Musings Episode 22: College Life…

So I met up with a friend at a bar last night, and no more than five minutes as I walk in they’re explaining to one of their buddies how they’re taking an oath to quit drinking until December.






Their reason….? They’re going for their Master’s degree. So they’re trying to “straighten up” during school time.

I don’t believe it’s all about just “straightening up” or being super hard on yourself.

I remember my university days….it was epic. Topics I liked. Classes I could take naps in. Great lounge bars I could go out to. Great pre-hangover places I could eat at…which lead to no hangover.

Do you even get hangovers anymore

Mind you this was only in the second year.

The first year I was hell bent on studying – I’d done all my drinking/clubbing/partying a good while before I decided to attend university…and that in itself was a real education. So I was burnt out from all that.

I think the only downside to going to uni was the limited time I had available for travel…but even then not so much, because with a smooth tongue and a skill for writing I practically had money thrown at me to travel places for “educational purposes”. Taking up Rhetoric and Logic also played a big part in my high school days as well…


…that and learning to talk to practically everyone during my party days *nods*.

Don’t get me wrong – I learned a lot. I know far more about how businesses run in other countries than I would’ve ever known had I not tried my hand at such opportunities.

There’s a certain thing about college life. It’s a time freeze between not quite growing up and the real world. It’s both haze and fantasy – for those who go straight from high school to college, it seems like ultimate freedom…but for those who take a break from the academic world and then come back to it on a level such as university/college – it’s kind of a joke.

A joke as in, sometimes, more often than not, a person can often find themselves looking around at everyone who’s freaking out, getting drunk, acting out, doing completely moronic things and think “holy shit…is this all people think there is to life…?”

drink gpa

This too, is a joke…and if it were the truth – all my friends in England would’ve failed miserably instead of getting epic careers all over the fucking world. Nice try, extremist chart maker.

When you avoid the what I like to call “trap” of going straight from high school to college/university – some, if not a lot of, things get shifted into perspective.

First, you discover that there’s more to life than trying to fit into a group or become the hottest thing since hot apple pie.

Next, you discover that people outside of a close, concentrated academic environment exist – and guess what…? It’s not all about cliques.

Then, you discover how glad you were that you grew up with a mix of public, private, and homeschooling – because the real world is waaaay different than 12 solid years of being around the same damn people (thank God I dodged that bullet).

Alright, so everyone’s story is different, and maybe that last sentence only applies to a few – but that’s not my point. My point is, college life can teach you a lot about yourself – if you play your cards right.


Rule number 1: It’s not always about drinking.

Rule number 2: It’s not always about getting the top grade.

Rule number 3: It’s not always about following the herd.

Rule number 4: It’s no always about shying away from the herd.

For many, if they’ve never lived on their own before, college is more like a crash course – an easy, fluff version of a crash course, mind you, if mum and dad are still supporting you – but a crash course nonetheless.

How did I spend so much money

I went to university in England…oh, and as a side note – I use college/university interchangeably throughout this whole post – due to the sole reason in the states, college is equivalent to university, BUT university in the UK is not  equivalent to college – yet instead college is a precursor to uni. So it’s merely for the sake of grammatical relation across the board.

Right, so to continue….

I went to university in England – and I remember seeing students wait around for their student loans to come in…I remember the dialogues well – they were too funny not to.

“Aw man…I need my student loans like now…I’m totally skint from this month”

“What happened?”

“All the nights out…I’ve been at The Adelphi almost every night this week, too…plus me and a few mates went up to Blackpool last weekend…..but I’m gonna spend this one a bit better – I need groceries, new shoes, and I’ve gotta get a couple books I’ve not been able to find at the library.”

“Aww, that sucks. I’m in the same spot…and the pressure of my assessment being due right around the corner hasn’t been much help either. So hey – once you do get a top up how about we head over to Roper or Revolution? They’ve got drink specials going on.”

“Definitely, let’s go.”

Bloody Mary Prayer

The best part was when the deposit dates drew nearer, nearly everyone heard these sort of conversations, and when walking down the street you’d see the queue of students at the ATMs on campus around 8 o’ clock at night. I couldn’t help but laugh…not at them, more with them.

I used to be one of those students in that line. Not for the same reasons – not really pressed for cash in the usual way most of them were.

Not going to college right away was a sort of cheat sheet, for me at least…and it can, and should be, for a lot of other people.

For those of you that missed out or are about to miss out on that opportunity, however, let me shoot a few pointers your way….also PLEASE note – these pointers apply to ALL aspects of life…not just college/university. It’s a quick rundown, no more than 3 points, so don’t worry about settling in for a nap.

Managing your money is probably the first thing anyone should learn, no matter what age or what they’re doing, whether it’s schooling or career, business or just being a bum.

Drinking, is not as bad as everyone thinks – if done in moderation. For one, to an extent and with the right balance, it can open up entirely new ways of thinking….just look at all the great writers 😉

Power of moonshine

Anything’s beneficial in moderation. Except exercise – the sky’s the limit with exercise so there’s a benefit all the way. The key with drinking here though is to cut back a little on your nights out to just any old bar, and instead live like the Swedes – host house parties if you’ve got the space…the booze are less and you can use your money on other nights where the places are TOP quality, and nothing less.

