Musings Episode 32: Because Really, Life’s Just One Big Playground…

So this morning I got up an hour early because of my wrist watch and completely forgot it’s daylight savings time.

Instead of going back to bed, I decide to head out to the den and watch a movie – sorting through the stack I come across both a childhood and present day favorite – Big (1988). Oh man. It’s been ages.

big tom hanks, big movie, big 1988, tom hanks big movie, rego's life, musings episode 32 because really life's just one big playground

There’s one in particular scene towards the end of the film that really grabs my attention. Right when Josh is just getting accustomed to being an adult and Billy storms into his office:

Josh: Will you please leave? I got a deadline to meet. Gosh.
Billy: Who the fuck do you think you are ?
Josh: HEY!
Billy: You’re Josh Baskin, remember? You broke your arm on my roof! You hid in MY basement when Robert Dyson was about to rip your head off!
Josh: You don’t get it, do you? This is important!
Billy: I’m your best friend. What’s more important than that, huh?
[Turns to leave]
Billy: And I’m three months older than you are, ASSHOLE!

If any of you remember this scene, you can understand why Billy was angry. Not so much at Josh’s actions, but what he started to become. He lost touch – took his eye off the ball.

keep your eye on the ball, musings episode 32 because really life's just one big playground

In becoming an adult, Josh was also losing sight of what life is really all about. Really, when you think about it – this happens to a lot of people as they get older.

There’s nothing wrong with responsibility – absolutely not…but with that responsibility, sometimes you can forget about the other part of life – the stress free, have a laugh part of life.

I remember when I used to work in the Forex industry doing currency exchange – the team I was on knew how to party, but at the same time they could be some real cut throat bastards – you really come to know a man when you get some alcohol in ’em.

flaming alcohol, tom hanks big, musings episode 32 because really life's just one big playground, disadvantages of growing up

Anyway – there was this one guy, who was practically like a brother from another mother – and pretty much the one person in the group who made the most sense when he talked, inebriated or not. If there was one piece of advice and wisdom he gave me that outweighed everything else he ever said, it was this:

Listen Rego – this business can make you crazy – the pressure, the timing, the politics, the stakes. This group, this team you’re on can make you crazy, too – they’re one group of shit talking bastards. But at the end of the day, for you and you only, you have to do one thing – the minute you step foot outside the office, the minute you make it home and close your front door:

This company, these guys, this market, doesn’t exist. The minute you’re home – the only thing that exists is the life you’re living, outside of this job – outside of making money. Don’t ever speak of work if you’re not in the building. Ever – separate work from home like it’s religion from politics.

This has stuck with me ever since I heard it more than 5 years ago, and it’s something I’ll never forget.

it takes forever to find yourself but it only takes one second to forget who your are, it takes forever to find yourself, musings episode 32 because really life's just one big playground

What happens is, people get so caught up in their job, in their work, and not in a good way. If you have a business that you love, sure, that’s positive. But the minute your work starts to consume your life, your time, in a negative way, to the point you lose sight of the meaning in your life – it’s time you stop yourself, and re-evaluate. If you haven’t already, go ahead and subscribe here now, or at the bottom of this page to my official site, for a free download on how to improve your lifestyle.

What is Rego’s Life all about? Success. Freedom. Lifestyle. Fun. Travel. Fun. Laser focus. FUN. Adjusting your thinking. Getting to know yourself. Getting to know your desires. Never losing sight. Never getting caught up in the rat race. Realizing, and acknowledging what matters. Making it count.

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This is why Billy got pissed at Josh – he forgot about life – and who and what mattered.

Life’s just one big playground.

I’m a big kid at heart. If you met me in the street however – hell who knows what you’d think. Some people call me serious. Some people call me chill. I’ve even been called “suave” a handful of times (not to toot my own horn, of course). Then others call me funny – others borderline narcissistic…and you know that’s okay – I’m fine with that. But really, I’m just one big kid at heart.

big movie, big tom hanks, tom hanks big, rego's life, live life more, big kid at heart, musings episode 32 because really life is just one big playground

If you ever visited my place, in one room you’d see office stuff, some free weights, etc, etc. Then in another you’d see video games, snowboards/skateboards, marshmallow guns, footballs (Man Utd for the win), board games, etc, etc.

Life’s just one big playground…and a lot of times, people forget that the minute they grow up.

