For The Weekenders: Heligolf in Scotland, Horseback Riding Like Fabio, Island Hopping in Mozambique

Sitting in one place too long is never a good thing for a person.

It makes them twitchy.


Downright irritated and mean.

Or maybe that’s just my Aunt when she stays in her house too long and goes on an e-shopping sprees for a week straight. I call her the bag lady.

The Mary Poppins kind. Except Portuguese.

Either way, let’s take this For The Weekenders post and get you out of the country, and into a little bit of exploration. Enjoy.

Golf…one of the most relaxing, yet psychological games in the world. Right up there with fencing – if fencing didn’t involve swords. While I know some of you nay-sayers may disagree, exclaiming it is one of the most boring sports on the face of the earth – allow this next bit to change your mind.

Playing golf at Blue Ridge Mountain is entertaining – playing golf in Scotland is epic.

No? Still not fascinating enough?

Oh right – did I mention there’s a helicopter involved?


Yes, I’m talking about heligolfing. What sorcery is this, you say…? Well, for one, it’s not that sorcerous at all. Except for maybe the fact you can have drinking added to the agenda. So the next time you’re globe trotting by yourself, want something fun to do while your S.O. is out for a day at the spa, or just need an excuse to ditch the kids, ring up Gary and Andy with the code word “heligolf.”

From there all you have to do is show up – get your favorite set of clubs out, shine your golfing shoes and prepare to be escorted from course to course via both helicopter and Bentley. Yes, you heard right – Bentley. If you’re going to golf with a helicopter, you’ve gotta have the proper car to match.

The classy way to avoid responsibilities.

The classy way to avoid responsibilities.

So you’ve popped over to Scotland, you’ve been transported over to the first hole – what happens next? Well, you get the game of your life, to put it simply. Gary and Andy are both ex-pro golfers, and if there’s anything that makes their day, it’s a good game and a great challenge. Don’t worry – in the event you just plain suck they’ll (possibly) go easy on you – but not too easy – you want it to be a memorable game, after all.

However, in the event you really do cock up, and somehow manage to wrap your 9-iron around the nearest tree after hitting the ball into the hellish sand bunkers Scottish golf courses are so famous for, you may need a drink.


Or five.

Either way, they’ve got you covered. Slowly back away from the tree, pop into the helicopter, and fly your way over to the nearest bar on site. Order up a brandy, take some putting advice, and answer your phone explaining to your wife (husband?) you’re going through a tunnel and losing reception. Sip. Toast to the good life. Sip again.

Let’s say you’re not much of a golfer though, and are into the more adventurous things. More rugged things. More novel things. More things to build some sort of basic human endurance, where you feel one with nature.

Or maybe, if you’re female, you’re looking to emulate those women you see in the romantic shampoo commercials. Male? Maybe you’ve always dreamed of being Fabio.

We're not here to judge.

We’re not here to judge.

Either way, this next one is not for the faint of heart. It’s more like James Bond (the Daniel Craig one), meets Fabio – then proceeds to kick Fabio’s ass at a 5 day 4 night trek through the Atacama Desert. Where exactly is, the Atacama Desert? Well, it’s located in South America – Chile to be exact – and it’s probably the most interesting thing you will encounter there.

Fun fact:

The first European explorers of this area were drawn by tales of a land rich in gold, somewhere to the south of the Inca Empire. It was on this quest that the Spaniard Diego de Almagro, after a dramatic journey across the Andes mountains in which more than half of his men perished, became the first European adventurer to arrive in Chile and walk across the Atacama desert. Just as then, Atacama today continues to be a unique experience, an unforgettable encounter with surroundings rich in traditions, forms and colors.

So exciting Nathan Drake would want in.

So exciting Nathan Drake would want in.

So what do you expect when you get there? To put it simply, a semi-private (maximum 8 people) adventure that can take you 4500 meters plus, above sea level. A guide that is fluent in every standard language Berlitz offers as a learning package (Spanish, French, German, obviously English), and 7 to 14 different options for your much anticipated exploration.

