Musings Episode 87: Problems…

Yeah – touched on this a little a few episodic musings ago. Let’s expand a little.

Musings Episode 87: Problems…

I was talking to a friend the other day about some things, like mostly just what’s going on in the news and what not.

I usually don’t like to watch the news too frequently – it’s boring and just a shit show of different depressing things.

When I say depressing, I mean it just amplifies the chaos that I know is already going on in the world.

But then it also tends to over-exaggerate things, too.

One thing I’ve learnt from travelling is that news is told differently, in different places. Different countries.

One country may minimise a problem, the other may blow it out of proportion, yet another may not even consider it news worth reporting.

And that got me thinking – just how often do people do this in their everyday lives?

There’s a saying, “1st world problems,” usually accompanied by something like “using your smart phone to log onto your bank account only to see it has 0.16 pence in it” or something similar.

Or “1st world problems: Driving to the gym only to realise you forgot your headphones so now you can’t workout”.

There’s a lot of superficial problems floating around.

In the context of friendships, business, family, and relationships in general.

Superficial problems which people have a skilled habit of creating.

Superficial problems which are created, and while initially seemingly harmless, create larger, real problems for another party – rarely the party that ever creates them.

Why do we create so many superficial problems?

Is it because of convenience?

Of comfort?

Family “can’t” meet for the holidays because of -xyz.

Maybe it’s feeling like they all have to spend time with their new “extensions” of family, rather than making an effort to get everyone together under one roof.

So a superficial problem like that causes a real problem of family disconnect and discord.

Friends stop physically hanging out with each other because of distance.

And by distance I mean laziness of getting in the car and taking that “cumbersome 30 minute to an hour drive”.

So they opt for chatting on social media instead thinking this “nourishes” the relationship, which is nothing close to what they called just a couple of decades ago “socialising”.

A superficial problem like that causes, as the Chinese say “the tea to go cold”, or the real problem of not building a healthy, real social network of non-apathetic people that are there when you need them most.

Then people say they’re “lonely”.

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Photo by Clint McKoy on Unsplash

Business, work, and jobs.

Not educated enough? Underqualified.

Go to university, get an education.

Got an education? Well, that’s great but you don’t have work experience.

No work experience? Get work experience.

Have work experience and an education? Not quite enough education, get more education.

Got more education? Now it’s too much education.

You’re overqualified, ergo not eligible for the role in fear you may “find something better”.

So you try for part-time work to keep food on the table.

Nope, sorry, try again.

Can’t get it because employers don’t want you sticking around temporarily.

So a string of superficial problems like that costs a person their human security – their dignity to live and enjoy life as a respectable human being.

No food? Go grocery shopping from your smart phone – and get it delivered.

Hungry? Cook what’s in the fridge.

Don’t wanna cook? Order out.

Don’t know what to eat? Say you’re “starving” then end up snacking.

The food you bought in the fridge goes off. Then you’ve gotta throw it away.

A superficial problem like that causes a person’s nutritional profile or daily diet to go down the tube, leading to a very real problem of long-term health issues.

Or my favourite – this new “food shortage” everyone’s raving about.

It’s called over-consumption and waste, dumbass.

Convenience. Convenience and laziness. Convenience and laziness seem to be ruining the basis of human self-reliance.

Lack of self-reliance or independence causes a sense of dissatisfaction.

Have dissatisfaction? You’re not happy.

Find your happy place.

Join a yoga class.

Happiness isn’t yoga, motherfucker.

Happiness isn’t finding your zen.

It’s not meditating.

Meditating is about reaching a neutral place.

It’s not the quinoa in your fucking bowl or your morning chamomile tea.

If you have all the creature comforts and more in life, and you’re still not happy, well…

You’re not happy because somewhere…you’re disgusted with yourself.

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Photo by Alex Knight on Unsplash

Disgusted because somewhere you know you’re not really pulling your weight when it comes to your existence, which is affecting other people’s existences, through creating simple, silly, superficial problems, which turn into very real problems for other people.

Happiness is in your existence. It shouldn’t take yoga, or tea, or “woosah” or any of that other bull.

