Musings Episode 51: Capture The Moment…

Plans today incline me to get out there and capture some moments with the ol’ Canon camera. Days like these allow me to wind down from work and the company. Capturing moments in time through photography is more important than a person actually realizes.

I’ve had this camera going on about 6 years now and can honestly say there was a point in time where going anywhere without it was incomprehensible. True, there are some moments that are just so timeless, so beautiful they’re not meant to be captured and framed – but then there are those moments that we look back on flipping through a photo album and review our own moments in “history.”

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Come to think of it, I’m not really sure if people still print photos and put them in albums. Though I do use a digital camera in today’s modern time, the feeling of printing out the photos and being able to touch them enables a person to connect with that moment, even years down the road.

Yet nowadays I wonder if people really think about that. If they really think of the impact a photo actually has, when it’s not on their computer screen, in their Facebook albums, or posted up on Instagram.

Hashtagging photos is great and all, though there are certain moments in time you don’t want to share with the world; but instead keep them special and significant, known to only yourself, friends, family, S.O., or whoever else you were with at that exact time.

art, capture the moment, episodic musings, History, Musings Episode 51 Capture The Moment, photography, Rego's Life Musings Episode 51 Capture The Moment, Regos Life, regoslife, seize the moment

Sometimes you just want it to be that moment YOU remember, and not turn something that special into a popularity contest.

Really when you think about it, the same way history books were once written, a photograph is a way of notating your own history. The same way a blog or “diary” (though I never could understand those things) reflect moments past, and a video camera records things said and actions done.

Yet it’s something about a photograph that’s different than writing or recording. It’s the fact that quite literally, a second (or even milisecond) of time has been frozen, captured.

An exact moment, where once wishing you could see it again is made possible, whether it’s that time you were on holiday or that person you used to hang out with. It’s a way of tracking the person you used to be, and the person you’ve become.

art, capture the moment, episodic musings, History, Musings Episode 51 Capture The Moment, photography, Rego's Life Musings Episode 51 Capture The Moment, Regos Life, regoslife, seize the moment

You can determine and evaluate progression, regression, change, additions, and subtractions in your life…a sort of “road map” that time stamps the good, neutral, and bad; but mostly the good and neutral. Though the traditional method of photography is developing a negative in order to obtain the final result, rarely do you ever capture a moment of negativity out of intention.

I think people should take photos, capture the moment, every chance they get. It’s a good way of learning, growing, understanding. Photographs can show you certain things you may not have noticed in that moment; zooming in on details unsaid, air not read.

Every time you look at a photograph, something new should be learned from it. It’s a way of pressing “pause,” and no matter how many years have passed, allowing your memory to press “play,” and resume that memory from where it left off.

It’s a way of reliving a happy moment, even when you yourself aren’t feeling too happy.

Think on that…I’m off to go capture some moments. 😉

As always…

Stay awesome.

– Rego

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“When love and…

Musings: Quote Wednesdays…

I got so into writing this week’s “For The Weekenders” post, I completely forgot to schedule this one…! Sorry about that…but it’s here now – enjoy.

When love and skill work together, expect a masterpiece.” – John Ruskin

Pretty self-explanatory – do what comes easiest to you, what you love to do, and you’ll achieve nothing less than perfection. If you can come easily think of something that you would enjoy doing all day, everyday, for the rest of your life – hone and perfect that passion and you could very well turn it into a lucrative opportunity.

I remember when I used to fence – foil and épée were my two favorite forms…almost everyday I fenced, and more and more I considered making it a career. The more I considered it, the more I practiced, the better I became, and the better chance I had at it. Persistence makes practice – and practice makes perfect.

Stay awesome.

– Rego

“The least movement…

Musings: Quote Wednesdays…

“The least movement is of importance to all nature. The entire ocean is affected by a pebble.” – Blaise Pascal

Pretty much ties in with my most recent post, “Musings Episode 18: Appreciation“….everything, affects everything – so appreciate more and watch things change. Watch your thinking change. Watch yourself change. If we think like this, on a micro level – humans will begin to act a lot differently.

Stay thoughtful.

– Rego

Musings Episode 15: Let The Music Play…

So I was brushing up on my knowledge and doing my homework this weekend on some great new speakers I’m considering buying for my car…

Audio Bah Speakers Large

…when I came across this little snippet from Sonic Elextronix:

“As an object vibrates it produces a mechanical disturbance in the medium it resides in, which results in the creation of a pressure wave which travels through that medium (air usually). This pressure wave impacts objects around the source, causing them to vibrate and resonate at different frequencies.

