Musings Episode 11: Cars and Status Quo…

Recently a few friends of mine have been looking for decent automobiles – and naturally with me having ties with the auto auction business, I was the first person they turned to.



One of them in particular wanted either a BMW or a Lexus. Another wanted a Nissan GT-R.

“Rego, I seriously want a nice luxury vehicle, I’m thinking a BMW 7 series with all the bells and whistles, gps, seat warmers, crazy sensors, one touch gear change, the works,” one of them says.

“Why?” I ask nonchalantly but curious as to where they’re going with it.

“Because – they’re sick! They’re the best luxury cars out there, and I really think it would reflect my personality and lifestyle.”

It’s here I laugh and flop back in my chair putting my hands behind my head.

“Dude….have you looked around lately?” I smirk proceeding to explain my logic.

Everyday I ask this question. There was a time, when seeing a BMW on the road was something enjoyable, unique, different, refreshing….but now, they seem to be the most commonly driven car.

bmw it's a lease

“It’s a lease…” – Fun with Dick and Jane (2005)

Their advertising displays speed, elegance, class, adventure, durability…and while all of these may be true unique to the brand, ironically there are so many leased units out there, the terms “originality” and “distinction,” have lost their association with the BMW name.

What I’m trying to say is – why is it, that every Tom, Dick, and Harry runs around thinking they’ve got the best thing since silk sheets when they own a car that practically everyone drives? There are so many on the road yet I’ve met many a BMW leasee (or owner) that acts with an air of superiority and cockiness because of the keys that jingle in their pocket.

Mila Kunis Quote

I think it all boils down to status quo. An obvious statement some may see that as, but I’m being serious.

Think about it – if media such as television and commercials, movies and music are all things that many people as humans listen to on a daily (especially television), the subconscious idea that car companies such as  BMW or Lexus, Infiniti or Dodge (their new Challenger and Charger models) attempt to instill seems to unintentionally portray that there is, and should be, a certain way one should act upon acquiring such an automobile.

....and that's how I became a douchebag. Now, who's up for champagne?

….and that’s how I became a douchebag. Now, who’s up for champagne?

It was then I continued to explain to my friend there are loads of other ways, and other automobiles, to express your personality and lifestyle choices.

I’ve always been a fan of classics. I love the way each car used to be truly unique – in shape, engine, and characteristics. Customizable, where you could bond with your vehicle and that bond made it feel like it was yours.

Nowadays you see so many cars with automated this and automated that, it becomes so hidden and neatly tucked away from you, that when you pop the hood you’re lucky if you can find the dipstick to your engine’s oil.

Wait...wait...there it is...!

Wait…wait…there it is…!

Pre 2000’s, auto makers strove for originality and keeping their vehicles “open source,” as funny as that may seem to use a computer term…and though I understand today many cars are made the same to maximize costs and time efficiency, they’re made cheaper with lesser quality materials.

Yet there has been another thing going on – you see many people starting to bring the classics back…the A/C 427 SC, ’69 Ford Mustang, Plymouth Cuda, even the VW Beetle – all slowly being restored and coming out of the woodwork.


That’s originality.

Like I said, and as I will always say, life is all about experiences, and it is absolutely unnecessary to pursue an experience television advertisements flash in front of your face everyday simply because they dictate what qualifies as status quo and lifestyle classification.

After hearing this my friend then starts thinking differently, realizing there are loads more options he really likes but just never thought of before.

Long story short he’s a large-sized car fan (go figure wanting a 7 series) and decides instead of dropping $70-$130,000 on a single, shiny BMW, he’s gonna do his research and look for 3 cars he really likes – one of them being a Plymouth Superbird.

"Like in the movie...???"..."Like in the movie."

“Like in the movie…???”…”Like in the movie.”

Many times I find that hype and enough mass enthusiasm can get people as humans into a real pickle and cause many to lose track of their real desires and dreams.

Truth is it’s not really what anyone else thinks or drives, what commercials or large corporations tell you what’s in or out, or even if your tailor tells you “ostrich shoes are far more stylish this year than your standard cow hide.”

