Musings Episode 37: Clean Slates…

It’s that time of the year again where people celebrate holidays, reunite with family, and start thinking on their New Year Resolutions.

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In saying that, I thought this week’s musing would be appropriate. I wanna discuss with you all about starting new, and getting rid of any old and negative things, thoughts, and beliefs that aren’t really important in life.

Therefore I am encouraging all my readers to comment more and share below – I check my stats on here at least 3 times a week – while I appreciate all the great views from so many different readers, I still like to actually hear from my visitors as well. So let’s see some comments and discussion – after all, it’s one of many reasons why the site Rego’s Life was made.

So to continue, let’s start with a little something I like to call “clean slates”…

clean slate, rego's life, musings episode 37 clean slates, start your life, start living now, wipe out negativity, wipe out negative thoughts

The phrase in and of itself is a pretty clear explanation of the topic at hand. Every year, people everywhere, and from every culture, push to start off the new year with a “clean slate” – new goals, plans, or an idea for a new business, etc.

A large percentage of the world consider the new year to start on January 1st, 2013.

Jewish kick it off with Rosh Hashanah.

Chinese with Chinese New Year.

The list goes on and on…

clean slate, rego's life, musings episode 37 clean slates, start your life, start living now, wipe out negativity, wipe out negative thoughts, new year's resolutions

…and every culture has their own way of bringing in the new year with different customs and “rituals,” for lack of a better word. House cleaning, money giving, celebratory foods, another exercise regime, new affirmations with all sorts of promises to themselves, or others…

…but how about the rest of the year?

Why just wait until the beginning of a new year – why cut yourself short of the chance to start a better life sooner?

In saying this, what many have the opportunity to realize is the new year isn’t the only time to wipe your slate clean and start being better and bigger.

clean slate, rego's life, musings episode 37 clean slates, start your life, start living now, wipe out negativity, wipe out negative thoughts

It can happen anytime you want…it’s merely allowing yourself the time to make it happen.

This is exactly what prompted me to get COMPLETELY out of the j.o.b. world and push for a more fulfilling life… Were my thoughts that it would ever be or is easy – believe me when I say EVERY entrepreneur has their bad days…but compared to the shit you have to shovel at working a standard job – well paying or not (and I’ve had BOTH ends of the spectrum), the freedom to control your own time is most definitely worth it.

How many of you will agree – financial stability is one of many great feelings in the world. The thought of eating healthy and having a great place to live, comfortable threads on your back, and proper heating/air conditioning are the simple things you enjoy in life but don’t really stop to think and appreciate.

Yet if they suddenly disappear, only then do you realize how much they mean to you.


Truth is though you really should – it’s in appreciating the smaller things you can actually start anything you want with much greater ease and a feeling of assurance. Once you understand what you already have in front of you – it’s from there you can wipe all the unnecessary things out of your life and start with fresh new ideas, concepts, and actions.

These days mass accummulation is so easy – both mentally and physically. Mentally, a person can accumulate a lot of cloudy thoughts and ideas, negativity, and fear – all of which can mix in with positive and clear, prioritized thoughts…the thing to remember is though, is that negative and positive forces can’t reside in the same space for long.

It’s impossible – one will overpower the other, and the one that does is entirely up to you. So if you’re feeling a little off, but you have a lot of positive things around you going on – that one negative thing that’s got you feeling not like your normal self can easily overpower all the other positive things around you.

clean slate, rego's life, musings episode 37 clean slates, start your life, start living now, wipe out negativity, wipe out negative thoughts

On the flip side – if you’re feeling great, and you have a lot of negative things going on around you – though it may take more effort – focusing on that one positive thing can eliminate each and every little negative thing/thought going on around/within you.

I know what you’re probably thinking – easier said than done, right? That all depends…on exactly how you handle things. Feelings can be powerful tools – and weapons.

So starting now, give yourself the chance with a clean slate, and utilize your feelings, thoughts, and beliefs to become the most powerful, useful tools at your finger tips.

One last things – earlier on today I was watching a movie with the family – called “Last Holiday” – there’s a particular line Queen Latifah recites that grabbed my attention:

As always…

Stay awesome.

– Rego

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11 thoughts on “Musings Episode 37: Clean Slates…

  1. Loved this movie. I LMAO, I felt the exhilaration as she snowboarded and that dive off the top of the dam. It’s sad how many others, if they only dared to challenge their life and not wait.

    Five years ago, I took just that step to fulfill one of my many dreams and did it without a care to the disliking of other family members, who considered it irresponsible. I had almost forgotten to live life…

    Christmas is coming, so I wish you: ‘节日快乐 (jiérì kuàilè)!’ in advance. Happy Holidays Rego. Your blog is a testimony to your love of being an author here, sharing your thoughts and memories. May all your wishes come true this holiday.
    A dedicated reader always.

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