Musings Episode 88: Priorities…

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Musings Episode 88: Priorities…

We all prioritize things in life.

Priorities are what separates getting some things done faster than other things.

It doesn’t matter if it’s business, relationships, friends, family, or anything else.

The more convenience gets brought into our world the more it seems that multi-tasking is becoming a demand…a requirement…a mandatory skill.

Multi-tasking is good for some things – at least so they say – but only temporarily.

Often the thing that’s done well is one that has an entire focus placed upon it.

You can multi-task and get a lot of things done at one time – but how well did you do them?

Could they have been done better?

I’ve been told I’m my worst critic sometimes.

The irony of being a perfectionist.

Asking if things can be done better is a question that floats in the back of my thoughts on a day-to-day basis.

Like the concept of kaizen, I constantly look for different ways to do things better.

It’s the needle that keeps me on course when navigating through this thing we call life.

I think we all need that.

That guiding compass.

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Not to be dictated by someone else, but something you establish for yourself.

Everyone’s compass is different.

I’ve also been told I’m a mentor.

Though I’ve never really seen myself as one.

I just like to see people awoken to the fact that their life is theirs to live – not someone else’s.

Your life decisions are what you take to the grave with you.

So why let someone else dictate what you should be doing, especially if it’s for the betterment of yourself?

Prioritizing is simply putting what you think – what you know – is important, first.

So many people prioritize their jobs, their boss, their significant other before themselves.

Side note: There’s nothing wrong with prioritizing and nourishing romantic relationships – but if you’re going to, I think it’s imperative to make sure that person is lifting you up, rather than having you stall out or pulling you down.

Interdependence, not dependence is key in relationships.

If you don’t prioritize yourself when it comes to certain things, things that in your gut you know you should be doing for yourself but aren’t, I really think you stunt your own growth as a person.

Humming and hawing over something rather than just doing it only sets you that much further apart from what it is you want to do.

Why on earth would you do that?

I’m not faultless.

I’m just another person navigating my ship through this thing we call life.

The more we learn about these rough seas, the more skilled we become – the better we learn to handle our ship – but we’re never faultless.

I recognize there is one persistent thing in my life I haven’t prioritized…always thinking it could wait until later.

Maybe it can, maybe it can’t…but it does leave me with that gnawing feeling that I should really be prioritizing it more than I am now.

Especially now.

A feeling that grows by the day until I push it aside at times, and act on getting it rolling other times.

It’s a journey for everyone – but should make a victim out of no one.

So don’t take this as a “it’s okay, at least you’re trying/tried but there’s nothing more you can do” message.

When it comes to setting priorities in your life, there is absolutely something you can do. Any action is better than no action.

Framing your day-to-day life to put yourself first is important – because if you’re a mess, how can you possibly help others?

Taking the time out to prioritize what it is you know you need and want to do leaves you with a clearer head.

It lets your thoughts flow, your creativity flow, your overall thinking process flow, much, much better than what it usually would.

Before the complete change over to digital TV and radio, there was analog. Whenever you changed channels, sometimes you’d encounter “static”.

I’m sure some of you remember what that static used to sound like – or even the white noise from a TV.

Not as distracting as buffering, but still annoying.

Even though you hear what it is you’re wanting to listen to or watch, there’s still that static in the background that you just can’t seem to ignore.

Things you’re not paying attention to but you know you should be prioritizing are a lot like that.

So start clearing the “static” from your head.

Take time out. Grab a pen and paper – not your phone. It’s something about putting words on paper that really makes you connect with what it is you’re thinking about.

Write down some things you’ve been wanting to do for a while but haven’t because you’re always putting other people or things first.

Then write down one you can do immediately, or want to do first, on a separate piece of paper.

When you get that first thing done, tear up the paper and bin it.

Then do that for the next one.

And the next one.

And so on.

Tossing the paper will make you feel like you’ve released yourself from something because you took action to get it done.

A little healthy selfishness is necessary.

Prioritizing helps eliminate the habit of creating problems as to why you can’t get certain things done.

Starting towards something is better than always saying “some day”.

Because really…

…someday is really just code for “never”.

Stay cool.

– Rego

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