Musings Episode 84: Running in Place…

Happy Sunday.

Hope everyone’s having a great weekend.

No fancy intro needed here today – let’s just jump right in.

Musings Episode 84: Running in Place…

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You’ll remember last week’s episodic musing where I talked about having guts over fear and just getting whatever it is you want to move forward with or start done.

Reason being is because it’s better to start something than to just entertain the thought and never start at all.

Some of you may already be doing this, and that’s good.

Others may still be on the fence.

There’s two types of running in place. I think one of them is more frustrating than the other, but they can both be a thorn in one’s side.

The first, is keeping everything in your life the same.

Living “one day in seventy years,” my great uncle used to say.

This is how most people are.

You have a job, a routine. You wake up, get ready for work, grab a quick breakfast, go to work, have a drink with friends, come back home, watch TV, go to bed, wash, rinse, repeat.

Some have families and do a similar cycle.

I call this the hamster wheel, or rat race type running in place.

You complain, but never get annoyed enough to slip out of your comfort zone and make change.

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Photo Credit: Philip Haynes

Then you have the second type of running in place.

Or perhaps, it’s a perceived running in place.

The kind where you’ve already started towards something you want to get accomplished, but it feels like you’re going nowhere.

Maybe this is self-perceived. Maybe you’re your own worst critic.

You get a lot accomplished, cover a lot of road, but somehow, at least in your mind, things feel stuck. The speedometer is stuck on slow and no matter how hard you press your foot to the pedal the damn thing won’t go any faster.

You have a schedule, unlike a routine, and things change and progress from day to day, but it never seems to move fast enough.

There’s a similarity with both.

I think this is the side of entrepreneurship that no one really does a hard sell on.

The side most would rather have you not know about.

The side you’ve got to deal with after the motivation and excitement have long passed.

When you’re working a business, there’ll be times you never really feel satisfied with what you’re doing – in the sense that you never really feel satisfied with what you’re accomplishing.

People may feel the same way when it comes to a job, but there’s a difference.

The similarities in the two are just purely the dissatisfaction.

But the key difference is the source of dissatisfaction.

In the context of a job, someone could be dissatisfied with their pay, their boss, their work hours, or the higher ups not taking notice of their work.

In the context of a business, someone could be dissatisfied with the effort they’re putting in, their oversight on an idea they come up with later, their inability to turn into Superman and work around the clock with zero sleep.

I think the former is a dissatisfaction that centers around other people and their approval of a person.

While the latter is a dissatisfaction that centers around yourself and your approval of yourself.

There’s a certain drive that separates entrepreneurs from desk jockeys. Something that separates entrepreneurs from the pack.

Management in companies want this drive in each and everyone of their employees.

The job advert that screams “we want entrepreneurial minded people! Driven people! Motivated people!”

Yet they fail to realise that in the context of a company, that’s a double edged sword.

You’ll have people that have drive, but that doesn’t mean they’ll be submissive and obedient.

You can’t have someone driven and submissive. They’re opposite qualities.


It’s where sayings like “sheep get slaughtered and wolves eat” come from.

You may get certain people that are sheep masquerading as wolves, but it only lasts for so long – until they’re willing to crush someone else’s throat to appease their “boss,” in hopes of climbing the corporate ladder.

So really, their sheep masquerading as wolves, but really coyotes in their nature.

When you come across a real wolf, you’re really just playing with fire.

Both types, sheep and wolves, have hopes and dreams. Both start out as motivated and driven. Both take different paths when it comes to progression.

It’s only one that’s easy to control with smoke screens and carrot on a stick incentives.

The feeling of running in place may happen with both, but here’s a message to the entrepreneur:

You’re building your dream. Not some manager’s. Not an executive board’s. Not a company’s. Yours.

Learn to be objective with yourself. Take a step back and look at the progress you’ve made. Use timelines if you have to.

By doing this you’ll realise just how much you’ve moved forward – and if you haven’t moved forward, well then you’ll realise just how much more you should be putting in.

It’s a weird thing to have to deal with. Businesses are like a watched pot. It never boils until you take your eyes off it and step away.

Then sometimes you come back and realise it’s boiling over or you’ve let all the water boil out.

There’s a delicate balance to be maintained.

Step away, then come back.

When you’re in a car, going 90 mph doesn’t seem like a lot.

But when you’re watching from the side of the track, that same car going 90 mph seems like it’s zooming past you.

Learn to be in the driver’s seat and on the sidelines sometimes.

It’ll make things feel a lot less like you’re running in place.

As always…

Stay awesome.

– Rego

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Musings Episode 15: Let The Music Play…

So I was brushing up on my knowledge and doing my homework this weekend on some great new speakers I’m considering buying for my car…

Audio Bah Speakers Large

…when I came across this little snippet from Sonic Elextronix:

“As an object vibrates it produces a mechanical disturbance in the medium it resides in, which results in the creation of a pressure wave which travels through that medium (air usually). This pressure wave impacts objects around the source, causing them to vibrate and resonate at different frequencies.