It doesn’t matter how stylish anything is – it boils down to what makes you feel good in your own skin and you alone. Not anyone else.

We have so many choices as humans yet daily, I see many give up their free will and follow in masses. Like Mark Twain said, “Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it’s time to pause and reflect.”


I’m sure I’ve written that previously, but it constantly needs reiteration, because it’s true. This post isn’t just about cars, but the overall message of what society claims status quo to be.

If anything, it is merely a meter. A measure for what qualifies as social class and what drops below any given rank.

Forget the ranks.

Forget the social class.

Always pursue great experiences yes, but sometimes a ride down the boardwalk on a long board can beat a ride down South Beach in a ridiculous looking stretch limo.

It’s all about the good feeling.

What makes you feel good, without letting the majority of what you see influence your decisions.

Lifestyle? Personality? Like I tell my friends – always, always make sure your personality defines your lifestyle – not the other way around. Keep your eye on the ball, avoid getting caught up in the majority, and stay true to yourself – regardless of what anyone else says.

Also, before I conclude, there’s this really great song (featuring Seulong of 2AM) from DJ Clazzi – the leader of Clazziquai that’s been stuck in my head. Great driving song 😉 Thought I’d share it with you all, it’s got a great beat and the lyrics are well written (which you can find here – thanks Princess of Tea for the post).

Have a great week.

– Rego

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Musings Episode 10: Clothes Make The Man…Woman…Person.

So recently I’ve been considering changing up my style for summer and created a list of clothing I’m gonna be shopping around for soon…and it made me think of another key component of successful business and business tactics.

Clothing play a big part in multiple aspects of success – the most common being first impressions and subconscious affiliations.

Think about it.

I currently have numerous ventures going on, and with each, must wear a different “hat”. If you were an investor and were meeting me at a smart casual restaurant to discuss financing, and we’d never met before, you wouldn’t exactly expect me to show up in a pair of trainers/sneakers, shorts, and an underarmour shirt that I just came from a fitness session wearing, would you?

You probably also wouldn't be too thrilled if I showed up looking like I was ready for an MMA match.

You probably also wouldn’t be too thrilled if I showed up looking like I was ready for an MMA match.

What would be your first impression?

Your first thought?

Would you take me seriously?

Would you instantly start sizing me up according to things such as social class, business etiquette, and ability to handle myself in a professional setting?

Probably not…and then maybe. It all depends on the individual.

My point here is clothes make the man/woman. No matter what, society inevitably links appearance to expectations. When you see someone with black trousers, black short sleeve button down, gun on the hip, and a badge, you instantly think policeman. When you see someone in a suit, tie, and holding a briefcase, you think corporate ladder climber. If you see someone in a silk suit, some form of exotic animal leather shoes, and gold/platinum cufflinks, you think rich executive or business owner. If you see a well groomed metrosexual man even, you’ll probably have one or two people assume he’s gay.

And honestly guys, there's so many of you that should start doing this.

And honestly guys, there’s so many of you that should start doing this. It gets you places with the ladies.

In knowing all this, I’d say it’s fairly safe to conclude what you wear is what you’re labeled as.

Now wait – before you jump to conclusions, I’m not going to judge you and tell you what you should and shouldn’t wear. I am however, going to give you a few pointers on what can aid you overall in life – business and personal. There’s a list of different things that could visually send power statements to a wide range of people, and it doesn’t have to cost you a fortune, unless you want it to.

As you all know Urban Daddy is my party bible, but they’ve also been known to be my go to spot for all things original and distinct. This also includes clothing. Jetset Magazine is also another great go to place. The great thing about living in this world is the huge amount of variety we get. From tailor made to standard cheap cuts, we have choices. Why not make the choice to dress better? It just makes sense.

This goes for both the men...

This goes for both the men…

...and the women. Remember ladies - the perfect waistline is still considered the most attractive feature on a woman.

…and the women. Remember ladies – the perfect waistline is still considered the most attractive feature on a woman.