So pull up a bar stool, order your multi-lingual guide a drink, and prepare to go over all your options, while picking wisely from volcanos, salt flats, geysers, wetlands, and the commonly known mountains. Shoot for the Quebrada del Diablo  and gain some serious bragging rights for when you get home – bragging that includes the words “trotting” and “leaps.”


Disclaimer: Finding gold not guaranteed.

After all that adventure, you may want to relax and sip Mai Tais. Let’s get a little more original than that, skip sipping any form of mixed cocktails by the pool, and instead grab a cooler and load it with a 12 pack of Laurentina Clara – that’s right, next stop, Mozambique.


This is the time to let the weekend go from 2-3 days…to 2 weeks.

Get ready to hit up over 30 – yes,  you read right, 30 different islands while you and a crew explore the Quirimbus Archipelago in northern Mozambique – this isn’t your standard run-of-the-mill lazy Sunday float by – it’s a fucking adventure.

So what do you do? Grab a few people (or hey, person) that mean a lot to  you, toss your sandals off, run towards the beach and hop into a traditional dhow – get oriented with your crew, learn a few names, trade a few jokes, and sail your way from Ibo island into the Mozambique Channel.

Your geography lesson for the evening.

Your geography lesson for the evening.

Take your time but go crazy and start your island hopping with star gazing at Matemo Island, fishing in Ulumbwa, and watch out for those reefs on your way to Little Rolas Island – wouldn’t wanna spill your drink or worse – fall in the water when you’re trying to impress a certain someone. Best to make this trip memorable, not laughable.

Island hop a bit more until you make your way over to Londo Lodge, and go from dhow to canoe, to do a bit more exploring but on a more independent proactive level – sorry, no cup holders here so better to leave the alcohol back at the lodge.

Where the water's like a mirror to the sky.

Where the water’s like a mirror to the sky.

Canoeing is hard work, so I recommend hitting up the spa after, only to shuffle over to some outdoor lounge chairs, order up some food, and soak up the view while your object of desire makes their way over to you with the finest bottle of wine you’ve come across and two glasses. Grab your trusty corkscrew you somehow manage to sneak in every time you fly, twist, pull, pour, and enjoy.

This is life. Sit back and relish.

– Rego

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For The Weekenders: Let’s Live Like Bond…

I’ve been really into the new Bond films lately. Craig is probably one of the best Bond’s to-date, not to surpass Sean Connery. So I thought to myself – what would it be like, to live like Bond for 72 hours…? Lo and behold, this is what I came up with:

Spend a night in a One&Only Ocean Club Villa…I mean hey, why not…? If you wanna get serious about experiences and have the cash for said experience – then you’ve gotta check out the all too famous villa as seen in the Casino Royale film.

bond villa

Let’s forget about everything and just, relax….shall we…?

The place comes packed with amenities, from a 24-hour, didn’t-even-see-you-there butler, to a personal chef…an endless pool with an aquatic treadmill…and a Jacuzzi you can share with a certain someone while sipping on a glass of Dom Pérignon Champagne – or if you’re like me and think champagne is overrated, a couple of Desires…that’s a drink, by the way – consisting of :

1/4 Absinthe Original
1/2 tablespoon sugar
3/4 lemon juice

Grab your favorite cocktail shaker, shake well and pour into an eagerly awaiting cocktail glass.

Autosave-File vom d-lab2/3 der AgfaPhoto GmbH

Another round, bartender.

Once you’re done with the Jacuzzi and drinks, you can easily sober up while looking out at your fantastic sunset view, playing chess with your elegant frosted glass chess set, and listening to the sweet sounds of the waves crashing in the background…with a bit of “One For The Shareholder” gently overpowering the sounds of nature.

There’s loads more amenities, all of which can be found here. Go ahead…indulge a little.

Want a little something more low-key, perhaps maybe a night in with the boys/girls? Well, there’s a solution for that too. Being a fan of cards, Texas Hold ‘Em and Baccarat, to be more precise, sometimes the best night is one filled with good drinks, good people, good music…and a little bit of what I like to call mental training.


Minus the eye-patch.