In my opinion, growing up isn’t just about age – fuck that. Growing up is based on life experiences, and how you choose to mold yourself after encountering said experiences. Me? I’ve learned to be selectively mature – selectively grown up.

I’ll be completely serious and mature about business, money, relationships, and responsibilities – but catch me outside of that setting and you’ll discover a completely different person – from taking extravagant trips abroad, to playing frisbee in a park, loyalty to friends and being reasonable and opinionated – I’ve come to learn life is all about doing what makes you happy – what makes life worth living.

That’s how you make your stamp on the world. Remembering the things that matter. Really thinking about your actions. Laser like focus.

focus, alex pettyfer, tom hanks big, how to live life, life improvements, life is one big playground, musings episode 32 because really life's just one big playground

I understand completely this can vary from person to person, but the main thing here to understand is this – life isn’t about bills. It isn’t about climbing the corporate ladder. It’s not about getting that company car, or that corner office overlooking the lake. It’s about discovering yourself, discovering what makes you happy, and at the same time still holding onto and remembering that childhood optimism and fearlessness that is slowly extracted from us the more we conform to societal norms.

So here’s where I ask you the big three:

What is life about, to you?
What do you want out of life?
What makes life worth living?

Comment and share below…

…and of course, as always….

Stay Awesome.

– Rego


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Musings Episode 31: Lost…

Over the past few days I’ve been feeling a little lost…

feeling lost

More or less today, in fact. I get like this sometimes – these bouts of no direction.

Then again, everyone has a tendency to get like this.

It’s not a bad thing – in fact, it can be beneficial.

The lost feeling I usually have is a combination of various factors.

The bouts of no direction, when I think about them are akin to being out at sea.

It’s times like these I feel the need to head to the beach – go for a swim, and just go with the current.

Low tide, high tide.

Weak current, strong current.

Calm before the storm.

Chop and swells post rain.

I just go into the water, and let the ocean pull me either way it’s going.

The less you fight the water, the more freeing it is.

The less you fight the water, the more you become it.

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Respect the ocean, and she respects you.

Feel lost, and she’ll make you feel found again.

Diving into the swell with my eyes open and swimming underwater until I see fit to come up, that feeling of the water is like a warm embrace of a hug or blanket on a cold morning.

It calms me – it brings me back to my center. It reminds me that when I feel lost – I can always find myself again – if I just don’t resist – if I just go with it.

Alright….enough poetics. I wanna share with you guys the benefits of feeling lost sometimes – take what you read next and really study it – or as they so fondly used to say back at uni “do some critical thinking.” Within it, you may find answers…on finding yourself.

bruce lee water, bruce lee be water, musings episode 31 lost, feeling lost, how to stop feeling lost, aimless, rego's life, rego's life blog, rego's life official site, episodic musings of a quintessential entrepreneur

So usually, times like these I have a tendency to “disappear.” When I was a kid (pre-teens through teens) – and still oftentimes present day – people defined me most often in two ways – ghost and slick. The former, well, as I said earlier because I have a tendency to just “disappear,” then pop back up when I’m good and ready. The latter – well, that’s another story. Apparently it has something to do with “good with words” and “charisma.”

Albeit my tendencies to disappear, instead I left the beach and hopped on my laptop, wanting to share with you guys (and ladies) some insight into this whole thing.

Feeling, and being lost can be good. As you learn to take the time and start discovering who you are, through mental training and quiet moments you have (or make) throughout the day – it’s a feeling that can become quite natural.

Many times it’s good to just go with it – let yourself wander, let yourself clear and filter your mind of mental chatter and stressful thoughts – allow yourself to zone out. Keep in mind, I’m not talking about waddling or dwelling in the negative. I’m talking about navigating through your mental highways like you would if you went for a long drive to clear your head., rego's life, feeling lost,

By the way – check out for more great photos like this one.

This is explained a little further in the free eBook I offer over at my Official Site – go ahead and subscribe to get it, it’s something you don’t wanna pass up.

I’m saying if you feel like you have no direction some days – make the time to get lost in that feeling of no direction – and find your center. Do every and any activity that seems calming or de-stressing to you. The same way a husband can zone out his wife – do the same with any stressful thoughts you have…and just focus on you.

