For The Weekenders: Weekend of a Spy…Daniel Craig Style.

So lately I’ve been really into my fitness routines and all things adventurous – long story short I’m getting the “itch” – no, not for that, Smacky Brown – for travel. Anyway combined with my undying love and obsession for consistently building that perfect body I’ve also got an undying love and obsession for discovering new, epic things to do in new, epic places.

Camels Crossing, rego's life, weekend of a spy, daniel craig, for the weekend

All while trying to avoid running over camels…obviously.

To top it all off I’ve once again been watching my favorite Bond films lately and even had time to finally check out Iron Man 3 – but Daniel Craig won me over a bit more than Robert Downey Jr., and now I find myself thinking up all sorts of excuses to take a holiday and go somewhere “exotic,” and bring someone “exotic” with me so we can bask in “exoticism” together….for lack of a better word. *shrugs* you get the idea.

So here’s a list of 3 of many of the BEST spots to check out if you’ve got the dosh for it…and if you don’t – who cares – the whole philosophy of Rego’s Life is to BUILD and IMPROVE your life – not keep you where you are so you end up sitting there like some kind of tit with your thumb stuck up your bum.


I’m edgy when I’m restless.

So read, read on my modern friend – then DO. Enjoy.

Sometimes, in business and work, we have tense days where we need to, y’know, relax. Escape. Take up yoga. Partake in some volcanic island hopping across the Galapagos.

Volcanic Island Hopping Across the Galapagos, yacht, travel, for the weekenders weekend of spy daniel craig style, rego's life, rego's life blog, travel, Dehouche Darwin Bay, Galapagos

With a yacht.

More of the latter than the former.

This can all be done. Here’s how it’s gonna go – you’ll book a flight first to UIO (Mariscal Sucre International Airport), then GPS (Seymour Airport). I know, the terms are confusing – try and keep up. You’ll then be met and greeted by some rather friendly people who will guide you to your ship – and let the fun begin. So when that exotic friend of yours sees someone holding up a sign with your name on it – act like it’s not the first time that’s happened. Just think to yourself, WWCD – “What Would Craig Do?” – that’s right – he’d play it cool.

Board the yacht and prepare for bliss as you’re directed to your private cabin while your guest looks around in excitement – why yes, that is a hot tub they just caught sight of port side.

Volcanic Island Hopping Across the Galapagos, cabin, yacht, rego's life, for the weekenders weekend of a spy daniel craig style

…and why yes – that is your cabin in true stylish fashion.

Not only will you get to enjoy the benefits of luxury seafaring, but you’ll also have the joys of a private chef, and a well stocked bar. Never hurts to have a well stocked bar. From there prepare to enjoy 7 nights of nature’s finest enjoyments including volcanic formations, giant turtles and some seriously talented penguins (yes, penguins – the warm climate kind). Spend some time anchored off Genovesa Island‘s bay and chill out with some more turtles while snorkeling with a few sea lions.

Grab your “date” and hop on a panga – as they ask “where are we going?” you’ll shush them only to say the surprise is in the wait – then head out to chill with a full day of horse treks, proper bottle nosed dolphins, and a salt water lake smack in the middle of the island – not to mention checking out some boobies.

boobies, red footed booby, rego's life Volcanic Island Hopping Across the Galapagos

As in, red footed boobies. You know – the bird – what the hell were you thinking?

Being pretty tired you’ll head back to the yacht and enjoy the last few moments in the jacuzzi with enough drinks to forget how you slipped on Prince Philip Steps while trying to impress. It’s okay – it happens to everyone…I guess.

Volcanic Island Hopping Across the Galapagos, rego's life

After all that relaxation you’ll be wanting to go for something with a bit more thrill, and a bit less chill. What’s something you like more than yachts and tucked away little islands? That’s right – associating with former F1 drivers and racing across the desert in oh, I don’t know…Bugatti’s – or Ferrari’s, if you’re into that.

But of course you’re into that – you’re aiming for a top class experience, so nothing but the best will suffice. So here’s the rundown: meet up in Muscat, Oman. Grab the keys and do a donut (just for childish fun and to make up for that last “impressive move” you fudged up on) before you speed onto the desert highway. Be sure to look plenty stylish and bring some snacks for the road as it’s a 5 day trip, and the last thing you need is an empty tank (aka stomach) while your car’s is full. Proceed to tear through the desert as you make your way to Yas.

Sports car race through desert, the run to yas, abu dhabi,

Try not to spill your snacks – it’s leather interior – it deserves respect.

Make your way to the empty quarter and go wild, now’s your time to shine and bust out your best moves, it’s not everyday you get to abuse some asphalt and not get pulled over for it. Have a rest with a drink or two, sober up then hit the road again – time to head up to the mountains and take advantage of the sights, you’re no photographer but act like one and snap away my friend.

