“We cannot teach…

Musings: Quote Wednesdays…

“We cannot teach people anything; we can only help them discover it within themselves.” – Galileo Galilei

Couldn’t have said it better myself. Sorry this one’s a little late – was having major technical issues throughout the day with some other things. I just want you all to remember that every post I write is not to teach you guys things – but to help you expand your minds to unlock your imaginations, realize your desires, and actualize your dreams. Success both starts, and ends, in you. No one else.

If anything I’m just here to remind you of that…and maybe speed along the process in any way I can. 😉

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Stay awesome.

– Rego


Musings Episode 26: Go Big or Go Home….

Often, I set certain milestones in my life. One in particular is something I’ve done since I was a child. I’ve always had the philosophy of if you’re gonna do something, you might as well do it right, and do it big – and I still stick with that method of thinking today.

So for this musing, let’s really get down to the nitty gritty of that.

Life is meant to be lived. We’re meant to play hard – and work easy. The new rich know this – and they along with every new generation that’s popping up will soon master this skill to near perfection.

Life is about making an impression on the world – no matter how big or how small – as long as that impression matters to you.


I’m not saying you have to get out there and start a peace movement, become the next Gandhi, or even Genghis Khan….you don’t even have to be famous. Making an impression on the world doesn’t even have to include being known by a lot of people.

There are tons of people who make large differences every day who will never be known by the mass majority – but they still live life large. Let me elaborate on this just to make it crystal clear:

Making an impression, is about living your life the way you want to – and doing it in as big a fashion as possible. It’s not about anyone else. Period.

When we’re teenagers, we all at some point have this “unstoppable” fearlessness in us – there’s no reason why we have to grow out of it. Growing up can sometimes be detrimental – to our imagination, our confidence, and our “can do” attitude.


You’re probably wondering – if I’m saying it’s not about being internationally known – then how on earth do you go big exactly…?

Well it’s fairly simple –

You do all the things you want to do.

without hesitation, and without worry. Dream as big as you can possibly fathom – then dream bigger. Perform as best as you think you can – then perform better. Be as best as you can – then be better.

It’s all very simple…and should be kept simple.

You don’t let anyone hold you back – mentally or literally.

You don’t let anyone tear down your thoughts/ideas – that includes about yourself.

You don’t let anyone tell you what level YOU should be at (i.e. you’re still a baby, you’re not supposed to be this young and have this, how is it possible you got this, how about just doing this/being this way).


When I dream – I dream BIG.

When I get stuff done – I make the end result BIG.

When I make my own style – I make the BEST.

When I set goals for myself – I don’t stop until I reach them.

This is what I mean when I say go big – Either give it your all, or give nothing at all. There is no in between – and if there is – if you are stuck in that grey area – sometimes it’s best to ask yourself:

Do I wanna be a race track success? Or an on the fence loser?

Ask yourself this, and I guarantee I know which one you’ll pick.

Stay awesome.


– Rego

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“Nothing happens unless…

“Nothing happens unless first we dream.” – Carl Sandburg

Without exercising our imagination, just like we exercise our body, we can never expect to grow better than what we are, never expect to do more than what we have, and never expect to be better than who we were yesterday.

So exercise the right side of your brain just as much as your left, the same way you would if you were at the gym. This way, you can grow better than what you are, do more than what you’ve done, and be better than who you were.

Stay awesome.

– Rego

Musings Episode 7: Work, Play, and Love…

Tonight I thought I’d get off the usual track of how my recent episodes have been going, instead switching to something a little different, yet still applicable to all aspects of life.

So many moments throughout the day people are clouded with the daily grind of work. Many times a balance is forgotten to be had, instead the sole focus being monetary gain.


I don’t blame you for it.

There’s many awesome, and great things and experiences money can buy…and for all those who say money can’t buy happiness – bullshit. Like the infamous quote that once floated around in the social ether once upon a time, “money can’t buy me happiness…but at least I can cry in my Ferrari.”


Also my private jet.

Money is a very, very useful and beneficial tool, if used correctly. The thing that can mess people up however, is losing sight of the purpose of creating and/or attaining the money.

Things are not the primary objective here. As I’ve said before it’s experiences. Road trips across Europe. Baseball games in South Korea. Sauna with your S.O. in Japan. Sandboarding in Brazil.

We live in such a 40-hour work week driven society, many forget that all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy…ergo why this is reflected for many by blowing hundreds on alcohol over the weekend.