As you learn to execute this properly, the feeling of being lost can easily turn from cumbersome – to euphoric and blissful. Take full advantage of it – it’s your mind doing a mental “detox” – many just focus on physical detox – but with that comes both mental, and spiritual – spiritual as in energy. At some point, you’ve gotta do all 3.

Why get lost in being lost? Because – there’s so much benefit to it. It’s not something that can necessarily be explained outright, set in concrete, with an end all-be-all example – you just have to know it.

bruce lee water, bruce lee be water, musings episode 31 lost, feeling lost, how to stop feeling lost, aimless, rego's life, rego's life blog, rego's life official site, episodic musings of a quintessential entrepreneur

The best way to explain it is this –

When you’re feeling lost and you finally embrace it – you’ll know you’ve embraced it, when at the very center of you – right above your solar plexus (which is slightly above your belly button) you feel calm…and at peace. You feel comfortable. Warm. Fuzzy. Relaxed. Ready to take charge – but ready to lounge. Ready to lunge – but ready to relax. Fired up – but steady and stable.

When you get to this point – you’re one step closer to discovering and unlocking your real self.

Maybe this post makes sense to you, maybe it doesn’t. Bottom line is, being lost, isn’t always a negative – but in fact an opportunity to find yourself. If there’s ever a time you’ve felt lost or aimless, comment below and let me know. I wanna know how you dealt with it, how it made you feel, and how you brought yourself back to feeling stabilized.

As always…

Stay awesome.

– Rego

Musings Episode 31: Lost… is a post from Rego’s Life.

Musings Episode 28: Take The Leap…

So a few weeks ago I touched on hesitation and why it can be detrimental to success…well, once you’re past the hesitation phase – there’s one more thing many people go through but never really discuss.



Procrastination doesn’t necessarily mean laziness. It can also stem from fear of failure, and perfectionism. Many people when building their road to success can sometimes hit this wall. It’s often procrastination that leads to many people’s downfalls even if they’ve made it over the hesitation hurdle.

Yet in the end hesitation and procrastination end up with the same result – not getting things done in a timely manner or not getting things done at all. This is what you want to avoid – this is what you want to train yourself to eliminate from virtually every aspect of your life. If you’re serious about success – this should be taken into consideration and avoided just as much as hesitation.

Both leave room for missed opportunities.


In various aspects of your life, procrastination can tear you down, and bring you right back to square one. The objective is to remove this kind of habit from your mental framework completely.

I’m a perfectionist. Meaning when I do something – I do it well, and do it to the maximum extent of quality possible. Sometimes, when I get overwhelmed with things, mentally I become a little hazy. The easiest way to get over it I’ve found?

Break everything into steps – focus on the big picture, but break everything into steps.

A book is comprised of a bunch of words, but in the end it's still the bigger picture - a book.

A book is comprised of a bunch of words, but in the end it’s still the bigger picture – a book.

Remember – it’s about focusing on the end result – not the means to the ends. Focus on that too much and you’ll find yourself lost and out in the cold, wandering (and not in a good way).

I’m not saying dwell on all the little details either. Think of it like this – you get up in the morning. Usually, everyone has their own little routine. Wake up, stretch, make bed, wash face, brush teeth, shower, moisturize, hair, get dressed, etc.

It’s this whole intricate routine you’ve had to learn since childhood, yet you don’t even think about it because you’re on auto pilot almost the entire time….but this whole routine, is still broken into little steps and categories.

Wash face, brush teeth, shower, moisturize – these all take place in the bathroom. Getting dressed, shirts, shoes, etc – all takes place in the wardrobe/bedroom. Eat breakfast, make lunch – all in the kitchen. You see the pattern?

The best way to start is by breaking everything into categories – and then breaking objectives into little groups of 3’s. I’ve always found that by doing things 3 at a time – I blow past my deadlines with flying colors. Many believe multitasking is the way to go – I for one am completely against it. In the short run, it may pay off – but in the long run it can leave a lot of loose ends, a lot of things unfinished, and in actual fact be detrimental to your mental health.

Instead, I recommend exercising your mental health positively. Go ahead and head over to my official site and subscribe for a free eBook that can actually improve and enhance your thinking, gearing it more towards success and less on juggling 5 tables and a walrus all at once mentally.

By breaking things into 3’s, you’re doing what I call setting mini milestones. Milestones are much clearer, shorter, and smaller goals toward larger ones. Thinking of it like this, makes the work much easier and the path much more transparent. Getting one of these three things done at a time, one after the other, makes you feel more accomplished thus motivating you to do more.