Well, you can play like Bond, and for around one Ulysses S. Grant ($50) too, just by picking up the same card and chip set used in Casino Royale – the Cartamundi Casino Royale Poker Cards and Chips set…or, you could go for the higher end, 50th anniversary, luxury 200 chip poker set, for around $150.


Add a few decent bottles of liquor, carefully selected by both you and your guests, turn on your ultra-crisp, clear sound system, get just the right amount of lighting and a proper card table (the professional kind, if you please), and you’ve got yourself a night to remember as, “that one time I schooled all of you with a full house when you thought I only had three-of-a-kind.”

Last, but certainly not least, this one, is for the star gazer in all of us. We’ve all been to a planetarium…but how about heading to a huge telescope located in Chile? Or even better – one that’s located at Cerro Paranal, as seen in 007: Quantum of Solace?


Kind of takes the simplicity and conventionalism out of it, now doesn’t it?

I’m talking about the Paranal Observatory on Cerro Paranal. Minus the guns and explosions.

The place is open for a guided tour every Saturday, and there are only a few ways to actually get there…but once you’re there – you’ll soon find it was worth the trip.


I also highly recommend checking out events such as the “Universe” Exhibition at Mirador Interactive Museum (MIM)…containing both 2D/3D luminous interactive elements, it aids a visitor in the accomplishment of simulating the experience of diving into space.


“Universe” Exhibition at the Mirador Interactive Museum

At the entrance, there is a corridor…one which houses opposed mirrors, reflecting and multiplying luminous elements, enhancing the feeling of “depth,” wrapping you in the experience like a warm blanket on a cold winter day. It’s things like these, that make MIM one of the most visited museums in the country of Chile.


For when you want to get reality back in check, remembering that you’re not the only one – the only thing, that exists in the universe, nothing does it better than a stroll through a well put together museum that respects science, and nature. Check them out here.

And there you have it, a handful of options to live a little differently and gain new experiences this weekend. From simple to over the top, there’s always something to do…as long as you put some thought into it.

Stay awesome.

– Rego

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Musings Episode 8: Self-employment, Investing, and Commodities

So this weekend a couple of buddies of mine and I talked finance over a Sunday lunch, and this is what we came up with.

Why is it…that self-employed people don’t think to invest in commodities? Or even currency trade?

Forget stocks, bonds, and all that other junk. Well…option buying with stocks isn’t too bad, but that’s another story, another time.

The reason why I’m focusing on currency trade and commodities, is, well…because they both make absolute sense in today’s time. Commodities, more than currency trade by far.


Well, think pre-fiat currency. Before paper money, many bartered – with either silver, gold, copper, iron, you name it.

Back then, this could even be considered being a fucking millionaire.

Back then, this could even be considered being a fucking millionaire…

The Aztecs form of currency was cacao bean.

....and that better be a thoroughbred.

….and that better be a thoroughbred.

The trades we often forget about today brought in great profit if you knew what you were doing and knew what you were looking for.

Fur trade, carpentry, sewing, and every material that was required to make these things possible – all things that we take for granted today, were valued highly and well known with our ancestors.

...especially this guy. This guy was a god. Assassin and Native American

…especially this guy. Though non-existent, this guy was a god. Assassin and Native American.

Now, when we go to pick up milk in a grocery store (coconut milk for me), most of us don’t even think about how many coconuts it took to make it.

The bottome line is…many of these services, from making clothing (unless you wear polyester) to the pack of (certain) chewing gum you’re constantly smacking on, all require basic things from nature – aka commodities.

Getting back to my point, investments are so much more than stocks, bonds, 401ks, and savings accounts (HA…haha….ha)…those are the outdated ways of making extra money. Either high risk and little return (if you don’t know what you’re doing), or slow risk and break even return (by the time you compare inflation with it).

Look made a whole .0032549498 cents!

Look Timmy…you made a whole .0032549498 cents!

You wanna talk recession proof? Depression proof? End of paper currency oh shiz it’s the end of the world proof? Start investing in solid investments – things that humanity can’t live without.

Filtered clean water.