Grocery shopping and what not isn’t as hard as many may think. It’s just what you eat that’s key. If you grab a good healthy cookbook, that uses a few consistent ingredients, you’ve got yourself a gold mine – which means more money to stash aside and reinvest, and more money to celebrate with because you picked a great handful of investments. So go ahead…step away from that pizza box and cup of ramen.

Grab a few solid credit cards, do NOT use them to spend stupidly – take your core bills, charge them off those credit cards according to category, and prepare to watch time leverage work in your favour….

just don’t forget to pay the bill, in full, and on time – as mentioned in my Musings Episode 19. Execute this properly and you’ll be rolling in dough.


Lastly, focusing intently on something and stressing out over it gets you nowhere.

Why? Because when you spend time running around focusing on “how is this going to get done, I’ve got this going on and this to do, the deadline’s this, the demands are that, yadda yadda yadda.”


Stop the mental chatter…and focus on what’s good for you. First thing in the morning, get up to complete silence, and meditate. It doesn’t have to involve incense, it doesn’t have to involve a pray room, it doesn’t even have to involve focusing on the things that are priority. It just focuses on what’s good for you. What makes you tick, what makes you think, what makes you driven, and what makes you push forward. What makes your blood boil, what makes life life, for you.

That’s what needs to be focused on. The success will come and the anxiety will deaden, with minimal effort on your part, and a few small, simple solutions.

The thing here is to not lock onto all the issues in life – but lock onto the main things that you know will get you ahead, while having fun….then take those “issues” and try making Limoncello out of them 😉

Once you learn how to do this….

Then you’re in the right direction headed to the right track…and remember….


…so you know what to do.

Hope this helps…

– Rego

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For The Weekenders: Cigars, Vintage Lounge Bars, Cinemas on Steroids

So this week has been crazy with the launch of one of my new business ventures, which has left me thinking of every possible way to kick back and celebrate the fruits of my labor this weekend.

Hence, I thought I’d stay local, and introduce you guys (and girls) to my top 3 for go-to spots this weekend – whether you’re a resident or a visitor of SoFlo. Enjoy.


When you think cigars, what’s the first thing that pops into your head? Your brother-in-law becoming a dad? Old Cuban guys playing cards? Gordon Gecko from Wall Street (1985)? Well, it’s time to think outside that box, and check out Wynwood Cigars, rightfully making their way onto UD, this isn’t your average cigar shop. The place is massive, spanning 5000 sq. ft., decked out in graffiti, rolling tables, cozy couches and live music to compliment the already epic setting.

’nuff said.

The aesthetic perfection of lighting…the feel of the couches when you slip onto them after a long day…the ultra aromatic smell of tobacco permeating even the most judgmental nose…the unique sounds of carefully selected live music…and the unique taste of a carefully crafted smoke that rolls off your tounge have earned this place more than just the title of originality and creativeness, but downright class.

Wanna get away from your standard smoking lounge? Starting to think those Camel cigarettes are getting old? This is the place to go. They keep the warehouse open late every second Saturday, bringing in tango dancers and supplying cocktails, all for your entertainment. Gotta love ’em.

Vintage Lounge Bars.

When I think of a nice drinking spot, I envision lounge tables surrounded by ultra comfy seating, a bartender who always remembers my name and top 5 favorite drinks, carefully strategized ambiance  and walls painted and outfitted with decor that makes me forget I’m even in a public drinking facility.

Then I stop envisioning and walk right into The Flat – a bar designed not to feel like a bar, yet not a lounge either…but instead a getaway spot you’d stick right on the side of your house if it weren’t 32 stories above ground level.

I also think of my fellow weekenders who were forced to play piano when they were younger, now realizing that the once geeky talent has huge payoff present day, when you usher your date over to the couch and casually begin to talk about music and musical talent while eyeing the piano next to you both.

The drinks here are unique and the owner old fashioned, only closing his doors when the last customer is ready to leave. That’s what I call service. The one place that I can say this establishment has come close to replicating, is a place Cocktail Factory in England I used to frequent during my uni days…and that, my friend, is a tall order to meet. So kudos, The Flat…I’d say you’ve earned yourself a name worth keeping.

Cinemas on Steroids.

If you’re an avid cinema goer, you will appreciate and love what I like to call a cinema on steroids – iPic Theaters in Boca Raton. Imagine your usual movie theater…and then take everything usual out of it. Insert cocktails, leather recliners, an on-call waiter, and blankets to cozy up under when the plot gets good.

Well I thought about hitting up AMC…but then realized that would be a little too conventional for dinner and a movie, don’t you think…?

Feel less like a run of the mill movie goer, and more like a movie critic while sitting back sipping Kamikazes, commenting on what’s going to happen next with your fellow buddies while nibbling on sliders – or cozying up to your significant other when she flinches at the slightly frightening scene of a good thriller flick….and here she was thinking it was just going to be regular movie night…

Stay awesome. 😉

– Rego

For The Weekenders: Cigars, Vintage Lounge Bars, Cinemas on Steroids is a post from and appeared first on Rego’s Life