…and if you’re motivated to do more, you’ll procrastinate less. It’s that simple.

The more you learn how to strategize without putting a strain on your brain, the more confidence you have in yourself. The more confidence you have in yourself, the more you’re willing and ready to dive head first into all your goals. The more willing and ready you are to do that, the more you’ll act on ideas when they come to you – and the more you act on ideas that come to you, the more you sign and seal your name for success in anything you do.

This is how you let go. Put things into action properly with a decent game plan and perseverance, and watch the end goals flourish.

Stay awesome.

– Rego

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Musings Episode 27: Learning To Let Go…

So I know a couple weeks ago I touched on hate for no reason….I had a hell of a good time on my birthday weekend, and I just wanted to do a follow up musing to elaborate further on how to eliminate people like that from your life…


Energy is what we’re made of. Everything we do, say, and hear is energy. Which is why negative words can cut, and positive ones can sooth. As humans our main goal in life is to take in as many positive experiences as humanly possible, and learn from/eliminate/avoid any negative ones.

Don’t like a movie? Walk out of the theatre. Don’t like the way someone’s talking to you? Say “STOP….no.” and walk off from them, hang up the phone. Don’t like the location you live in, the party you’re at, the sport you’re in, exercise your free will and change it. It’s all possible – we have free will, and a right to everything we desire on this planet….


I know some of you may say this is at times difficult to do – I understand. “But Rego, what if it’s like this in my job, what do I do now?” While it may be trickier in a job setting, learning to let go just takes a little bit of creative thinking.

I’ll give you an example. As you all know, there’s various things I do to make cash – most of it’s web and technology based. Now I’m a pretty chill person – but when I was a kid….I was a bit of a tyrant (side note: pretty sure if anyone I knew from childhood read that, they’d say “a bit” is an understatement…ignore them). I didn’t let anyone, talk to me in any way that was disrespectful – and I spoke my mind when needed. As I got older, I learned to be a bit more charismatic…and less shoot and fire if fired at.

I could've been this guy...but I like to party too much. *nods*

I could’ve been this guy…but I like to party too much. *nods*

I developed…you know, charm.

…but in developing charm, there’s also something else I had to develop. I started reading Sun Tzu’s Art of War, and realized that sometimes, it’s best to pick and choose your battles – and if going into battle, there’s always more than one way to victory.

Hey I’m not perfect – I still slip up every now and then these days…but I’ve improved. Why…? Because I’ve learned to let some things go – learn to let some people go, and learn to let some methods of thinking go. It’s called the law of absolute abundance. Everyone’s born naturally with this, before we get thrown into the norms of society and taught there’s such a thing as lack.

A lack in money.

A lack in social options.

A lack in opportunities.

A lack in options in general, really.

As we become adults, we often try and battle this…though most just give in to it.


So really, lack is taught….not hardwired. When you get this, it clicks like a light bulb in your head – or a bullet in a barrel – whichever analogy you like best. 😉 Ergo if lack is taught, then abundance can either be re-taught, or destroyed. The goal here is to keep it from getting destroyed.

Abundance mentality can be destroyed in many ways – from failures to certain other negative life experiences or people, it can be shredded down to nothing if someone doesn’t constantly have a reminder that abundance was here first, and always has been. This is what I mean about eliminating negativity as much as possible. This is what I mean about staying away from negative people – and negative experiences. This is what I mean about letting go.


I’d say if there’s one bit I would change in the little snippet above, it’s spend time with genuine people – anyone can be nice. Genuine people are hard to come by.

Getting your mind to constantly think abundantly, is no easy feat. For one it’s like exercising for that killer bod – practice, practice, practice. Exercise, exercise, exercise. Train, train, train. You get the idea – you have to work practically, not just in theory. It’s about changing your self talk, and your mental imagery. I touch on both of these subjects on my official site, and a little bit about learning to inspire yourself as well – imagination is the first step to absolute abundance thinking.

Chase Amante has an article related to this as well – though it may just pertain to relationships and dating, you can take his examples and pointers, and easily apply many of them to other aspects in your life, financially and socially. It’s all about staying in the right crowd, and socializing with the right people – this is the easiest way to train yourself to think abundantly.


