For The Weekenders: College Edition…

So this weekend I wanted to postpone the usual Thursday’s “For the Weekenders” post, because I wanted to share something local with you guys I was waiting for the chance to check out. Not only that, but I thought I’d put together a carefully thought out list of things that you current college students out there can enjoy, even when you’re strapped for cash. Been there, done that, sucks. Life is too short to not have fun.

Therefore I bring to you, For The Weekenders: College Edition. Enjoy.

Live music. Sangria. Tapas. Paella. Ceviche. Speaking of….that’s the name of the place I checked out this weekend.

Muy romántico.

“With a couple buddies, Rego?,” you ask? Why no – while this is the perfect spot for friends and family, it also rates very high on my scale as an excellent date spot.

Especially when you have insanely talented music artists such as May Barreto in the background while you eat, that you get to listen to live with absolutely no cover charge on a Friday & Saturday night. Not a fan of Flamenco guitar? No problem, they have many other artists that come to play as well.

Yes, you heard right, great music, great Sangria, and one of a kind Paella,  makes for an unforgettable night.

Order of Sangria for two, please.

So if you managed to land that 10 at the bar on campus, and you don’t wanna break the bank while still doing something with style, shuffle over to Ceviche, which you can find at various locations, not just limited to Delray Beach.

No reservations here, it’s first come, first serve…ask for one of their best, most romantic tucked away tables. Close enough to hear and (if you choose) see the live acts, far enough to carry on a conversation at a whisper where you both have to lean in (wink). Motion to the waiter/waitress, and request confidently a half bottle of the Cristalino Brut, while you nonchalantly explain to your date the hints of citrus notes and light texture of it.

From there, order up the Zarzuela, packed with seafood and slow simmered in saffron tomato sauce. Your date’s a vegetarian, you say? No problem, go for the Paella de Vegetales and watch as she enjoys every last bite.

The food is reasonable and the drinks even more-so…what do you have to lose? Check out their menu, and website. You won’t regret it.

I get it – you got a little carried away last night and ended up ordering 3 half bottles instead of 2,  aimed for appetizers, entree and dessert, and now you’re a little short for that game you wanted to go see.

Well, skip the game and hit up the park yourself, grab a few buddies, drop by your local toy store, and kick it old school by playing some Frisbee.

You guys remember these things, right…?

The best part is you don’t have to spend $30, $20, or even $10 if you don’t want to…and unless you’re planning on being Frisbee’s version of a Tiger Woods, I wouldn’t encourage you to.

No, instead, with a little out of the box thinking, you can find a Frisbee for under $10. Fun fact – I found mine for $1 when a store was having a blowout sale – and this was well into the 21st century when I did. How’s that for savings?

So you’ve got the friends, you’ve got the park, and you’ve got the Frisbee. Now what? Well, just go wild. You’d be surprised how a simple childhood pastime can still be as fun as it was when you were 10…not to mention competitive.

Frisbee – cooler than it sounds.

The best, most inexpensive sport since…running.

Alright so now that you’re all pumped up from that being a decent exercise in itself, you figure you deserve  a little wind-down time before hitting those books again. Something fun, something classic, something…college like.

And honestly, what’s more fitting than some good ol’ drinking games?

I know…I know, I know, I know. Typical. Ring of Fire. Bleh. Never Have I Ever. Boring. Beer Pong. Are you kidding me?

How about revisiting your childhood once more….but with a twist.

Remember Connect Four? Four in a Row? Anyone remember that…? I do. I loved it. I love it even more now, with this lovely little adult spin-off version – Pour in a Row.

pour in a row

I laughed the first time I heard the name. Until I realized how fun – and amazingly similar to the childhood version it was. It’s designed for two players, so it’s a fun little thing for an intimate date with your S.O. Total damage? $15 plus alcohol.

But let’s say you want more than two players – let’s say you’ve got a little house party going on and have always been a fan of the casino scene. No need to panic – this is where Shot Glass Roulette comes into play.

shot glass roulette

While this thing may not be made of the same material they use in Las Vegas, it gets the job done…besides, who would want to risk a $300+ party piece around people who are 7 drinks in? Count me out. Save your dollars. Save your worries…and get some common “sense.” Total damage is only $12, plus alcohol. For 16 shot glasses and the game itself, I’d call that a deal.

Alright…so you’re not the casino type, and you’re not the novelty childhood games type…but you are however, the game show type…? Well, there’s something for you too.


Let’s put it this way – if Wheel of Fortune, and university/college drinking games had a night of passion, and from that passion came a love child – it would be called Wheel of Drink. The American version of Spin, Sip, or Stripwill have everyone in a feel good mood in no time. Total damage? $4.71, plus alcohol. What’s not to love…?

….and there you have it really. A handful of ideas for when you just feel like keeping your wallet fat and doing something low key. No matter what, there’s always a fun time to be found.

Stay awesome.

– Rego

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