About Rego

Ever wake up one morning, look out the window, gazing out at a clear blue sky and think to yourself – “Life’s pretty good right now, but there’s more to life than this mundane routine….and it’s gotta go. Starting now.” – and then realized…you weren’t sure where to start?


My first revelation like this happened early in life…..I was 5.

Fast forward years later, and in my 20s I find myself inadvertently holding true to this way of thinking, constantly setting and reaching mini milestones laid out for myself.

I’m sure everyone’s felt this way at some point…the tingle you get driving down the road when a ’67 AC 427 Shelby Cobra breezes by. The daydream of summer nights in Fiji that distract you at work from noticing the bitter fact it’s only been 5 minutes since you clocked in, with 7 hours and 55 minutes to go.

It’s the feeling of knowing that there are more things to do, more places to go, and more people to meet out there than what many have been conditioned to settle for. I’ve discussed and debated this for a while now, discovering new philosophies and ideologies in my adventures of travel and entrepreneurship….and every time learning something new.

“Once you know where the rollercoaster is going, are you in for the ride?”
– Robert Fulghum


  1. Ask the “why” (Question everything).
  2. Analyze all angles.
  3. Eliminate the “what ifs.”
  4. Be a lover, not a fighter.
  5. When going to another country, learn the culture, learn the language, like it’s your own.

Recent Entrepreneural Experiences

  1. Globe Trotting Photographer
  2. Screenplay Writer
  3. Film Producer – Pre and Post
  4. Fitness Consulting
  5. Automotive Industry Liaison


  1. More culture
  2. More understanding
  3. More travel
  4. More networking
  5. More good experiences, less bullshit

I figure it’s time to set a new milestone, and I figure why not start here. I’ve blogged on and off for the past few years, and finally find myself at wordpress.

This should be fun.


6 thoughts on “About Rego

    • Thanks. They say tomorrow never comes because by the time it arrives – it’s already today. So you’ve got the right idea on your “About Me” as well – live for the moment, and then some. Thanks for the follow, too 🙂

    • Agree – a robust life philosphy is right. Like this blog for its positivity. Hey Rego, got something here for sure. The business tools did wonderous too. Keep it going mate.

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