Musings Episode 23: Hesitation…

Alright so as you’ve all noticed I’ve been pretty busy this week….yet within all that busyness it brought to my attention the topic of hesitation.

“Hesitation will kill you.”

Is a phrase I grew up learning. So…slowly as I got older, I consciously trained myself to hesitate less and less. Keep in mind – hesitation and thinking something through before doing it are not the same thing. They’re vastly different and have their own pros and cons – hesitation having more cons. For many, hesitation increases more as they age.


My thoughts on hesitation? Personally, I think it’s inefficient. There are times when it’s beneficial, yes, but for the most part it can hold a lot of people back from their dreams, goals, and going after what they really want…and really, that’s what life is all about – moving towards those things – not being afraid and just dipping your toe in the water.

Hesitation can make you stumble and falter, where thinking things through allows you to look at a situation from all angles. Both can have the same ending, however – if you take too long in thinking something through that’s just the same as hesitation – in fact, you could almost say taking too long to think things through could turn into hesitation – merely because of the fact you may over think, thus creating fear, and in turn hesitation.


Years ago, I was on a warpath with hesitation – I’ve always been driven and ambitious, and never too fond of things that hinder my ability to do more, see more, and be better. So hesitation and I…? We never really saw eye-to-eye. I made up my mind that whatever I did I would:

  • Always look at the situation from all angles
  • After assessing the situation, look at how it contributed to my life
  • If it did indeed have potential to contribute to my life, take the leap and rarely look back

I won’t lie – there were some hiccups where I got burned from this method of thinking – but practice makes perfect, and mistakes are an education. So eventually I learned to assess situations more quickly and accurately, look at the even bigger picture, and then watch as hesitation slowly became non-existent.


She still stops by to visit every now and again – but usually I close the front door in her face 😉

What I’m trying to say is, it’s not hesitation you should encourage, because really, that only breeds fear – and fear, my friend, can kill a person. So if fear is really a sense of hesitation, and people as they age become more fearful, what does that mean…?


Is exactly what that means. Which is why I’m stressing it’s better to instead stop, and think. Both with your head, and your gut. Again – this is not hesitation – but situational assessment.

So if you’ve been wanting to launch your own business or website, assess all the angles and find the best path – but don’t hesitate. Things such as “someday I’ll do that,” “someday I’ll travel there,” “someday I’ll learn this,” are just cop-outs and excuses out of fear. That word “someday” is vague and noncommittal to goal setting, which really translates to “I’m too afraid of the possible outcome which is making me hesitant so I’ll probably never do it anyway.”


How will you ever know if something will turn out right/good/successful if you never even try? An outcome from an experience is better than no outcome at all due to lack of trying the experience.

100% effort with 75% success is better than 0% effort and %100 of “what if.”

Remember this, and slowly begin to work on yourself. As we age society tries to teach us that we become wiser – yet on the back hand it also tries to teach us that we become more frail, weak, unable to do different things – especially in old age. I think this is bollocks.


Ignore that whole mantra.

Choose when you get older.

Choose when you get wiser.

Make it your business to make yourself better.

Make it your business to eliminate fear.

Make it your business to be stronger, smarter, faster, richer, well-versed, travelled, literate, suave, and anything else you can possibly fathom.

Hesitation is something that whispers in your ear you may not be good enough.

It’s up to you to push it away, put your ear buds in, and walk on to the rhythm of your own beat, your own desires, and your own, better, ideal self-image. We came to this earth to achieve perfection, to be our best selves, and to experience all the good and epic things it has to offer.

Like I mentioned in one of my previous musings, anything we imagine exists – if it didn’t exists, we wouldn’t be able to imagine it. This is how society has grown so big today – this is how inventions were made. Imagination, fueled by full on fearlessness – no hesitation, no doubts, just persistence and realization of all possible angles.


When you can do that – when you can do something, without that churning, uneasy feeling in your stomach starting up – and instead go forward with a calm, warm feeling…you’ve beaten hesitation. You know what you want, when you want it, how you want things to go, and that you deserve every good idea that pops into your head.

Keep your eye on the ball 😉

– Rego

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