Throw in the consumerism of technology today, the “OMG I MUST have the iPhone 5, the 4S is like, so played out!” and you’ve got a recipe for a bad mix.


I’ll admit it, aside from all the B.S. the media has portrayed since the beginning of time, one thing they did get spot on is the bits they’ve done on technology and the de-sensitizing of the youth today.

Why, you ask, do I agree with this?

Well, before technology, ironic as it may seem, there was more creativity…hear me out for a second. I’m talking about creativity in activities, in socializing, and in getting out and hitting the town.

Again, you’re probably asking, why do I say this?

In the movie Powder (1995), one of the characters quotes “It’s become appallingly clear that our technology has surpassed our humanity.”

I find this an interesting quote, because partially it’s true. Think about it – before the internet and smart phone age, the majority of the time if people wanted to talk or socialize with each other, they had two options – either pick up a land line (or if you could afford it) grab up your cell phone that was once the size of 2 bricks taped together, and call up whoever it was they wanted to get in contact with. If that wasn’t the case or if airtime was too ridiculous to pay for (before the days of “unlimited” everything), you had to go and meet up with that friend – or go over to their house.


Unless you were this guy. This guy answered to no one.

There was a very critical human element in this…it was an engagement that required effort and time, and because this effort and time was expended many made sure that meet or that phone call was used well or properly.

Now? We just shoot text messages to each other, not even having to take the time out to text with our fingers. People constantly in touch with people they know everyday, and by the end of the day being saturated with the interaction, feel that actually meeting up with someone isn’t that big of a deal. They’ve communicated throughout the day, so why would there be more to talk about in person?


…and contrary to popular belief, the mass majority of people who text and drive are not, just young people…fuckers.

This type of communication in my opinion has affected multiple human relationships, from friendships to relationships.

The friends you used to hang out with in primary school everyday after class, who stuck with you through high school and you used to talk everyday to on the phone, now get shot a casual text to “see how they’re doing”…

…your mom who you used to call on the phone and talk to for at least fifteen minutes you shoot a quick Happy Mother’s Day text to instead of a quick voicemail before work….

...what every mother loves to hear.

…what every mother loves to hear.

….that new girlfriend you have freaks out because you didn’t message her back fast enough or maybe didn’t use the right emoticon in the right sentence….10 years ago you realize the drama could’ve been avoided if you just rang her up for a few minutes…

Technology has reached a peak where people break up and divorce over Facebook statuses and wall posts.


Fucking Facebook.

One wrong picture.

One wrong status.

Kids nowadays don’t knock on their friend’s doors but instead text, to say they’re outside. The fear of walking up to your friend’s door and [god forbid] having their parents answer is greater than running into traffic with your shoe laces from both shoes tied together and tripping.


Smooth, ace…

It seems to me now we’re so hung up on data limits and the newest apps we forgot about the basics of human interaction.

This can – and has led to social dysfunction and downfalls. What happened to the novelty of paper birthday cards?

The fun of making the cake from scratch (heck, even the box), instead of picking it up from the store or a caterer?

Or how about instead of watching a movie on NetFlix on your cell phone while sitting at Starbuck’s with your S.O., actually taking the time to get messy in the kitchen and make dinner with each other then watching something on NetFlix with an actual TV later on?


It’s the little things that matter but people have forgotten about…we forget to get back down to earth and remember the simpler things.

The effort.

The imagination.

The thought.

The involvement.

The more convenience we develop, it seems the less we actually attach or feel like we’ve created or engaged in something that’s a part of us.

This is what I mean when I refer to play and love in the title of this week’s episodic musing. This is why every week, I try to give you ladies and gents different ideas on what to do over the weekend – because if you notice, most of them involve heavy socializing.

They require an effort.


Imagination…and involvement.

Without these, we’re merely on auto pilot with technology dictating to us what we should or shouldn’t do, or how it’s easier to do this than that. Like the 8 ball we used to ask questions to when we were younger.


But I like the effort. I like the effort of ringing up a friend and sorting out logistics for our next meet instead of through text.

I like the effort of looking for that one special gift for an anniversary by going store to store and taking in the sights, instead of just hopping on Amazon and ordering.

Call me old-fashioned or old school, but I like that feeling of putting effort into connecting with other people.

Networking and genuine interaction is key in everything – business, pleasure, and love.

It’s what keeps and maintains things long-term.

What people have to remember is this: with instant gratification, comes instant boredom.

The faster the high, the harder the crash.

Stay human.

