“Knowledge will give…

Musings: Quote Wednesdays….

I’m on a Bruce Lee kick this week – woo…..

knowledge will give you power but character respect, if you truly love life don't waste time because time is what life is made of, to hell with circumstances i create opportunities, notice that the stiffest tree is most easily cracked while the bamboo or willow survives by bending with the wind, as you think so shall you become, bruce lee, 5 famous quotes by bruce lee

Think of it as a well thought out quote “blast” – because you’re all so special.

Also if you’ve got the time – watch Ip Man and Ip Man 2. Seriously.

Stay awesome. ūüėČ

– Rego

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“The World Can…

Musings: Quote Wednesdays…

The world can only be grasped by action, not by contemplation.” – Jacob Bronowski

Bruce Lee also said something similar to this…

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The key here is action. If you just keep thinking about something over and over again without taking even one tiny little step towards it – it will never get done…and in fact, there’s a little bit of fear hidden in there. Be fearless.

Go after what you want to accomplish – and never regret. It’s better to not regret at all rather than hesitate, not do anything, and in the end be left with a bunch of “what ifs,”

It’s better to go after your goal, than shy away from it.

As always…

Stay Awesome.

– Rego

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Musings Episode 31: Lost…

Over the past few days I’ve been feeling a little lost…

feeling lost

More or less today, in fact. I get like this sometimes – these bouts of no direction.

Then again, everyone has a tendency to get like this.

It’s not a bad thing – in fact, it can be beneficial.

The lost feeling I usually have is a combination of various factors.

The bouts of no direction, when I think about them are akin to being out at sea.

It’s times like these I feel the need to head to the beach – go for a swim, and just go with the current.

Low tide, high tide.

Weak current, strong current.

Calm before the storm.

Chop and swells post rain.

I just go into the water, and let the ocean pull me either way it’s going.

The less you fight the water, the more freeing it is.

The less you fight the water, the more you become it.

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Respect the ocean, and she respects you.

Feel lost, and she’ll make you feel found again.

Diving into the swell with my eyes open and swimming underwater until I see fit to come up, that feeling of the water is like a warm embrace of a hug or blanket on a cold morning.

It calms me – it brings me back to my center. It reminds me that when I feel lost – I can always find myself again – if I just don’t resist – if I just go with it.

Alright….enough poetics. I wanna share with you guys the benefits of feeling lost sometimes – take what you read next and really study it – or as they so fondly used to say back at uni “do some critical thinking.” Within it, you may find answers…on finding yourself.

bruce lee water, bruce lee be water, musings episode 31 lost, feeling lost, how to stop feeling lost, aimless, rego's life, rego's life blog, rego's life official site, episodic musings of a quintessential entrepreneur

So usually, times like these I have a tendency to “disappear.” When I was a kid (pre-teens through teens) – and still oftentimes present day – people defined me most often in two ways – ghost and slick. The former, well, as I said earlier because I have a tendency to just “disappear,” then pop back up when I’m good and ready. The latter – well, that’s another story. Apparently it has something to do with “good with words” and “charisma.”

Albeit my tendencies to disappear, instead I left the beach and hopped on my laptop, wanting to share with you guys (and ladies) some insight into this whole thing.

Feeling, and being lost can be good. As you learn to take the time and start discovering who you are, through mental training and quiet moments you have (or make) throughout the day – it’s a feeling that can become quite natural.

Many times it’s good to just go with it – let yourself wander, let yourself clear and filter your mind of mental chatter and stressful thoughts – allow yourself to zone out. Keep in mind, I’m not talking about waddling or dwelling in the negative. I’m talking about navigating through your mental highways like you would if you went for a long drive to clear your head.

chromogenic.net, rego's life, feeling lost,

By the way – check out chromogenic.net for more great photos like this one.

This is explained a little further in the free eBook I offer over at my Official Site – go ahead and subscribe to get it, it’s something you don’t wanna pass up.

I’m saying if you feel like you have no direction some days – make the time to get lost in that feeling of no direction – and find your center. Do every and any activity that seems calming or de-stressing to you. The same way a husband can zone out his wife – do the same with any stressful thoughts you have…and just focus on you.

As you learn to execute this properly, the feeling of being lost can easily turn from cumbersome – to euphoric and blissful. Take full advantage of it – it’s your mind doing a mental “detox” – many just focus on physical detox – but with that comes both mental, and spiritual – spiritual as in energy. At some point, you’ve gotta do all 3.

Why get lost in being lost? Because – there’s so much benefit to it. It’s not something that can necessarily be explained outright, set in concrete, with an end all-be-all example – you just have to know it.

bruce lee water, bruce lee be water, musings episode 31 lost, feeling lost, how to stop feeling lost, aimless, rego's life, rego's life blog, rego's life official site, episodic musings of a quintessential entrepreneur

The best way to explain it is this –

When you’re feeling lost and you finally embrace it – you’ll know you’ve embraced it, when at the very center of you – right above your solar plexus (which is slightly above your belly button) you feel calm…and at peace. You feel comfortable. Warm. Fuzzy. Relaxed. Ready to take charge – but ready to lounge. Ready to lunge – but ready to relax. Fired up – but steady and stable.

When you get to this point – you’re one step closer to discovering and unlocking your real self.

Maybe this post makes sense to you, maybe it doesn’t. Bottom line is, being lost, isn’t always a negative – but in fact an opportunity to find yourself. If there’s ever a time you’ve felt lost or aimless, comment below and let me know. I wanna know how you dealt with it, how it made you feel, and how you brought yourself back to feeling stabilized.

As always…

Stay awesome.

