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The war was an escape to reality The only thing that mattered were human relationships not money not position not even family Only relationships with people who might be dead tomorrow were important It is a sort of wonderful state of mind It's too bad it takes a war to create such a condition among men William wyler, rego's life quotes, quote wednesdays, william wyler, william wyler quotes, human relationships quotes, relationship quotes, war quotes, family quotes, quotes, life quotes, rego's life quote wednesdays, quote wednesdays rego's life
It’s weird how the world works sometimes. Tragedies and war bring people together, but really that shouldn’t be the case. Humans shouldn’t have to be knocked abruptly out of their day to day lives to make them appreciate life, let alone the people around them.

Being cordial, kind, or even nice isn’t that hard…and I think when a person takes the time out to build camaraderie with other people, it means something much more than just being involved on Facebook. The ironic thing about mobile phones, social networks, and the like is that they were supposed to make it easier to keep in touch with people – yet nowadays calling someone before texting seems odd.

Think about it.

As always…

Stay awesome.

– Rego

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