You’re not happy with yourself when you’re not being a decent human being.

You’re not happy with yourself when you know you’re creating superficial problems.

Sure you may know this – it may fester and eat away at the back of your subconscious, but you’ve grown quite comfortable with ignoring it by indulging in your little world of convenience, blowing the “news” in your head out of proportion thus justifying your actions and feelings.

I’m not saying convenience is bad – I’m simply saying indulging in too much of it can cause an absolute shit storm.

Get out of your bubble.

Realise you’re not the only one that exists in this world…

…and understand that your “superficial” problems, may very well be affecting other people’s lives on a very real, and very detrimental level, because you’re too senseless to realise it.

Think about it.

– Rego

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“The best way….

Musings: Quote Wednesdays…

“The best way out is always through.” – Robert Frost

Touching a little bit on last week’s quote, this week’s runs along the same line. Sometimes, the best way to deal with things, instead of going around them by avoiding them – is just facing them head on – but always, always, think smart, and not hard. 😉

Happy Wednesday.

– Rego

For The Weekenders: Gravity-Free Plane Rides, Bruce Lee Surfing, Drive-In Movies

All this week I’ve been itching for some creative fun things to do. So I got to thinking of all the things I like – and this is what was created. Enjoy.

I’ve always been a fan of travel – travelling on planes especially. Flying above the clouds at 37,000 feet always seemed so calming for me…floating would’ve been even cooler…and now I can – and now you can…with Zero G.

These guys, are pure genius. If you ever wanted to be an astronaut, and feel what it’s like to float effortlessly from your bedroom to the living room – they can deliver. Well, minus the living room and bedroom. But you can catch drops of water in mid air with your mouth, just by floating your way over to them.

It’s like Hungry Hungry Hippos…but cooler.

It works a little like this:

You grab a few buddies who are thrill seekers like yourself or maybe just like doing kung fu moves mid-air without risk of injury and slow motion style, and you book 4-5 reservations for a trip on a Boeing 727. Sounds pretty standard, no? Well, did I mention this particular 727 is modified to do parabolic arcs?

Lo, ladies and gentleman: the ancient smiling fist punch.

Yeah. Pretty insane.

So once you’re all booked and paid up, you head on over to Las Vegas, this Saturday, grab your new flight gear and suit up, shuffle over to the plane, board, and away you go. It’s from here the cap’n does a few whirls and loops until boom – gravity free…and you’re floating, effortlessly like a dandelion in the wind (poetic much?). Just don’t get too caught up in the moment and close your eyes – lest you bump into your best mate and end up bumping heads – literally.

It costs a few grand for this insane adventure, but it’s well worth it and most definitely a story worth looking back on and telling. The best part is it’s not just Las Vegas you can make your reservation at – but numerous other cities, such as New York. So when you ring up your guys/girls this weekend and ask what they’re up for, ask yourself: what sounds better? Beers at the usual bar, or gravity free high flying oh-em-gee adventures? The answer is clear.

So after all that mid-air slow-mo kung-fu judo action, you don’t want the good, high flying times to end. What do you do? Well, you hop over from Vegas to L.A., call up that girl/guy you’ve been wondering about regarding how good they look in swimwear, and make it a good excuse to try some at the beach martial arts. In the water. On a paddle board. Did I mention in the water?

Don’t take that wave set. I will Judo kick your ass the next time you cut me off for my set.

In being a fan of the ocean, fitness, and at one point taking three different forms of martial arts plus fencing all in one go, this is probably the most fun hands down…I won’t lie – I scream like a little fan girl every time I think of the awesomeness of whoever took such an idea and put it into an activity like this. It’s downright original, and refreshing…it will also kick the absolute crap out of your core.

Dammit Jack. You had one job. Don’t let go. Was that so hard? Now reach, dammit, like your life depends on it.

Looking for that extra step to carve your abs even more? Congratulations – I present to you a solution.