– Rego

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Musings Episode 4: Dreams, Jobs, and Careers – Parallel yet Perpendicular

Earlier on I mentioned to you guys about a new business venture I’ve delved into. Long story short it has very much to do with working with a CEO of a medium sized real estate company that solely focuses on vacation rentals and extended stays, with a few regular leases thrown in the mix.

Don’t forget the long island iced tea.

To put it simply the guy is a complete mess, and just by speaking to some of his managers I could immediately tell just how much of a mess he is. Yet he’s not the focus – no, because real estate was one of his dreams – so really, he’s a happy mess. It’s the employees, I felt compelled to write about. For legal purposes, I’m not going to disclose any names, and all names used, if any, will be ficticious.

My focus on this episodic musing is really more or less about how people have dreams, choose careers, and work jobs.

Usually the order in which those 3 things are executed are sometimes switched around, and very often, the dreams are lost by the jobs people take.

It’s been my observation, that the cycle goes a little like this:

Pre-K through 3rd grade – your teacher asks you what you want to be when you grow up. If you were like me, you had 2 answers – Spider-Man, or the CEO of an awesome, company. Usually, as all teachers do, you get giggled at and are told that’s “adorable”. Others in class, may say they want to be a fireman or police officer, ballet dancer or singer.


….fear my wrath.

4th grade through 8th – Again, your teacher asks you the same question, though differently – this time, she asks what profession you’d like to take on. Again, if you’re like me, you come up with multiple answers – CEO of an awesome company, professional drifter, or Spider-Man. In respective descending order this time, mind you. Again, she chuckles slightly, and says that’s cute. Others in class may still say fireman, police officer…or professional skateboarder, world renowned painter.


9th grade through 12th – Once more, the same question is asked – though this time, it’s “now that you will be graduating soon, what career path is everyone considering? It is important to know this and hit the books, as it is critical to know what college is going to best aid you in your success”. Again, if you’re like me, you come up with again, multiple answers – awesome CEO of a company, professional drifter, CEO of an automatic business and world traveler. Again, your teacher laughs, saying that’s admirable, but it would be good to start considering an ACTUAL career path, such as doctor, teacher, lawyer, etc. Puzzled you look on fidgeting, slightly offended and annoyed, as the options you stated WERE serious answers.



Fast forward to college, and you find that 50% of your friends and classmates are no longer stating the same answers they had when they were younger, but instead now find themselves developing a pattern of either two things: switching majors based on which pays the most MONEY, or sticking with their major and HATING IT, but sticking with it anyway, because society says it pays the most MONEY…or, simply switching their majors out of sheer boredom because they honestly can’t STAND any of the bullshit society has fed them about college and career paths in general.


If you notice – as time progresses through the timelines I have just given example of, all of these boil down to 3-4 types of situations and people…no, actually, just 3. We have:

1. The people who have abandoned their DREAMS and genuine desires to invest labor into something they actually LIKE – and instead pursue what pays the most…or as I like to call it – the first signs of SLAVERY to a FIAT currency and CONSUMERISM. Though they may say they are career seekers…they are instead what I call the true JOB seekers…and years later those 50 something year old dudes who drive around in Corvettes with their secretaries they left their wife for 3 months ago…hardly a mid-life crisis, more a psychological break…or both.


2. The people who sort of stick to something that they find they like, a bit…just a bit, but have a tendency to switch up or feel indecisive in their decision because of the sheer fact none of what they’re really pursuing is something that they feel a BURNING PASSION for within them…the type of burning where it feels like the sun is at the top of your belly button (or solar-plexus , but not in a scorching way…more like a warm, fuzzy feeling type way. Or…as I like to call it, people who have over the years, or are now slowly developing a “blurred” vision of what their real dreams are, and have lost vision again, because of money. Sometimes, I like to call this “slurred,” as well, drunken by the pursuit of money. Dependent on circumstance, this shift could have arisen from true financial necessity or lack (i.e. where no one has had their back, so they fight to survive, learn to hustle, strategize, whatever you may call it). These people, have the potential, to pursue an alternative career TEMPORARILY, in order to work towards their real DREAMS, while sticking to taking ACTION that coincides with their dreams…and not lose focus.


And finally…

3. The people who are so bored with the bullshit they’ve been fed by society, they switch up from slight misdirection, or because they haven’t yet realized the reason for their actions in doing so is BECAUSE subconsciously, their very inner being is refusing to work with their psyche, and hold true to what they REALLY want out of life, and what they REALLY want to pursue doing, having, and experiencing. There are situations where, these people have the potential to ace whatever they put their mind to or study, and bored because of it…because they know that while they’re good at it, they still want to pursue their real dreams.


