Musings Episode 30: Success…

So this Episodic Musing is officially my 30th…

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…and I’ve gotta say, I’m quite happy. I started this blog in the beginning of the year for fun and to share with people my thoughts and philosophies on lifestyle – and it’s gotten pretty big.

Ergo I thought the appropriate topic to touch on in this post would be Success. I know I’ve talked about it before, but I’ve never really made one concentrated article on it.

Now’s the time to do so.

Success is everything you want, an automatic request on your desire list, and something you push towards every single day of your natural life without even realizing it.

At times, many people may think that success is only measured by large accomplishment – when really, it can be as simple as a few small achievements a day. The question is – what is it that you consider an achievement?

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Everyone has their own “scale” – this “scale” is something in which they measure themselves by. Some people build their scale off of other people’s scales, which can often be detrimental to their own success.

Comparing yourself against others will get you nowhere. I’d just like to tell you that now. You can have a figure or someone to look up to and admire their achievements – but never, EVER peg yourself against someone else’s own success scale.

I mentioned in a coaching session on my official site how the only person you should be in competition with is yourself – that’s the only person you should be up against, and the only person you should be comparing your milestones to.

There’s a free eBook I’m currently giving away that touches on this and other dramatic ways to improve your lifestyle – if you haven’t already go ahead and head over to my official site to subscribe and grab it.

By competing against yourself, it gives you a chance to create your own path and find goals you’d like to set for yourself – and no one else. Many people who wish they could have the same achievements some of their “idols” have accomplished hurt themselves by following the same path their idols take – this isn’t building YOUR success – this is living in someone’s shadow.

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…and if you’re somebody and wanna be an even greater somebody, the last thing you want is to live in someone else’s shadow.

Einstein once said:

Einstein insanity quote, einstein quotes, insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results

…and I wholeheartedly agree. This brings me to my next point – in doing the same thing, you’re gonna get same results.

Really, when you think about it – what’s a job?

Really. Think about it.

Unless it’s in a creative field, many jobs are going into a building or going to a place and doing the same thing, day in, day out.

You get the steady paycheck.

You get the steady time.

You meet the same people.

You do this over, and over, and over again.

Wash. Rinse. Repeat.

As my great uncle used to say –

“You live one day, in 70 years, or 70 years in one day.”

A job – living one day in 70 years.

That’s so fucking boring.

You trade hours for dollars.

I believe in trading ideas for millions.

I believe in living 70 years in a single day.

You can trade hours for dollars or ideas for millions, choice is yours, achievement quotes, money quotes, idea quotes, success quote, rego's life

Which sounds better?

I’ll take the latter any day.

Ideas that are acted upon stimulate the brain, and force you to think creatively until it comes naturally to you.

That’s a mini milestone to success.

Action, action, action – innovation, innovation, innovation.

That’s success.

Reaching into your own head.

Grabbing your own ideas that truly make you happy.

Acting upon said ideas with no holding back.

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This is when you really start being, doing, and achieving what you’re really meant to.

Wait a minute.

I’m not saying go out there and quit your job tomorrow – no, not at all. You’re not pinning me for saying that.

What I am saying is, while you’re at that job making that steady cash that takes care of the bills, stop bullshitting around with the rest of the money and buying new furniture when you just bought some 2 years ago.

Stop impulse buying shit that’s just gonna collect in your garage.

Stop being on autopilot.

I’m not saying stop spending and start budgeting – god no. I’m saying if you wanna spend, take the time out to think on what you really wanna spend on.

But don’t just do that either – start thinking of ways you can get off that hamster wheel you’ve been on for Christ knows how long, and start acting on ideas while you’re still at your job. Make time to do it.

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I understand many of you want stability, that comfortable feeling of knowing your needs are met – but take it a step further and think about your needs being met and not having to worry about waiting for the special thing you wanna buy or having to buy it on credit because you don’t have the money at the moment.

Think about the feeling of choosing to buy shit on credit and knowing you have the money to pay for it tomorrow if you want.

entrepreneurship is living a few years of your life like most people won't, so you can spend the rest of your life like most people can't, entrepreneurship quotes, success quotes, determination quotes, inspirational quotes, motivation quotes

Stop doing the same old day in, day out routine. If you can’t do that just yet – then do the same routine when it comes to your job or self run one-man-band business, and take the time to think up new ways to get yourself out of the current, hamster wheel, never ending cycle type autopilot and into a different kind of auto pilot.