Paddle board martial arts is more than just a fun time – it’s a work out. Think about it – you’re there trying to do crane poses and high kicks, but not on a nice dojo mat, no, and not even on the wood floors we’ve all grown so familiar with – but instead, a board. A paddle board. That sways back and forth with not just the help of the ocean, but any tiny little movement you make.

Master this and you’ve officially gained bragging rights to say you outgrew the dojo, the pond was too small and you needed an ocean (did I just make a pun? I believe I did.)

Classes can be found held off of Marina Mother’s Beach, D-Basin, Marina Del Rey, and run four times a week, two of which are by reservation only. Check out the full details on scheduling here.

Ninja status.

Ninja status.

So your wish came true and you got to see that that hottie does look great when they hit up the beach, and have now invited them out for a movie…but a regular movie is so…well, regular. Also you can’t drink at movie theaters. Boo. No fun.

But wait, what if I told you you could? In fact, you could eat, drink, and be merry? Picture a movie theater with a beer garden….that also serves wine. Not to mention thin crust pizza – and quality burgers. A whole menu, really.

coyote drive in great promo photo

Classic, meet modern day.

Boredom of standard movie theater, meet Coyote Drive-In. Created back in 2011 by four guys who envisioned their perfect idea of a great, super chill time, they went ahead and kicked it old school, making a blast from the past become reality once more with a Drive-In movie set up located in friendly Forth Worth, Texas. They didn’t reinvent the wheel – just pulled it from the dusty corners of the garage and cleaned it up.



I remember going to the drive-in when I was a kid, thinking it was the best thing since sliced bread. Located in a small little town and one of the few left, it was the highlight of my weekends after school.

10-15 years later and I still get stoked just thinking about it. The comfort of your car. The sounds, voices, special effects pumping out through your own vehicle’s speakers, just by tuning to the assigned station. The much desired privacy when you and your date have that moment…wait – what…? Rego, you mean no awkward strangers slurping the last of their soda while eyeing me stealing a kiss anymore…? I’d say that’s win.

I can watch Iron Man 3 or Fast & Furios 6 and finally put those Audio Bahn speakers to good use I invested a fortune in, for more than just music you ask? You sure can.

spongebob excited

Welcome to the future…with a little bit of the past. Drive-Ins, congrats. You were missed enough to be brought back. Clearly, you must be doing something right.

– Rego

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Musings Episode 8: Self-employment, Investing, and Commodities

So this weekend a couple of buddies of mine and I talked finance over a Sunday lunch, and this is what we came up with.

Why is it…that self-employed people don’t think to invest in commodities? Or even currency trade?

Forget stocks, bonds, and all that other junk. Well…option buying with stocks isn’t too bad, but that’s another story, another time.

The reason why I’m focusing on currency trade and commodities, is, well…because they both make absolute sense in today’s time. Commodities, more than currency trade by far.


Well, think pre-fiat currency. Before paper money, many bartered – with either silver, gold, copper, iron, you name it.

Back then, this could even be considered being a fucking millionaire.

Back then, this could even be considered being a fucking millionaire…

The Aztecs form of currency was cacao bean.

....and that better be a thoroughbred.

….and that better be a thoroughbred.

The trades we often forget about today brought in great profit if you knew what you were doing and knew what you were looking for.

Fur trade, carpentry, sewing, and every material that was required to make these things possible – all things that we take for granted today, were valued highly and well known with our ancestors.

...especially this guy. This guy was a god. Assassin and Native American

…especially this guy. Though non-existent, this guy was a god. Assassin and Native American.

Now, when we go to pick up milk in a grocery store (coconut milk for me), most of us don’t even think about how many coconuts it took to make it.

The bottome line is…many of these services, from making clothing (unless you wear polyester) to the pack of (certain) chewing gum you’re constantly smacking on, all require basic things from nature – aka commodities.

Getting back to my point, investments are so much more than stocks, bonds, 401ks, and savings accounts (HA…haha….ha)…those are the outdated ways of making extra money. Either high risk and little return (if you don’t know what you’re doing), or slow risk and break even return (by the time you compare inflation with it).

Look made a whole .0032549498 cents!

Look Timmy…you made a whole .0032549498 cents!

