For The Weekenders: Sweets Delivered to Your Door, Moves Like Thriller, Massages on Demand…

Let’s be honest….everyone has their own little late night cravings.

Late night cravings

Hold up – I didn’t mean that.

Get your head out of the gutter…I was talking about sweets. You’re on your own with the other stuff...

….alright all jokes aside – there’s this great little place I discovered about a week ago that I just had to share with you guys (and ladies). It’s located in Miami – but hear me out before you move onto the next one in the lineup.

So get this – you know those nights out where you have a great time, but in the process ended up getting serious munchies? Yeah – we’ve all been there. Well, this is where Night Owl Cookie Co. comes in handy.

night owl cookie company

While their current website may be a little lacking, don’t let that shy you away – these guys freshly baked goods are, well, good….and that’s a high compliment coming from someone who works out 5 days a week, twice a day. So Night Owl Cookie Co. – good job. Keep up the good work. 😉

What makes them so special? Oh nothing…except the fact that they deliver cookies and other various sweets right to your front door. Which, let’s be honest, when you’ve had one too many drinks and you and a group of friends have carried the party over to your place, turns out to be extremely convenient – to say the least.

night owl cookie company review

Go ahead and check out their menu, where you can take your pick from any of their signature cookies. They also offer donuts, and milk with your choice of chocolate or vanilla to wash all that down so you’re not left feeling parched. Open from 12 p.m. to 2 a.m. every day, delivery to your door on a Friday is a breeze with prompt, courteous service. Just try not to spill that cocktail on their shoes.

Speaking of cocktails, every once in a while it’s good to get away from the Miami scene and head out west – I’m thinking L.A….because while Miami is fun – you haven’t fully partied until you’ve partied out west. There and Thailand. *nods*

Not to be mistaken for the San Francisco based band Honeycut, there’s a sweet little hangout with the same name, but different game – located in L.A. on S Flower St. – conveniently located in the Alley parallel to Flower. What do they have? Allow me to inform you….

Honeycut Los Angeles Cocktails On Tap

Remember that other For The Weekenders post I wrote about Wine on Tap…? Well, try cocktails on tap – yeah, Honeycut takes it one step further – and it’s that one step further that makes me, and any other weekend enthusiasts jump for joy like a tween at a Justin Beiber concert.

Jump for joy

The place is packed with different things, including awesome decor, craft cocktails, blue felt pool table, ultra comfy leather seating – oh and did I mention a dance floor that makes you feel like you’re on the set of Saturday Night Fever (or even Thriller)…? Yeah Except way more swank.

I’d recommend brushing up on your dance moves – it’s gonna be kind of hard to look better than Travolta in this setting if you’re with a hot date. If you’re absolutely sure you can’t beat Travolta – or Michael Jackson for that matter – then just hope for the best, knock back a few drinks, and pray they’ve never seen either films.

Honeycut LA Dance Floor

Before you hit that dance floor, hit up the bar first, take in the scenery, and try your hand at some pool for a warm-up. A warm-up never hurt anyone. Besides – it gives you an excuse to take photos and post them to Instagram – if you’re into that.

With every warm-up, there comes a cool down…you know, stretching, taking things slow, etc, etc….this one’s for those of you in New York. Admit it – after a good night out clubbing/dancing, if for the rest of the week the only form of exercise you do is lift your fingers to type, you’re bound to be sore the morning after.

Now – can most people really be arsed to book a massage therapy appointment and drag themselves over to the facility? Hardly.

Massage Zeelot

This is where Massage Zeelot comes in. What you get…? A little app for your phone, a free, professional massage table for your home (shipped directly to you), and a masseuse on demand at the snap of your fingers (or, touch of your smart phone screen).

It couldn’t be easier. They send you the massage table so this way, whichever masseuse is closest to you only has to worry about grabbing the essentials and getting over to you asap – meaning, in as little as an hour. You can book as many massages as you want, each massage lasting 60 minutes – so you can work out all those knots and kinks at your own pace.

Convenience just got a little more awesome…and I’d say that’s a damn fine way to close off any Sunday.

Stay cool. 😉

– Rego

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