I’m talking automated income.

I’m talking money you only dreamed of making in a year you can make in half that time – or even a month.

John Chow talks about this in his course on How to Live The Dot Com Lifestyle.

Stop doing the same old, same old because it’s comfortable, and start thinking – then act on that thinking.

That’s success.

Oh and last but not least….

Build your dream or someone will hire you to build theirs, if you don't build your dream someone else will hire you to build theirs, success quotes, motivational quotes, inspirational quotes, achievement quotes, rego's life

As always…

Stay awesome. ūüėČ

– Rego

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Musings Episode 29: Lifestyle…

Alright so…as you all know, my blog mainly focuses on lifestyle enhancements. But lately a lot of what I’ve been finding is, when you Google how to improve your lifestyle, or getting more from your money to enjoy life, most people talk about just being frugal, money conscious, or maintaining a dreaded “budget”…..damn I don’t like that word. Not in the slightest.

The question is….why? Why is it that lifestyle is associated with money? Well, for one – money is the modern day bartering system. So alright, fair enough there…

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…but why is it that people believe that money is what limits them? I believe in splurging and living practically – the best of both worlds. I’ve been blasted before because of this – many stating that method of thinking is easier said then done – but if you really look at how society is taught to utilize money, you’ll realize it’s not about budgeting, or clipping coupons, or getting that no-frills flight for a discounted ticket rate.

It’s about the way you look at money….and the way many are taught to look at money is a very weird way. I know I keep banging this into your head but as a whole, people are taught to be consumers. Now I’m not saying consumerism is bad, not at all. But the way in which you’re taught to be a consumer, may be detrimental to the way you’re also taught to achieve your real desires, and real goals.

There’s a saying – Americans live to work – Europeans work to live.

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What is living? It’s a definition custom tailored to each and every individuals concepts and goals. Yet still, as a majority, people are mostly taught what living is – not to define and teach themselves what it is.

Learning can be done two ways – the lazy way, or the easy way with a touch more effort on your part. You’re probably thinking “lazy and easy are the same, aren’t they?” – not necessarily so.

Lazy is auto pilot – which hey, sometimes I love autopilot. Push notifications, auto updates, automated money making, etc, etc….lazy can be fun as hell.

Easy can be auto pilot, but in order to be auto pilot, there has to be some sort of structure built first – when you think about it, lazy stems from easy, except it’s already put in place.

That’s how many who have learned how to live, have learned it the lazy way. This is especially so in any country where the mass majority intakes large amounts of tube time (television, if that didn’t register with you).

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Weeks ago I was at a friend’s working on a car with them, it was the weekend…and as we were driving out of the neighborhood, for the first time I saw a lot of people’s garage doors open – and when I looked inside…what do you think I saw?


Garages filled with stuff.

Here we were, driving through the community and where I thought most garages would look like their intended use, instead I saw tons of stuff, piled on top of each other however neatly people saw fit – and not being used. Forgotten about. Stored away for…whatever reason.

That’s not caring about yourself. That’s not the good kind of selfish. That’s temporary gratification to fulfill short term desires.

The commercials come on, they tell you you need this, and you want that, and you’re missing this, and you’re home wouldn’t be complete without that – and your daughter needs to learn how to be a mom, and your son needs to learn all things rough and tough and mechanical and tactical all before they’ve both even hit puberty. They tell you you’re better off with this credit card, because you can get more things – then months later if you’re still in lazy mode and the bill hasn’t been paid, they say it’s okay that you’re in debt and this and that company can help you – it’s not your fault, but those damn people who enticed you and held an imaginary gun to your head making you sign up for that card and this loan for that boat. They further encourage you – they say even if your financial track record is shot to shit it’s still okay, because they’ll help you finance and consume more irregardless, if you’re tired of that 2012 CLK500 and want the 2013 one now…

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….doesn’t all this sound exhausting?

but alas – you’ve learned the auto pilot way of living – what do you care? It hardly took any effort….

Wait though. You do care? Good, that’s what I want from you. To care. About yourself. Be selfish – in a good way. Not the way you’ve been taught.

