For The Weekenders: Party Like A Rockstar…

You read right, this weekend is gonna be all about one thing – partying hardcore. With these three lineups, come Sunday you’ll be sure to have numerous stories that begin with “Remember that time when…” and end in “that was seriously the best thing ever.”


The Warm Up

Sushi. Tequila. Rock bands. Oh how awesome it would be to have all three under one roof.

But wait – you can.

Yes, dreams really do come true.

Where…? Well, it ain’t exactly Kansas.

Try Miami.

As in, Barezzito Miami.


Barezzito is a one of a kind, genuine, unique place to be. If you wanna kick off your weekend right – the first thing you’ll do is hit up Barezzito. With an epic menu, choice alcohol and awesome music, this is one place you want to be.

So your night will start out like this. You ring up a few friends – you start suggesting the usual spots…

Sumi Yakitori? Naa..did that two weeks ago.

Kapow Noodle Bar? Happened last Wednesday.

Ceviché? Been there more times than I can count.

Then it hits you….like a big slippery fish fresh off the boat, you see the light.

In all its glorious, liquor filled glory.

In all its glorious, liquor filled glory. Here’s a hankie for that tear of joy.

You and your friends decide it’s time to do it up big – so you rent that GT-R you’ve been eyeing all summer and tear through the highways before making your way over to the best spot in town and casually tossing your keys over to the valet.

You shuffle over to the bar, and check out their extensive, choice drink selection. Ideally, if you’ve brought the object of your desire along now would be the perfect time to order up that drink they’ve never heard of but dying to try. Instruct the bar tender carefully – you only get one shot at this.

From there you grab the menu so you can pace yourself for a slow drink marathon with live music and lively dancing henceforth. I suggest the Green Papaya Salad with Negimaki to follow – leave enough room for Ginger Creme Brulee, and when you find yourself sobering up from all the food you’ve been trying to shove down your neck, grab another 1, 2, or 5 at the bar while nibbling on some signature rolls to keep the stomach healthy and the buzz balanced.

This Friday, there’s only one place to be, one place to party, and one place to see – Barezzito. Attend, enjoy, and share. There’s always something to do.

The Workout

Hoping you didn’t close the bar down Friday night and are rested up and ready to go – that was just the beginning. Now it’s time to fulfill that want of yours that you were itching for weeks ago, and finally getting the chance to explore now.

So picture this:




VIP style quarters.

It’s about time you stopped looking at this stuff in the movies and started living it in real life. Get off that couch and get into your best outfit – your Saturday night is about to get pretty insane… awesome.

Mother of's the holy grail.

Mother of God….it’s the holy grail.

…and by awesome I mean awesome before it was even donned a word. There’s only one way to go about this night – so read carefully.

Location: Port Miami

Transportation: Boat….okay I lied…cruise ship.

Time: 9:30. No arriving fashionably late here – unless you like trying to jump a boat only to fall straight into god knows how many feet of water.

Money: Yes. Bring about tres….cientos. Trust me – it’s worth it.

Seriously....shut up and get on the goddamn boat.

Seriously….shut up and get on the goddamn boat.

So obviously after the words “cruise ship” you can imagine how massive this “boat party” is. With just $20 round trip to get in, you get to party starting at 10 p.m. all the way until the crack of dawn. It’s like Asia all over again…except in Miami…on a boat.

Book your own cabin for a modest $60, sign up for dinner, and bring enough friends to order decent bottles of “I’ll have whatever doesn’t give me a hangover in the morning…because I’m going to get sloshed probably around 2 after dancing my ass off.” The perks and activities of Club Bimini will blow your mind probably as fast as the Kamikaze you’ll order at the bar. See now why I was trying to tell you to rest up all day Saturday? It’s good to listen to me when it comes to things like this…

With a live DJ and a casino on board, you could easily play the night out to a perfect tune – good drinks, private cabin, live DJ, casino games you’re actually good at – and the breathtaking view of Miami’s skyline not to mention the endless ocean you’ll be gazing out over.


Never steered you wrong before…won’t steer you wrong on this one. Club Bimini aboard Bimini Superfast. It’s time to party….hard. Book your spot now – and get a better look over at World Red Eye.

The Cool Down

Well then….after all that sinfully good madness I’d say it’s time for a cool down.

Sort of.

Rego style.

…and if you know anything about me – especially in fitness – a cool down is really never a cool down…but an excuse for extending the fun. Next and final stop…w xyz….bar.


I know – their website sucks – but don’t let that fool you , let’s move on. This place reminds me a lot – and I do mean a lot of a place I often frequented in the UK, before it unpredictably shut down. From the decor, to the lighting, it simulates it almost to the tee.

I know it’s not.

I know it’s named after the end of the alphabet.

But it just feels so at home, and that’s what I like about it.

Warm, cozy, fuzzy, and neon light filled – this is one of my many happy places…and it’s about to be yours, too.


I’m a sucker for things like this…a smart sucker – but a sucker. I love the clean lines of this place, and the well thought out furniture and layout they implemented. If there’s one place to wind down in on a Sunday night – this is it.

Don’t get too crazy with the drinks – you’re winding down – not up. Order a simple G&T with a splash of lime, shaken & chilled, not stirred, pick a good spot to sit down and engage in intimate conversation –


9/10 says you’re friends will probably be either at home sleeping the prior night off or too weak from hangovers too make it out here.

Located in Aloft Miami Hotel, this is the perfect time to have a seat outside on their terrace, master your charm, and stuff your face to make up for all the nutrients you lost from the sheer amount of alcohol consumed the night before…while you’re at it though don’t forget to, you know – work on your conversation skills. Obviously.

Party like a rockstar.

– Rego

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