Cross over to Saudi Arabia and bump fists with Damon Hill ever so non-chalantly before you cruise over to Yas Island and enjoy the thrills of seeing an F1 race – one of which you’re both invited, and encouraged to take a test lap on. All that illegal racing from your teen years finally paid off.

Sports car race through desert, the run to yas, abu dhabi,


Enough adrenaline already – you’ve had your feet in the sand and the wind in your hair – now it’s time for a cool down. With a villa. In a jungle. A Costa Rican jungle. Yeah – things are about to get wild – no pun intended.

This isn’t for your mates, that’s for sure. You’re going to want to spend this time with someone closest to you who you’ve known for quite some time – a 24 hour minimum is perfectly acceptable. Make sure they’re not afraid of heights – and if they are that’s alright, it gives an excuse to get closer while you head up the mountain in a 4×4 truck. Feel free to forward your thanks to Kurà Design Villas, the genius behind the scenery.

Kurà Design Villas view, rego's life

You have to admit – it’s a pretty epic view. *nods*

After getting your fill of feeling like Indiana Jones for a few moments prepare to have your jaw drop but try to avoid it from happening in front of your in the moment S.O. – the villa you ordered up is just as breathtaking as the person you brought along with you.

With amenities like an ocean view and 15′ bamboo ceilings, you’ll be taking more photos of the place itself than anything else. After a 4×4 ride up the mountains chances are you’re a little sweaty, so watch as even showering becomes a unique experience with double rain showers and that same ocean view – now would be the time to make sure you’ve been hitting the gym frequently – no frosted glass here, buddy.

Kurà Design Villas, rego's life

From there order up some food from the a la carte dinner menu and grab a choice bottle of wine from your very own cellar – while you wait for your food, feel free to shuffle over with two wine glasses from the bedroom past the ceiling-to-floor windows and “hang out” in the hammock on your private terrace with some binoculars. Look out at the grand scenery until *knock knock* – room service.

Wait about 45 minutes for the food to settle and kill some more time talking about things you just so happened to learn while finally getting a chance to brush up on National Geographic seeing as you haven’t watched animal planet in about 3 years, then press play on the best playlist your iPod has and head down to the saltwater (no chlorine here) infinity pool you’ve been ever so delightfully graced with – which did I mention has an underwater sound system?

Kurà Design Villas, rego's life, weekend of a spy for the weekenders, breathtaking views, costa rica, costa rican jungle


Bond himself would be jealous.

You can thank me later. For now…

Stay classy. 😉

– Rego

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“The World Can…

Musings: Quote Wednesdays…

The world can only be grasped by action, not by contemplation.” – Jacob Bronowski

Bruce Lee also said something similar to this…

bruce lee quotes, bruce lee, bruce lee if you spend too much, bruce lee if you spend, rego's life, quote wednesdays

The key here is action. If you just keep thinking about something over and over again without taking even one tiny little step towards it – it will never get done…and in fact, there’s a little bit of fear hidden in there. Be fearless.

Go after what you want to accomplish – and never regret. It’s better to not regret at all rather than hesitate, not do anything, and in the end be left with a bunch of “what ifs,”

It’s better to go after your goal, than shy away from it.

As always…

Stay Awesome.

– Rego

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Musings Episode 31: Lost…

Over the past few days I’ve been feeling a little lost…

feeling lost

More or less today, in fact. I get like this sometimes – these bouts of no direction.

Then again, everyone has a tendency to get like this.

It’s not a bad thing – in fact, it can be beneficial.

The lost feeling I usually have is a combination of various factors.

The bouts of no direction, when I think about them are akin to being out at sea.

It’s times like these I feel the need to head to the beach – go for a swim, and just go with the current.

Low tide, high tide.

Weak current, strong current.

Calm before the storm.

Chop and swells post rain.

I just go into the water, and let the ocean pull me either way it’s going.

The less you fight the water, the more freeing it is.

The less you fight the water, the more you become it.

bruce lee water, bruce lee be water, musings episode 31 lost, feeling lost, how to stop feeling lost, aimless, rego's life, rego's life blog, rego's life official site, episodic musings of a quintessential entrepreneur

Respect the ocean, and she respects you.

Feel lost, and she’ll make you feel found again.

Diving into the swell with my eyes open and swimming underwater until I see fit to come up, that feeling of the water is like a warm embrace of a hug or blanket on a cold morning.

It calms me – it brings me back to my center. It reminds me that when I feel lost – I can always find myself again – if I just don’t resist – if I just go with it.