– Rego

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“Always be yourself…

Musings: Quote Wednesdays…

“Always be yourself, express yourself, have faith in yourself, do not go out and look for a successful personality and duplicate it.” – Bruce Lee

It’s not what other say you should be – it’s what you think you are. It’s not how others say you should act – it’s what you choose to express. It’s not what other say you can or can’t do – it’s what¬†you yourself believe you can do…and it’s not who others say you should be. It’s who you want to be.

No matter what, although there are models and successful figures you may admire, it’s still about carving your¬†own path, making your own distinct name, and writing your own version of history – by making it if you so choose.

Happy Wednesday.

For The Weekenders: Gravity-Free Plane Rides, Bruce Lee Surfing, Drive-In Movies

All this week I’ve been itching for some creative fun things to do. So I got to thinking of all the things I like – and this is what was created. Enjoy.

I’ve always been a fan of travel – travelling on planes especially. Flying above the clouds at 37,000 feet always seemed so calming for me…floating would’ve been even cooler…and now I can – and now¬†you can…with¬†Zero G.

These guys, are pure genius. If you ever wanted to be an astronaut, and feel what it’s like to float effortlessly from your bedroom to the living room – they can deliver. Well, minus the living room and bedroom. But you can catch¬†drops of water in mid air with your mouth, just by floating your way over to them.

It’s like Hungry Hungry Hippos…but cooler.

It works a little like this:

You grab a few buddies who are thrill seekers like yourself or maybe just like doing kung fu moves mid-air without risk of injury and slow motion style, and you book 4-5 reservations for a trip on a Boeing 727. Sounds pretty standard, no? Well, did I mention this particular 727 is modified to do parabolic arcs?

Lo, ladies and gentleman: the ancient smiling fist punch.

Yeah. Pretty insane.

So once you’re all booked and paid up, you head on over to Las Vegas, this Saturday, grab your new flight gear and suit up, shuffle over to the plane, board, and away you go. It’s from here the cap’n does a few whirls and loops until¬†boom¬†– gravity free…and you’re floating, effortlessly like a dandelion in the wind (poetic much?). Just don’t get too caught up in the moment and close your eyes – lest you bump into your best mate and end up bumping heads – literally.

It costs a few grand for this insane adventure, but it’s well worth it and most definitely a story worth looking back on and telling. The best part is it’s not just Las Vegas you can make your reservation at – but numerous other cities, such as New York. So when you ring up your guys/girls this weekend and ask what they’re up for, ask yourself: what sounds better? Beers at the usual bar, or gravity free high flying oh-em-gee adventures? The answer is clear.

So after all that mid-air slow-mo kung-fu judo action, you don’t want the good, high flying times to end. What do you do? Well, you hop over from Vegas to L.A., call up that girl/guy you’ve been wondering about regarding how good they look in swimwear, and make it a good excuse to try some at the beach martial arts. In the water. On a paddle board. Did I mention in the water?

Don’t take that wave set. I will Judo kick your ass the next time you cut me off for my set.

In being a fan of the ocean, fitness, and at one point taking three different forms of martial arts plus fencing all in one go, this is probably the most fun hands down…I won’t lie – I scream like a little fan girl every time I think of the awesomeness of whoever took such an idea and put it into an activity like this. It’s downright original, and refreshing…it will also kick the¬†absolute crap out of your core.

Dammit Jack. You had one job. Don’t let go. Was that so hard? Now reach, dammit, like your life depends on it.

Looking for that extra step to carve your abs even more? Congratulations – I present to you a solution.

Paddle board martial arts is more than just a fun time – it’s a work out. Think about it – you’re there trying to do crane poses and high kicks, but not on a nice dojo mat, no, and not even on the wood floors we’ve all grown so familiar with – but instead, a board. A paddle board. That sways back and forth with not just the help of the ocean, but any tiny little movement you make.

Master this and you’ve officially gained bragging rights to say you outgrew the dojo, the pond was too small and you needed an ocean (did I just make a pun? I believe I did.)

Classes can be found held off of Marina Mother’s Beach, D-Basin, Marina Del Rey, and run four times a week, two of which are by reservation only. Check out the full details on scheduling here.

Ninja status.

Ninja status.

So your wish came true and you got to see that that hottie¬†does look great when they hit up the beach, and have now invited them out for a movie…but a regular movie is so…well, regular. Also you can’t drink at movie theaters. Boo. No fun.

But wait, what if I told you you could? In fact, you could eat, drink, and be merry? Picture a movie theater with a beer garden….that also serves wine. Not to mention thin crust pizza – and quality burgers. A whole menu, really.

coyote drive in great promo photo

Classic, meet modern day.

Boredom of standard movie theater, meet Coyote Drive-In. Created back in 2011 by four guys who envisioned their perfect idea of a great, super chill time, they went ahead and kicked it old school, making a blast from the past become reality once more with a Drive-In movie set up located in friendly Forth Worth, Texas. They didn’t reinvent the wheel – just pulled it from the dusty corners of the garage and cleaned it up.



I remember going to the drive-in when I was a kid, thinking it was the best thing since sliced bread. Located in a small little town and one of the few left, it was the highlight of my weekends after school.

10-15 years later and I still get stoked just thinking about it. The comfort of your car. The sounds, voices, special effects pumping out through your own vehicle’s speakers, just by tuning to the assigned station. The much desired privacy when you and your date have that¬†moment…wait – what…? Rego, you mean no awkward strangers slurping the last of their soda while eyeing me stealing a kiss anymore…? I’d say that’s win.

I can watch Iron Man 3 or Fast & Furios 6 and finally put those Audio Bahn speakers to good use I invested a fortune in, for more than just music you ask? You sure can.

spongebob excited

Welcome to the future…with a little bit of the past. Drive-Ins, congrats. You were missed enough to be brought back. Clearly, you must be doing something right.

– Rego

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