When you dress better, you feel more confident. Pair that with fitness and actually allowing yourself to look good in your clothing, and you’ve got yourself feeling like a new person, and sometimes, more often than not, rocking a new personality…and guys, this also means keeping up your fitness levels as well. You may be able to snag that 10 at the bar, but she still appreciates a well cut body – the same way you were eyeing her for her flawless figure.

I’m serious. Think about how many people look up to actors and actresses in Hollywood, or even athletes. What is it that most people admire about these people? Their acting? Their personalities? Their accomplishments?


Hardly is it ever their personalities…you may think you know an actor/actress or any other famous figure by their persona they display on TV during interviews – but then that’s just what it is. A persona…they’ve been trained and have learned to change up their attitude and personality at any given moment. It’s their job.

No, I’d say much of what makes them admirable is the way they present themselves. Presentation is everything. In our food, in our dress, even in our location. Most often we pick where we would like to live based on what the location has to offer us, what the place looks like, and the safety and happenings of the area. Find me one person that will live anywhere, and I do mean anywhere, and say they have zero regard for what the place looks like, and I will confidently call bullshit. The travel industry makes their money off appearance – appearance, location, and nothing else.


In my opinion, it’s always a good idea to make sure you make a small effort to look decent in general. A decent well made shoe, well made quality thread clothing, well maintained hair, facial grooming, moisturizing, smelling good, all these things have a great impact in more ways than one.

As humans, we’re mostly sensory beings. 90% of what we interpret and how we communicate doesn’t come from our mouth – it comes from all 5 senses, but hearing is just a small factor. Smell, touch, taste, and sight are critical.


So when we’re meeting up with friends, or we’re going on a date, or we’re meeting potential future business partners, most of what’s being evaluated isn’t coming out of our mouths. So what are the top things I look out for when I evaluate future business associates and want to see if they would reflect the business image I’m looking for? Read on…

Shoes. As mentioned earlier, shoes I believe are really important. No, I’m not saying you have to go out and buy a pair of $3000 kicks. Not at all. I do however, believe that they should look clean, be quality made, and show your personality. Whether it’s a pair of sandals or custom made boots, in my opinion they should reflect that you value yourself and your appearance.

Marcello Mastroianni - one of a kind...

Marcello Mastroianni – one of a kind…

Pants and shirts, skirts and dresses. I’m all for individualism and creativity, but let’s not forget style and class. Even dressed like you’re slumming it should seem like you’re making effort and still maintaining the ability to catch a few eyes…fitted clothing I think work best – so many times nowadays I see women wearing clothing TOO tight, and guys wearing clothing like they just rolled out of bed. What’s up with that? Na, stop trying too hard, stop not trying at all, and instead try to find a nice median in between. You’ll get there – it just takes a bit of effort.


Hair. I’m always one for great looking hair. Like seriously – when someone makes the effort to make their hair look great, in being a former photographer it really gives me a warm fuzzy feeling inside. Making the effort doesn’t mean going to any crazy extent and paying someone at a salon or barber shop either. Sometimes, it can mean just researching and looking into a few great hair products, finding a style that frames your face, and most importantly, what makes you feel comfortable in your own skin. Everything I mention here should make you feel comfortable in your own skin.


Accessories. These really say a lot about a person…more than you may think. A few good accessories can sum up your personality, your viewpoint in life, and even how you go about your day to day life. A watch could mean you’re mindful of time, while a bracelet made of fish hooks could mean you like adventure and the open sea.


I have a silver chain style necklace with a key that looks like a fin key to a surf board that I’ve had around my neck for the past 6 years, and it still says a lot. A few carefully selected accessories can get a message across without you having to say anything.

Lastly, personal grooming such as face and skin, perfumes and colognes, all tie in with completing the unsaid self-statement. Choosing good skin products, decent facial washes, and quality scents that match well with your body chemistry can aid greatly in getting people’s smelling and feeling sensory mechanisms to pick up on positively…and I don’t mean spraying scents on like a crop duster…


…or coating yourself in self-tanning lotion.

Subtlety is key, and less is more – except when it comes to showering.