Alright….enough poetics. I wanna share with you guys the benefits of feeling lost sometimes – take what you read next and really study it – or as they so fondly used to say back at uni “do some critical thinking.” Within it, you may find answers…on finding yourself.

bruce lee water, bruce lee be water, musings episode 31 lost, feeling lost, how to stop feeling lost, aimless, rego's life, rego's life blog, rego's life official site, episodic musings of a quintessential entrepreneur

So usually, times like these I have a tendency to “disappear.” When I was a kid (pre-teens through teens) – and still oftentimes present day – people defined me most often in two ways – ghost and slick. The former, well, as I said earlier because I have a tendency to just “disappear,” then pop back up when I’m good and ready. The latter – well, that’s another story. Apparently it has something to do with “good with words” and “charisma.”

Albeit my tendencies to disappear, instead I left the beach and hopped on my laptop, wanting to share with you guys (and ladies) some insight into this whole thing.

Feeling, and being lost can be good. As you learn to take the time and start discovering who you are, through mental training and quiet moments you have (or make) throughout the day – it’s a feeling that can become quite natural.

Many times it’s good to just go with it – let yourself wander, let yourself clear and filter your mind of mental chatter and stressful thoughts – allow yourself to zone out. Keep in mind, I’m not talking about waddling or dwelling in the negative. I’m talking about navigating through your mental highways like you would if you went for a long drive to clear your head., rego's life, feeling lost,

By the way – check out for more great photos like this one.

This is explained a little further in the free eBook I offer over at my Official Site – go ahead and subscribe to get it, it’s something you don’t wanna pass up.

I’m saying if you feel like you have no direction some days – make the time to get lost in that feeling of no direction – and find your center. Do every and any activity that seems calming or de-stressing to you. The same way a husband can zone out his wife – do the same with any stressful thoughts you have…and just focus on you.

As you learn to execute this properly, the feeling of being lost can easily turn from cumbersome – to euphoric and blissful. Take full advantage of it – it’s your mind doing a mental “detox” – many just focus on physical detox – but with that comes both mental, and spiritual – spiritual as in energy. At some point, you’ve gotta do all 3.

Why get lost in being lost? Because – there’s so much benefit to it. It’s not something that can necessarily be explained outright, set in concrete, with an end all-be-all example – you just have to know it.

bruce lee water, bruce lee be water, musings episode 31 lost, feeling lost, how to stop feeling lost, aimless, rego's life, rego's life blog, rego's life official site, episodic musings of a quintessential entrepreneur

The best way to explain it is this –

When you’re feeling lost and you finally embrace it – you’ll know you’ve embraced it, when at the very center of you – right above your solar plexus (which is slightly above your belly button) you feel calm…and at peace. You feel comfortable. Warm. Fuzzy. Relaxed. Ready to take charge – but ready to lounge. Ready to lunge – but ready to relax. Fired up – but steady and stable.

When you get to this point – you’re one step closer to discovering and unlocking your real self.

Maybe this post makes sense to you, maybe it doesn’t. Bottom line is, being lost, isn’t always a negative – but in fact an opportunity to find yourself. If there’s ever a time you’ve felt lost or aimless, comment below and let me know. I wanna know how you dealt with it, how it made you feel, and how you brought yourself back to feeling stabilized.

As always…

Stay awesome.

– Rego

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For The Weekenders: What Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson Didn’t Tell You

Let’s be honest.

Looking good and being athletic is a lifestyle.

That six-pack didn’t build itself.

Nor did those badass biceps.

Or even those buns of tone and definition…

squats, squats quotes, fitness quotes, hot girl

…and I understand – the weekend is about having fun.

Sometimes, there are just some days where fitness – isn’t fun. Yeah I said it. But you know what? There’s some days where even when fitness isn’t fun, you do it anyway. This weekend, you’re gonna skip the bars – you’re gonna get active, and stay fit – and you’re gonna get paid for it. That’s right – you’re gonna get paid. To workout.

If Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson can get paid for rocking a fit bod, why can’t you? You do know that’s the main reason he gets paid, right? Come on…before acting – the guy was a wrestler. Wrestlers get paid – to have muscles. It’s not rocket science…and with that pay comes lifestyle – and with that lifestyle comes fun…and what does fun equal? Having badass nights out and trips to wherever. So when you think about it – Fitness…breeds success.

fitness, dwayne johnson, opportunity quotes, success quotes

I won’t lie though his acting career outshines his wrestling *nods.*

Pain and Gain was a fail though.

Sorry Dwayne – your acting was funny, especially the Team Jesus bit…

…but the rest – just not my style.

So anyway, you’re probably asking how and by whom you’re going to get paid. Well, first, there’s three things you need:

  1. A smart phone
  2. Time
  3. A little app called “GymPact

…and that’s about it.

How does it work? Long story short – you profit from other people’s laziness, under one condition. You yourself, aren’t lazy. The vid below explains it all.

