Musings Episode 57: Read The Air…

Not sure if anyone’s heard this expression, slightly similar to “read between the lines.” I touched briefly on it several episodic musings ago, a little something I picked up in Asia. Thought I’d elaborate once more on it here. Enjoy.

Musings Episode 57: Read The Air…

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There’s certain points in conversation where an exchange happens, and either both or one of the parties wanna say something but refrain slightly from doing so – and instead just sort of “dance” around the subject.

Personally, I prefer to talk straight (note, this does not mean “talking without thinking first”), but sometimes this type of thinking isn’t always appropriate for every single situation. This is where learning to appreciate reading the air comes in handy. Don’t get me wrong – reading the air has some serious negatives, too – but at times and in certain situations, it can be highly beneficial (business is not one of them though).

I remember my days back in uni studying International Business and Asia Pacific Studies – this was shortly after returning from Japan – they were discussing just what “reading the air” meant.

Simply put, it’s like saying something without actually saying it, but the implication’s there with as few words as possible. It’s about reading the atmosphere, and knowing what (or what not) to say next. It’s just something you’ve gotta pick up on. It’s pretty helpful because it can spare embarrassment.

Musings Episode 57 Read The Air, Rego's Life Musings Episode 57 Read The Air, Musings Episode 57 Read The Air Rego's Life, Rego's Life, Japanese culture, read the air, how to read the air, read between the lines, culture, thought, episodic musings, Japan
So why the heck am I writing about this on a Musings Episode? It’s just one of those thoughts I had to get on paper…or computer screen, guess you could say.

It’s something that would benefit the Western culture greatly if they learned how to use it, as it teaches a person how to be tactful and not sound so presumptuous…or assinine, for that matter.

I’d say the trait is more in Americans, BUT, coming from an English background as well there’s been more than a fair share of people I’ve wanted to say “sod off” too as well.

Musings Episode 57 Read The Air, Rego's Life Musings Episode 57 Read The Air, Musings Episode 57 Read The Air Rego's Life, Rego's Life, Japanese culture, read the air, how to read the air, read between the lines, culture, thought, episodic musings, Japan
Reading the air can tie into not letting your brother turn “red in the face.” It’s a really core part of Japanese culture and something that you never fully master – some may call it “passive.” Yeah, it’s got some tendencies of “don’t rock the boat,” but really it can boil down to sparing someone’s feelings as well (hence the “red in the face” expression).

Although Chinese culture is on a whole different level (right down to the way they ask you to open a window) when it comes to indirect communication, the same way kids in primary school out here are being taught Mandarin, because this is turning into a global economy and has been one for a while now, it’d be really beneficial if the generation of today were taught key cultural “quirks” like these.

It’s not asking much either, really. The same way Western culture has its sarcasm, highly innuendo-ish humor, and cliches, picking up how to understand what someone’s saying without a plethora of words could balance the entirety of a lot of people’s social skills to say the least.

Tomorrow I’ll be elaborating on a few quick tips on exactly how to start reading the air.

Just a little Sunday food for thought. Wanna share your opinion? Comment below.

Hope everyone’s having a great morning. 😉

As always…

Stay awesome.

– Rego

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For The Weekenders: Elephant Polo in India, Road Rallying in Morocco, Hot Tubs and Skiing in Australia

I’ve always been a fan of the classic sports. Fencing…Equestrian…Track…Polo…

Especially the last one. In fact, Polo is especially fun when it’s done with an elephant. Forget the horse – it’s time to think bigger.

Much bigger.

Much bigger.

Honestly, Elephant Polo is the perfect excuse to hop on a plane and get your bum over to Asia – more accurately, India, to be specific. Picture it – you hop on a plane with a simple but well thought out bag – enough supplies for about one week and then some.

The flight is long, and the movies offered are crap, so you entertain yourself by ordering a few minis from the on plane bar. Pop open your laptop, ask for ice and some nibbles, and watch a fairly good movie for laughs like Badmaash Company to get yourself in the rhythm of the trip. While you’re at it you use the plane’s Wi-fi to double check and confirm your reservation at Jai Mahal Palace, a very important thing to do as this is where all the action will be happening.


Things like giant chess.