You wanna talk recession proof? Depression proof? End of paper currency oh shiz it’s the end of the world proof? Start investing in solid investments – things that humanity can’t live without.

Filtered clean water.

Food items, whether you’re vegan, vegetarian, or omnivorous.

Crude oil.

Natural Gas.




Think up any basic thing that you put on, eat, drink, write on, or consume, think what it’s made from, and you’ve got yourself a solid market to invest in.

And currency? Ha…the currency we have to day is a joke – but for the time being it still buys and allows us to invest in all these stable things….

….and we can invest in REAL currency such as precious metals, while the getting is good.


Everyday, I wear around my neck a silver chain necklace I’ve had in my possession for over 10 years. 10 years ago, it was valued at $30.

Present day, it’s valued at almost triple that.

I remember walking into a Jeweler’s in England back in ’09. Doing some light holiday shopping, I thought I’d buy a bracelet of equal weight to complement it. The bracelet was quoted at double what I paid for the necklace – but half in size.

How’s that for an obvious statement.

I remember writing a 20 minute critical commentary, including powerpoint presentation concerning China and it’s global effect. I decided to center the commentary around China and commodities, and if the boom would become an eventual bust.

Ahh, Shanghai…

2 months later back on my way to the U.K. I picked up a Financial Times paper before getting on a departing flight from Seoul, South Korea. My evaluation, and prediction, stared at me in the face within an article in that same paper concerning that exact subject.

Speaking honestly – university wasn’t an education for me…God no. It was academia, and business thinking was far from expected. No, that was, “after uni.” Any time before that, many times you were considered unusual or “idiosyncratic,” one of my lectures not so fondly said of me.

No, instead, university was something I partook of as an experiment, to see if what I’d learned from the real world was actually applicable, and really, if I’d learnt anything at all.

And I did.

Plain and simple I did.

And I learnt it well.

What I realise is, in all the academic training we receive from colleges or universities, people are rarely ever taught in most courses or modules the truth. They’re instructed how to follow – never to lead. They’re instructed to regurgitate information from a book – but rarely to state their own opinions without always referring back to some scholarly person.


Academia…the second best business to get into next to religion.

So when people become employed, and they choose to branch off into self-employment or any form of independent business practice such as starting their own company, most often the “employee” minded thinking never quite leaves them. The inside-the-box thinking stays with them.

And really, it doesn’t take much to think outside the box about commodities. If you just think, “back to basics,” you’ll realize there are a plethora of lucrative business opportunities and investments, just by thinking of the simple things.

But for now, I both want, and need, all of you to understand that following the mass majority way of thinking is old and dated. People like Tim Ferriss – the man well known for being part of the new rich, and though older and more classic, Robert Kiyosaki – heck, even Donald Trump, as much as I don’t always agree with him – are on the right track.

Do you know why? Because they rarely, if ever, reinvent the wheel…they simply, improve upon it.


Currency trade is not for the faint of heart. Though ironically fueled by emotion, it is still partially fueled by world economic decisions – which still, when you think about it, tie in with emotion. Worry, stress, and pessimism. Excitement, anticipation, and optimism.

Each and every on of these things plays a hand in how currency value and exchange rates fluctuate.


Commodities, on the other hand…well, while some can also be fueled by emotion (mass panics when the media states there may be a “shortage” of gas), most of it, if played right, can be a steady investment.

Hell, even liquor stores are worth their weight in gold – while liquor stores make money, rain, snow, or shine, depression, recession, Cinco de Mayo or world Olympics time, the suppliers of the ingredients that provide the breweries and factories that make the liquor prosper and prosper well.

Three measures of Gordon's, one of vodka, half a measure of Kina Lillet. Shake it very well until it's ice-cold, then add a large thin slice of lemon peel. Got it?

Three measures of Gordon’s, one of vodka, half a measure of Kina Lillet. Shake it very well until it’s ice-cold, then add a large thin slice of lemon peel. Got it?

Let me reiterate. It’s not always a matter of reinventing the wheel…

…but improving it.

I’d like to expand more on this topic…I may very well be over the next few weeks, who knows.

