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Musings: Quote Wednesdays…

Just a little mid-week inspiration.

While I mentioned in this week’s episodic musing about just going for it, you’ve also got to realize if along the road you make a mistake, it’s smart to improvise if it’s the right or practical thing to do.

Don’t let your ego get the best of you and be stubborn. If you’re working towards something, you won’t do everything perfectly. Admit the mistake, suck it up, and move on.

You only fail if you don’t learn lessons from your mistakes.

Hope everyone’s having a great week.

As always…

Stay awesome.

– Rego

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Musings Episode 83: Guts Over Fear…

Well, happy new year (…add exclamation mark here).

I’ve been away for a while working on some things but I’m hoping everyone had a good Christmas and their new year was off to more than a good start.

I also hope everyone didn’t make any new year’s resolutions.


Good question…

Musings Episode 83: Guts Over Fear…

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For the past few weeks now while picking up my daily necessities, I’ve had to endure the cringiness of various store marketing ads blaring over their speakers talk of new year’s resolutions and “getting fit” – while eloquently lacing in why you need that new yoga mat.

New Year’s resolutions are really just excuses to not actually apply yourself to anything.

They’re the unsaid safety net of “new year, new you” and if you don’t get it done then hey, that’s okay champ, at least you tried. Maybe next year, eh?


If you’re going to do something in life…just fucking do it.

You guys have been reading my blog for quite some time now.

You get the general trend of what I sound off on.

Dreams only come true if they’re goals with a deadline. Mediocrity shouldn’t be the intended destiny for the human race. If you’re going to live a little do it up big and enjoy.

I’ve been beating the same drum for a while now, with no intention to stop – because it needs to be said.

The victim mentality, like a subtle, slow bacteria sometimes feels like it’s spreading across society, with so many ridiculous contradictions.

You “can’t make time out of your daily work life to do something for yourself that’ll help you grow as a person because you’re always so busy”?

That’s okay, you’re working hard to build someone else’s dream – it’s totally cool, I get it.

Keep binge watching that Netflix after work.

It’ll take the edge off.

I’m not saying that relaxing is a bad thing – but they say these days, your average person spends 4 hours looking at screens – that’s *outside* of work.

That’s a lot of screen time. Half a workday to be precise. You could do a lot with that time. So why aren’t you?

Look, everyone, and I do mean everyone, has at some point in their life had a dream. Most have also encountered an obstacle.

The biggest obstacle I find people wrestle with is fear. The fear of starting. The fear of starting only to fail. The fear of starting, succeeding, and then having things crumble.

I’m not faultless – this includes me.

But like a fear of a big, scary new workout plan (or big, scary new place you’re moving to), ultimately it’s a fear that it’d be better to deal with than shove under the rug.

Do what you fear – don’t fear what you do.

You’ve gotta have guts over fear. Ever seen the music video of Eminem‘s song “Guts Over Fear”?

I’m not a huge fan of his music, but that music video is a perfect depiction of guts over fear.

I know when it comes to starting anything new there’s the headache and questions of “How am I going to get it done? When am I going to get it done? Can I GET it done?”

But nothing will ever get done if you don’t apply yourself to it – and applying yourself isn’t enough.

Once the motivation is gone, that’s when you have to keep pushing through.

It’s fairly ironic how some people don’t grasp this concept.

They’ll start a new job (motivation), work that job, some days dislike that job (motivation lost), then keep going to that job even when they’re no longer motivated.

…but then won’t maintain that same course of tenacity when it comes to enhancing something they want to do for themselves that’ll help them grow outside of that exact same job.

“But I need MONEY!”

Bro – I know.

But you’ve gotta flex that muscle.

I’m not just preaching here – I apply my own sermon.

As someone who at one point in life was holding down 3 jobs, hitting the gym, and growing as an entrepreneur – I. KNOW.

It can be scary as fuck sometimes.

Sometimes you’ll be happy.

Sometimes you’ll be mad.

But you’ve gotta hold it down and just keep going.

This is for the dreamers that dream while they’re awake rather than asleep.

If you haven’t started, start.

If you’ve started, don’t stop.

If you’ve reached where you want to be and want to innovate more, stay your course and go for it.

All the way, guts over fear – but just fucking do it.

Since I’ve been into discovering new music a lot lately, here’s one song that’s appropriate for this post by Neffex – enjoy.

As always…

Stay awesome.

– Rego

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