You all know my viewpoints on exercise, eating healthy and staying fit…and honestly eating healthy can be Monday morning to Friday afternoon with weekends free to splurge and indulge. This spikes your metabolism and doesn’t make you feel like a prisoner to healthy foods – or a sinner if you pick up that dozen of Krispy Kreme donuts at your local Publix (hey, I’m guilty for it). Go ahead, you deserve it.

…and that’s pretty much it. It’s these little things that can help a lot in daily life, with just a little conscious effort, that go a long way. Keep this in mind and you’ll see subtle changes, in yourself and your surroundings.

Stay classy.

– Rego

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“If a man achie…

Musings: Quote Wednesdays…

“If a man achieves victory over this body, who in the world can exercise power over him? He who rules himself rules over the whole world.” – Vinoba Bhave

I saw this and it really hit home, especially doing business in the health industry. Fitness is more than just a goal – it’s a lifestyle. It alters your thinking, balances your hormones, teaches self-discipline, reduces stress, heightens awareness and increases stamina, and makes you feel like…well, a rock star.  Less of the alcoholic-druggy type, more of the I can do anything type. Twice a week, three times a week, five times a week. A little effort produces a lot of results.

Stay healthy.

– Rego

Musings Episode 9: Fitness, Stress, and Finances…

So this weekend a friend and I worked out together. My usual routine is 5 days a week and weekends to myself, but I thought I’d throw in some extra credit this weekend just for fun.

So we’re at my gym and he’s on the spinning cycle while I’m cranking out a few pull-up variations and we get to talking.

Y'know, just crankin' 'em out....

Y’know, just crankin’ ’em out….

“Hey Rego?”

“Yeah?” I say between breaths.

“What’s the point of all this really? I mean besides the physical results, why really bother if you just eat right?”

It’s here I drop from the bar wiping sweat off my forehead and giving him the look.

The look being the “are you serious” kind.

At first, I thought about giving him the long, logical, “it practically makes sense, man” type explanation…but I didn’t. Instead, I uttered these three words:

“It makes money”.

Puzzled, he looked on at me trying to fathom how that even made any sort of sense at all.

You’re probably wondering the same thing. Well, let me elaborate….

Exercise…working out…fitness, whatever you may want to call it, is one of the many things that breeds success. Sure, there are many other things that breed success, but to be honest, working out, scientifically, can get your head clear…and if you have blue skies in the horizon where your dome is (dome as in, noggin…as in head), you’re far less likely to experience a “success block.” Ever heard that saying “empty room empty mind”? Yeah, the same applies here.

And contrary to popular belief, fitness isn’t just about the physical results – in my opinion, that’s just a perk.


Think of it this way – by staying fit, (along with healthy eating), you eliminate stress. Stress causes toxic release, and can also cause high levels of LDLs/VLDLs to be released – aka “bad cholesterol”. By working out, this counters those LDLs/VLDLs with HDLs, or “good cholesterol.”

Yes, there is such a thing, as good cholesterol.

Archer Season 2: "Wait wait wait...there's GOOD cholesterol...???"

Archer Season 2: “Wait wait wait…there’s GOOD cholesterol…???”

By eliminating stress, you have more energy, more awareness, and more clarity. All of these combined can be of extraordinary benefit, because this means you can focus more on brainstorming and have ideas “pop” into your head, staying there with better vividness and goal oriented objectives.

Many of the private clients I train are corporate level people. While some drop off like flies because they can’t hack the workouts, others stick around understanding exactly why they’re doing it.

It’s not hard work they’re after. They’re not masochists…but they do understand that the slight edge comes from doing little things that seem to make little difference – but in fact are huge.

They understand that it’s not just about acquiring money – but keeping your head clear, focused, driven, and on track to acquire, keep, and distribute that money most effectively.

Right down to the penny.

Right down to the penny.

The sad part is many people don’t look at life that way….I can tell you of people who make in excess of $1 million per annum…but their cash flow makes them live like a $30,000 per annum type person.

Understand this whole discussion on fitness is partially a metaphor…and partially fact. For a while now you guys have seen me blog on epic life experiences to keep your imaginations active, contribute to your lives being filled with fun, and remind you to not take every little thing so seriously.