I’m excellent with numbers and organizing but I’m pretty sure I’d stab my own hand with a pen if I had to be an accountant for the rest of my life (to all you accountants out there, I appreciate and admire you…no offense intended).

So basically, we see that the usual routine of society goes like this:

When we’re young, we have dreams – big dreams – and no matter how crazy they seem to “adults,” i.e. being Superman, Spider-Man, Green Lantern, or owner of a multi-billion dollar lemonade stand company, we don’t care. We don’t care if adults laugh, because somehow, when we’re younger, we don’t know FEAR. We don’t know LIMITS. We don’t know DOUBT…and we don’t know FAILURE. ALLLLLL of these things are TAUGHT behavior. We were never born with any of them. Now you can finally explain to your mother about that one time you thought it was “totally safe to jump from the roof line,” and somehow, you still landed just fine.


Then, as we progress through standard schooling, we’re taught mistakes are bad, limits and rules are mandatory, failure is getting the wrong answer or thinking the wrong way, which then develops doubt, and doubt develops fear, and fear develops adulthood…or as I like to call it – battered childhood…yet still, we still hold partially onto our dreams, and think that “okay, well, I’m not that great at this, but I’m still pretty good at this, so getting this type of job would be cool..I guess.”

Finally, we find ourselves even further subjected to the vicious cycle of “there is one answer, one solid way of finding that answer, mistakes are death, doubt yourself to avoid making mistakes, fear and get it right the first time to avoid doubt,” and so on and so forth. SO…what do we do? We then sway and spiral between dreams, career paths, and jobs.

Often, we freak out about jobs, because we want the right one, that will steer us on the right career path…and often, we’re so focused on the right career path, we lose focus of our dream…because really, in the first place, any “path” that we were to take…was supposed to lead us to our dreams. Society, however, through repetition  conditioning, and reinforcement, drilled into our head, that our dreams, are not what we think they are.



With enough will power, some of us break this cycle, and KEEP OUR EYE ON THE BALL…and when we do, we avoid being hit in the metaphorical nuts. The pitcher we call life, can be paid to play dirty, after all. It’s whether or not we play by their rules…or our rules. Our rules, are simply keeping ourselves focused and knowing that the “normal system” of doing things, is far from perfect…because what is perfection anyway? It’s not perfection we need. But instead….

Will power.

These are the ingredients that make dreams come true.

These are the ingredients that make miracles happen.

Miracles do not happen by some haphazard drunken-universe chance.

Miracles happen when we stay FOCUSED on what we want, and can’t fathom it being any. Other. Fucking. Way.

This can range from the money you want to make.
To the things you want to experience.
To the girlfriend or boyfriend you want to have.
To the place you want to live.

It’s SETTLING for LESS, that fucks us over…and settling, expands far beyond the monetary sense.

So…we can have a job and a dream – as long as that job is a tool to work towards that dream…what I call parallel pairing.

We can have a career path, and a dream – as long as that career path is steered towards that dream…again, parallel pairing.

BUT….having a job, to steer us towards a career path…with no dream in the equation or at the finish line whatsoever? This is perpendicular thinking. It collides. You don’t get anywhere like that. It’s a bit like….well, it’s like riding the Yamanote line in Tokyo, and getting off at the last stop.

For those of you who have lived in Tokyo – you will know, that this is a cruel trick played on newcomers.

The Yamanote line is a neverending loop. There is no last stop. The last stop is the first stop. It is quite literally, a circle. So when someone says to you “just take the Yamanote line and get off at the last stop”…believe me…they are totally fucking with you.


The same way your boss fucks with you saying there’s great potential for you but shooting you down everytime you try to “climb that corporate ladder”…

Fuck the ladder.

Keep your eye on the ball, and take a goddamn helicopter.

Stay FOCUSED. The same way you stay focused at the gym. The same way way you stay focused when you try and aim for that 10-headshot streak trophy in C.O.D. Modern Warfare.

If you can do it there, you can do it in every aspect of life.

YOU have to believe in YOU.


Even if you want to be built like Daniel Craig or look like Eva Mendes.


Even if you want every person you date to be a 10.

Even if you want to be a professional race car driver.

Even if that dream is still wanting to be Spider-Man.

They have a technology for that now, too.

Stay awesome.


It’s what we were born for.

– Rego

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