When a pressure wave impacts our eardrums, they vibrate and in turn our auditory system converts these vibrations into electrical signals that our brains can convert into sound. Remove our auditory system and sound would not exist to us, all we could do is feel low frequency pressure waves that vibrate our skin and bones.” – Sonic Electronix


…this really got me thinking – sound is more important to us than we may think. Music, to be more specific is more important to us than a lot of people realize…and it’s not just music, but the type of music…and there are a lot of genres out there.


Music can make our mind swing from one thought to another, our heart skip a beat, and our feelings range from mood to alternate mood.

More importantly, music can actually bring success – not just in the monetary sense, but all aspects of life…and you don’t necessarily have to be the lead singer in the band, for lack of a better analogy.


There have been studies that state music increases performance and concentration, and often improves work productivity.

“Music expresses that which cannot be said and on which it is impossible to be silent.” – Victor Hugo

Music in my opinion touches us in a way that nothing else can, affects us more than anything we ever encounter, and relates to the things aurally, instead of orally – that we feel in different parts of our lives more than just regular words do.


It breeds success no matter what the genre, it’s merely dependent on person and preference. Think about it – when you get ready to run track, do you prefer silence or have you got the Crystal Method blaring from your ear buds? For many, this could be either or.

How about when you wake up in the morning and your alarm goes off – do you wake up in a better mood with an annoying buzzer blaring in your ear, or do you just kind of, “float” out of bed to the sound of “Wish I” by Jem?

Without even realizing it music can change, and often enhance your mood. Your thinking. Your way of doing things.

Personally? I’m a fan of numerous genres. When I wake up in the morning, most days I prefer waking up to the sounds of artists like Jem, Frou Frou, or Bitter:sweet. Days that I choose to sleep in, it’s a bit different.

Certain beats set a person in different mindsets when they kick off their day. I’m a fan of the previously mentioned artists because well, I like being woken up to the sound of dreamy, melodic tunes with a sultry, sexy voice to go with them (obviously, Bruno Mars is a serious exception – sorry buddy, you’re not my type, just cool). It makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

Usually I’ll carry on with this type of music until post-breakfast. The relaxed beats and slow rhythm help me get my thoughts “sorted” for the day, meticulously organizing my to-do list like a filing cabinet, ordered by priority and urgency. It also drowns out the sound of the blender in the morning.

While it mixes everything into this deliciousness.

While it mixes everything into this deliciousness.

Some people are different, this is just me.

Workout wise, I’m all over the board. Some evenings I’ll be dripping with sweat to the sounds of Shaka Ponk, Powerman 5000, or Nickelback (yes, their later stuff – you haven’t heard them until you’ve heard “Gotta Get Me Some” – shutup). Other evenings I’m all for listening to Daft Punk.

Ever noticed how when you step into a gym – a big one, how the music tends to be different in different rooms/areas? In the cardio section, you’ll find something techno or club – anything that has what I call a “jumpy” beat to it.

But then when you switch to another floor or room, and you step into where they have the free weights or machines, it could be rap or rock playing – a slower, more “hard core” beat – because psychologically and physically – lifting requires rhythm, pace, focus.

Powerful muscular man lifting weights

These are just a few examples. Now I’m not much of a weight enthusiasts, because I believe you can get ripped without having to bench 300lbs. I barely use any weights and still look athletic as hell.

In fact, check out “7 Weeks To Getting Ripped”, for free, and see how you can carve your own Adonis/Aphrodite body.


Anyway, cotinuing with the current subject, before I wander into discussing fitness and nerd out on topics like ADL and DOMS, different wave patterns in different music affects different parts of our brains.

So for yoga, there’s relaxing music – allowing us flexibility and focus – for strength conditioning, rap/rock – cardio, techno/club…and the list goes on and on. This is just a generalization but the variety is huge.

I know whenever I have small house parties, if it’s a group of friends and there’s one or two in the kitchen, another manning the bar…and a few sitting around conversatin…artists like “The Jojo Effect” really kick off the night right ;).

Music can enhance conversation, instill confidence, erase sadness, bleed out pain, bring people together, and describe the things that can’t be said through something strictly visual.

When I write or am working on a project, I’m a HUGE fan of music that gives off a creative, “quintessential” vibe. There are times when I can write in complete silence – and then there are times when one beat can make the words pour from my mind to my fingertips faster than a GTO reaches the finish line. There are beats that can make me add humor to my writing – and even a bit of fun underlying meanings.

