“I believe that every single one of us…

Musings: Quote Wednesdays…

I believe that every single one of us celebrity or not has a responsibility to get involved in trying to make a difference in the world Our generation faces many challenges some of which were passed on to us by the past generations but it's up to us to find solutions today so that we don't keep passing our problems on Shakira, problems quotes, Shakira quotes, Rego's Life quotes, Shakira, Quote Wednesdays, Rego's Life Quote Wednesdays, Quote Wednesdays Rego's Life, happy hump day, midweek motivation, wednesdays, life quotes, social responsibility quotes, hump day, episodic musings, episodic musings of a quintessential entrepreneur, superficial problems, blowing things out of proportion, how to find happiness, stop seeking happiness, you're not happy because of you, superficial, first world problems, 1st world problems, comfort zones, disadvantages of convenience, disadvantage of comfort zones, are comfort zones bad for you, food for thought, lifestyle

Just a little mid-week food for thought as a follow up from this week’s episodic musing.

Hope everyone’s having a great week.

As always…

Stay cool.

– Rego

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