Musings Episode 47: Drugs…

Yeah….we’re gonna go there today.

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While there are a lot of “highs” you can get in life – from extreme sports, to drinking (which, technically is also a drug), to exercise, to driving – one in particular is something that’s constantly in the news, on the internet, and on TV. There have been entire television shows (Breaking Bad or Weeds anyone?) made about it – drugs.

While I’m one for a drink every now and then, one thing I won’t touch are drugs.

Hang on – this isn’t gonna be some rant or lashing about “drugs are bad, you’re going to hell, blah blah blah,” no. I’d just like to share my opinion (and have you share yours by commenting/sharing below) on drugs.

Marijuana‘s slowly getting legalized – congrats to all those who were rooting for it.

drug use, drug overdose, illegal drugs, drug dependence, teenage drug use, drug problems, rego's life, musings episode 47 drugs, drug misuse, pot legalized

While I don’t give a rats arse either way, I am curious about one thing – why do it? Drugs I mean – not zeroing in on one specific narcotic directly.

I know, this is a touchy subject, but there are times when I meet people in my life and they ask “so do you wanna get high?”

…and this has included people who are both well off and not-so-well off alike.

The responses are usually “are you serious? EVERYONE gets high these days!” or “oh…you’re not into that – alright well…what I mean do you just not like it or…?”

Or my favorite “OOH damn, alright. I won’t say anything more.”

The curious look on their faces when I say “no thanks, I’m not into that stuff” is a look as if I’ve been living under a rock…

That look on their face when you say you don't do drugs, drug use, drug overdose, illegal drugs, drug dependence, teenage drug use, drug problems, rego's life, musings episode 47 drugs, drug misuse,

…and maybe I have been living under one in that aspect. But I like it under my little drug-free rock, if that’s what you’d like to call it…and find my solace in other things – travel, experiences, hookah, and yes, the occasional nightcap. I’ve even tried Kava at one point – though I’d say that just “cleanses” the stomach more than anything (vomit alert in 3…2…). There may have been once where in my travels I journeyed to Amsterdam and “gave it a go” – but it just wasn’t my thing.

I don’t care if other people do drugs – that’s their deal, I’m not going to shove a lecture down their throat. To each their own, this is why humans are given free will.

Enough of the back story though. What I really want to discuss is – why? Why do it? If you do it now and there are some reasons why, comment below letting me know.

More importantly, albeit things like pot being legalized in certain countries and states, when it isn’t legal why stick your neck out for it?

If you’ve studied psychology, one reason can be that usually what is inaccessible and restricted, is in return more desirable and sought after. So there’s one possibility.

psychology, drug use, drug overdose, illegal drugs, drug dependence, teenage drug use, drug problems, rego's life, musings episode 47 drugs, drug misuse,

But even getting hooked on pharmaceutical drugs (the biggest seller in the USA) has to be questioned.

The other possibility is according to science it enhances certain feelings and “unlocks” certain parts of the brain.

Another still could be people may just plain like that way drugs feel.

That’s not what irks me. What irks me is the addiction side of it. Addictions in general irk me – they show a sign of weakness and a belief a person has of themselves that they are unable to control certain aspects of him or herself – meaning they have given away a certain part of their free will voluntarily. I’m not just talking about drugs here either.

Drug addictions, alcohol addictions, shopping addictions, smoking addictions, the list could go on forever.

In my opinion addictions don’t exist but are in fact illusions and laziness on the person’s part in taking the time to control their thoughts, because quite honestly, there are literally hundreds if not thousands of ways to acquire the good FEELING in life.

this is your life, drug use, drug overdose, illegal drugs, drug dependence, teenage drug use, drug problems, rego's life, musings episode 47 drugs, drug misuse,

Feel free to agree to disagree with me.

By controlling your thoughts you can control your feelings, thus controlling your mood. One must find happiness within themselves before they truly know the meaning of it. The minute you understand this, is the minute you no longer look to outside sources to be in that constant state of “feel good” – and instead those outside sources just become an awesome accessory or enhancer.

Travel becomes more fun.

The simplest things you take appreciation in.

Hell, even just getting up in the morning and making coffee can turn enjoyable. It starts within, then exudes outward.

be happy

This is why I ask why do drugs. While many have told me they take you to another place or lower your inhibitions (alcohol can do the same thing), or even allow someone to see things differently, they can also separate two things – spirit from body. No, I’m not talking about death, so chill out.

