For The Weekenders: Revisiting The 1920s, DJs Calling The Shots, Partying It Up At A Gas Station

Jazz. Booze. Dancing. Comfy lounge sitting areas. Eye candy. Great DJs.

I remember being a DJ. *sigh* good times.

I want all of this packed into my soon approaching weekend…especially the latter two of the aforementioned.


….and so do you. A little presumptuous, you may say – but read on my defensive friend, and enjoy. After all – would I ever steer you wrong? šŸ˜‰ So let’s cut to the chase.

Lately I’ve been listening to The Shanghai Restoration Project – and the other day while driving recalled a memory of a conversation a good friend of mine had with me in university. He’s from Shanghai, and I remember the history lesson he gave me on how jazz was actually banned there. This got me thinking – dammit, it’s time for a bit of jazz appreciation – which brings us to Tomoka.

Tomoka 2

It’s always good to start your weekend off with something relaxing and comfortable – like a warm-up before a workout…and Tomoka can help you with just that. Imagine what it was like back in your great, great grandparent’s era – before all the wrinkles. When you think about it….in terms of jazz and swing music – they had someĀ kick ass stuff.

In this instance – I say let’s totally respect our elders. They knew music before we even knew what sound was. Tomoka lays it down with a unique setting, great music and aesthetics that take you back to that special time and place in history. It’s best to get a reservation – trust me it’s gonna be needed – Tomoka is tucked away beneath McCoy’s onĀ 89 MacDougal StĀ (at Bleecker) in New York – who’s kitchen you’re escorted through to reach the downstairs access of this little gem.

Tomoka 3

Order up two Irish car bombs, or a drink of your own creation (the bar tenders are flexible) grab a seat, prepare for some live jazz, and enjoy.

Alright – so maybe you wanna skip the warm-up and just jump straight into the thrills. Fine. Fine. Don’t appreciate the hybrid mix of old and new. Instead, grab the hottest friends and flings you can find and get your bum over to Audio Discotech…and keep in mind – this isn’t for the faint of heart. Prepare to party.Ā Hard.

It's like watching a replay of the front door of that club I went to back in uni all over again.

It’s like watching a replay of the front door at that club I went to back in uni all over again.

Okay so maybe I lied – about the moving on from old and new. Audio Discotech does the same thing, except more 70s retro aesthetic. Imagine a sunken dance floor, neon lights, infinity mirrors, and so many DJs you start losing track of who to ask to play what song.

Did I mention those crazy neon lights also sync to whatever the DJs are playing at any given moment? Yeah….oh and there’s not sitting allowed – you heard me, no sitting. I won’t allow it. This is not the environment for lounging and intriguing conversation – if you’re here, you’re here to dance and nothing less. So don’t get too comfortable, unless it’s on the dance floor…to which you should prepare yourself for numerous eargasms.

"Give me a high five because that was legen-WAITFORIT-dary...!"

“Give me a high five because that was legen-WAITFORIT-dary”

Try not to work up too much of a sweat though – nobody likes sweaty. If you’re really worn out and need a quick breather, then shuffle over to either of the two bars they have and ask the bar tender for a refreshment. While you wait, take in the sights and sounds, because this is one for the books. Expect yourself to have such a great time this night out becomes more than just a cocktail story, but an experience remembered for years to come.

Remember how I mentioned in Musings Episode 22 about saving your cash for places that are TOP quality…? Now’s the time – if you’re gonna blow your money – blow it on Audio Discotech, and nothing less.


You’ll be glad you did.

You know I just realized – ironically, it’s Labor Day weekend, and for 1-2 hours I will be doingĀ laborious work – quick side story – today I hopped into my car only to hear an obnoxiously loud squealing/dragging sound coming from the rear wheels. Turns out my lover of 8 years needs new brake pads. So I strolled right back into my place and ordered some.

Speaking of automobiles and the like – your next stop for the weekend will be related to just that – vehicles….and service stations. Mostly service stations. Except a unique, original one – the kind that has DJs and proper alcohol – as in a full bar, not a little section of an aisle.

Did I mention a dance floor, too? Well, that’s what you’re going to get with The Station.

Why yes, those are tables made out of tires.

Why yes, those are tables made out of tires.

If three of my buddies from the auto auction came to me and said they wanted to gut a gas station and make a night club out of it, I’d be the first one to throw down the initial investment.

That’s exactly what a group of club savvy gentlemen did when they started up this establishment, and I’ve gotta sayĀ bravo, dear brethren. This place shouts originality, maintaining all the key elements of an old gas station and combining those with an all-night after hours dance club.

The Station Dance Floor 2

Open from 10 p.m. to 10 a.m., this is one you save for Saturday night when you’re rested up and ready for a round of tequila and never-ending string of good beats. Grab that fling you’ve been seeing for a while and watch as they begin to realize the reasoning behind your undying passion for all things automotive.

Two drinks in hand, shuffle over the nearest shadowy corner and sip slowly as you warm up for the dance floor with conversation of camshafts, engine blocks, and theĀ real reason behind your love for manual transmissions. Then take them by the hand and lead them outside to both a dance floor and playground of furniture crafted out of packaging crates and tires – it’s more classy than it sounds.

The Station Dance Floor

And that’s it. From here, you’ll know what to do…I hope.

So get out there, explore, have some fun, and don’t go home until you have a story that begins with “Remember that one time when…”

I’ll leave you with this song to get your weekend off and kicking. Sexy, soothing, and always refreshing….practically legendary – a little of J.J.

Stay cool. šŸ˜‰

– Rego

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