I’m sure some of you back in your grade school days – maybe even in university, used to have your own group of friends…they were people you shared the same thinking with, similar ambitions, and probably similar mentalities. Then somewhere along the line, things changed – I’ve known many people to start socializing with their co-workers, and eventually through doing that adapting their mental habits. This can be a very bad thing – I for one never believe in socializing with co-workers – it’s too close to the situation you’re in and can turn bad quickly.

Some people can initially start out as nice, wanting to get to know you. Then turn negative, abrasive, and opposing – these are what I mentioned in my last post, as psychic vampires. People who suck the happiness and good thoughts out of you – after all, misery always wants company…and that, in absolutely no way helps you.


This is where I mean pick your battles. This is what I mean when I say do a little creative thinking. The easiest way? Zone out. Husbands do it all the time (sorry married brethren) – if they don’t feel like listening to something their wife is saying – they miraculously gain the ability to go into a vegetative state in relation to listening.

If you’re not listening, or remotely paying attention – there’s nothing to take in…and if there’s nothing to take in – there’s nothing to let go of….and then it’s problem solved. Like I said – this is not at all easy at first. It takes persistence, dedication, and commitment to your own self talk. When you learn to take care of yourself – you learn to take care of others – and in turn learn to let go. You can’t control other people’s mouths – nor their actions, or thoughts…but you can control your thoughts, your mouth, and your actions.

This isn’t the Gandhi approach at all – so don’t think I’m going there….when it’s time to stand up for yourself, you stand up for yourself and stand 10 feet tall…but sometimes, it’s better to let go of and mentally discard things. Get mad about it, kick, scream, punch, do whatever you need to do – and then find a solution. Letting go is the first part of the solution, and the first action – moving on and creating an answer to the solution are steps two and three.


Once you’ve got this down pact – you’ll know exactly what I mean about letting go. Check out my Make It Mondays posts on my official site, and subscribe for a free eBook that’ll blow your mind. Take the posts plus the book, study them, and then apply the reasoning and exercises. You’ve gotta do this for at least a month – Every. Single. Day. Come hell or high water – every day. No exceptions. It’s gonna be like crafting that insane body – but the work is worth the pay off…and don’t beat yourself up if you slip up.

The race isn’t over until the last lap. The track is meant to be conquered – not feared.

let-go (1)

Stay awesome. 😉

– Rego

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Musings Episode 9: Fitness, Stress, and Finances…

So this weekend a friend and I worked out together. My usual routine is 5 days a week and weekends to myself, but I thought I’d throw in some extra credit this weekend just for fun.

So we’re at my gym and he’s on the spinning cycle while I’m cranking out a few pull-up variations and we get to talking.

Y'know, just crankin' 'em out....

Y’know, just crankin’ ’em out….

“Hey Rego?”

“Yeah?” I say between breaths.

“What’s the point of all this really? I mean besides the physical results, why really bother if you just eat right?”

It’s here I drop from the bar wiping sweat off my forehead and giving him the look.

The look being the “are you serious” kind.

At first, I thought about giving him the long, logical, “it practically makes sense, man” type explanation…but I didn’t. Instead, I uttered these three words:

“It makes money”.

Puzzled, he looked on at me trying to fathom how that even made any sort of sense at all.

You’re probably wondering the same thing. Well, let me elaborate….

Exercise…working out…fitness, whatever you may want to call it, is one of the many things that breeds success. Sure, there are many other things that breed success, but to be honest, working out, scientifically, can get your head clear…and if you have blue skies in the horizon where your dome is (dome as in, noggin…as in head), you’re far less likely to experience a “success block.” Ever heard that saying “empty room empty mind”? Yeah, the same applies here.

And contrary to popular belief, fitness isn’t just about the physical results – in my opinion, that’s just a perk.


Think of it this way – by staying fit, (along with healthy eating), you eliminate stress. Stress causes toxic release, and can also cause high levels of LDLs/VLDLs to be released – aka “bad cholesterol”. By working out, this counters those LDLs/VLDLs with HDLs, or “good cholesterol.”

Yes, there is such a thing, as good cholesterol.

Archer Season 2: "Wait wait wait...there's GOOD cholesterol...???"

Archer Season 2: “Wait wait wait…there’s GOOD cholesterol…???”

By eliminating stress, you have more energy, more awareness, and more clarity. All of these combined can be of extraordinary benefit, because this means you can focus more on brainstorming and have ideas “pop” into your head, staying there with better vividness and goal oriented objectives.

