For The Weekenders: What Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson Didn’t Tell You

Let’s be honest.

Looking good and being athletic is a lifestyle.

That six-pack didn’t build itself.

Nor did those badass biceps.

Or even those buns of tone and definition…

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…and I understand – the weekend is about having fun.

Sometimes, there are just some days where fitness – isn’t fun. Yeah I said it. But you know what? There’s some days where even when fitness isn’t fun, you do it anyway. This weekend, you’re gonna skip the bars – you’re gonna get active, and stay fit – and you’re gonna get paid for it. That’s right – you’re gonna get paid. To workout.

If Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson can get paid for rocking a fit bod, why can’t you? You do know that’s the main reason he gets paid, right? Come on…before acting – the guy was a wrestler. Wrestlers get paid – to have muscles. It’s not rocket science…and with that pay comes lifestyle – and with that lifestyle comes fun…and what does fun equal? Having badass nights out and trips to wherever. So when you think about it – Fitness…breeds success.

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I won’t lie though his acting career outshines his wrestling *nods.*

Pain and Gain was a fail though.

Sorry Dwayne – your acting was funny, especially the Team Jesus bit…

…but the rest – just not my style.

So anyway, you’re probably asking how and by whom you’re going to get paid. Well, first, there’s three things you need:

  1. A smart phone
  2. Time
  3. A little app called “GymPact

…and that’s about it.

How does it work? Long story short – you profit from other people’s laziness, under one condition. You yourself, aren’t lazy. The vid below explains it all.

Pretty straightforward right? I use it…and do you have any idea how much cash I rake in at going to the gym 5 days a week? Yeah. Do the math.

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It’s available for both iPhone and Android, but right now GymPact Anywhere (where you don’t have to just check-in to a gym but can work out anywhere) is only available for iPhone. I’d say it’s time to start complaining to Google. What better way to make cash by just doing something you can work into your daily routine or are already doing now? Go ahead and get the app now.

(By the way – If you’re not sure where to start when it comes to exercising and eating right, go ahead and check out the fitness section of my official site for more free tips. Subscribe for a free eBook on fitness, too.)

Need a few ideas for where to work out now that you know you’re gonna get paid? Already got you covered.

Out of numerous favorites I’ve touched on in previous posts before, CrossTown Fitness and the way they do things has me wanting to write about them.

I love beaches. I love sprinting on beaches…and for some odd reason I love astroturf. Maybe it’s the sound of the name.



So space-agey.

CrossTown Fitness has all of the above – so naturally, I love them.

crosstown fitness, working out, how to work out, how to exercise, best gyms in america

Although around this time it may be a little chilly to train at North Avenue Beach, they have other options available. Other options for you to train hard and rake in all the cash of the non-gym-goers.

Other options like park workouts, personal training sessions, and stand-up paddle boarding and kayaking adventures (for, y’know, when it gets warmer, obviously). The main thing is you will be working out – and you will be sweating – a lot. This isn’t 24 hour fitness – and this sure as hell isn’t any other franchise sell out gym you usually see. They’re here to kick your ass – not kiss it…

guy punching, workout, exercise, crosstown fitness, how to work out effectively, rego's life

Alright…I think you’ve suffered enough.

It’s time to hit the club.

Yeah – I said it – the club.

Let’s get some fun cardio in.

Come on, I’ll buy you a drink at the bar…

What kind of smoothie do you want…?

strawberry smoothie, smoothies, the best smoothies, how to make a smoothie, fitness

What do you mean “what”? Wait….you do know this is a nightclub that does fitness workouts, right?

OH. Well…you’re here anyway so might as well – now quit whining. I said stop it.

No really. stop – it’s not everyday you get to workout in a nightclub.

Which is exactly what LazerFitness serves up.

(Speaking of serves up – go ahead and grab your free eBook on how to make great smoothies now)

It gives you everything and more that a nightclub does, with flashing lights, smoke machines, and extremely talented DJs – the upside is you never end up running into a drunk S.O.B. that can screw up your night but instead, like minded, healthy, and dare I say athletic (and attractive) people.

Calisthenics and dance is a big part of their routine – which is win-win for you all around – didn’t know how to find rhythm in your body when you used to go out clubbing? Well, with all the practice these guys give you, now you will. Not to mention you’ll be rocking muscle and tone, not fat. So if it ever gets too hot when you’re out at a regular nightclub, you can rip off that shirt with pride.

Fitness never looked so fun. 😉

Stay awesome.

– Rego

For The Weekenders: What Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson Didn’t Tell You is a post from Rego’s Life.


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