Today though, I want you to see the scientific side of things.

So often nowadays many just sit on their bums tapping away at their smart phones, they never ponder over why they really DO any of the things they do. You get out there, you pitch, you make money, but for what…? What actual goal is it that you have in mind, that motivates you…?

motivation quote 1

People who say they work a job or own a business for the passion of it, I call bullshit. Yes, true, you can thoroughly enjoy the work you do, but really it still boils down to an objective.

This is what fitness does.

It trains you mentally to form objectives.

To form milestones.

To form goals.

Without this, all of humanity would just be a meandering and meaningless existence.


The first time I saw this, I laughed, thinking no way humans would ever get to that state….now, I stand in silence sometimes.

The lion hunts to eat.

The bird flies to travel from A to B.

Even the shrimp sucks up bacteria for a greater purpose.

Every living thing, was designed for an objective.

The difference is, humans have free will. They have choice. Something that was never given or bestowed upon any other creature on earth.


When I look at people, and I see them exercising – I see someone who takes initiative – for themselves mostly but indirectly for every other choice in their life.

Financially speaking, working out is beneficial in that it can clear your head on different levels. A difficult, long-enduring workout can make you feel reborn again the next morning. It may hurt like hell the first time, but it makes you feel different. Working out, any kind of working out unblocks certain paths in the brain to enhance thinking, heighten awareness, and adjust to environment.

This is why some guys who just pump iron for size, well…I call them lazy gym buffs.

As an entrepreneur, it’s all about improv, new ideas, improved thinking, different methods of approach, finding more than one solution, and finding the most effective way to get something accomplished.


Being active in fitness for more than 10 years, all of these principles and concepts apply in both business and health.

Just another reason why I’m a great admirer of contact and combat sports such as MMA and fencing.


They open your mind to thinking steps ahead of your opponent…and your opponent doesn’t even have to be another person – it could be thinking ahead for potential future business concepts.

Look at Donald Trump.

Robert Kiyosaki.

Tim Ferriss.

Venus & Serena Williams.

Kelly Slater.

Heck, Warren Buffet even.

They all share a common trait. They all hold a certain set of beliefs and ideas about both business and lifestyle. The two are inseparable.


It’s athlete’s like these which will always be ahead of the game…even when they come out of it. Kelly Slater – moving from performance to product. Genius.

They all think one, two, even three steps ahead of the game. That game you could label as life, business, anything. The bottom line is, they’ve learned to alter their thinking to such an extent that when it really is game time – they don’t choke – but seize the opportunity.

He who hesitates is lost.

This is what I meant when I said to my friend fitness makes money.

It clears your head.

Opens your mind.

Makes you constantly think of new, different ways to enhance your health…just another reason why I try never to let my private clients get bored with their workouts – you get bored with the workout, it becomes routine – routine is damaging. A routine workout can be as bad as being stuck in the rat race – you’re on that treadmill never thinking of when you’ll reach your destination because you’re too distracted by meaningless crap that keeps you from looking at your milestone markers, which help you indicate how much road you’ve got left to go.


TVs on treadmills….minus ten points.

It’s all about TRACKING progress. Self-evaluation is critical. Don’t ignore the miles – count them and jump for joy every time you can go an extra one.

Remember – it does not matter how slowly you go, as long as you have an objective and DO. NOT. STOP.

advance past go

Advance past go and collect $200.

– Rego

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Musings Episode 7: Work, Play, and Love…

Tonight I thought I’d get off the usual track of how my recent episodes have been going, instead switching to something a little different, yet still applicable to all aspects of life.

So many moments throughout the day people are clouded with the daily grind of work. Many times a balance is forgotten to be had, instead the sole focus being monetary gain.


I don’t blame you for it.

There’s many awesome, and great things and experiences money can buy…and for all those who say money can’t buy happiness – bullshit. Like the infamous quote that once floated around in the social ether once upon a time, “money can’t buy me happiness…but at least I can cry in my Ferrari.”


Also my private jet.

