are must haves for anyone who has a love for all things awesome. Enjoy.

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1. Let’s start things off simple. Let’s mix a little bit of casual with classic.

So let’s say you’re out and about at some place in the states. As is the rule of thumb for many places that serve alcohol in America, taking your alcohol outside (even if it’s on the side exit of the building) is strictly prohibited. Public drinking in general really, is pretty taboo out there, while in other countries the laws are a little more loose.

Or let’s just say the cops know how to turn a blind eye. Your choice.

So what do you do when you feel like a quick swig? You pack a flask, naturally.

But let’s be honest – the average size flask isn’t very discreet, and unless you plan on getting sloshed during your transition from one bar, lounge, or club to the next, it doesn’t really make sense to carry out that much liquor anyway. Regular sized flask can be bulky. Obvious. And when you think about it, they were originally intended for inner coat pockets – back when drinking in public was a little more…acceptable.

So here’s something a touch more discreet.

Izola Private Reserve 3oz Flask,rego's life, travel bar, casual travel bar, for the weekenders the casual travel bar 101,private reserve flask, 3oz flask

Yeah. You’re welcome. The Izola Private Reserve 3oz Flask is the epitome of discreet. Izola’s flasks in general come in 3 or 5 oz. sizes, but what I like about this one is its aesthetic appeal. “Private Reserve” is just one of the engravings offered on this little 3 oz. flask, so each one can be a unique conversation starter.

Izola Private Reserve 3oz Flask,rego's life, travel bar, casual travel bar, for the weekenders the casual travel bar 101,private reserve flask, 3oz flask

It fits in your pocket perfectly without any bulge and if you’re ever throwing back your head in public for a swig nobody will really notice what the hell you’re doing as it fits easily in the palm of your hand. *Shrugs* if anything, people may think you’re taking meds. Take meds and no one bats an eye. Drink in public and (sometimes) all hell may just break loose.

2. Sandals – More Awesome Than You Think. Seriously. Years back I used to be sandals averse…until I saw the light. What is this light I speak of, you ask? Well. First there was the sandal that was drinking ninja level 99 – the Reef Dram. That was tragically discontinued…and from there I pledged that I wouldn’t put on another open toe piece of footwear until I found another sandal that met my thirsty needs.

Then shortly after I found the Reef Fanning and a new era was born. An era where I proudly strutted around public in sandals, outside of my “slumming it” days. Yes, it was a time where polos, walker shorts, and sandals were very much the order of the day.

rego's life, travel bar, casual travel bar, for the weekenders the casual travel bar 101, reef fanning sandal,

Why? Because when you need a bottle opener at a party, you NEED a bottle opener. Sure, you can use the old “hang on watch this” trick and risk either chipping your tooth every time or chiseling a piece of someone’s kitchen counter top off, and maybe even using that disposable lighter as a bottle opener is a nice party trick. Key chain bottle openers work too.

But let’s say you don’t wanna chip your tooth. Or someone’s kitchen counter. Or maybe you prefer refillable lighters instead of disposable. Or maybe you don’t feel like something so bulky on your key ring. What do you do then? Let’s put it in a different scenario…

rego's life, travel bar, casual travel bar, for the weekenders the casual travel bar 101, reef fanning sandal,

Someone to your liking just so happens to grab a beer or cider from a nearby cooler but oh no – no bottle opener. Your next move? Ever so casually grab that girl’s/guy’s bottle (they’re made for both men and women – the sandal, that is) from them without uttering a word. Pop off the cap in silence. Then turn around and begin to walk off casually. In 3…2…1, prepare to hear a “hey! Wait! That’s so cool – how’d you do that?”

Turn around slowly and smile, while you shuffle back casually saying, “Well…”

Congratulations. You’ve just learned a new party trick.

3. Save The Best For Last. What’s bulky, holds all your money, and something that goes everywhere with you?

Hopefully not your wife.

i see what you did there spiderman, rego's life

Hopefully not your husband either. (Because ladies, if your guy has man boobs. He is not a man. Get him a bra. Or a gym membership. Guys – start looking like Daniel Craig. Like, NOW).

But I’m not here to talk about marital issues. Nope. Hopefully most of you answered “wallet” to that question. If you’re wondering how on earth wallets correlate with discreet travel bar essentials (besides buying them, of course), honestly – they have everything to do with them. This one’s purely for the most organized, forward thinking, and discreet among us.

rego's life, travel bar, casual travel bar, for the weekenders the casual travel bar 101,credit card size bottle opener, credit card bottle opener

The Credit Card Size Bottle Opener is the PERFECT gift for avid party goers and globe trekkers. Because you need something to open your beer when it’s -4 celsius. Not all weather is fair for sandals. I love this bottle opener because it’s very easy for me to travel with. If there’s one thing you learn after traveling enough it’s the key ring rule – only take whatever keys are vital to you on a trip (House. Car. Gun cabinet. You know, the usual.).

You don’t want to be somewhere in Europe/Asia tagging all your keys with you everywhere – and getting them out to open a bottle is pretty dumb – that’s like getting out your passport to use it as a coaster. Nope, you want something simple, easy to carry, and if anything so thin it slides into your pocket with you not even realizing it’s there. At only 1.5 mm thick making it easy to fit in your wallet (or by itself), and pure stainless steel, this is one accessory I think everyone should have.

Jack Threads has one that’s even cooler than the one above, but hurry, because the sale ends soon.

Sometimes, it’s the little things in life that count. 😉

As always…

Stay awesome.

– Rego

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