Pretty straightforward right? I use it…and do you have any idea how much cash I rake in at going to the gym 5 days a week? Yeah. Do the math.

exercise money, make money exercising, gympact, rego's life, for the weekenders, get paid to stay fit, get paid to stay healthy

It’s available for both iPhone and Android, but right now GymPact Anywhere (where you don’t have to just check-in to a gym but can work out anywhere) is only available for iPhone. I’d say it’s time to start complaining to Google. What better way to make cash by just doing something you can work into your daily routine or are already doing now? Go ahead and get the app now.

(By the way – If you’re not sure where to start when it comes to exercising and eating right, go ahead and check out the fitness section of my official site for more free tips. Subscribe for a free eBook on fitness, too.)

Need a few ideas for where to work out now that you know you’re gonna get paid? Already got you covered.

Out of numerous favorites I’ve touched on in previous posts before, CrossTown Fitness and the way they do things has me wanting to write about them.

I love beaches. I love sprinting on beaches…and for some odd reason I love astroturf. Maybe it’s the sound of the name.



So space-agey.

CrossTown Fitness has all of the above – so naturally, I love them.

crosstown fitness, working out, how to work out, how to exercise, best gyms in america

Although around this time it may be a little chilly to train at North Avenue Beach, they have other options available. Other options for you to train hard and rake in all the cash of the non-gym-goers.

Other options like park workouts, personal training sessions, and stand-up paddle boarding and kayaking adventures (for, y’know, when it gets warmer, obviously). The main thing is you will be working out – and you will be sweating – a lot. This isn’t 24 hour fitness – and this sure as hell isn’t any other franchise sell out gym you usually see. They’re here to kick your ass – not kiss it…

guy punching, workout, exercise, crosstown fitness, how to work out effectively, rego's life

Alright…I think you’ve suffered enough.

It’s time to hit the club.

Yeah – I said it – the club.

Let’s get some fun cardio in.

Come on, I’ll buy you a drink at the bar…

What kind of smoothie do you want…?

strawberry smoothie, smoothies, the best smoothies, how to make a smoothie, fitness

What do you mean “what”? Wait….you do know this is a nightclub that does fitness workouts, right?

OH. Well…you’re here anyway so might as well – now quit whining. I said stop it.

No really. stop – it’s not everyday you get to workout in a nightclub.

Which is exactly what LazerFitness serves up.

(Speaking of serves up – go ahead and grab your free eBook on how to make great smoothies now)

It gives you everything and more that a nightclub does, with flashing lights, smoke machines, and extremely talented DJs – the upside is you never end up running into a drunk S.O.B. that can screw up your night but instead, like minded, healthy, and dare I say athletic (and attractive) people.

Calisthenics and dance is a big part of their routine – which is win-win for you all around – didn’t know how to find rhythm in your body when you used to go out clubbing? Well, with all the practice these guys give you, now you will. Not to mention you’ll be rocking muscle and tone, not fat. So if it ever gets too hot when you’re out at a regular nightclub, you can rip off that shirt with pride.

Fitness never looked so fun. 😉

Stay awesome.

– Rego

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“Change your thoughts…

Musings: Quote Wednesdays…

“Change your thoughts and you change your world.” Norman Vincent Peale

Our success is in our thoughts – so if you focus on the negative, the bad, the ugly, and the failures – you’ll get just that. If you focus on the positive, the good, the beautiful, and the success – you’ll get the positive…the good…the beautiful…and the success.

Always remember that.

Stay awesome. 😉

– Rego

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Musings Episode 30: Success…

So this Episodic Musing is officially my 30th…

archer woo, rego's life, episodic musings, how to improve your life, musings episode 30 success, how to achieve success

…and I’ve gotta say, I’m quite happy. I started this blog in the beginning of the year for fun and to share with people my thoughts and philosophies on lifestyle – and it’s gotten pretty big.

Ergo I thought the appropriate topic to touch on in this post would be Success. I know I’ve talked about it before, but I’ve never really made one concentrated article on it.

Now’s the time to do so.

Success is everything you want, an automatic request on your desire list, and something you push towards every single day of your natural life without even realizing it.

At times, many people may think that success is only measured by large accomplishment – when really, it can be as simple as a few small achievements a day. The question is – what is it that you consider an achievement?

achievement quotes, napoleon hill quotes, the starting point of all achievement is desire, weak desire brings weak results

Everyone has their own “scale” – this “scale” is something in which they measure themselves by. Some people build their scale off of other people’s scales, which can often be detrimental to their own success.

Comparing yourself against others will get you nowhere. I’d just like to tell you that now. You can have a figure or someone to look up to and admire their achievements – but never, EVER peg yourself against someone else’s own success scale.

I mentioned in a coaching session on my official site how the only person you should be in competition with is yourself – that’s the only person you should be up against, and the only person you should be comparing your milestones to.

