For The Weekenders: Surfboard DIY, Bombay Bliss, Ninja Lessons

This summer’s been hot.

Too hot.


It’s the kind of weather where all you want to do is stay out of the heat, go swimming, and avoid the beach during high noon at all times for the sheer fact the sand will burn your skin off…so you wait until evening instead.

Well, while waiting until that time – why not be productive, not to mention creative….? Can’t think of any ideas…? I can.

Three words.




Grain Surboards can help you out.

Grain Surfboards

In my most recent musing, I talked a bit about DIY – well, this is the perfect chance to exercise that side of yourself. You can thank the guys at Grain Surfboards for this. Formerly wooden boat builders, these guys thought it’d be a great idea to take the concept and put their time and effort into something smaller, more transportable, and, well, fun. Not that boating isn’t at all fun…but honestly – which one do  you think your date would be up for more?

Hey I know, we should build a BOAT!


Hey I know, let’s make our own surfboards (then head for the water so we both have excuses to see if both of us look good with less of our regular clothing on)!

Grain Surboards 3

The answer is obvious.

So it’s pretty straight forward – you google their website and head over to their online store – pick a board that’s to your liking (and body composition) and go from there. Wait a while for the mail to arrive (plan the order early on in the week to get it at a suitable time before the weekend), then sign for the package – receive it calmly until your door closes then proceed to tear it open to shreds like a 5 year old at Christmas.

Get in your zen moment, and call up that special someone you’ve been trying to get out and about – finally, you’ll have something interesting to suggest doing other than the same old lounge bar/restaurant deal. Head to your garage and push aside that floor jack and Snap-On tool set – from here up until the next few days your garage is now your “wood work shop.” Put on some nice music to work to, and create speak easy conversation while crafting your masterpiece and showing him/her the satisfaction of creating something so unique.

If that’s too much for you or you just really dig classes – sign up for one of their numerous classes now, and meet some new acquaintances.

Days later hit the beach up and enjoy your finished project.

Grain Surboards 5

You haven’t tried surfing until it’s on your own hand made board….

Then again if you haven’t tried surfing – you might want to learn first. Just a thought.

Speaking of hot, if you’re into hot and healthy foods it’d be a good idea to hit up a decent restaurant….not just decent but unique, original…inviting.

I’ve always been a fan of lamb…and with Bombay Bliss, there’s more than one way to have it. Now hang on – don’t let the drab website fool you – their site is nothing compared to their food. With so many options, it’s not wonder its a hidden gem. Forget Chicken Tandoori – so typical – let’s go for the works and start with Mumbai Pav Bhaji, a mixture of flavors and ingredients, my favorite two being mushrooms and bell peppers – win.

That was just to tease the pallet. Continue with either soup or salad, and have your fill and more with Spinach & Mushroom soup, or Asian corn with Edamame. Sit back and enjoy all this and take in your surroundings while waiting for the main “event” – I’d recommend sharing.

Bombay Bliss 2

Nobody likes to feel like they’re gonna burst. Plus…there’s always desert to follow. What – you didn’t think it was gonna be some boring chip shop menu did you? Think again.

Hands down the main event for me is Lamb Boti Masala….tender, succulent tandoori lamb cubes surrounded and embraced by a hot & spicy sauce. Now I’m not usually one for spicy – unless it’s Kimchi and a few others – but this….this place – and this dish, quickly changes my mind when I think of all the great (and aromatic) options they give to fuel your stomach.

Bombay Bliss 1

This is the perfect spot for friends, family, or even a date. The setting is neutral but welcoming, with a touch of class….I don’t go many places that lack class. So it’s a given you’re always being steered in the right direction 😉 If you’re vegetarian, they have plenty of options for you too. So go ahead, sit back, relax, eat to your heart’s content, and if you can manage grab some dessert after. Or before…I’ve always liked my dessert before dinner. *nods*

But let’s say after all the chill, calm zen moments you’ve had, you wanna take that inner peace and discipline and turn it into something cool…like being a ninja for a day. Or 3….or 5. You get the idea – ninjas = cool – and for a good long while they were the experts on espionage.

Ninja (1)

Well now you can take classes at Bujinkan New York Dojo, and be on your happy way to being one step closer to cooler…it also teaches serious discipline and self-awareness – not to mention a bunch of useful self-defense moves and the spiritual aspect of combat. With lessons every Tuesday and Thursday – it’s a chance you don’t wanna miss.

Right now they’ve got a trial month going on – $79. Keep in mind – this isn’t a place you can just drop into and check out – they want their students to focus fully on their training with no distractions – so walk-ins where people watch aren’t really allowed. They also have special workshops the first Saturday of every month – a different item on the menu every time. When you sign up – you’re signing up for a commitment – not a casual night out.


What makes their classes so unique? Check out an excerpt from their site:

Any good martial art can teach you to kick, grapple or use a weapon. The Bujinkan arts differ in that we pursue the essence of the martial arts: living and training with the proper spirit. This can lead to a just and prosperous life… devoid of this spirit, one can be lead to ruin.

The Bujinkan arts emphasize the development of character. The qualities we strive for are honesty, desire to learn and perseverance. A warrior is always calm and never surprised by any situation. In this way, we neutralize an opponent’s ability through an effective economy of movement.

If you really wanna learn the art of ninjutsu – this is it.

Stay awesome 😉

– Rego

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