In the meantime, really read into what I’m trying to say hear. Don’t just skim. There’s a bigger picture here other than words can describe…even if it may just be a teaser.

Stay sharp.

– Rego

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For The Weekenders: Sandboarding in Saudi Arabia Tony Hawk Style, Hookah in Downtown Delray, Fitness Like The Miami Heat

Snowboarding. Skateboarding. Surfing. Wakeboarding.

I’ve always been a fan of any kind of board sports, and recently the most recent sport that’s been on my bucket list is sandboarding. Talk about kick ass. For a boarding enthusiast, anything with miles of open turf is a dream come true…and sandboarding in Saudi Arabia is a boarder’s dream come true.

hawk sandboarding saudi arabia

Which is why for this post for the weekend, I’m kicking off with sandboarding in Rub’ Al Khali Abu Dabi – translation – Saudi Arabia. We’re talking miles of untainted and ever changing turf.

If you’re a snowboarder waiting for the season to come, this is the perfect activity to bide you over until it does. The experience is epicwhich is clearly an understatement. The Rub’ Al Khali is the largest continuous sand body on the planet…meaning hundreds of miles of fun for you and your friends.

Fact: The sport of sandboarding originated in Brazil in the southern state capital of Florianópolis in 1986. So if you’re part Portuguese like me…now is the perfect time to embrace some culture.

If you can stand the heat, you can have a once in a lifetime adventure that could be an excellent cocktail story when you’re trying to chat up that 10 at the lounge bar  you frequent. Check it out – it’s an activity, and experience, you won’t want to miss.

So let’s say after all that excitement, you want to wind down with drinks and something that reminds you of the middle east…well, if you’re in the SoFlo area, there’s always Breathe on Atlantic Ave. in Delray…hookah and drinks…what more could you ask for?

Welcome to Breathe…VIP rooms available.

This place is decked out with awesome hookahs, a Mediterranean menu, and plenty of drinks to go around, especially during happy hour…if you’re looking for a chill night where you can forget about all your worries, this is the place to be. Hit up the beach less than 5 minutes away and gaze out at the full moon over the water, and you’ll feel like a new person in the morning.

VIP rooms are available, when you feel like treating yourself to a rockstar moment and adding that extra touch to your outings with a date you’re not really trying to impress, but would like to make them feel like they’re seeing something special. Imagine your own butler, bottle service and flat screen TVs, and you’ve got yourself a night to remember.

Alright, so you’ve done the sandboarding, jetted back to the West, and now after all that, you kind of want to feel like you’re getting back in shape for the week ahead. What do you do now? Well…as a fitness enthusiast, the first place I’d go is ProTerf.

Ed Downs is the man who runs this place – and he’s the real deal. Working with Navy SEALS and inducted into the US Martial Arts Hall of Fame, if you want a serious workout he’s the man to see and ProTerf is the place to go.

You can choose between group and private, and if you’ve always wanted to workout side by side with a professional athlete, well you’ve come to the right place. Just beware…you may very well be sore the next morning. Stretching before and after is advised, and as always…stay plenty hydrated. You can increase your rep count and performance by at least 10% if you do. I’ve been in fitness for the past 8 years and can attest to that.

Check out the full article at my outing bible, UD here.

Have a great weekend, and stay sharp.

– Rego

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Musings Episode 5: Winning the Lottery – Not as bad as you think…

Alright…so I’m not promoting any sort of gambling…but a few buddies and I had a discussion about what it’d be like to win the lottery. What we’d do with the money, how we’d feel, etc.

So the answers rolled in. One said they’d buy a big house, one said a Bugatti Veyron, another said both, and another said an estate with a golf course. While listening to all these answers, I was a little shocked and disappointed – until one of them said, “guys….what about after you buy all that stuff? What about maintenance costs? I know for a fact a million dollar beach unit can run about $30,000 in taxes alone – how much do you really think an estate would cost per annum?”

Alright sir, and your total annual costs come to....$1654649848465....and 63 cents.

Alright sir, and your total annual costs comes to….$1654649848465….and 63 cents.