There’s a free eBook I’m currently giving away that touches on this and other dramatic ways to improve your lifestyle – if you haven’t already go ahead and head over to my official site to subscribe and grab it.

By competing against yourself, it gives you a chance to create your own path and find goals you’d like to set for yourself – and no one else. Many people who wish they could have the same achievements some of their “idols” have accomplished hurt themselves by following the same path their idols take – this isn’t building YOUR success – this is living in someone’s shadow.

average people wishes and hopes, confident people goals and plans, achievement quotes, success quotes, how to improve your life

…and if you’re somebody and wanna be an even greater somebody, the last thing you want is to live in someone else’s shadow.

Einstein once said:

Einstein insanity quote, einstein quotes, insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results

…and I wholeheartedly agree. This brings me to my next point – in doing the same thing, you’re gonna get same results.

Really, when you think about it – what’s a job?

Really. Think about it.

Unless it’s in a creative field, many jobs are going into a building or going to a place and doing the same thing, day in, day out.

You get the steady paycheck.

You get the steady time.

You meet the same people.

You do this over, and over, and over again.

Wash. Rinse. Repeat.

As my great uncle used to say –

“You live one day, in 70 years, or 70 years in one day.”

A job – living one day in 70 years.

That’s so fucking boring.

You trade hours for dollars.

I believe in trading ideas for millions.

I believe in living 70 years in a single day.

You can trade hours for dollars or ideas for millions, choice is yours, achievement quotes, money quotes, idea quotes, success quote, rego's life

Which sounds better?

I’ll take the latter any day.

Ideas that are acted upon stimulate the brain, and force you to think creatively until it comes naturally to you.

That’s a mini milestone to success.

Action, action, action – innovation, innovation, innovation.

That’s success.

Reaching into your own head.

Grabbing your own ideas that truly make you happy.

Acting upon said ideas with no holding back.

achievement quotes, success quotes, motivational quotes, inspirational quotes, life quotes, rego's life

This is when you really start being, doing, and achieving what you’re really meant to.

Wait a minute.

I’m not saying go out there and quit your job tomorrow – no, not at all. You’re not pinning me for saying that.

What I am saying is, while you’re at that job making that steady cash that takes care of the bills, stop bullshitting around with the rest of the money and buying new furniture when you just bought some 2 years ago.

Stop impulse buying shit that’s just gonna collect in your garage.

Stop being on autopilot.

I’m not saying stop spending and start budgeting – god no. I’m saying if you wanna spend, take the time out to think on what you really wanna spend on.

But don’t just do that either – start thinking of ways you can get off that hamster wheel you’ve been on for Christ knows how long, and start acting on ideas while you’re still at your job. Make time to do it.

ronald e osborn quotes, achievement quotes, motivational quotes, inspirational quotes, success quotes

I understand many of you want stability, that comfortable feeling of knowing your needs are met – but take it a step further and think about your needs being met and not having to worry about waiting for the special thing you wanna buy or having to buy it on credit because you don’t have the money at the moment.

Think about the feeling of choosing to buy shit on credit and knowing you have the money to pay for it tomorrow if you want.

entrepreneurship is living a few years of your life like most people won't, so you can spend the rest of your life like most people can't, entrepreneurship quotes, success quotes, determination quotes, inspirational quotes, motivation quotes

Stop doing the same old day in, day out routine. If you can’t do that just yet – then do the same routine when it comes to your job or self run one-man-band business, and take the time to think up new ways to get yourself out of the current, hamster wheel, never ending cycle type autopilot and into a different kind of auto pilot.

I’m talking automated income.

I’m talking money you only dreamed of making in a year you can make in half that time – or even a month.

John Chow talks about this in his course on How to Live The Dot Com Lifestyle.

Stop doing the same old, same old because it’s comfortable, and start thinking – then act on that thinking.

That’s success.

Oh and last but not least….

Build your dream or someone will hire you to build theirs, if you don't build your dream someone else will hire you to build theirs, success quotes, motivational quotes, inspirational quotes, achievement quotes, rego's life

As always…

Stay awesome. 😉

– Rego

Musings Episode 30: Success… is a post from and first appeared on Rego’s Life.

For The Weekenders: Travel Essentials…

If you’ve been on an airplane at least thrice, you know it can be a little frustrating – especially with all the “security measures” they have nowadays.

airport security meme tsa

The flights that really test your limits and aren’t for the faint of heart are the long haul ones – you know, the ones that are 24-28 hours including layover times.

So I thought I’d compile and share a list of things with you all that help me get through the enjoyable but slightly repetitive process of airport travel. Enjoy.