When a pressure wave impacts our eardrums, they vibrate and in turn our auditory system converts these vibrations into electrical signals that our brains can convert into sound. Remove our auditory system and sound would not exist to us, all we could do is feel low frequency pressure waves that vibrate our skin and bones.” – Sonic Electronix


…this really got me thinking – sound is more important to us than we may think. Music, to be more specific is more important to us than a lot of people realize…and it’s not just music, but the type of music…and there are a lot of genres out there.


Music can make our mind swing from one thought to another, our heart skip a beat, and our feelings range from mood to alternate mood.

More importantly, music can actually bring success – not just in the monetary sense, but all aspects of life…and you don’t necessarily have to be the lead singer in the band, for lack of a better analogy.


There have been studies that state music increases performance and concentration, and often improves work productivity.

“Music expresses that which cannot be said and on which it is impossible to be silent.” – Victor Hugo

Music in my opinion touches us in a way that nothing else can, affects us more than anything we ever encounter, and relates to the things aurally, instead of orally – that we feel in different parts of our lives more than just regular words do.


It breeds success no matter what the genre, it’s merely dependent on person and preference. Think about it – when you get ready to run track, do you prefer silence or have you got the Crystal Method blaring from your ear buds? For many, this could be either or.

How about when you wake up in the morning and your alarm goes off – do you wake up in a better mood with an annoying buzzer blaring in your ear, or do you just kind of, “float” out of bed to the sound of “Wish I” by Jem?

Without even realizing it music can change, and often enhance your mood. Your thinking. Your way of doing things.

Personally? I’m a fan of numerous genres. When I wake up in the morning, most days I prefer waking up to the sounds of artists like Jem, Frou Frou, or Bitter:sweet. Days that I choose to sleep in, it’s a bit different.

Certain beats set a person in different mindsets when they kick off their day. I’m a fan of the previously mentioned artists because well, I like being woken up to the sound of dreamy, melodic tunes with a sultry, sexy voice to go with them (obviously, Bruno Mars is a serious exception – sorry buddy, you’re not my type, just cool). It makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

Usually I’ll carry on with this type of music until post-breakfast. The relaxed beats and slow rhythm help me get my thoughts “sorted” for the day, meticulously organizing my to-do list like a filing cabinet, ordered by priority and urgency. It also drowns out the sound of the blender in the morning.

While it mixes everything into this deliciousness.

While it mixes everything into this deliciousness.

Some people are different, this is just me.

Workout wise, I’m all over the board. Some evenings I’ll be dripping with sweat to the sounds of Shaka Ponk, Powerman 5000, or Nickelback (yes, their later stuff – you haven’t heard them until you’ve heard “Gotta Get Me Some” – shutup). Other evenings I’m all for listening to Daft Punk.

Ever noticed how when you step into a gym – a big one, how the music tends to be different in different rooms/areas? In the cardio section, you’ll find something techno or club – anything that has what I call a “jumpy” beat to it.

But then when you switch to another floor or room, and you step into where they have the free weights or machines, it could be rap or rock playing – a slower, more “hard core” beat – because psychologically and physically – lifting requires rhythm, pace, focus.

Powerful muscular man lifting weights

These are just a few examples. Now I’m not much of a weight enthusiasts, because I believe you can get ripped without having to bench 300lbs. I barely use any weights and still look athletic as hell.

In fact, check out “7 Weeks To Getting Ripped”, for free, and see how you can carve your own Adonis/Aphrodite body.


Anyway, cotinuing with the current subject, before I wander into discussing fitness and nerd out on topics like ADL and DOMS, different wave patterns in different music affects different parts of our brains.

So for yoga, there’s relaxing music – allowing us flexibility and focus – for strength conditioning, rap/rock – cardio, techno/club…and the list goes on and on. This is just a generalization but the variety is huge.

I know whenever I have small house parties, if it’s a group of friends and there’s one or two in the kitchen, another manning the bar…and a few sitting around conversatin…artists like “The Jojo Effect” really kick off the night right ;).

Music can enhance conversation, instill confidence, erase sadness, bleed out pain, bring people together, and describe the things that can’t be said through something strictly visual.

When I write or am working on a project, I’m a HUGE fan of music that gives off a creative, “quintessential” vibe. There are times when I can write in complete silence – and then there are times when one beat can make the words pour from my mind to my fingertips faster than a GTO reaches the finish line. There are beats that can make me add humor to my writing – and even a bit of fun underlying meanings.

Music, is a gift to the soul…it is one of the few things left in today’s time, that still pushes past the often detached feel of technology and convenience, and no matter what, at some point, brings together humanity.

Like the legend Jimi Hendrix once said, “Music is my religion”.

Stay cool.

– Rego

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