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Any Action Is Often Better Than No Action Especially If You Have Been Stuck In An Unhappy Situation For A Long Time If It Is A Mistake At Least You Learn Something In Which Case It's No Longer A Mistake If You Remain Stuck You Learn Nothing Eckhart Tolle, Eckhart Tolle quotes, Eckhart Tolle, Quote Wednesdays, Rego's Life Quote Wednesdays, Quote Wednesdays Rego's Life, Rego's Life, Eckhart Tolle quotes, Eckhart Tolle, Rego's Life quotes, quotes, life quotes, don't live the same day twice, rat race, entrepreneur, living one day in 70 years, living 70 days in one year, pros and cons of being an entrepreneur, running your own business, pros and cons of having a business, dissatisfaction, tired, routine, schedule, day in day out, job vs business, truth about being an entrepreneur

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Just a little mid-week inspiration.

Like I mentioned in this week’s episodic musing, remember the difference between the two types of dissatisfaction. It makes a world of a difference when you define the two, then execute accordingly.

Oh yeah – Happy Valentine’s Day.

Hope everyone’s having a great week.

As always…

Stay awesome.

– Rego

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