For The Weekenders: Hyde and Seek, Ice Driving, Chalet Igloo

I’m thinking this winter I hit up a 4 season climate.

chalet igloo

  1. Because I love layering.
  2. Because I look good in layered clothing…and
  3. Well…pretty much the same thing as 2.

Aside from that – I really dig cold climates because of all the great things you can do with ice…and snow. But like any good way to start something off, I like to hit up a good lounge. Read on and pay attention carefully – because for the next 5-7 minutes you’re gonna find out the best places to be when it gets cold outside and you’ve run out of things to do with all that snow – or heat, if you’re somewhere that somehow still has 87 degree days.

For starters, let’s get a bit luxurious – and, exclusive, for that matter. You deserve it…and because of that, I invite you to come and check out Hyde Lounge – the epitome, of exclusivity. The minute you step into this place, you feel like it was made for you and you only. This isn’t like your ordinary night life scene – no sir/ma’am. The place screams luxury and sophistication, and quite frankly will make you wonder what the hell you’ve been missing out on all this time.

hyde lounge staples center, hyde lounge, hyde & seek, rego's life

Hyde Lounge is home to elite profile personalities including athletes and artists – so don’t be surprised if you rub elbows with someone from your favorite basketball team – just don’t have a fan girl/boy freak out moment. That’s creepy. Nobody likes creepy. If you must, maintain composure, excuse yourself from their presence, make your way to the bathroom or a nearby corner, and then squeal like the little 4 year old girl you are (yes, that includes the bros – don’t lie, you’ve done it) in/over there.

This is a great place to bring a date or significant other, or some friends who have a touch of class and aren’t afraid to show it. Besides their L.A. location, they’ve also got lounges set up in Miami and Vegas, baby…and you better believe each and every one of them is set up with rich leather interiors, genuine dark wood, one of a kind luxury decor, and nothing but high quality liquor with your name on it. Plus a great food menu *nods* can’t forget the great food.

hyde lounge staples center, hyde lounge

Be sure to book a reservation – this isn’t your typical walk in place.

Alright I know…that last one wasn’t even remotely located near any snow…but these next two are. I’ve just gotta say first – you know what I like more than lounges? Cars – and driving cars. On ice. As in, ice driving. in Sweden. Yes, Sweden. Here – here’s a paper bag – that should ease your excitement attack.

kall auto lodge, ice driving in sweden


If you ever wanted to fulfill your Gran Turismo dreams – now’s your chance. Here’s a hankie – go ahead and wipe that tear of joy.

It all starts with Kall Auto Lodge. First – you get legit driver training on a frozen over lake, using Porsche 911s and other high powered, beautifully crafted cars…Second – while they “say” the whole point of the course is to make you a better, safer, more responsible and well versed driver – I’m just gonna say it straight to you and clarify that the “off the record” reason is to turn you into more of a badass.

True story.

Except the music will be way better and less cheesy. I promise.

So what kind of accommodation comes with learning to drive like a legend in the snow? Oh you know, nothing too spectacular – except epic views of local lakes and mountains and decor so carefully selected in the first half hour or so of being in your room you’ll find yourself wanting to live there.

kalla auto lodge, for the weekenders, rego's life

If you have a spare somebody laying around, like a winter fling or some close buddies – now’s the time to invite them. Kall Auto Lodge is just one of those places where you want to “bro it up” and make it a romantic getaway all at the same time. All in separate settings, of course. They’ve got everything from a sauna and full spa – not to mention a jacuzzi located on the balcony so you can soak up even more of the view.

If you get tired of zooming around on ice in a Porsche (like that’s even possible to become tired of), they also have mountain walks to take in some of that fresh, clean Swedish air. Work up enough of an appetite to hit up their restaurant and prepare to have the meal of your life with all ingredients sourced from a local farmers co-op – meaning nothing but clean eating for you while getting a taste of the local cuisine. Sweden – soon to be known as your new happy place.

But let’s say you wanna slip away from your friends – and instead get to some place more…subtle. More secluded. More cozy.

chalet igloo, the boutique chalet company, rego's life

Request granted, and cozy you’ll get at the Chalet Igloo. It’s cozy. It’s sexy. It’s unique. It’s almost like we’re describing me – or y’know, you…but let’s hold off on the narcissism for a bit. There’s still a lot to be told. First – why pick the Chalet Igloo over any other Chalet? I’m really glad you asked…

Answer me this – if you were told there was a master suite that looked fit for a king with cowhide rugs, flat screen TVs, and breathtaking mountain views, which you could wake up to in the morning and see from your super-king sized bed – would you pick some other run of the mill chalet? What if it had a soaking tub you could retreat to after a nice hot shower post-ski/snowboarding with a certain someone while they give you a shoulder rub because you ran into that tree while being too busy staring at them? Yeah – I thought so. Chalet Igloo for the win.

chalet igloo, rego's life, for the weekenders

After a long hot soak I personally from there would shuffle into the living area with a nice brandy and sit myself down in front of a roaring log fire, drink in one hand, book in the other…and momentarily stare out at the views up the Ardoisiere valley to Avoriaz and across Morzine to the Roc d’Enfer. If you’re not one for literature – toss the book, keep the brandy, and engage in interesting conversation with the one you came with while listening to some choice music.

If you get bored of brandy – there’s always wine. Lots of it…and if there’s a wine you want but they don’t have – don’t go running to get your snow boots on – that’s why you have a little regime of butlers running around – they’ll find it for you…and when you get tired of boozing and schmoozing, just remember there’s a 12 seater cinema area not too far off in the Chalet with a private bar – so after the 4th glass, watch that 3D movie get a little more real.

I love France.

Stay awesome ;).

– Rego

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