Plain and simple, the easy way of living is this – exercise your imagination. Creativity. Attitude. Looking inside yourself – not at the TV, not listening to the radio commercials, not reading the junk literature…but looking inside yourself. Taking time out, day by day – even 30 minutes – that’s just 2% of your day – to strike up a conversation with you. Get to know what you like, what you want, what’s fun for you, what you enjoy buying – not what everyone else says that should be liked, should be desired, is fun, and is enjoyable to buy.

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There’s two roads – the road less traveled, and the most well known road. Take the less traveled one – because really, when you think about it, that’s your road. Free of pot holes, miles and miles of smooth, unbeaten pavement.

When you begin to teach yourself how to live, how to desire, and how to acquire – then you’re learning how to live – because you won’t be going off any cookie cutter template that’s already been made – but you’ll have your own identity. Side note – go ahead and subscribe on my official site for a free ebook on how to do this.

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You’ll be original in your own way. You’ll stand out above the crowd, and you’ll do it for you – not for anyone else. You’ll be selfish enough to find out and explore what makes you happy…and you won’t care whether or not you have the latest car or the newest iPhone – because you’ll go after what you really want, and not people judging you by what you should want.

It takes more effort, but the effort is minimal, and in fact, less stressful.

lifestyle enhancements, how to live your life, how to live life, how to improve your life, lifestyle

Remember this – the person you see in the mirror – that’s your competition. That’s your audience. That’s your follower. When it comes to your life, and how to live it, as long as you do it in a positive and constructive way, to better yourself – then the only person you have to focus on getting things done for, is yourself.

Stay awesome. ūüėČ

– Rego

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Musings Episode 20: Early Retirement…

This past week I went out of town on business. The place I stayed in was great – beautiful beach front resort with all the bells and whistles – they pretty much won a Four Diamond award, if that’s not grounds to be impressed I don’t know what is. I’m talking about Costa d’ Este – if you haven’t been or are looking for a great place to holiday I highly recommend checking them out. Ask for an ocean view room, second floor.

So anyway, after a reluctant, late and drawn out night of “shooting the breeze” with business associates, I wake up incredibly hungover – pretty much facing up to the fact the gym will have to wait until the evening time. Yet besides the hangover, I feel great – and after grabbing a bottle of water, plop myself back into bed admiring the view.

Second floor view from my balcony.

Second floor view from my balcony.

I slowly start getting ready for the day, while listening to some chill sounds of bossa nova floating out of the in-room speakers they provide for your iPod…and when I finally am dressed, the pounding headache and insurmountable weakness from alcohol felt suddenly disappears – and the same feeling that’s always pushed me to do more and be better comes over me.

It’s the feeling of wanting more, wanting to see more, wanting to do more. It ¬†made me think of my retirement plans and how I’ve been slowly but surely building up to the ideal lifestyle I’ve had in mind for years. In experiencing all this, I wanted to share my thoughts and some discussions I’ve had regarding retirement – when I say retirement, it’s not at all what the typical meaning of it is nowadays. I’m not at all talking about going someplace nice to die once someone’s reached past the age of 65…because really when you think about it, that’s the type of retirement that’s been pitched for¬†decades…and it’s downright depressing.


The kind of retirement I’m talking about is enjoying life now, and coming up with a way of¬†having a consistent stream of income with minimal effort – automated practically. A lot of people raised on the standard society model deem this impossible and foolish. Even back in my university days I once had a (friendly) debate with a mate of mine who was a real penny pincher, and believed that he should be a miser so all the money he saved could be enjoyed when he turned 65.

Whenever I hear this type of logic I have a tendency to ask someone – what if they saved all that money then died the next day after they finally go to cash out? What would they have to account for it….? What could they say they did that was extraordinary with their life? What would they say they missed out on that they wished they did…?

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Too often people are concerned about saving money for retirement, instead of saving money or utilizing credit in a sound way to build a business (see my Musings Episode 19) to where it pays you. Little do they know by the time you save that money, inflation’s already devalued it and you end up having less by the time your skin turns wrinkly. I want everyone to learn and understand that waiting until you get older is a¬†played out method of thinking of things, and enjoying life in general. There’s no joy in going to pick up that sports car you wanted 30 years ago only to drive it slow as all get out because you’re older now.