Music, is a gift to the soul…it is one of the few things left in today’s time, that still pushes past the often detached feel of technology and convenience, and no matter what, at some point, brings together humanity.

Like the legend Jimi Hendrix once said, “Music is my religion”.

Stay cool.

– Rego

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For The Weekenders: Gravity-Free Plane Rides, Bruce Lee Surfing, Drive-In Movies

All this week I’ve been itching for some creative fun things to do. So I got to thinking of all the things I like – and this is what was created. Enjoy.

I’ve always been a fan of travel – travelling on planes especially. Flying above the clouds at 37,000 feet always seemed so calming for me…floating would’ve been even cooler…and now I can – and now you can…with Zero G.

These guys, are pure genius. If you ever wanted to be an astronaut, and feel what it’s like to float effortlessly from your bedroom to the living room – they can deliver. Well, minus the living room and bedroom. But you can catch drops of water in mid air with your mouth, just by floating your way over to them.

It’s like Hungry Hungry Hippos…but cooler.

It works a little like this:

You grab a few buddies who are thrill seekers like yourself or maybe just like doing kung fu moves mid-air without risk of injury and slow motion style, and you book 4-5 reservations for a trip on a Boeing 727. Sounds pretty standard, no? Well, did I mention this particular 727 is modified to do parabolic arcs?

Lo, ladies and gentleman: the ancient smiling fist punch.

Yeah. Pretty insane.

So once you’re all booked and paid up, you head on over to Las Vegas, this Saturday, grab your new flight gear and suit up, shuffle over to the plane, board, and away you go. It’s from here the cap’n does a few whirls and loops until boom – gravity free…and you’re floating, effortlessly like a dandelion in the wind (poetic much?). Just don’t get too caught up in the moment and close your eyes – lest you bump into your best mate and end up bumping heads – literally.

It costs a few grand for this insane adventure, but it’s well worth it and most definitely a story worth looking back on and telling. The best part is it’s not just Las Vegas you can make your reservation at – but numerous other cities, such as New York. So when you ring up your guys/girls this weekend and ask what they’re up for, ask yourself: what sounds better? Beers at the usual bar, or gravity free high flying oh-em-gee adventures? The answer is clear.

So after all that mid-air slow-mo kung-fu judo action, you don’t want the good, high flying times to end. What do you do? Well, you hop over from Vegas to L.A., call up that girl/guy you’ve been wondering about regarding how good they look in swimwear, and make it a good excuse to try some at the beach martial arts. In the water. On a paddle board. Did I mention in the water?

Don’t take that wave set. I will Judo kick your ass the next time you cut me off for my set.

In being a fan of the ocean, fitness, and at one point taking three different forms of martial arts plus fencing all in one go, this is probably the most fun hands down…I won’t lie – I scream like a little fan girl every time I think of the awesomeness of whoever took such an idea and put it into an activity like this. It’s downright original, and refreshing…it will also kick the absolute crap out of your core.

Dammit Jack. You had one job. Don’t let go. Was that so hard? Now reach, dammit, like your life depends on it.

Looking for that extra step to carve your abs even more? Congratulations – I present to you a solution.

Paddle board martial arts is more than just a fun time – it’s a work out. Think about it – you’re there trying to do crane poses and high kicks, but not on a nice dojo mat, no, and not even on the wood floors we’ve all grown so familiar with – but instead, a board. A paddle board. That sways back and forth with not just the help of the ocean, but any tiny little movement you make.

Master this and you’ve officially gained bragging rights to say you outgrew the dojo, the pond was too small and you needed an ocean (did I just make a pun? I believe I did.)

Classes can be found held off of Marina Mother’s Beach, D-Basin, Marina Del Rey, and run four times a week, two of which are by reservation only. Check out the full details on scheduling here.

Ninja status.

Ninja status.

So your wish came true and you got to see that that hottie does look great when they hit up the beach, and have now invited them out for a movie…but a regular movie is so…well, regular. Also you can’t drink at movie theaters. Boo. No fun.

But wait, what if I told you you could? In fact, you could eat, drink, and be merry? Picture a movie theater with a beer garden….that also serves wine. Not to mention thin crust pizza – and quality burgers. A whole menu, really.

coyote drive in great promo photo

Classic, meet modern day.

Boredom of standard movie theater, meet Coyote Drive-In. Created back in 2011 by four guys who envisioned their perfect idea of a great, super chill time, they went ahead and kicked it old school, making a blast from the past become reality once more with a Drive-In movie set up located in friendly Forth Worth, Texas. They didn’t reinvent the wheel – just pulled it from the dusty corners of the garage and cleaned it up.