Hours later you get off the plane, check-in to your breathtaking room, and ask the concierge where and when exactly polo will be happening, so you can double check to see if you have all your gear ready. Once you’re done with that, you decide you take a nap to shake some of the jet lag.

Since you’re liquored up but sober enough not to fall off the gentle beast who’ll be your teammate for the next few hours, you decide to suit up and head outside to see what’s in store. If you’ve never played, don’t worry – you’ll be educated on how everything works and warned that although the animals may look sluggish – it’s actually a very fast paced game.

Holy shitsnacks.

Holy shit snacks.

With a bit of practice before you know it you’re up and running, bonding with your elephant to the point of developing a nickname for it.

From here the game begins, the field is played, and the score is close. You soon realize that this actually is just a tad trickier than regular polo, with the height difference and all…

…but the thought of post-game Melon Balls and Alabama Fizzles while chatting up someone at the bar who thought that last shot was impressive, encourages you to press on and you totally end up kicking ass, despite it being your first time. Win for you.


After all the boozing and schmoozing with elite socialites, you feel compelled to get back in touch with your inner, nature loving side. Plus it’s your third time to India, and you’re ready to try somewhere new, somewhere different, somewhere, fresh.

So the tree hugger in you brings Morocco to mind – and ironically you think up something where there’s often not a tree in sight. More like sand…and then more sand.

...and then a random Jeep.

…and then a random Jeep.

Ready for something more adventurous, you decide to try your hand at some desert driving, getting in contact with Hassan Rakmi, a skilled but stern-faced man who’ll be your guide over the next week for The Desert Road Rally – an extreme adventure facilitated by Abercrombie and Kent. Fucking brill.

Now if you know anything about the desert, it’s brutal…hot during the day…cold at night – but, since you’re here for fun and with no intention of chiseling yourself into the next G.I. Joe/Jane, you laugh confidently at the thought of such things. Why? Because you know you’ll be expediting in style.

White dinner table cloth and all.

White dinner table cloth and all.

Starting out in Ouarzazate, you get a quick safety briefing and then off you go zooming towards Ramlia, passing breathtaking scenery and endless sandscapes, until arriving safely at your camp. Comfy bed? Check. Shower? Check. Classy dinner? Check.

From there you hop back into your 4×4 and spend the next 4-5 days enjoying the wind in your hair and the sand up your nostrils while speeding across limitless open land, with nothing but a GPS, two-way radio and Moroccan beats pumping from your iPod. You were born for this.


Day 6 and you’ll be pleasantly surprised to find you’re in for a treat, arriving in Marrakech where plenty of fun awaits at Djemaa el-Fna square, where you can feast your eyes (and ears) on fun stuff like fire eaters, mime artist, snake charmers and street musicians – all there for your viewing pleasure, presenting the perfect opportunity to use that rugged camcorder you’ve been hauling around with you.

Record, photograph, and record some more. Rest up and catch the next flight out – because from here, after all that sand and sun, it’s time for hot tubs and skiis in Aussie-land.

This isn't Hotel California.

This isn’t Hotel California.

I’m talking an all out play ground of ridiculously awesome things to do, varying from season to season, including but not limited to outdoor cinemas, fishing, mountain biking, skateboarding and naturally, skiing/snowboarding.

With such an endless list of things to do, there’s no excuse not to have a good and memorable time. Pick from a 1, 2, or 3 bedroom setup (or, take the pent house like me) –

Why yes, there is room for two.

Why yes, there is room for two.

gather a choice group, and prepare for a night full of good drinks and even better views from your very own private hot tub. Yeah you read right – your own hot tub nestled comfortably atop your room’s balcony.

Jacuzzi with skiis

Swimwear optional – Grey Goose mandatory.

If you’ve never been to Australia now’s the time to go – but be warned once you stay at QT Falls Creek, you may not want to leave.

Stay classy.

– Rego

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“What we really…

Musings: Quote Wednesdays…

“What we really are matters more than what other people think of us.” – Jawaharlal Nehru

Thought this was pretty appropriate for the week. So often people are worried about what others think of them…little do they realize in doing that, they’re letting others write their life story…and this is the worse thing to do. You are the writer of your own book…the ruler of your own destiny…and the captain of your own ship. Let anyone take this away from you – and you’ve given up a part of your free will.

Happy Wednesday.

– Rego