She beat me to the chase…with a grin I agreed, and then asked her what she’d do with it. She then proceeded to list off business ventures and commodities she’d invest in, along with some other business ideas, and positive life experiences she’d like to have.



Usually, with the lottery there is a very negative stigma attached to it – there’s an actual statistic that states the majority of lottery winners lose all their money within the first couple of years and end up worse off than where they started.

But what I’ve found is noone really bothers to ask why such a negative stigma is attached to this gambling trend that is practiced by millions every day. They never ask, “why do these people lose all that money?” and never ask “how did they lose all that money?” Most people just accept the fact that, “it is what it is,” and feed into the stigma, never unearthing the real root of the problem.

The root of the problem is not foaming at the mouth from having millions of dollars, no…there was once a report of a man who was on public assistance for food and continued to receive benefits while still holding his lottery money.

The root of the problem is in fact much simpler than that – and it’s only four words – lack of financial education.

And I don’t mean the economic kind they teach you in school. The Keynesian economics taught is more of a joke than an actual way to rationalize how money works and why fiat currency operates the way it does.

The answer is many people have just learned to spend their money – never how to actually use it. They’re trained from kindergarten onward to do two things – buy “stuff” and work to buy stuff…then when they get to college (or sometimes earlier dependent upon circumstances) and go out on their own, they’re taught to “work to buy stuff and pay bills.”

The way the employment system is designed, the average person just meets the mark. They start out in school spending 7-8 hours learning – which conditions them for 7-8 hours of work when they reach adulthood. Aside from college where your lectures (or classes, in American terms) are staggered and you get more freedom of time, the average person is conditioned from age 4/5 to sit at a desk and build someone else’s dream…no wonder so many people are depressed or stressed out.

"When Cameron was in Egypt's land...let my Cameron goooo......"

“When Cameron was in Egypt’s land…let my Cameron goooo……”

So what happens many times when you spend 8 hours a day building someone else’s dream? You forget your own…but you still make money. The void one can feel is filled by consumerism, which thus begins the cycle. You work to pay bills, and whatever you have left over, you use to purchase “items” that give short term gratification.

They’re never taught about after purchase maintenance costs…matter of fact they’re discouraged to even think about it…and don’t even get me started on credit. Max out your card and then pay the minimum? Bull. Sh*t. The motto is “buy, buy, buy, and feel good…but don’t weep when the bills after the initial one comes”.

“Buy that BMW 5 series where they say you never have to change the oil except every 15,000 miles…but don’t weep when it gets engine sludge because we didn’t mention to only use a specific oil.”

“Buy that Ferrari Spyder, but don’t cry when repairs are needed.”

Those Ferrari’s are sweet rides, huh?

There is a belief in Europe. “Americans live to work, and Europeans work to live.” In my travels, I’ve realized this is partially true. No offense to any one nation.

So tying this all in with the lottery, we can understand to a degree now why people lose all the money they’ve won within the first two years and can be worse off than when they started. From childhood if their parents didn’t know any better, many have been steered in the wrong direction.

Instead of investing $40,000 in a string of automated businesses, they’re encouraged to go and spend $40,000 on a couple of Rolex watches and ridiculous looking rims.

This…this is how I get all the ladies…if I don’t run them over by accident first.

Instead of investing $1.1 million in solid commodities like gold and silver (no, not the kind you wear), they’re encouraged to go get that Ferrari Enzo they’ve been eyeing but thought they could never afford.

$15 million on a house by the beach? Or $15 million on something that could potentially bring you in an income of $30 million a year? Nope…still, some people will take the house over the business.

Why? It’s my theory that subconsciously we feel so starved from our real desires, the propaganda of the media and product focused companies/markets see this vulnerability and choose to exploit it…and they’re not wrong in it either – it’s nothing personal, just business.

So what do they do? They sell, sell, sell….through magazines, television, movies, music even, billboards, you name it they do it…and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with it….because people buy, buy, buy.

They buy because in my opinion when you are so starved from your dreams or desires because you’re constantly pursuing someone else’s through your job, you can pretty much be assimilated to a guy who hasn’t eaten in a week.