Retirement doesn’t have to mean being over the hill and waiting until the beginning of the month for your pension check or social security – retirement can be right now – from mini holidays to treating yourself to something you’d usually steer clear of because “it’s the responsible thing to do”. I’m not saying go out there and blow your life savings on a Ferrari – that’s beyond stupid.


What I am saying is instead of planning for decades ahead, shift your focus instead towards creating an actual bucket list and starting with the simplest things to accomplish right now. If you already have a bucket list go over the things you set out to do and have accomplished, and work with it the same way Рat least if you get the simplest things out of the way the bigger goals may seem like less of a challenge.

Early retirement doesn’t have to mean having all the money in the world – it can simply mean taking small steps towards your goals bit by bit. It doesn’t mean stop working all together – it simply means finding ways to check off certain things from that mental list you’ve always had. It means turning that mental list, into an actual¬†hardcopy list.


The first place to start is imagination. It sounds childish – but really the main song that was ever so popular in the original Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory movie never rang so true. As we age, we’re taught that imagination is for kids, and that it’s time to face the real world and focus on real responsibilities. Yet no one every told us that if we continued to use our imagination, we could potentially and almost certainly come up with¬†even better ways to take care of those responsibilities – hell, possibly even¬†easier ways, no doubt.


I know that this may sound like a sort of rant but really it’s just a collection of thoughts I’ve had jumping around in my head for a while, that resurfaced into actual structured paragraphs and sentences since Vero. I want everyone to experience the great parts of life¬†now, not later. There’s so much more to it than getting up and doing the same mundane process over and over, week in week out.

In the words of William Faulkner,

‚ÄúIt’s a shame that the only thing a man can do for eight hours a day is work. He can’t eat for eight hours; he can’t drink for eight hours; he can’t make love for eight hours. The only thing a man can do for eight hours is work.‚ÄĚ – William Faulkner

While I believe that there are some things that a person can do for more than 8 hours (such as lounging on a boat ūüėČ ) this quote really hits home – there was something I used to say when I was a kid to my parents….

Why is it, that adults can make money to pay the bills, and adults can make it on time to their place of employment to do someone else’s work….but it’s so hard to find time for other things?

Sometimes I wonder if as humans some people get into a sort of lazy pattern…the “Who moved my cheese?” syndrome. More than likely people do – you see it everyday…but I don’t wanna focus on that – the main thing is, with enough effort, and enough energy, and enough outside-the-box thinking – I believe as humans we can have whatever we want.

It just takes some creativity. So exercise your mind – exercise your body. Join a sport. Check something of your bucket list. Don’t zone out to the daily doldrums of television – actually it’s a lot easier to live without TV than you may think – just this past month I gave up TV all together and now I only pay for telephone and internet. A) I don’t have the time for it, and B) it’s not worth giving time.

Because when you get to a point in life, where you want to watch your life unfold into something great – instead of vegging out and watching others – you’ll begin to play a whole different ball game.

Stay sharp.

– Rego

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Musings Episode 19: Turning Bills into Leverage….? The Ultimate Cheat Sheet Tip for People with New Credit

A lot of people shun new credit if someone’s in their early to mid 20s. Consider it weird…awkward….odd. As many may know, credit is a big thing in the United States of America. Not so much in the United Kingdom. So when someone wet behind the ears turns 18 – the first thing they (usually) get in the mail are a bunch of credit card offers – that’s how it was when I hit that age.


Though some things did change when Obama came into office and the biggest recession hit in 2008 since The Great Depression.

I remember when I got back to the states a few years ago, and decided to finally get into the loop of credit – but like I said – a LOT had changed then. On the one hand it was great – because it protected the less financially educated people who associated credit with consumerism – on the other hand, for the finance savvy counterparts such as myself, it made things far more difficult.

All sorts of questions were asked and statements made,

“How many lines of credit do you currently have?”

“Have you ever taken out any loans?”

“There’s no¬†credit history of you anywhere.”

“If you don’t have any credit history we’re going to have to secure double (sometimes triple) the amount.”

“Why haven’t you gotten a credit card before?”


Question after question piled in, and after finally believing that I had no desire to really have credit cards, advice and suggestions followed.

“The fastest way to build your credit is to take out a loan…don’t pay it off early – pay it according to the payment plan until the very last installment.”

