Musings Episode 27: Learning To Let Go…

So I know a couple weeks ago I touched on hate for no reason….I had a hell of a good time on my birthday weekend, and I just wanted to do a follow up musing to elaborate further on how to eliminate people like that from your life…


Energy is what we’re made of. Everything we do, say, and hear is energy. Which is why negative words can cut, and positive ones can sooth. As humans our main goal in life is to take in as many positive experiences as humanly possible, and learn from/eliminate/avoid any negative ones.

Don’t like a movie? Walk out of the theatre. Don’t like the way someone’s talking to you? Say “STOP….no.” and walk off from them, hang up the phone. Don’t like the location you live in, the party you’re at, the sport you’re in, exercise your free will and change it. It’s all possible – we have free will, and a right to everything we desire on this planet….


I know some of you may say this is at times difficult to do – I understand. “But Rego, what if it’s like this in my job, what do I do now?” While it may be trickier in a job setting, learning to let go just takes a little bit of creative thinking.

I’ll give you an example. As you all know, there’s various things I do to make cash – most of it’s web and technology based. Now I’m a pretty chill person – but when I was a kid….I was a bit of a tyrant (side note: pretty sure if anyone I knew from childhood read that, they’d say “a bit” is an understatement…ignore them). I didn’t let anyone, talk to me in any way that was disrespectful – and I spoke my mind when needed. As I got older, I learned to be a bit more charismatic…and less shoot and fire if fired at.

I could've been this guy...but I like to party too much. *nods*

I could’ve been this guy…but I like to party too much. *nods*

I developed…you know, charm.

…but in developing charm, there’s also something else I had to develop. I started reading Sun Tzu’s Art of War, and realized that sometimes, it’s best to pick and choose your battles – and if going into battle, there’s always more than one way to victory.

Hey I’m not perfect – I still slip up every now and then these days…but I’ve improved. Why…? Because I’ve learned to let some things go – learn to let some people go, and learn to let some methods of thinking go. It’s called the law of absolute abundance. Everyone’s born naturally with this, before we get thrown into the norms of society and taught there’s such a thing as lack.

A lack in money.

A lack in social options.

A lack in opportunities.

A lack in options in general, really.

As we become adults, we often try and battle this…though most just give in to it.


So really, lack is taught….not hardwired. When you get this, it clicks like a light bulb in your head – or a bullet in a barrel – whichever analogy you like best. 😉 Ergo if lack is taught, then abundance can either be re-taught, or destroyed. The goal here is to keep it from getting destroyed.

Abundance mentality can be destroyed in many ways – from failures to certain other negative life experiences or people, it can be shredded down to nothing if someone doesn’t constantly have a reminder that abundance was here first, and always has been. This is what I mean about eliminating negativity as much as possible. This is what I mean about staying away from negative people – and negative experiences. This is what I mean about letting go.


I’d say if there’s one bit I would change in the little snippet above, it’s spend time with genuine people – anyone can be nice. Genuine people are hard to come by.

Getting your mind to constantly think abundantly, is no easy feat. For one it’s like exercising for that killer bod – practice, practice, practice. Exercise, exercise, exercise. Train, train, train. You get the idea – you have to work practically, not just in theory. It’s about changing your self talk, and your mental imagery. I touch on both of these subjects on my official site, and a little bit about learning to inspire yourself as well – imagination is the first step to absolute abundance thinking.

Chase Amante has an article related to this as well – though it may just pertain to relationships and dating, you can take his examples and pointers, and easily apply many of them to other aspects in your life, financially and socially. It’s all about staying in the right crowd, and socializing with the right people – this is the easiest way to train yourself to think abundantly.


I’m sure some of you back in your grade school days – maybe even in university, used to have your own group of friends…they were people you shared the same thinking with, similar ambitions, and probably similar mentalities. Then somewhere along the line, things changed – I’ve known many people to start socializing with their co-workers, and eventually through doing that adapting their mental habits. This can be a very bad thing – I for one never believe in socializing with co-workers – it’s too close to the situation you’re in and can turn bad quickly.

Some people can initially start out as nice, wanting to get to know you. Then turn negative, abrasive, and opposing – these are what I mentioned in my last post, as psychic vampires. People who suck the happiness and good thoughts out of you – after all, misery always wants company…and that, in absolutely no way helps you.


This is where I mean pick your battles. This is what I mean when I say do a little creative thinking. The easiest way? Zone out. Husbands do it all the time (sorry married brethren) – if they don’t feel like listening to something their wife is saying – they miraculously gain the ability to go into a vegetative state in relation to listening.

If you’re not listening, or remotely paying attention – there’s nothing to take in…and if there’s nothing to take in – there’s nothing to let go of….and then it’s problem solved. Like I said – this is not at all easy at first. It takes persistence, dedication, and commitment to your own self talk. When you learn to take care of yourself – you learn to take care of others – and in turn learn to let go. You can’t control other people’s mouths – nor their actions, or thoughts…but you can control your thoughts, your mouth, and your actions.

This isn’t the Gandhi approach at all – so don’t think I’m going there….when it’s time to stand up for yourself, you stand up for yourself and stand 10 feet tall…but sometimes, it’s better to let go of and mentally discard things. Get mad about it, kick, scream, punch, do whatever you need to do – and then find a solution. Letting go is the first part of the solution, and the first action – moving on and creating an answer to the solution are steps two and three.


Once you’ve got this down pact – you’ll know exactly what I mean about letting go. Check out my Make It Mondays posts on my official site, and subscribe for a free eBook that’ll blow your mind. Take the posts plus the book, study them, and then apply the reasoning and exercises. You’ve gotta do this for at least a month – Every. Single. Day. Come hell or high water – every day. No exceptions. It’s gonna be like crafting that insane body – but the work is worth the pay off…and don’t beat yourself up if you slip up.

The race isn’t over until the last lap. The track is meant to be conquered – not feared.

let-go (1)

Stay awesome. 😉

– Rego

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25 thoughts on “Musings Episode 27: Learning To Let Go…

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  14. hi, thanks for this. your writing gives me food for thought, opening my mind. I’ve taken several suggestions to the test in my life with great results after learning to change those old stubborn habits. your make it monday tops my list too.

  15. The quote when things aren’t adding up begin subtracting. I’ve can now count my true friends on one hand. I’m making a new list and subtracting from it twice. Shopping for b’days has gotten light. lol

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