I’m talking about disallowing your spirit to “drive” or interact with your body at full functionality. Basically lose control – the good kind of control. It’s the same way drinking too much can allow you to do that.

Why would someone want to cause that separation? Why would someone want to “escape” the very temple they’ve been given to guard and take care of?

More importantly, why risk it all for a high? Risking it all could mean for both the people in financially well off positions and not so well off positions.

drugs money image, drug use, drug overdose, illegal drugs, drug dependence, teenage drug use, drug problems, rego's life, musings episode 47 drugs, drug misuse,

Anyone remember Michael Vick? Former Atlanta Falcons quarterback? SNL did a “Really” section on him some years back…

While he wasn’t arrested for the incident and police claim no real evidence was found regarding the incident at the airport, though later in his career was charged with dog fighting and tested positive for drug use.

Now hang on – I’m not bashing anyone here but serious question – why fuck everything up when you’ve got good money in the bank? I could’ve given any example but I wanted one that has impact and a clear point of logic.

Why, with all that cash, would you A) potentially try to smuggle your stash in a plane when you have enough money to buy more and B) do crazy shit like dog fighting?

Why fuck up a lifestyle that you made for yourself at all? All that money could buy or allow you to experience so much more in life. Doing that type of stuff is completely counter intuitive and backwards.

word hard focus move forward

While many aspiring football players would figuratively kill for Vick’s previous fame and fortune, the guy showed complete lack of appreciation for the accomplishments and success he had gained…and for what? There’s so much more he could’ve constructively accomplished.

This just goes to show that the mentality, the thought process was already within him. His way of thinking was there, even if subconsciously, the whole time. He chose to accept it.

This is what I mean when I say many still look for an outside experience to acquire that good feeling.

I’m not taking a shot at the financially successful either – the same goes for people who aren’t so well off and blow all their money on alcohol or drugs, then complain about how they’re always broke.

empty wallet

Why man?

That’s just dropping the ball on maintaining a steady lifestyle.

…and saying someone does it to get away from the stresses of life or hardships is a blatant cop-out. Don’t like your life? Change it.

People don’t change because they’re under any sort of threat or duress. They change because they see something that shows them their life is valuable and deserving enough to move forward and create a life that’s really worth living.

The same way people change their lives to accommodate the expense of drugs, alcohol, or even pharmaceutical addiction, is the same way they can change their lives to accommodate the expense of thinking up, creating, and investing in a better life of meeting new people, seeing new places, taking part in new (sober) activities – could even be painting or some shit.

samuel l jackson shitty problems birds meme

Maybe this is what stems overdoses, chasing after that good feeling. I don’t know…but I do know that there are many more things to get high on. You shouldn’t have to chase. You can get high on life, if you know how to align your thoughts a certain way. The main thing is, you’re ALIVE, man.

So many people take that for granted. Living. Breathing. Seeing. Hearing. Tasting. Being warm. Eating. Driving. Being able to exercise. Being educated. Playing on a team. Having hot water. Having proper sewage systems. Having A/C. Going to restaurants. Having a passport. Having clean drinking water. Having quality clothing on your back. Having decent shoes.

…and you choose to get high???

There’s so much to be thankful for in everyday life, yet many don’t even really think of it because it’s always been there. Many don’t get high on LIFE, because they take it for granted.

Funnily enough, one of my many favorite movies is Scarface.

Not because the guy rose to the top due of blood money and drugs. In fact it pissed me off when he touched what he sold. But I like the film because of one thing the character believed in…

THE WORLD IS YOURS WALLPAPER, scarface, the world is yours, al pacino

All you’ve gotta do is realize it, then get to work on creating your own life.

Happiness doesn’t come from external sources – external sources are mere enhancers. Experiences are momentary and memorable. Happiness starts within – and no, I don’t believe that bullshit mantra of being happy and poor. It’s a fucking sin in my book.

if you are born poor bill gates

I also don’t believe that bullshit mantra of praying/hoping/wishing for something yet taking no action towards acquiring it. The 1%ers you see today did not sit around waiting for their fortune to plop into their lap…they went after it, and made sure to not destroy it once acquiring it.

There is something that Emo Phillips also said but credit has been given to Al Pacino. That’s not the point though. The point is the meaning you can draw from it.

i asked god for a bike but i know god doesn't work that way so i stole a bike and asked for forgiveness

…he wasn’t saying go out and steal, but instead go after what you want. Don’t get distracted by all the bullshit. Why? Because…

The world is yours.

As always…

Stay awesome.

– Rego

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