Money is a very, very useful and beneficial tool, if used correctly. The thing that can mess people up however, is losing sight of the purpose of creating and/or attaining the money.

Things are not the primary objective here. As I’ve said before it’s experiences. Road trips across Europe. Baseball games in South Korea. Sauna with your S.O. in Japan. Sandboarding in Brazil.

We live in such a 40-hour work week driven society, many forget that all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy…ergo why this is reflected for many by blowing hundreds on alcohol over the weekend.

Throw in the consumerism of technology today, the “OMG I MUST have the iPhone 5, the 4S is like, so played out!” and you’ve got a recipe for a bad mix.


I’ll admit it, aside from all the B.S. the media has portrayed since the beginning of time, one thing they did get spot on is the bits they’ve done on technology and the de-sensitizing of the youth today.

Why, you ask, do I agree with this?

Well, before technology, ironic as it may seem, there was more creativity…hear me out for a second. I’m talking about creativity in activities, in socializing, and in getting out and hitting the town.

Again, you’re probably asking, why do I say this?

In the movie Powder (1995), one of the characters quotes “It’s become appallingly clear that our technology has surpassed our humanity.”

I find this an interesting quote, because partially it’s true. Think about it – before the internet and smart phone age, the majority of the time if people wanted to talk or socialize with each other, they had two options – either pick up a land line (or if you could afford it) grab up your cell phone that was once the size of 2 bricks taped together, and call up whoever it was they wanted to get in contact with. If that wasn’t the case or if airtime was too ridiculous to pay for (before the days of “unlimited” everything), you had to go and meet up with that friend – or go over to their house.


Unless you were this guy. This guy answered to no one.

There was a very critical human element in this…it was an engagement that required effort and time, and because this effort and time was expended many made sure that meet or that phone call was used well or properly.

Now? We just shoot text messages to each other, not even having to take the time out to text with our fingers. People constantly in touch with people they know everyday, and by the end of the day being saturated with the interaction, feel that actually meeting up with someone isn’t that big of a deal. They’ve communicated throughout the day, so why would there be more to talk about in person?


…and contrary to popular belief, the mass majority of people who text and drive are not, just young people…fuckers.

This type of communication in my opinion has affected multiple human relationships, from friendships to relationships.

The friends you used to hang out with in primary school everyday after class, who stuck with you through high school and you used to talk everyday to on the phone, now get shot a casual text to “see how they’re doing”…

…your mom who you used to call on the phone and talk to for at least fifteen minutes you shoot a quick Happy Mother’s Day text to instead of a quick voicemail before work….

...what every mother loves to hear.

…what every mother loves to hear.

….that new girlfriend you have freaks out because you didn’t message her back fast enough or maybe didn’t use the right emoticon in the right sentence….10 years ago you realize the drama could’ve been avoided if you just rang her up for a few minutes…

Technology has reached a peak where people break up and divorce over Facebook statuses and wall posts.


Fucking Facebook.

One wrong picture.

One wrong status.

Kids nowadays don’t knock on their friend’s doors but instead text, to say they’re outside. The fear of walking up to your friend’s door and [god forbid] having their parents answer is greater than running into traffic with your shoe laces from both shoes tied together and tripping.


Smooth, ace…

It seems to me now we’re so hung up on data limits and the newest apps we forgot about the basics of human interaction.

This can – and has led to social dysfunction and downfalls. What happened to the novelty of paper birthday cards?

The fun of making the cake from scratch (heck, even the box), instead of picking it up from the store or a caterer?

Or how about instead of watching a movie on NetFlix on your cell phone while sitting at Starbuck’s with your S.O., actually taking the time to get messy in the kitchen and make dinner with each other then watching something on NetFlix with an actual TV later on?


It’s the little things that matter but people have forgotten about…we forget to get back down to earth and remember the simpler things.

The effort.

The imagination.

The thought.

The involvement.

The more convenience we develop, it seems the less we actually attach or feel like we’ve created or engaged in something that’s a part of us.

This is what I mean when I refer to play and love in the title of this week’s episodic musing. This is why every week, I try to give you ladies and gents different ideas on what to do over the weekend – because if you notice, most of them involve heavy socializing.