It doesn’t matter if this guy ate superfoods at $300 a month alone on just the powder, ate caviar as if it were brazilian nuts, or ate lox and drank an entire bottle of champagne on a daily as breakfast. If he hasn’t eaten in a week and in his mind he’s used to and wants to eat 6 meals a day of only rich (and sometimes unhealthy) foods, it’s irrelevant and he’ll take what he can get if it looks appetizing enough.

So my point is it’s the same thing with the lottery. If the average population is used to having roughly 50-80% of their income go towards bills, of course they’re going to look for an outlet, whether it’s spending $500 at the bar on a weekend to “blow off steam from work”, or spending $5 million on 3 luxury cars right after they’ve won the lottery.

Their vision is clouded because of their surpressed desires. This is what makes them forget about maintenance costs and indefinite taxes…and the way the education system is set up, you can’t really shove the blame on them, they’ve been misled.


Where they can be reprimanded however, is not making the conscious decision after they’ve realized this, to go and make change with their way of thinking. This is where financial education comes in. Robert Kiyosaki, though slightly old school in his methods compared to Tim Ferriss, believes that financial education is one of the single-most important educations a person should have – even surpassing your standard academic education.


And he’s right. Academia can get you to a point, but if you don’t know how to utilize all that knowledge, or even turn that knowledge into a financial river of cash flow, and you’re still working away on auto-pilot with no destination that aims towards YOUR financial success, spending $50,000 plus on a college education really wasn’t worth it in the first place…

….because for $5000 a person who’s never even been to college but invested in financial education, works the same job you do, somehow travels or has more experiences than you do, and somehow ends up with the lucky numbers of the lotto and takes off like a rocket in starting their new life and beats the negative stigma of the lotto, just by making choice decisions and knowing how to work the financial system…has developed more value than a piece of paper that shows you made good grades at an institution that is a business within itself.


Think about it….


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For The Weekenders: Cigars, Vintage Lounge Bars, Cinemas on Steroids

So this week has been crazy with the launch of one of my new business ventures, which has left me thinking of every possible way to kick back and celebrate the fruits of my labor this weekend.

Hence, I thought I’d stay local, and introduce you guys (and girls) to my top 3 for go-to spots this weekend – whether you’re a resident or a visitor of SoFlo. Enjoy.


When you think cigars, what’s the first thing that pops into your head? Your brother-in-law becoming a dad? Old Cuban guys playing cards? Gordon Gecko from Wall Street (1985)? Well, it’s time to think outside that box, and check out Wynwood Cigars, rightfully making their way onto UD, this isn’t your average cigar shop. The place is massive, spanning 5000 sq. ft., decked out in graffiti, rolling tables, cozy couches and live music to compliment the already epic setting.

’nuff said.

The aesthetic perfection of lighting…the feel of the couches when you slip onto them after a long day…the ultra aromatic smell of tobacco permeating even the most judgmental nose…the unique sounds of carefully selected live music…and the unique taste of a carefully crafted smoke that rolls off your tounge have earned this place more than just the title of originality and creativeness, but downright class.

Wanna get away from your standard smoking lounge? Starting to think those Camel cigarettes are getting old? This is the place to go. They keep the warehouse open late every second Saturday, bringing in tango dancers and supplying cocktails, all for your entertainment. Gotta love ’em.

Vintage Lounge Bars.

When I think of a nice drinking spot, I envision lounge tables surrounded by ultra comfy seating, a bartender who always remembers my name and top 5 favorite drinks, carefully strategized ambiance  and walls painted and outfitted with decor that makes me forget I’m even in a public drinking facility.

Then I stop envisioning and walk right into The Flat – a bar designed not to feel like a bar, yet not a lounge either…but instead a getaway spot you’d stick right on the side of your house if it weren’t 32 stories above ground level.

I also think of my fellow weekenders who were forced to play piano when they were younger, now realizing that the once geeky talent has huge payoff present day, when you usher your date over to the couch and casually begin to talk about music and musical talent while eyeing the piano next to you both.

