Musings Episode 25: Hate For No Reason…

So this weekend’s been kind of up and down for me…


At first I thought it was a joke, but now I’ve realized a person I once talked to, got along with, and really thought was cool people hates me.

Hates me.

….and I’ve no real idea why. I’ve considered just confronting them directly about it – but a few other friends of mine have advised against it. Yet I prefer getting to the bottom of things asap – no bars, no holding back, just straight talk. In situations like these it’s better to just shoot straight, get it over and done with.

Thing is, I don’t think the person has the guts to do it [openly state their hate] to my face. Which annoys me. If someone has the audacity to hate someone – and openly state it to others – but never directly say it to the person the negative energy is directed at – then that person is a coward.


In relation to social matters, I have one main philosophy – hate for no reason, is unwarranted hostility. I don’t do well at all with unwarranted hostility. I find it unnecessary, time consuming, and a bad channel for energy. I tend to give everyone a decent level of respect, and have these mental “respect meters” in my head….if a person starts hating me for no reason though, or unnecessary negative experiences are thrown my way – the meter drops….and in turn so does my opinion of the person.

If it drops below a certain point, I no longer find it necessary for that person – that negative energy, to be in my life. Plain and simple.


This got me wanting to write a bit about why hate for no reason – or hate in general, is something that should really be avoided. Dislike is inevitable at times – especially if there are valid, legitimate reasons…but disliking/hating someone without reasoning, is probably the worst thing you can do to another human being – not to mention yourself.

I’d like to touch on this lightly, as getting dark really isn’t my cup of tea. If I go dark I’ll only do it if the situation really calls for it.

So – hate. Why do people do it…? Why does it exist…? Why is it more frequent than it’s opposite, love?

it’s far easier to hate – but it takes far more energy. Energy that easily turns into negative energy. With enough focus on hate at the end of the day someone could render themselves sick – just by the way their energy has been focused.


Negative energy is a waste of time and effort. While without it we would never know it’s opposite – positive energy – at the same time after getting familiarized with it you’d think people would prefer to avoid it. It can knock you off course, make you less focused, and consume your thoughts.

If you regularly work out, it can actually lower your immune system thus hindering workouts and performance. This is why fitness consultants advise people to try and eliminate as much stress as humanly possible from their day to day lives. Stress, anger, sadness, any kind of negative emotion that releases LDLs and VLDLs (lipoproteins that create “bad” cholesterol) more often, and contribute to excess cholesterol levels increasing. Stress has a tendency to release the “fight or flight” adrenaline used when in a dangerous situation – it pumps out adrenaline when it’s not really called for or needed.


Stress and building up hate inside yourself isn’t the only thing that can actually transmit negative energy or “vibes” your way – but interestingly enough so can someone sitting and thinking on their resentment towards you. It’s what many people, both religious and non-religious, and some cultures recognize as the evil eye.

Remember that saying “if looks could kill?” it also ties in here. This is why some cultures believe if someone is having recent, frequent negative experiences go on in their lives it’s potentially from an outside source – a person or thing that has negative energy directed at them, thus causing chaos and confusion.

This is where silver owned signifying redemption or mercy, and talismans come in. Some also believe that any negative energy can be removed with the burning of sage, etc.


Energy, a lot of times is so overlooked. It’s what people in the 70’s called “vibes” – “you’re killing my vibe man,” really in effect meant one person could be making another feel a certain pulse of unwanted energy.

So when you think about it – this applies across the board.

When people are in romantic relationships, they feel desired, wanted, loved.

When people have good platonic friendships or great family support, they feel appreciated, needed, important.

….and when people are in conflicting situations or go through negative experiences they’re left feeling disrupted, uneasy, confused, on guard.


This is why it’s so important to filter or screen. Some people can, and will suck the life out of you. Chase Amante wrote a great article on this, about “psychic vampires.”

And really that’s what life is all about – going forward, getting better, and eliminating negative experiences.

When you walk down the street, you walk around or step over shit – not go through it. It’s as simple as that – anything negative in your life, you have complete control over whether or not to keep it there.


So let go, and continue making you a better you. Just like I’m doing it’s better to kick the feeling out of your system rather than let it sit there. It just takes a little will power – hence why every single being on this earth was given free will. Humans and only humans – no thing else.

Stay sharp.

– Rego

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“Effort only fully…

Musings: Quote Wednesdays….

“Effort only fully releases its reward after a person refuses to quit.” – Napoleon Hill

I find this pretty much speaks for itself. No matter what it is you go after, no matter how many times you’ve tried, and no matter how long you’ve been pursuing it…if it’s in your very gut that you still desire it and quitting seems “O.K.” but not “right,” and you feel you should keep pushing forward – do it. Eliminate every “what-if” you can fathom.

You never know how deep the water is unless you keep wading into it.

– Rego