Many of the private clients I train are corporate level people. While some drop off like flies because they can’t hack the workouts, others stick around understanding exactly why they’re doing it.

It’s not hard work they’re after. They’re not masochists…but they do understand that the slight edge comes from doing little things that seem to make little difference – but in fact are huge.

They understand that it’s not just about acquiring money – but keeping your head clear, focused, driven, and on track to acquire, keep, and distribute that money most effectively.

Right down to the penny.

Right down to the penny.

The sad part is many people don’t look at life that way….I can tell you of people who make in excess of $1 million per annum…but their cash flow makes them live like a $30,000 per annum type person.

Understand this whole discussion on fitness is partially a metaphor…and partially fact. For a while now you guys have seen me blog on epic life experiences to keep your imaginations active, contribute to your lives being filled with fun, and remind you to not take every little thing so seriously.

Today though, I want you to see the scientific side of things.

So often nowadays many just sit on their bums tapping away at their smart phones, they never ponder over why they really DO any of the things they do. You get out there, you pitch, you make money, but for what…? What actual goal is it that you have in mind, that motivates you…?

motivation quote 1

People who say they work a job or own a business for the passion of it, I call bullshit. Yes, true, you can thoroughly enjoy the work you do, but really it still boils down to an objective.

This is what fitness does.

It trains you mentally to form objectives.

To form milestones.

To form goals.

Without this, all of humanity would just be a meandering and meaningless existence.


The first time I saw this, I laughed, thinking no way humans would ever get to that state….now, I stand in silence sometimes.

The lion hunts to eat.

The bird flies to travel from A to B.

Even the shrimp sucks up bacteria for a greater purpose.

Every living thing, was designed for an objective.

The difference is, humans have free will. They have choice. Something that was never given or bestowed upon any other creature on earth.


When I look at people, and I see them exercising – I see someone who takes initiative – for themselves mostly but indirectly for every other choice in their life.

Financially speaking, working out is beneficial in that it can clear your head on different levels. A difficult, long-enduring workout can make you feel reborn again the next morning. It may hurt like hell the first time, but it makes you feel different. Working out, any kind of working out unblocks certain paths in the brain to enhance thinking, heighten awareness, and adjust to environment.

This is why some guys who just pump iron for size, well…I call them lazy gym buffs.

As an entrepreneur, it’s all about improv, new ideas, improved thinking, different methods of approach, finding more than one solution, and finding the most effective way to get something accomplished.


Being active in fitness for more than 10 years, all of these principles and concepts apply in both business and health.

Just another reason why I’m a great admirer of contact and combat sports such as MMA and fencing.


They open your mind to thinking steps ahead of your opponent…and your opponent doesn’t even have to be another person – it could be thinking ahead for potential future business concepts.

Look at Donald Trump.

Robert Kiyosaki.

Tim Ferriss.

Venus & Serena Williams.

Kelly Slater.

Heck, Warren Buffet even.

They all share a common trait. They all hold a certain set of beliefs and ideas about both business and lifestyle. The two are inseparable.


It’s athlete’s like these which will always be ahead of the game…even when they come out of it. Kelly Slater – moving from performance to product. Genius.

They all think one, two, even three steps ahead of the game. That game you could label as life, business, anything. The bottom line is, they’ve learned to alter their thinking to such an extent that when it really is game time – they don’t choke – but seize the opportunity.

He who hesitates is lost.

This is what I meant when I said to my friend fitness makes money.

It clears your head.

Opens your mind.

Makes you constantly think of new, different ways to enhance your health…just another reason why I try never to let my private clients get bored with their workouts – you get bored with the workout, it becomes routine – routine is damaging. A routine workout can be as bad as being stuck in the rat race – you’re on that treadmill never thinking of when you’ll reach your destination because you’re too distracted by meaningless crap that keeps you from looking at your milestone markers, which help you indicate how much road you’ve got left to go.


TVs on treadmills….minus ten points.

It’s all about TRACKING progress. Self-evaluation is critical. Don’t ignore the miles – count them and jump for joy every time you can go an extra one.

Remember – it does not matter how slowly you go, as long as you have an objective and DO. NOT. STOP.

advance past go

Advance past go and collect $200.

– Rego

Musings Episode 9: Fitness, Stress, and Finances… is a post from and appeared first on Rego’s Life