Food items, whether you’re vegan, vegetarian, or omnivorous.

Crude oil.

Natural Gas.




Think up any basic thing that you put on, eat, drink, write on, or consume, think what it’s made from, and you’ve got yourself a solid market to invest in.

And currency? Ha…the currency we have to day is a joke – but for the time being it still buys and allows us to invest in all these stable things….

….and we can invest in REAL currency such as precious metals, while the getting is good.


Everyday, I wear around my neck a silver chain necklace I’ve had in my possession for over 10 years. 10 years ago, it was valued at $30.

Present day, it’s valued at almost triple that.

I remember walking into a Jeweler’s in England back in ’09. Doing some light holiday shopping, I thought I’d buy a bracelet of equal weight to complement it. The bracelet was quoted at double what I paid for the necklace – but half in size.

How’s that for an obvious statement.

I remember writing a 20 minute critical commentary, including powerpoint presentation concerning China and it’s global effect. I decided to center the commentary around China and commodities, and if the boom would become an eventual bust.

Ahh, Shanghai…

2 months later back on my way to the U.K. I picked up a Financial Times paper before getting on a departing flight from Seoul, South Korea. My evaluation, and prediction, stared at me in the face within an article in that same paper concerning that exact subject.

Speaking honestly – university wasn’t an education for me…God no. It was academia, and business thinking was far from expected. No, that was, “after uni.” Any time before that, many times you were considered unusual or “idiosyncratic,” one of my lectures not so fondly said of me.

No, instead, university was something I partook of as an experiment, to see if what I’d learned from the real world was actually applicable, and really, if I’d learnt anything at all.

And I did.

Plain and simple I did.

And I learnt it well.

What I realise is, in all the academic training we receive from colleges or universities, people are rarely ever taught in most courses or modules the truth. They’re instructed how to follow – never to lead. They’re instructed to regurgitate information from a book – but rarely to state their own opinions without always referring back to some scholarly person.


Academia…the second best business to get into next to religion.

So when people become employed, and they choose to branch off into self-employment or any form of independent business practice such as starting their own company, most often the “employee” minded thinking never quite leaves them. The inside-the-box thinking stays with them.

And really, it doesn’t take much to think outside the box about commodities. If you just think, “back to basics,” you’ll realize there are a plethora of lucrative business opportunities and investments, just by thinking of the simple things.

But for now, I both want, and need, all of you to understand that following the mass majority way of thinking is old and dated. People like Tim Ferriss – the man well known for being part of the new rich, and though older and more classic, Robert Kiyosaki – heck, even Donald Trump, as much as I don’t always agree with him – are on the right track.

Do you know why? Because they rarely, if ever, reinvent the wheel…they simply, improve upon it.


Currency trade is not for the faint of heart. Though ironically fueled by emotion, it is still partially fueled by world economic decisions – which still, when you think about it, tie in with emotion. Worry, stress, and pessimism. Excitement, anticipation, and optimism.

Each and every on of these things plays a hand in how currency value and exchange rates fluctuate.


Commodities, on the other hand…well, while some can also be fueled by emotion (mass panics when the media states there may be a “shortage” of gas), most of it, if played right, can be a steady investment.

Hell, even liquor stores are worth their weight in gold – while liquor stores make money, rain, snow, or shine, depression, recession, Cinco de Mayo or world Olympics time, the suppliers of the ingredients that provide the breweries and factories that make the liquor prosper and prosper well.

Three measures of Gordon's, one of vodka, half a measure of Kina Lillet. Shake it very well until it's ice-cold, then add a large thin slice of lemon peel. Got it?

Three measures of Gordon’s, one of vodka, half a measure of Kina Lillet. Shake it very well until it’s ice-cold, then add a large thin slice of lemon peel. Got it?

Let me reiterate. It’s not always a matter of reinventing the wheel…

…but improving it.

I’d like to expand more on this topic…I may very well be over the next few weeks, who knows.

In the meantime, really read into what I’m trying to say hear. Don’t just skim. There’s a bigger picture here other than words can describe…even if it may just be a teaser.

Stay sharp.

– Rego

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