For The Weekenders: Medicinal Cocktails in Miami, Water Taxi Rides in San Fran, Vino in Chicago

So there’s a certain someone you’ve been eyeing for a while and they’re back on the market. Jump in and ask them out you say? Most certainly not, I suggest.

But…but WHY? They’re on market now – somebody’s going to snatch them up!

Be cool, my red blooded hot-hearted friend. Do not ask out, but instead invite to chill out. Casually, gracefully, warmly. Observe:

You ring up this certain someone – not text, text is impersonal, hard to read, and a half-assed effort – and you tell them that you just discovered the fountain of life, tucked away in Miami Beach. Naturally being curious, they ask what you mean, and you explain to them that elixirs of all sorts can be found at this one special place – while instructing them to meet you in 2 hours at 1650 James Ave.

Mixology 202.

I introduce to you Drogerie Miami’s most original Medicinal Lounge Bar. While some bartenders may suggest the poison they think is best for you after a 5 minute “heartfelt” conversation, these guys focus less on poison, and more on medicine…meaning they’ve been studying for decades learning about various herbs, alcohol attributes, and botanicals, mastering and learning what combinations go best with the body – and less on what the little misery demon inside your head is telling you you should have to drown all your problems away.

Let’s put the Xanax on ice for now.

So you both meet up and settle into a nice comfy sofa, while noticing the ultra loungey music in the background. You glance over to the bar and wonder why there are so many doctors there – maybe medical research you say – but no, those you see in white coats you soon realize aren’t doctors, but bar tenders – or more accurately, mixologists.

So what’s your next move? Well, you confidently say “hang tight one sec, I’ll be back” and make your way over to the bar. Grab one of the “Prescription Lists” – aka menus – but never use that word – then you start to use simple logic, and go for one of the drinks appropriately categorized under “Stress relievers.”

From there you order the “Miami Chiller,” a well thought out drink containing muddled celery, gin with hints of cucumber, green Chartreuse, a touch of Chardonnay vinegar, and fresh cut lime. You order two, and walk back to explain the creation of the drink and it’s purpose – being to take someone to a calming, more relaxed state of mind….and after 3-4 of those and 60 minutes in, combined with the class A ambiance of the place –  you realize it does.

So you’ve both hit up a unique lounge bar, loosened up, and now that alluring someone feels they need some air. What do you do?  While taking a stroll on the beach is all fine and fun – it’s so….standard. How about something a little different, a little refreshing, where they can feel a little bit more of that gentle open breeze brush against their face? This is where Tideline Water Taxi comes in handy.

I know what you’re thinking. A water taxi? That doesn’t sound fun at all.

Au contraire, my friend. It’s more fun than you think – just slightly more relaxing…and that’s what you were looking for, right…?

The great part about these guys is, they run a small service – up to six passengers at once. Making it far more private and personal.

Operating along the San Francisco waterfront and lower Marin County, they travel to popular locations, so every stop always has something interesting to see. Like Pier 39.

What’s better than clearing your head while having wind blow through your hair? The soft hum of a motorized boat and captivating rhythmic patterns of water being cut through and the sound of the ocean? When you’re stressed out and not sure about anything, nothing sounds like sweeter music to the ears. Plus – being an all-weather taxi, it’s a great excuse to get closer when things get chilly. Yeah, I know.

After cruising around for an hour or so, you warm bodies are a bit chilly – and sobered up at that. How do you kill those two birds with one stone? Simple – you hit up a wine bar. That has great wine…but isn’t afraid to serve other spirits.

Yamazaki whisky

Like 18 year old Yamazaki Whisky.

Nothing warms the body better than wine…or whisky. I’m talking about The Twisted Vine, comfortably located in Chicago, IL. The best part? You get to cozy up in elegant and timeless leather seating, enjoy strategically placed lighting, and decked out hardwood floors. Order a bottle of your choice, ask for their menu of hors d’oeuvre, and shoot for the gourmet olive bowl or varied insanely delicious cheese and cracker platter – and no, we’re not talking Nabisco and Kraft.

gourmet cheese twisted vine chicago

With a touch of walnuts and other delights on the side.

What’s better than polishing off a choice bottle of wine and select cheeses with someone easy on the eyes?

Have a great weekend.

– Rego

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