“Apply for a secure credit card – put your own money on it and borrow from yourself.”

“Get a few consumer cards under your belt – you know, places like Target, Macy’s, etc – spend and then pay the balance.”

The last one really made me laugh…firstly, because I’m not much of a consumer at all (especially not at those stores), and secondly, buying just to buy makes no sense to me. While the media pushes consumerism and teaches society to accumulate – I’ve always been one to take opposite advice – besides, I don’t like clutter.


The funny thing is, though minimal РI actually had credit history Рjust not in the USA, but instead abroad. So for me it was a little like starting from scratch all over again, except with far more jumps and hoops.

I finally got one decent credit card, from Capital One. Starting out, I mostly used it for gas and the occasional meal, and would pay off the balance weekly. This made my credit history with Capital One soar – not to mention one insanely awkward time where they “blocked” and held one of my payments – on account of me paying the balance down too rapidly – to which they heard the far less calmer, quiet version of Rego.

After that small hiccup, shortly after they offered me a credit line increase.

I kept at this, switching my payment methods to monthly, never with a minimum payment and always in full, until after a while combined with calling up and asking when the statement dates were, I had nearly two months available to pay the balance – interest free. On top of that I was getting free cash from them as well with cash back rewards.


Within 6 months, this doubled my credit score. While this was all fine and dandy, I wanted to accelerate the process even more Рand then it hit me. I was gaining leverage of time, with money that was practically mine to use without worry of giving anything back in return Рjust on time payments. Forget consumerism. If I was getting time, to pay something almost two months later, interest-free, and making a percentage of my cash back Рwhy not take it a step further and pay my monthly bills with it?

Mind you, things such as accommodation and utilities, I still paid off my own separate accounts…but things like telephone, internet, insurance, even business expenses, I could easily pay¬†off of the charge cards – and did.


There were numerous reasons why this worked out to be in my best interest:

  • Leverage of time
  • Money I could use practically interest free without touching my own, for almost two months (which pretty much is the same thing as leverage of time)
  • Cash earned on interest free credit I was using
  • Better, more secure methods of paying bills – using a credit company if need arose to dispute a charge was far easier and resolved more quickly than with a debit card
  • Ability to build a track record of using lines of credit and keeping them in good standing

Present day, I stick with three solid cards, and try to keep my balances below 33% Рwhich is extraordinarily easy. So really, if people are taught to think of credit less as a consumer opportunity, and more of a business one Рthere are many ways to win Рallowing a person to go after bigger fish, by building credit faster.


I’ll give you guys a good example of an excellent way to build your credit, keep the balances low, and¬†leverage your time on payments made for your monthly bills. If you take 3 cards, and split them into categories – business, mandatory living expenses, and recurring leisure expenses – you can get your mind geared towards clearer, more strategic thinking – and take your way of seeing money to a new level.

So let’s say you used one card for business expenses – i.e. if you have a recurring monthly bill from Blue Host or Host Gator for a website you have – you can put that on the business card. Business trips where you’re buying gas? Business card.

How about mandatory living expenses? I say mandatory, because with the way the world operates today, this could easily apply to internet, telephone, and auto insurance – staple things like that. So you’ve got a recurring charge that comes out every month for auto insurance – then you put it on the living expenses card.


Pretty good at managing money but still can’t let go of that Pandora One or PlayStation Plus subscription? Go weak in the knees for Netflix? Alright – that’s fine, I’ve got a weakness for Pandora One too – so put it on the leisure expense card.

It’s all very simple. If you can start looking at credit lines and charge cards¬†this way – you can have a great time all around – and literally be laughing all the way to the bank. Because paying a credit card bill won’t seem like a task anymore – but an advantage.


I’m seeing green.

Just remember these 4 key things:

  1. Always pay ON TIME
  2. Always pay IN FULL
  3. Always keep spending CATEGORIZED and SEPARATE
  4. Always keep the balance UNDER 33%

I know the last one may be hard starting out, especially if you’re given a very low line of credit, but keep at it and you’ll see that quickly change.

Stay savvy ūüėČ

– Rego

Musings Episode 19: Turning Bills into Leverage….? The Ultimate Cheat Sheet Tip for People with New Credit is a post from and appeared first on Rego‚Äôs Life