For The Weekenders: Sandboarding in Saudi Arabia Tony Hawk Style, Hookah in Downtown Delray, Fitness Like The Miami Heat

Snowboarding. Skateboarding. Surfing. Wakeboarding.

I’ve always been a fan of any kind of board sports, and recently the most recent sport that’s been on my bucket list is sandboarding. Talk about kick ass. For a boarding enthusiast, anything with miles of open turf is a dream come true…and sandboarding in Saudi Arabia is a boarder’s dream come true.

hawk sandboarding saudi arabia

Which is why for this post for the weekend, I’m kicking off with sandboarding in Rub’ Al Khali Abu Dabi – translation – Saudi Arabia. We’re talking miles of untainted and ever changing turf.

If you’re a snowboarder waiting for the season to come, this is the perfect activity to bide you over until it does. The experience is epicwhich is clearly an understatement. The Rub’ Al Khali is the largest continuous sand body on the planet…meaning hundreds of miles of fun for you and your friends.

Fact: The sport of sandboarding originated in Brazil in the southern state capital of Florianópolis in 1986. So if you’re part Portuguese like me…now is the perfect time to embrace some culture.

If you can stand the heat, you can have a once in a lifetime adventure that could be an excellent cocktail story when you’re trying to chat up that 10 at the lounge bar  you frequent. Check it out – it’s an activity, and experience, you won’t want to miss.

So let’s say after all that excitement, you want to wind down with drinks and something that reminds you of the middle east…well, if you’re in the SoFlo area, there’s always Breathe on Atlantic Ave. in Delray…hookah and drinks…what more could you ask for?

Welcome to Breathe…VIP rooms available.

This place is decked out with awesome hookahs, a Mediterranean menu, and plenty of drinks to go around, especially during happy hour…if you’re looking for a chill night where you can forget about all your worries, this is the place to be. Hit up the beach less than 5 minutes away and gaze out at the full moon over the water, and you’ll feel like a new person in the morning.

VIP rooms are available, when you feel like treating yourself to a rockstar moment and adding that extra touch to your outings with a date you’re not really trying to impress, but would like to make them feel like they’re seeing something special. Imagine your own butler, bottle service and flat screen TVs, and you’ve got yourself a night to remember.

Alright, so you’ve done the sandboarding, jetted back to the West, and now after all that, you kind of want to feel like you’re getting back in shape for the week ahead. What do you do now? Well…as a fitness enthusiast, the first place I’d go is ProTerf.

Ed Downs is the man who runs this place – and he’s the real deal. Working with Navy SEALS and inducted into the US Martial Arts Hall of Fame, if you want a serious workout he’s the man to see and ProTerf is the place to go.

You can choose between group and private, and if you’ve always wanted to workout side by side with a professional athlete, well you’ve come to the right place. Just beware…you may very well be sore the next morning. Stretching before and after is advised, and as always…stay plenty hydrated. You can increase your rep count and performance by at least 10% if you do. I’ve been in fitness for the past 8 years and can attest to that.

Check out the full article at my outing bible, UD here.

Have a great weekend, and stay sharp.

– Rego

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