Musings Episode 31: Lost…

Over the past few days I’ve been feeling a little lost…

feeling lost

More or less today, in fact. I get like this sometimes – these bouts of no direction.

Then again, everyone has a tendency to get like this.

It’s not a bad thing – in fact, it can be beneficial.

The lost feeling I usually have is a combination of various factors.

The bouts of no direction, when I think about them are akin to being out at sea.

It’s times like these I feel the need to head to the beach – go for a swim, and just go with the current.

Low tide, high tide.

Weak current, strong current.

Calm before the storm.

Chop and swells post rain.

I just go into the water, and let the ocean pull me either way it’s going.

The less you fight the water, the more freeing it is.

The less you fight the water, the more you become it.

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Respect the ocean, and she respects you.

Feel lost, and she’ll make you feel found again.

Diving into the swell with my eyes open and swimming underwater until I see fit to come up, that feeling of the water is like a warm embrace of a hug or blanket on a cold morning.

It calms me – it brings me back to my center. It reminds me that when I feel lost – I can always find myself again – if I just don’t resist – if I just go with it.

Alright….enough poetics. I wanna share with you guys the benefits of feeling lost sometimes – take what you read next and really study it – or as they so fondly used to say back at uni “do some critical thinking.” Within it, you may find answers…on finding yourself.

bruce lee water, bruce lee be water, musings episode 31 lost, feeling lost, how to stop feeling lost, aimless, rego's life, rego's life blog, rego's life official site, episodic musings of a quintessential entrepreneur

So usually, times like these I have a tendency to “disappear.” When I was a kid (pre-teens through teens) – and still oftentimes present day – people defined me most often in two ways – ghost and slick. The former, well, as I said earlier because I have a tendency to just “disappear,” then pop back up when I’m good and ready. The latter – well, that’s another story. Apparently it has something to do with “good with words” and “charisma.”

Albeit my tendencies to disappear, instead I left the beach and hopped on my laptop, wanting to share with you guys (and ladies) some insight into this whole thing.

Feeling, and being lost can be good. As you learn to take the time and start discovering who you are, through mental training and quiet moments you have (or make) throughout the day – it’s a feeling that can become quite natural.

Many times it’s good to just go with it – let yourself wander, let yourself clear and filter your mind of mental chatter and stressful thoughts – allow yourself to zone out. Keep in mind, I’m not talking about waddling or dwelling in the negative. I’m talking about navigating through your mental highways like you would if you went for a long drive to clear your head., rego's life, feeling lost,

By the way – check out for more great photos like this one.

This is explained a little further in the free eBook I offer over at my Official Site – go ahead and subscribe to get it, it’s something you don’t wanna pass up.

I’m saying if you feel like you have no direction some days – make the time to get lost in that feeling of no direction – and find your center. Do every and any activity that seems calming or de-stressing to you. The same way a husband can zone out his wife – do the same with any stressful thoughts you have…and just focus on you.

As you learn to execute this properly, the feeling of being lost can easily turn from cumbersome – to euphoric and blissful. Take full advantage of it – it’s your mind doing a mental “detox” – many just focus on physical detox – but with that comes both mental, and spiritual – spiritual as in energy. At some point, you’ve gotta do all 3.

Why get lost in being lost? Because – there’s so much benefit to it. It’s not something that can necessarily be explained outright, set in concrete, with an end all-be-all example – you just have to know it.

bruce lee water, bruce lee be water, musings episode 31 lost, feeling lost, how to stop feeling lost, aimless, rego's life, rego's life blog, rego's life official site, episodic musings of a quintessential entrepreneur

The best way to explain it is this –

When you’re feeling lost and you finally embrace it – you’ll know you’ve embraced it, when at the very center of you – right above your solar plexus (which is slightly above your belly button) you feel calm…and at peace. You feel comfortable. Warm. Fuzzy. Relaxed. Ready to take charge – but ready to lounge. Ready to lunge – but ready to relax. Fired up – but steady and stable.

When you get to this point – you’re one step closer to discovering and unlocking your real self.

Maybe this post makes sense to you, maybe it doesn’t. Bottom line is, being lost, isn’t always a negative – but in fact an opportunity to find yourself. If there’s ever a time you’ve felt lost or aimless, comment below and let me know. I wanna know how you dealt with it, how it made you feel, and how you brought yourself back to feeling stabilized.

As always…

Stay awesome.

– Rego

Musings Episode 31: Lost… is a post from Rego’s Life.


15 thoughts on “Musings Episode 31: Lost…

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  3. Last week at work my hours and pay cut. wht the frigg, 20+ years t this place. reduced by 20 hours. Yers wasted. Believed my long service was guaranteed. Do you people really make a living here? Embrace lost?????

    • Dude, Dale – I’m really sorry about your cut in pay – I can imagine you must be shattered. Believe it or not I can relate – been there. That’s one of the many factors that got me into working remotely and quitting my job. Yes, I do make money online. When I say embrace the feeling of being lost, I’m saying try not to dwell on it so much – doing so can only put you in a revolving train wreck of thoughts. Instead try and find your center – look at both the positives and the negatives. Then think up a solution – being at a job for 20 years you’re bound to be an expert by now in that field – use that as an advantage. If you need any advice, shoot me a message through the contact form.

      Remember – you’re awesome.

      – Rego

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