Musings Episode 28: Take The Leap…

So a few weeks ago I touched on hesitation and why it can be detrimental to success…well, once you’re past the hesitation phase – there’s one more thing many people go through but never really discuss.



Procrastination doesn’t necessarily mean laziness. It can also stem from fear of failure, and perfectionism. Many people when building their road to success can sometimes hit this wall. It’s often procrastination that leads to many people’s downfalls even if they’ve made it over the hesitation hurdle.

Yet in the end hesitation and procrastination end up with the same result – not getting things done in a timely manner or not getting things done at all. This is what you want to avoid – this is what you want to train yourself to eliminate from virtually every aspect of your life. If you’re serious about success – this should be taken into consideration and avoided just as much as hesitation.

Both leave room for missed opportunities.


In various aspects of your life, procrastination can tear you down, and bring you right back to square one. The objective is to remove this kind of habit from your mental framework completely.

I’m a perfectionist. Meaning when I do something – I do it well, and do it to the maximum extent of quality possible. Sometimes, when I get overwhelmed with things, mentally I become a little hazy. The easiest way to get over it I’ve found?

Break everything into steps – focus on the big picture, but break everything into steps.

A book is comprised of a bunch of words, but in the end it's still the bigger picture - a book.

A book is comprised of a bunch of words, but in the end it’s still the bigger picture – a book.

Remember – it’s about focusing on the end result – not the means to the ends. Focus on that too much and you’ll find yourself lost and out in the cold, wandering (and not in a good way).

I’m not saying dwell on all the little details either. Think of it like this – you get up in the morning. Usually, everyone has their own little routine. Wake up, stretch, make bed, wash face, brush teeth, shower, moisturize, hair, get dressed, etc.

It’s this whole intricate routine you’ve had to learn since childhood, yet you don’t even think about it because you’re on auto pilot almost the entire time….but this whole routine, is still broken into little steps and categories.

Wash face, brush teeth, shower, moisturize – these all take place in the bathroom. Getting dressed, shirts, shoes, etc – all takes place in the wardrobe/bedroom. Eat breakfast, make lunch – all in the kitchen. You see the pattern?

The best way to start is by breaking everything into categories – and then breaking objectives into little groups of 3’s. I’ve always found that by doing things 3 at a time – I blow past my deadlines with flying colors. Many believe multitasking is the way to go – I for one am completely against it. In the short run, it may pay off – but in the long run it can leave a lot of loose ends, a lot of things unfinished, and in actual fact be detrimental to your mental health.

Instead, I recommend exercising your mental health positively. Go ahead and head over to my official site and subscribe for a free eBook that can actually improve and enhance your thinking, gearing it more towards success and less on juggling 5 tables and a walrus all at once mentally.

By breaking things into 3’s, you’re doing what I call setting mini milestones. Milestones are much clearer, shorter, and smaller goals toward larger ones. Thinking of it like this, makes the work much easier and the path much more transparent. Getting one of these three things done at a time, one after the other, makes you feel more accomplished thus motivating you to do more.

…and if you’re motivated to do more, you’ll procrastinate less. It’s that simple.

The more you learn how to strategize without putting a strain on your brain, the more confidence you have in yourself. The more confidence you have in yourself, the more you’re willing and ready to dive head first into all your goals. The more willing and ready you are to do that, the more you’ll act on ideas when they come to you – and the more you act on ideas that come to you, the more you sign and seal your name for success in anything you do.

This is how you let go. Put things into action properly with a decent game plan and perseverance, and watch the end goals flourish.

Stay awesome.

– Rego

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23 thoughts on “Musings Episode 28: Take The Leap…

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  10. Nice post here. Procrastinator = laziness. Every workday except Friday. Like watching a herd of cattle rushing. Get my drift. Anyone tell you, you don’t write mainstream. Good for you!

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