Travel Essential 1 – A Decent Bag Makes All The Difference

I’m usually – well, no, let’s be honest completely against checked baggage. For numerous reasons, the big 3 being:

  1. I have nice things. I prefer people don’t rummage through my nice things.
  2. I have nice things. I prefer said nice things don’t go missing.
  3. I have nice things. I prefer to…sit with my nice things.

…and in all honesty I always travel with a DSLR camera. That and I’m a minimalist – so the thought of more than one bag sounds horrific. Quick side note – I prefer leather bags over fabric or hard case now as I’ve had bad experiences with both – be it the fabric somehow tearing or the when-advertised “impermeable” (and pricey) hard case cracking…making me wonder if some luggage handlers bring sledge hammers to work for fun. Besides after a long flight all I want to do is relax – not stand around waiting for my bag.

travel essentials, hotel room, travel blog, rego's life

I have an affinity for weekend bags – even if I’m travelling over 5000 miles, I still travel with a weekend bag. So when I feel like changing them up for the sake of variety, I always make sure my favorites are cleaned, shined, and in tip top shape…but if I had to choose, I would say the one I like most is…

Weekend Discovery Duffel by First & Company

weekend discovery duffel first & company, weekend travel bag, weekend bags, rego's life, travel essentials 

What makes it so great? Well, for one, the look of it alone is enough to admire. The nitty gritty though I’d have to say is because it’s handmade, from Whiskey Batido Leather. It reminds me of something my elders would have back in their day – I don’t like to use this word often but I’m going to – it’s got, dare I say, a “Vintage” look and feel to it…

weekend discovery duffel first & company, weekend travel bag, weekend bags, rego's life, travel essentials

…and the fact that it’s lined in micro-fiber suede instead of the other cheap stuff they use for lining nowadays makes it all the more smart and quality purchase. The bag overall is unique so it stands out – meaning when you see it, you know it’s yours.

Travel Essential 2 – Relax…

The next part of flying that can be a nuisance but stress-free if handled correctly – is when you’re…you know, actually on the plane.

I’m not at all the type to develop motion sickness – but instead an annoying “insomnia” – as in, no matter what I do, I can’t fall asleep on a flight if I tried – I’ll go through 4 movies in flight before I fall asleep. Rockstar Energy drinks have always been good uppers for me, though I use them sparsely…what I like more though are their (unfortunately) discontinued Rockstar Relax drinks…

rockstar relax drink, rockstar relax, travel essentials, rego's life

….a lot of my friends always said this drink didn’t do anything for them – but I’m sensitive to this type of stuff – so it does loads for me. Melatonin is not my friend – one little pill and I’m knocked out. So I go for this instead. Comprised of rooibos tea extract, passionflower, and chamomile, it’s just enough to relax instead of render unconscious. The new alternative I’d recommend is Marley’s Mellow Mood, if you wanna stick to the less extreme alternatives such as sleeping pills for long flights.

Travel Essential 3 – When in Rome…Roam.

Layovers can get pretty boring – but are an art. Usually, you want a layover that’s minimum 3 hours and maximum 5.

Reason I say minimum 3 is because some douche bag pilot could wind up flying you around in the air on a connecting flight for double the time it takes then announce over the P.A. he’s been riding on fumes scaring the crap out of surrounding passengers only to say he’s a professional who’s been doing this for 17 years and inevitably make you miss your flight because he has to land in bum fuck nowhere (True story. *nods*)…

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…but that’s another story – for another time. Bottom line is, when you’ve got 5 hours to kill in an airport, you wanna be entertained – or at least check the place out. It’s just no fun sitting at the gate all that time. The cure? One little magic app I use called Point Inside Shopping & Travel. It’s like your own little tour guide, showing you the best places to eat, drink, grab a decent diver’s watch, and maybe check out that cigar bar no one knows about but you’ve heard through whispers and paranoid speech. Oh that and it helps you find parking *nods*…good ‘ol parking…

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It’s practically a GTA/Sleeping Dogs map on your mobile…

So if you’re ever in Incheon International Airport and you find it to be too magnificently large to navigate through, you simply whip out your smart phone and go wild. The app’s available for both iPhone and Android users, so both can enjoy it’s nifty features.

Travel should always be made easier.

Stay Awesome.

– Rego

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“Your mind will…

Musings: Quote Wednesdays…

“Your mind will answer most questions if you learn to relax and wait for the answer.” – William S. Burroughs

Sometimes, it’s best to just stop wracking your brain trying to figure it all out – and let the answer come to  you. In your quietest moments comes your greatest inspirations. Whenever you feel like you’re hitting a wall – remember this, relax, and let the answer come to you. I’m not saying don’t be proactive – I’m just saying take a breather, and work on other things.

Stay awesome. 😉

– Rego

Musings Episode 29: Lifestyle…

Alright so…as you all know, my blog mainly focuses on lifestyle enhancements. But lately a lot of what I’ve been finding is, when you Google how to improve your lifestyle, or getting more from your money to enjoy life, most people talk about just being frugal, money conscious, or maintaining a dreaded “budget”…..damn I don’t like that word. Not in the slightest.

