For The Weekenders: Sorry for Party Rockin’.

Why Hello There.

You’re just in time. Why? Well, if you’ve been one of my dedicated readers for a while and you’ve been keeping count, you’ll realize that this is (drum roll please)…

My 100th Post.

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To top it off – it just so happened to fall on one of my “For The Weekenders” post days, too.

So I figure if I’m gonna write a great weekend activities list, I might as well do it big – and this is where I ask myself….

How would I celebrate my 100th post? You’re about to find out…enjoy.

Let’s start off with a big splash. Literally. In the ocean. On a surfboard.

heli-surfing in new zealand, heli surfing newzealand, rego's life, sorry for party rockin, lmfao album, sorry for party rocking, lmfao party rock

With a helicopter.

In New Zealand. Yeah – I’m not kidding. If you’re up for the ultimate weekend with your bros (or girls) and a big water enthusiast, this is the thing to be doing this weekend. Why? Well, one – the obvious reason, you get to surf via helicopter. If you can’t understand the awesomeness of that – then you’re just dying for a slap.

The second best reason to go heli-surfing in New Zealand? It’s a 10 day excuse to pack up and leave town if you’ve been getting the itch to travel or just want an excuse to go somewhere and do something extreme. I know in a previous For The Weekenders I talked about heli-golfing – but this is a whole new level. So skip the road trips, pack your bags and your best board, and head over to New Zealand ASAP. In case you’re wondering where on earth you’ll stay, no worries, that’s been sorted too. Make your way to The Spire Hotel in Queenstown and check-in to be escorted to your suite, filled with every imaginable comfort you can fathom.

the spire hotel queenstown suite, sorry for party rockin, lmfao album, heli surfing in new zealand, black tomato, rego's life, for the weekenders sorry for party rockin

Don’t forget to hit up your private terrace to eat breakfast – what’d you think – you were gonna have to eat with complete strangers??? Pfft…

Once you’re rested up and ready to go, from there it’s simply meeting up with your pilot and flying over glaciers, waterfalls, and rain forest for a seemingly never ending quest for the perfect barrels…and we all know what that means – escaping the crowds, isolated wave breaks, and exclusive access to the cleanest barrels you’ve ever seen. If anytime within those 10 days you get bored (or just wanna mix things up for the sake of variety), there’s always cave tubing or bungee jumping – whatever floats your boat. If you didn’t have much reason to exercise bragging rights before – well now you do.

Yeah. Thank me later.

Let’s forget about New Zealand for a minute. I know, that was insanely epic but turn your attention to the Czech Republic – as in Prague – as in your very own personal suite. The only suite. In the entire hotel. In fact, that is the hotel.

rego's life, one room hotel tower park prague, sorry for party rockin, lmfao album, for the weekenders

Why would you wanna stay in a hotel that has only one room? Well, answer me this:

How many hotels do you know of that are atop the 700-foot Žižkov TV tower in Prague? Go ahead – let that sink in for a minute. I’ll wait while you think.

That’s right. Except this one – zero. None. Which is exactly what makes it such an epic experience. Plus the killer view *nods* nobody’s ever complained about the view.

rego's life, one room hotel tower park prague, sorry for party rockin, lmfao album, for the weekenders

Do you see it…? Here use these binoculars – that’s me waving.

The room is packed with things your regular five star hotel just doesn’t have, or didn’t think to have. That’s okay though – let’s not give them a bad rap – after all, this claims itself as a six star hotel, with a bose sound system, horse hair stuffed bed worth more than 5 generations of middle class income, luxurious mini-bar, and like I can’t keep saying enough, a bird’s eye view of the city where you’re the only one up there. Ever been to a hotel and wished you had it all to yourself, and there were no other rooms beside, above, below, or opposite you? Wish. Granted. Reach out and grab it at One Room Hotel in Prague.

rego's life, one room hotel tower park prague, sorry for party rockin, lmfao album, for the weekenders

Lucky you.

Alright I know you’re just itching to book your flight by now and make your reservations, but just hang on – I’ve got one more for the list…and it has to do with mouthwash blue (yes, I really did just say it) waters and your own private island. Where is this paradise, you ask? The Bahamas.

Royal Island via Cuvée Escapes Royal Island, Bahamas, rego's life, for the weekenders, royal island bahamas, sorry for party rockin

What’s better than 430 acres of palm tree embellished paradise? A 430 acre palm tree embellished paradise all to yourself. Friends optional. Date you’re trying to impress a must. I’d say bring some friends, too though – it’s a big island. You can’t possibly use all five beachfront villas, a little army of personal chefs and butlers, full service spa, and small fleet of jet skis by yourself. That’s just silly.

So make a party out of it, the villas are insane, the views even better – the more the merrier – and when you’re ready to retire to your quarters alone (or with company) you can more than easily do so. Just don’t be a dick – you’ve still gotta respect the rules of the island, and any illegal shenanigans are highly discouraged – yeah, try not to get kicked out like that last time when you were banned from France. Indefinitely.

Royal Island via Cuvée Escapes Royal Island, Bahamas, rego's life, for the weekenders, royal island bahamas, sorry for party rockin

Just…don’t screw it up, okay? Or I will find you. After all – I referred you – I wanna be allowed back here.

Either way, just be prepared for plenty of fun in the sun – it’ll be a nice wind down from all the heli-surfing – and partying in Prague where you were chased after by the police because you thought it’d be a good idea to knick a sign from one of the local bars when you were 9 drinks in. Oh and one more thing – if nostalgia calls – be sure to have a fitting song to fix the feeling quickly – Kokomo always does the trick.

To all my readers – thanks for sticking with me until my 100th post – there will be many more to come, and there’s plenty more on my official site. Until then, as always…

Stay awesome. 😉

– Rego

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10 thoughts on “For The Weekenders: Sorry for Party Rockin’.

  1. Way to go…. Congrats on your 100th post Rego. Keep them coming. I know my imagination has been expanded. Good going buddy.

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