“You are unique…

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Excellent and inspirational quote from Martha Graham You’re not meant to just be “normal” or “ordinary.” You’re not meant to move with the crowd and do as they do. You’re not meant to follow the masses. You’re meant to tap into what makes you you, and run with it.

Waste your talents and you’ve wasted a very important part of your life. Explore and enhance your talents and you’ve tapped into part of your purpose. Don’t lose to what society says you should do – don’t lose yourself.

You’re unique. You’re original. There isn’t another one like you out there.

As always…

Stay awesome.

– Rego



5 thoughts on ““You are unique…

  1. Great quote. When talking with a friend who stated lowered their standards for acceptance in a relationship, to only be mistreated.
    Will pass this along for sure.

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