For The Weekenders: Custom Size Me…

Weekends. Enjoying yourself. Experiences. Spending time with chill people. Connecting with cool people. Building memories with good people. Seeing great places. Eating great food. Doing epic things.

Do Epic Shit

Before we begin though – I’d just like to say I know I’m a bit late in posting this – but I have good reason. A friend’s birthday is this weekend, and it got me thinking about how important not just venue, but clothing and style are.

…because really, when you recall memories and your mind paints mental pictures, things like what was said, where you hung out, what everyone wore – all of that is reproduced in your mind’s eye, and aids in making a memory that much more vivid.

Like what the fudge was in that drink you had last weekend before you started jumping up on the bar.

Like what the fudge was in that drink you had last weekend before you started jumping up on the bar.

Bit of background on my friend…she’s narcissistic – with good reason. Genuine – with a bit of bitchiness. Dresses well…with anyone style reflects personality. Indecisive as hell – which with enough effort can easily be remedied. All this got me thinking:

A lot of factors make a person…a lot of factors make a place…and a lot of factors make a great weekend. So instead of just discovering and sharing with you all great things to do – why not write about the small (but significant) details that amplify all those great days/nights out?

A lot makes for a good time out…and in my opinion, the next, most important thing that make good times even more enjoyable, are great clothing. Nothing, and I do mean nothing beats going out, looking good, feeling comfortable, and knowing you look good.

Which is why for this “For The Weekenders post”, I present to you three shops, that will blow your mind, fit your style, change your mood, and make you look like the next [insert famous person’s name here] – given you’ve been keeping at going to the gym at a decent rate 😉


Let’s start you off with the most important thing, and what I recently mentioned in Musings Episode 17shoes.

One of the most important things in a good weekend wardrobe are shoes…think about it – you work your ass off, in some way shape or form, in your business or your job. You’re in work mode. Serious mode. Let’s get down to business mode. Suddenly, you get a text from a friend – “8:30. Drinks. Boardwalk. Be There.”

From here you’re thinking to yourself “holy shit I am too tired to walk all the way from parking to a bar. All I wanna do is kick off my shoes and relax.”


Have no fear, compadre, Rancourt & Co. is here. While shopping in your standard shoe store may be great for the masses and all – you, are the elite, and deserve to be treated so….the guys at Rancourt & Co. can make it happen.

I’m talking handmade, made to order shoes and boots. The quality is amazing, unmistakably the best to be found. Every shoe has meticulous care and thought put into it…meaning every time you lace up, or slide on, there’ll be that little thought that “Hey – these were made for you. Noone else, champ.

3531-05s_frontSo go ahead – slip into a pair of these – where you get fully lined, genuine Horween shell Cordovan…supple leather midsoles….antique brass eyelets that would make any hipster jealous – and elegantly braided waxed cotton laces….and just watch how the complaints swimming around in your head are replaced by the compliments made by a dozen or so people.

Straight out of Maine, these shoe makers are the real deal…oh, and they don’t just do guys shoes either, but have a line of women’s shoes as well…so no one’s left out in the cold. Everyone should have their own shoemaker.


So you’ve got the shoes sorted, but now you’re asking “well Rego, the shoes are great and all, but what exactly goes with them?”…..Well, I know this post is mostly about custom fitted, tailored items – but I’m going to make a single exception to the rule, and introduce you to a shop located conveniently at The Shops of Miami.

Hold on – before we go further – I want you to know this is more than just a shop…but an ensemble of choice casual/smart casual attire. Though everything may not be made to order, the quality is well worth it if you’re serious about investing in your wardrobe…and yourself.  So if you wanna be the best dressed and feel like a million dollars, you’ve gotta check them out.


Which brings us to Supply & Advise. Imagine a shop where you could go crazy coming up with your own style – mixing and matching until you’ve created that look that everyone knows is just…you. Supply & Advise helps you with that, plain and simple.

They have an excellent line of clothing for gentlemen – so guys, now is your time to stop looking like badly dressed douchebags with hats backwards from the early 2000s, step up to the plate, and deliver looking like someone who commands respect.

Supply & Advise 4

Unfortunately, there’s a very limited selection for the ladies – unless you’re up for going Ralph Lauren 2012 (or was it 2011?) and throwing in a bit of the boy’s to give you that edgy, sexy/sporty look – then Supply & Advise can deliver on that, too.

Supply & Advise 10

Their clothing are great for those nights out with friends, or even a date. Modern yet classic, original and brilliant when it comes to color selection…nothing’s more attractive and eye-catching than proper fit, well coordinated colors, and an accessory that’s a guaranteed conversation starter (which they have, too).

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Dress. For. Success. Anytime, every time, everywhere.

However, let’s say you wanna stick to hand made, tailored items and the joy of sitting in a boutique picking from a huge selection of fabric swatches while sipping on gin (Alabama Fizz, please).

Well, anything’s possible and all of the above are the standard over at Noble Experiment on W 51st Street in Miami Beach.


I was serious about the gin…they also have bourbon.

Located in Mark’s Quality Cleaners, these guys are the epitome of their name.

Though I say guys, what I really mean is their legend of a tailor(ess?) Ashley who can and will aid you in picking the right fabric, style, and colors to make you look your best.

But wait – while they have availability for the off-the-rack clothing as well – if you want something custom made you can’t just walk in there and snap your fingers. A) you’d need a reservation, and B) you’d probably just get slapped.


Once the reservation is made though, you can then proceed on your scheduled date and time to meet with the tailors, who will take your measurements, which they document and store for any future purchases (or should I say…projects 😉 )

So when you get eyed by that 10 at the bar, or you’re out and about on that weekend in The Keys, you can be sure to look your best and have people asking, “I love that shirt/blazer/jacket/etc…where did you get it?”…to which you’ll just let a slow, warm smile spread across your face and the response “oh, you know, around here.” utter from your lips with a mixed tone of humbleness and confidence.

Photo by Tim Kling

Have a great weekend – and remember, dressing great for yourself, is one of many steps to a better you. 😉

– Rego

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