For The Weekenders: Mobile Drive-Ins, Thailand, The Club

I love Miami. For the nightlife. My reason for posting late? Well – Thursday was my birthday…and if there’s anyone else who has the same birthday as me – well, happy birthday you super cool being of awesomeness.


This weekend’s going to be a continuation of celebrating my birthday – and I wanna make it as epic and enjoyable as can be.

I’m pretty much gonna be all over the place – so coordinating exactly where I’m going to and when has been a big job.

Big job – not big hassle. I have a rule – each birthday has to be even better than the last…and goddammit, every year I push to stick to follow that rule as closely as possible. So for this For The Weekenders post, I’d like to show you one or two choice spots that are birthday boy/girl worthy – think on these the next time you’re given the task of planning/coordinating either a friend’s birthday or your own. Enjoy 😉


I’m a huge fan of certain spots in Miami. I’m also a huge fan of doing things big – making it memorable. So when I found out there’s this great little outfit in Wynwood that brings the drive-in movies to you I had to check it out. You all remember how I mentioned in a previous post what a huge fan of drive-in movies I am – and honestly, Blue Starlite Mobile Mini Urban Drive-In takes the cake. Originally these guys are out of Austin – but recently they’ve been gracious enough to bring a branch off of themselves down to Miami…and for that, I say thank you.


It’s pretty straightforward – if you have a big, open, empty space that you own or you know you won’t get chased off of by the cops, Blue Starlite can bring the drive-in movie experience to you. With a 22′ screen, and your choice of movie(s), they set up the whole thing wherever you want it. All you’ve gotta do is make a reservation, and bingo – done and dusted.

Alternatively, if you just wanna show up to one of their movie nights, you can do that too. Walk-ins and drive-ins are charged differently, the latter being a bit more, but hey – it’s an experience, and a great one at that – so it’s well worth it. This is ideal for birthdays or even date nights for a few reasons:

  • It’s nostalgic – everyone’s so pumped up on “HDTV this” and “LED that” – well, personally I like watching Ferris Beuller’s Day Off in all it’s filmy, grainy glory. It makes it feel like a movie dammit – a movie you can get wrapped into without checking out someone’s pores because of the picture quality.
  • It’s original, and refreshing – Think about it – how many drive-in movie places do you know that are still around, let alone offering to your door drive in movie service today? Exactly – not many at all.
  • It’s more private than a movie theatre – How many times have you been to a theatre and been annoyed by the people talking to loud next to you or being obnoxious? You don’t have to worry about that here.


Check it out this weekend. You won’t regret it.

Another great spot in Miami I recommend comes from my love for night life in Thailand – if you’ve never been to Thailand and befriended some of the few gun-wielding locals, you haven’t partied. Period.

Hatyai - August 2009

Fact: I actually know this guy. Also took this photo. True story. *nods*

So if you’re looking for cocktails out of a plastic bag (in true Thai fashion…obviously) and classic street foods – this is the place to go. The name? Inspired and named after an infamous red light district in Bangkok, PatPong Road is a dark, sultry place filled with a mixture of red and yellow lights with insanely sexy decor. Cocktails named Hive + Seek and Laid-ee can run you a pretty penny, but well worth it.

Patong 2

The food is also choice, with selections like Drunken Rice Noodles and Thai Summer Rolls. So you book a spot (they take reservations), invite a few select friends who are really into epicly aesthetic places, and a date you secretly want to impress without it seeming that way. From here you grab a seat on one of their ultra soft brown leather sofas and take in the “sights,” enjoy the music and let the drink go down smooth. Conveniently located in Miami Beach – this is one for the books.

Patong 1

After all that indulgence it’d be a good idea to hit up the club, sweat the unhealthy bits out (y’know, like the mixers) and have a good long work out. Grab a carry-on and make sure your passport isn’t expired – because it’s next stop Massachusetts.

But wait hang on – you didn’t think I meant the club club did you…? Naaa….this is a different kind of club – as in, fitness. As in, awesome bod. As in, abs of steel. As in, single punch K.O…a playground of proper classes, equipment, and a shot at becoming a founding member.


What’s better is when you sign up with The Club, you get access to all the classes, all the best equipment, all the best trainers, and a one hour personal training session with George Foreman III. If you ever wanted a luxury gym – congratulations – you’ve found it. Located in Boston, I’d recommend hitting up a baseball game or three after a hard work out – it’ll get the blood pumping and the reflexes itching….just don’t run into the field. Yeah don’t do that. Not cool.

So for now I say take your time and take your pick….and if you already have well, good job and prepare for a box of awesomeness. Happy birthday to all those who birthday was Thursday, and this weekend.

Stay Classy….and most of all….


….and I genuinely mean that.


– Rego

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