The question is….why? Why is it that lifestyle is associated with money? Well, for one – money is the modern day bartering system. So alright, fair enough there…

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…but why is it that people believe that money is what limits them? I believe in splurging and living practically – the best of both worlds. I’ve been blasted before because of this – many stating that method of thinking is easier said then done – but if you really look at how society is taught to utilize money, you’ll realize it’s not about budgeting, or clipping coupons, or getting that no-frills flight for a discounted ticket rate.

It’s about the way you look at money….and the way many are taught to look at money is a very weird way. I know I keep banging this into your head but as a whole, people are taught to be consumers. Now I’m not saying consumerism is bad, not at all. But the way in which you’re taught to be a consumer, may be detrimental to the way you’re also taught to achieve your real desires, and real goals.

There’s a saying – Americans live to work – Europeans work to live.

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What is living? It’s a definition custom tailored to each and every individuals concepts and goals. Yet still, as a majority, people are mostly taught what living is – not to define and teach themselves what it is.

Learning can be done two ways – the lazy way, or the easy way with a touch more effort on your part. You’re probably thinking “lazy and easy are the same, aren’t they?” – not necessarily so.

Lazy is auto pilot – which hey, sometimes I love autopilot. Push notifications, auto updates, automated money making, etc, etc….lazy can be fun as hell.

Easy can be auto pilot, but in order to be auto pilot, there has to be some sort of structure built first – when you think about it, lazy stems from easy, except it’s already put in place.

That’s how many who have learned how to live, have learned it the lazy way. This is especially so in any country where the mass majority intakes large amounts of tube time (television, if that didn’t register with you).

lifestyle, lifestyle enhancements, how to live life, how to improve your life, learn to live life

Weeks ago I was at a friend’s working on a car with them, it was the weekend…and as we were driving out of the neighborhood, for the first time I saw a lot of people’s garage doors open – and when I looked inside…what do you think I saw?


Garages filled with stuff.

Here we were, driving through the community and where I thought most garages would look like their intended use, instead I saw tons of stuff, piled on top of each other however neatly people saw fit – and not being used. Forgotten about. Stored away for…whatever reason.

That’s not caring about yourself. That’s not the good kind of selfish. That’s temporary gratification to fulfill short term desires.

The commercials come on, they tell you you need this, and you want that, and you’re missing this, and you’re home wouldn’t be complete without that – and your daughter needs to learn how to be a mom, and your son needs to learn all things rough and tough and mechanical and tactical all before they’ve both even hit puberty. They tell you you’re better off with this credit card, because you can get more things – then months later if you’re still in lazy mode and the bill hasn’t been paid, they say it’s okay that you’re in debt and this and that company can help you – it’s not your fault, but those damn people who enticed you and held an imaginary gun to your head making you sign up for that card and this loan for that boat. They further encourage you – they say even if your financial track record is shot to shit it’s still okay, because they’ll help you finance and consume more irregardless, if you’re tired of that 2012 CLK500 and want the 2013 one now…

don't waste your life, live life, how to live life, learn to live life, lifestyle, how to improve your lifestyle

….doesn’t all this sound exhausting?

but alas – you’ve learned the auto pilot way of living – what do you care? It hardly took any effort….

Wait though. You do care? Good, that’s what I want from you. To care. About yourself. Be selfish – in a good way. Not the way you’ve been taught.

Plain and simple, the easy way of living is this – exercise your imagination. Creativity. Attitude. Looking inside yourself – not at the TV, not listening to the radio commercials, not reading the junk literature…but looking inside yourself. Taking time out, day by day – even 30 minutes – that’s just 2% of your day – to strike up a conversation with you. Get to know what you like, what you want, what’s fun for you, what you enjoy buying – not what everyone else says that should be liked, should be desired, is fun, and is enjoyable to buy.

how to live life, lifestyle, learn to live life, how to improve your lifestyle

There’s two roads – the road less traveled, and the most well known road. Take the less traveled one – because really, when you think about it, that’s your road. Free of pot holes, miles and miles of smooth, unbeaten pavement.

When you begin to teach yourself how to live, how to desire, and how to acquire – then you’re learning how to live – because you won’t be going off any cookie cutter template that’s already been made – but you’ll have your own identity. Side note – go ahead and subscribe on my official site for a free ebook on how to do this.

live life, how to live life, give live meaning, lifestyle, lifestyle enhancements

You’ll be original in your own way. You’ll stand out above the crowd, and you’ll do it for you – not for anyone else. You’ll be selfish enough to find out and explore what makes you happy…and you won’t care whether or not you have the latest car or the newest iPhone – because you’ll go after what you really want, and not people judging you by what you should want.