I remember going to the drive-in when I was a kid, thinking it was the best thing since sliced bread. Located in a small little town and one of the few left, it was the highlight of my weekends after school.

10-15 years later and I still get stoked just thinking about it. The comfort of your car. The sounds, voices, special effects pumping out through your own vehicle’s speakers, just by tuning to the assigned station. The much desired privacy when you and your date have that moment…wait – what…? Rego, you mean no awkward strangers slurping the last of their soda while eyeing me stealing a kiss anymore…? I’d say that’s win.

I can watch Iron Man 3 or Fast & Furios 6 and finally put those Audio Bahn speakers to good use I invested a fortune in, for more than just music you ask? You sure can.

spongebob excited

Welcome to the future…with a little bit of the past. Drive-Ins, congrats. You were missed enough to be brought back. Clearly, you must be doing something right.

– Rego

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For The Weekenders: J-Land Special…Part 2

Alright…! Recharged and ready to go, welcome to the second part of For The Weekenders: J-Land Part 2.

I remember on one of my visits to Japan going to see the Statue of Liberty

Wait – what…? Statue of Liberty….? Well, it’s definitely possible, and can be seen in a little place called Odaiba.

What and where, is Odaiba you ask…? Odaiba is a large, unique, artificial island located in Tokyo Bay, across the rainbow bridge from Tokyo…Grab a water bus from Hinode Pier to get there, just a short walking distance from Hamamatsucho station on the Yamanote line, and take in the sights as you leisurely cruise your way over.

Initially being built for defensive purposes, Odaiba is now more of a place full of attractions and shops, including Burberry, an arcade that houses all the usual favorites like racing and fighting games, food, and a car theme park.

Being an enthusiast of automobiles, naturally Toyota Mega Web is the first place I went…they have a museum of cars from past decades….

minolta toyota car

As seen in Gran Turismo 4…

….oh, and did I mention you can test drive cars on an actual track and try out the simulators that actually act how a car would if you crash…?



Check it out here now. It’s one place you won’t want to pass up. Be sure to take plenty of pictures, a stroll on the boardwalk, grab an umbrella from Burberry, and hit up the food court for some seriously delicious items such as these:

Fucking. Yum.

There’s loads more to do, but I’ll leave the rest to you to discover.

Feeling a bit upper class and wanting to see Tokyo, also known as The Metropolis from a bird’s eye view? Then it’s time for you to check it out from a ¥90,000 yen view (roughly $900), with Excel Air.

Charter a helicopter from them, grab about four or five of your closest friends…heck….ditch the friends and bring a date…and prepare to take a look at this breathtaking city day or night….and in my book, the only way to travel is to make it memorable.

I'll go with sunset...

I’ll go with sunset…

I’ve known some guys to take girls on things like this during White Day in Japan (a holiday in March where a man gets the opportunity to show mutual affection for a woman who’s given him chocolates/gifts on Valentine’s Day the month prior). If this doesn’t make you want to get your pilot’s license, I don’t know what will.

An experience of a lifetime, tours leave from Urayasu Heliport near Maihama station on the JR Keiyou line.


No trip to Japan would be complete without ramen. I know, I know, common, well known, most talked about food…but it’s not just about eating the ramen…it’s about discovering, the best, most memorable ramen known to mankind. There are many shops – few that are remembered.

I myself like to find the smallest, most whole in the wall type place – you know, the type where the front door on a cold winter day is a big plastic “sheet” for a wall…sit down, look at the few selections they have, and order. I usually wait for the chef to bring it over, and being a foreigner he waits to see just what I think of it and how well I can actually eat it (there’s a certain skill that’s developed – no forks here folks). Slurping is a GOOD thing…no slurpy, equals a pissed off and insulted chef. So slurp, slurp away my friends and gain respect.

Impressed with each other, I usually leave stomach full, taste buds content, and the guy across the counter usually shoots a firm but warm smile my way as he hears “gochisousamadeshita” as I shuffle out hand in the air as a goodbye.

Ahh, Japan…

– Rego

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“Don’t forget to…

Musings: Quote Wednesdays…

“Don’t forget to love yourself.” – Soren Kierkegaard

For the entrepreneur (or person in general) who’s hard on themselves….sometimes, I have to remember this one myself. No matter what the setback, no matter how long it takes, no matter how many mistakes you make…as long as the intention is good, never forget to do this. It pays, in more ways than one and helps in the long run. It doesn’t matter how slowly you go, as long as you don’t stop.

Happy Wednesday.

– Rego