They require an effort.


Imagination…and involvement.

Without these, we’re merely on auto pilot with technology dictating to us what we should or shouldn’t do, or how it’s easier to do this than that. Like the 8 ball we used to ask questions to when we were younger.


But I like the effort. I like the effort of ringing up a friend and sorting out logistics for our next meet instead of through text.

I like the effort of looking for that one special gift for an anniversary by going store to store and taking in the sights, instead of just hopping on Amazon and ordering.

Call me old-fashioned or old school, but I like that feeling of putting effort into connecting with other people.

Networking and genuine interaction is key in everything – business, pleasure, and love.

It’s what keeps and maintains things long-term.

What people have to remember is this: with instant gratification, comes instant boredom.

The faster the high, the harder the crash.

Stay human.

– Rego

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Musings Episode 5: Winning the Lottery – Not as bad as you think…

Alright…so I’m not promoting any sort of gambling…but a few buddies and I had a discussion about what it’d be like to win the lottery. What we’d do with the money, how we’d feel, etc.

So the answers rolled in. One said they’d buy a big house, one said a Bugatti Veyron, another said both, and another said an estate with a golf course. While listening to all these answers, I was a little shocked and disappointed – until one of them said, “guys….what about after you buy all that stuff? What about maintenance costs? I know for a fact a million dollar beach unit can run about $30,000 in taxes alone – how much do you really think an estate would cost per annum?”

Alright sir, and your total annual costs come to....$1654649848465....and 63 cents.

Alright sir, and your total annual costs comes to….$1654649848465….and 63 cents.

She beat me to the chase…with a grin I agreed, and then asked her what she’d do with it. She then proceeded to list off business ventures and commodities she’d invest in, along with some other business ideas, and positive life experiences she’d like to have.



Usually, with the lottery there is a very negative stigma attached to it – there’s an actual statistic that states the majority of lottery winners lose all their money within the first couple of years and end up worse off than where they started.

But what I’ve found is noone really bothers to ask why such a negative stigma is attached to this gambling trend that is practiced by millions every day. They never ask, “why do these people lose all that money?” and never ask “how did they lose all that money?” Most people just accept the fact that, “it is what it is,” and feed into the stigma, never unearthing the real root of the problem.

The root of the problem is not foaming at the mouth from having millions of dollars, no…there was once a report of a man who was on public assistance for food and continued to receive benefits while still holding his lottery money.

The root of the problem is in fact much simpler than that – and it’s only four words – lack of financial education.

And I don’t mean the economic kind they teach you in school. The Keynesian economics taught is more of a joke than an actual way to rationalize how money works and why fiat currency operates the way it does.

The answer is many people have just learned to spend their money – never how to actually use it. They’re trained from kindergarten onward to do two things – buy “stuff” and work to buy stuff…then when they get to college (or sometimes earlier dependent upon circumstances) and go out on their own, they’re taught to “work to buy stuff and pay bills.”

The way the employment system is designed, the average person just meets the mark. They start out in school spending 7-8 hours learning – which conditions them for 7-8 hours of work when they reach adulthood. Aside from college where your lectures (or classes, in American terms) are staggered and you get more freedom of time, the average person is conditioned from age 4/5 to sit at a desk and build someone else’s dream…no wonder so many people are depressed or stressed out.

"When Cameron was in Egypt's land...let my Cameron goooo......"

“When Cameron was in Egypt’s land…let my Cameron goooo……”

So what happens many times when you spend 8 hours a day building someone else’s dream? You forget your own…but you still make money. The void one can feel is filled by consumerism, which thus begins the cycle. You work to pay bills, and whatever you have left over, you use to purchase “items” that give short term gratification.

They’re never taught about after purchase maintenance costs…matter of fact they’re discouraged to even think about it…and don’t even get me started on credit. Max out your card and then pay the minimum? Bull. Sh*t. The motto is “buy, buy, buy, and feel good…but don’t weep when the bills after the initial one comes”.