It takes more effort, but the effort is minimal, and in fact, less stressful.

lifestyle enhancements, how to live your life, how to live life, how to improve your life, lifestyle

Remember this – the person you see in the mirror – that’s your competition. That’s your audience. That’s your follower. When it comes to your life, and how to live it, as long as you do it in a positive and constructive way, to better yourself – then the only person you have to focus on getting things done for, is yourself.

Stay awesome. 😉

– Rego

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For The Weekenders: Sweets Delivered to Your Door, Moves Like Thriller, Massages on Demand…

Let’s be honest….everyone has their own little late night cravings.

Late night cravings

Hold up – I didn’t mean that.

Get your head out of the gutter…I was talking about sweets. You’re on your own with the other stuff...

….alright all jokes aside – there’s this great little place I discovered about a week ago that I just had to share with you guys (and ladies). It’s located in Miami – but hear me out before you move onto the next one in the lineup.

So get this – you know those nights out where you have a great time, but in the process ended up getting serious munchies? Yeah – we’ve all been there. Well, this is where Night Owl Cookie Co. comes in handy.

night owl cookie company

While their current website may be a little lacking, don’t let that shy you away – these guys freshly baked goods are, well, good….and that’s a high compliment coming from someone who works out 5 days a week, twice a day. So Night Owl Cookie Co. – good job. Keep up the good work. 😉

What makes them so special? Oh nothing…except the fact that they deliver cookies and other various sweets right to your front door. Which, let’s be honest, when you’ve had one too many drinks and you and a group of friends have carried the party over to your place, turns out to be extremely convenient – to say the least.

night owl cookie company review

Go ahead and check out their menu, where you can take your pick from any of their signature cookies. They also offer donuts, and milk with your choice of chocolate or vanilla to wash all that down so you’re not left feeling parched. Open from 12 p.m. to 2 a.m. every day, delivery to your door on a Friday is a breeze with prompt, courteous service. Just try not to spill that cocktail on their shoes.

Speaking of cocktails, every once in a while it’s good to get away from the Miami scene and head out west – I’m thinking L.A….because while Miami is fun – you haven’t fully partied until you’ve partied out west. There and Thailand. *nods*

Not to be mistaken for the San Francisco based band Honeycut, there’s a sweet little hangout with the same name, but different game – located in L.A. on S Flower St. – conveniently located in the Alley parallel to Flower. What do they have? Allow me to inform you….

Honeycut Los Angeles Cocktails On Tap

Remember that other For The Weekenders post I wrote about Wine on Tap…? Well, try cocktails on tap – yeah, Honeycut takes it one step further – and it’s that one step further that makes me, and any other weekend enthusiasts jump for joy like a tween at a Justin Beiber concert.

Jump for joy

The place is packed with different things, including awesome decor, craft cocktails, blue felt pool table, ultra comfy leather seating – oh and did I mention a dance floor that makes you feel like you’re on the set of Saturday Night Fever (or even Thriller)…? Yeah Except way more swank.

I’d recommend brushing up on your dance moves – it’s gonna be kind of hard to look better than Travolta in this setting if you’re with a hot date. If you’re absolutely sure you can’t beat Travolta – or Michael Jackson for that matter – then just hope for the best, knock back a few drinks, and pray they’ve never seen either films.

Honeycut LA Dance Floor

Before you hit that dance floor, hit up the bar first, take in the scenery, and try your hand at some pool for a warm-up. A warm-up never hurt anyone. Besides – it gives you an excuse to take photos and post them to Instagram – if you’re into that.

With every warm-up, there comes a cool down…you know, stretching, taking things slow, etc, etc….this one’s for those of you in New York. Admit it – after a good night out clubbing/dancing, if for the rest of the week the only form of exercise you do is lift your fingers to type, you’re bound to be sore the morning after.

Now – can most people really be arsed to book a massage therapy appointment and drag themselves over to the facility? Hardly.

Massage Zeelot

This is where Massage Zeelot comes in. What you get…? A little app for your phone, a free, professional massage table for your home (shipped directly to you), and a masseuse on demand at the snap of your fingers (or, touch of your smart phone screen).

It couldn’t be easier. They send you the massage table so this way, whichever masseuse is closest to you only has to worry about grabbing the essentials and getting over to you asap – meaning, in as little as an hour. You can book as many massages as you want, each massage lasting 60 minutes – so you can work out all those knots and kinks at your own pace.

Convenience just got a little more awesome…and I’d say that’s a damn fine way to close off any Sunday.

Stay cool. 😉

– Rego

For The Weekenders: Sweets Delivered to Your Door, Moves Like Thriller, Massages on Demand… is a post from and appeared first on Rego’s Life