For The Weekenders: The Unconventional Weekend…

Alright so I know this For The Weekenders has been a bit late, but I have good reason. Business is growing and I’m thinking of giving the official site a revamp. I’ll keep you guys posted….but for now, that’s not what’s important. What’s important is…

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I’m thinking this weekend should be a little…unconventional. With a few of my favorite things – that I’d like to share with you. In traveling, you pick up a few habits, lose some, and gain a few customs and mannerisms. Somehow, seeing and adapting to other cultures changes you – and leaves you a bit melancholy and nostalgic all at the same time when you move onto the next location.

It’s that same feeling you get when you identify with your own background, but on a slightly smaller scale. You’ve discovered something new and different, and you’d like to experience it again.

Let’s start simple. I was in this consignment store the other day, and came across a few scaled model ships…when I was a kid, I was very much into model cars, ships, bikes, etc. This is back when video games weren’t that big of a deal, and getting your hands dirty with a bit of paint or climbing trees was more fun than staring at a screen all day (or as I like to call it, before my eyeballs and eye drops formed a loving relationship).

rego's life, i like being unconventional florence griffith joyner, for the weekenders the unconventional weekend

Yeah, I was that kid.

Anyway – so there was this scaled wooden ship, and it brought back a pretty strong sense of nostalgia. Thought about buying it, but it was overpriced – so instead, I did some digging…and found this really great store that specializes in scaled, luxury model cars, boats, and other accessories, all at great prices.

If you’re interested in swinging by, the place you’ll be looking for is called Zeidy’s. Don’t let the look of their site fool you – what they have in store will knock any automotive/nautical enthusiast’s hat off. The piecework is unbelievably detailed, which only projects the quality they offer even more. Located at 450 W. 41st St., Miami Beach, Florida just east of North Beach Elementary, this is a definite go to spot for a quiet morning out.

zeidy's model ships, rego's life, for the weekenders the unconventional weekend, zeidy's miami beach

Let’s take another walk down memory lane though. Somewhere a bit further away, and to a country where ships were probably the most vital asset in the days of frequent naval trade. If you’ve ever been to the U.K., you may have been fortunate enough to check out London…if not London then maybe Manchester – and if neither of those well, I’d say it’s time to book a ticket and go explore.

For those of you who have actually lived there, or just want to try the experience while still keeping a more domestic range, South Beach has a solution, depending on how stringent you are in regards to authenticity.

lord balfour miami, rego's life, for the weekenders the unconventional weekend, lord balfour hotel miami, rego's life blog, regoslife, lifestyle enhancements

Then again, appreciating pure style never hurt anyone, either. With a flair of unconventional art and a mix of classic with modern, Lord Balfour, a British hotel, makes a statement all its own. Strategically placed near the heart of all things artsy, cultural, and a memorable nightlife scene, it’s a fusion of different cultures residing amongst each other.

So what do you do with a place like this? Well, you’ll book The Lord Balfour suite – a one bedroom, thoughtfully furnished suite with bamboo flooring, leather lounge chairs, and a 40″ HDTV to watch Mr. Bean.

Just make sure it’s 3 weeks in advance – you’ll get a comfortable 15% off if you do. Be sure when you check into your room to remind yourself that this isn’t just a work of art – but a tip of the hat to history, honoring Arthur J. Balfour – a man who once quoted that “Enthusiasms move the world.”…and indeed they do. So when you head down to the bar and order up a drink, just before walking across the street to the beach…be sure to grab some tea, shaken with gin, fresh pressed citrus, egg whites, and aromatic bitters – “Tea Time” to be precise – and toast to Arthur’s words of wisdom…

lord balfour miami, rego's life, for the weekenders the unconventional weekend, lord balfour hotel miami, rego's life blog, regoslife, lifestyle enhancements

…because it’s with enthusiasm, that everything from that chair you’ll be sitting in, that glass you’ll be sipping from, and that room you’ll be lounging in was made. Life’s all about living good experiences – you won’t wanna pass up this one.

From there, if you’ve had your fill of room service and want to dine out on the town, I know of a place…that reminds me of a place….but has way more than that place.

Was that vague enough for you?


Always good to have a bit of mystery.

Aside from that, it’s also always good to have a Brazilian Steakhouse and lounge all in one building. Maybe it’s for convenience’s sake, maybe it’s just because the sounds of Steakhouse and lounge sounds good in the same sentence.

porcao farm to grill, kao lounge, kao smoke, porcao miami, rego's life,Porcão Farm to Grill, for the weekenders the unconventional weekend, rego's life blog, for the weekenders, lifestyle enhancements

That’s because they are good in the same sentence…and setting. So what’s a good place to go to when you’ve got the cravings for an upscale buffet? Well, make a reservation because you’re headed to Porcão Farm to Grill. Why? The fact that they have all you can eat meats plus a seafood option for the non-red meat enthusiasts makes it a great place to bring friends (or dates) with different food preferences.

With a great food menu that’s unique and seasonal, being sourced from local farmers, ranchers and fishermen, saying you’ll just “enjoy” eating to your heart’s content would be a bit of an understatement…and once you’re done with that shuffle upstairs to Kao Lounge for live DJs and epic music.

If you’re looking for something more intimate, and your date likes to try new things, make your way from the regular lounge to Kao Smoke. Do your homework on smoking and cigars so there’s some interesting conversation – and try not to choke if you’re not much of a smoker.

kao smoke

At the same time enjoy yourself – cigars are a unique experience…everyone should try them at least once.

Life is meant to be experienced – sin a little. You’ve done worse 😉

As always…

Stay awesome.

– Rego

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