The drinks here are unique and the owner old fashioned, only closing his doors when the last customer is ready to leave. That’s what I call service. The one place that I can say this establishment has come close to replicating, is a place Cocktail Factory in England I used to frequent during my uni days…and that, my friend, is a tall order to meet. So kudos, The Flat…I’d say you’ve earned yourself a name worth keeping.

Cinemas on Steroids.

If you’re an avid cinema goer, you will appreciate and love what I like to call a cinema on steroids – iPic Theaters in Boca Raton. Imagine your usual movie theater…and then take everything usual out of it. Insert cocktails, leather recliners, an on-call waiter, and blankets to cozy up under when the plot gets good.

Well I thought about hitting up AMC…but then realized that would be a little too conventional for dinner and a movie, don’t you think…?

Feel less like a run of the mill movie goer, and more like a movie critic while sitting back sipping Kamikazes, commenting on what’s going to happen next with your fellow buddies while nibbling on sliders – or cozying up to your significant other when she flinches at the slightly frightening scene of a good thriller flick….and here she was thinking it was just going to be regular movie night…

Stay awesome. 😉

– Rego

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For The Weekenders: Jet Set Dining, Izakayas, Let’s Sail Skipper

It’s Thursday again…meaning fresh ideas for what to fill your weekend nights with.

So check out these 3 top spots I highly recommend that will leave you wanting more:

Daikaya Izakaya, D.C. – I remember my days of living in Tokyo, going to izakayas and lounge bars with friends and late night coffee after…often walking down the streets some hour in the A.M. taking in the less crowded sights of the Metropolis that nevers sleeps. When I found myself back in the states for a while, it took time to adjust and whenever the urge for hitting up a good izakaya or Japanese styled bar struck, I could never quite find one with that authentic feel. This, is where Daikaya Izakaya comes in.


The place is packed with authenticity, from the snacks and booze upstairs right along down to the ramen on the first floor. The sights and smells all pull you into a world that, if you never stepped outside the front door, maybe added a couple of forty-something Ojisans and change the menus to complete Japanese script, would actually make you feel like you’re (back) in J-Land. If you’re ever in the area I highly recommend popping in. Check out the gallery to see what I mean here, and the full article on the UD site.

Let’s Sail, Skipper… – Okay, okay, so I know I talked about things to do in San Francisco last week, but I’ll make it brief so hear me out: Sea salt filled air, sails, rum, and a four man crew (minus the dead man’s chest).
I’m talking about private excursions on an 84′ America’s Cup Race Yacht, or a more casual day trip around SanFran Bay, only to be topped off with checking out what other things Pier 39 has to offer.

Land ho.

The best part is you don’t need to know a thing about sailing, but if you want to get in on a bit of the action it’s certainly not discouraged. Check out their website if you’re up for unleashing that inner sailor in you.

If you’ve had experience in the dating world, or a relationship for that matter, after a while, dinner and a movie seems pretty drab…

Jet Set Dining is here to jazz that up for you.

Hailing from Miami, these guys really take it up a notch…and they do it a little like this:

You grab your date’s hand to lead her to the restaurant…dinner and conversation being something she’s done before, she’s curious to know how this time will be different but not exactly ecstatic.

But wait – what’s this…you’re not walking towards a restaurant, but what seems to be a private jet. In order to get to the restaurant, you must first go by plane, because – “well hun, the restaurant is kind of on a remote little island – I lied about it being a stone’s throw away…” you shrug saying as you non-chalantly run your hand over the back of your head trying to keep a cool, suave expression.

I also kind of lied about it being a quick drive…it is – but it’s just…in the air…with a plane…minus you know…pavement…But hey – did we or did we not skip traffic?

Surprised, you both board the plane where the usual safety precautions are taught while you pop open some bubbly and hand a glass to your pleasantly surprised date while trying your hardest to avoid a cheesy French accent and Cheshire Cat grin as you instruct them to “relax and enjoy the sights,” knowing you pretty much just owned the night with this one little hat trick.

I know where I’ll be dining next weekend.

– Rego

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