“Buy that BMW 5 series where they say you never have to change the oil except every 15,000 miles…but don’t weep when it gets engine sludge because we didn’t mention to only use a specific oil.”

“Buy that Ferrari Spyder, but don’t cry when repairs are needed.”

Those Ferrari’s are sweet rides, huh?

There is a belief in Europe. “Americans live to work, and Europeans work to live.” In my travels, I’ve realized this is partially true. No offense to any one nation.

So tying this all in with the lottery, we can understand to a degree now why people lose all the money they’ve won within the first two years and can be worse off than when they started. From childhood if their parents didn’t know any better, many have been steered in the wrong direction.

Instead of investing $40,000 in a string of automated businesses, they’re encouraged to go and spend $40,000 on a couple of Rolex watches and ridiculous looking rims.

This…this is how I get all the ladies…if I don’t run them over by accident first.

Instead of investing $1.1 million in solid commodities like gold and silver (no, not the kind you wear), they’re encouraged to go get that Ferrari Enzo they’ve been eyeing but thought they could never afford.

$15 million on a house by the beach? Or $15 million on something that could potentially bring you in an income of $30 million a year? Nope…still, some people will take the house over the business.

Why? It’s my theory that subconsciously we feel so starved from our real desires, the propaganda of the media and product focused companies/markets see this vulnerability and choose to exploit it…and they’re not wrong in it either – it’s nothing personal, just business.

So what do they do? They sell, sell, sell….through magazines, television, movies, music even, billboards, you name it they do it…and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with it….because people buy, buy, buy.

They buy because in my opinion when you are so starved from your dreams or desires because you’re constantly pursuing someone else’s through your job, you can pretty much be assimilated to a guy who hasn’t eaten in a week.

It doesn’t matter if this guy ate superfoods at $300 a month alone on just the powder, ate caviar as if it were brazilian nuts, or ate lox and drank an entire bottle of champagne on a daily as breakfast. If he hasn’t eaten in a week and in his mind he’s used to and wants to eat 6 meals a day of only rich (and sometimes unhealthy) foods, it’s irrelevant and he’ll take what he can get if it looks appetizing enough.

So my point is it’s the same thing with the lottery. If the average population is used to having roughly 50-80% of their income go towards bills, of course they’re going to look for an outlet, whether it’s spending $500 at the bar on a weekend to “blow off steam from work”, or spending $5 million on 3 luxury cars right after they’ve won the lottery.

Their vision is clouded because of their surpressed desires. This is what makes them forget about maintenance costs and indefinite taxes…and the way the education system is set up, you can’t really shove the blame on them, they’ve been misled.


Where they can be reprimanded however, is not making the conscious decision after they’ve realized this, to go and make change with their way of thinking. This is where financial education comes in. Robert Kiyosaki, though slightly old school in his methods compared to Tim Ferriss, believes that financial education is one of the single-most important educations a person should have – even surpassing your standard academic education.


And he’s right. Academia can get you to a point, but if you don’t know how to utilize all that knowledge, or even turn that knowledge into a financial river of cash flow, and you’re still working away on auto-pilot with no destination that aims towards YOUR financial success, spending $50,000 plus on a college education really wasn’t worth it in the first place…

….because for $5000 a person who’s never even been to college but invested in financial education, works the same job you do, somehow travels or has more experiences than you do, and somehow ends up with the lucky numbers of the lotto and takes off like a rocket in starting their new life and beats the negative stigma of the lotto, just by making choice decisions and knowing how to work the financial system…has developed more value than a piece of paper that shows you made good grades at an institution that is a business within itself.


Think about it….


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“Effort only fully…

Musings: Quote Wednesdays….

“Effort only fully releases its reward after a person refuses to quit.” – Napoleon Hill

I find this pretty much speaks for itself. No matter what it is you go after, no matter how many times you’ve tried, and no matter how long you’ve been pursuing it…if it’s in your very gut that you still desire it and quitting seems “O.K.” but not “right,” and you feel you should keep pushing forward – do it. Eliminate every “what-if” you can fathom.

You never know how deep the water is unless you keep wading into it.

– Rego