“Only when we…

Musings: Quote Wednesdays…

“Only when we are no longer afraid do we begin to live.” – Dorothy Thompson

…and once you begin to live, fear eventually just ends up becoming one of those things where you look back and say “what was all that fuss about?” Being afraid is just another way of holding yourself back from being a better you, and making your mark on the world. Don’t let something so silly hinder you from greatness.

As always…

Stay awesome. 😉

– Rego

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“To give anything…

Musings: Quote Wednesdays…

“To give anything less than your best, is to sacrifice the gift.” – Steve Prefontaine

If you’re going to do anything for yourself, do it with 100% effort – and nothing less. Once you start doing it with 100% effort – do it with even more. Your talents were given to you for a reason – to utilize them to their maximum ability. At the same time – when using those talents don’t let anyone take advantage of you – your skills have value – put a good number on them. You’re worth it. 😉

As always…

Stay awesome.

– Rego


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“Don’t let the….

Musings: Quote Wednesdays….

“Don’t let the fear of striking out hold you back.” – Babe Ruth

Couldn’t have said it better…the whole point of life is to take chances – but if you don’t believe in yourself, you can take all the chances you want and still not succeed. It begins with yourself. Fear is fine – everyone has a little bit of it, even though it’s False Evidence Appearing Real.

It’s alright – it’s how the feeling of conquering something comes about…but whatever you’re doing, I want you to think like this – would you rather step up to the plate, and at least try your hand at hitting a home run – or not step up to the plate at all, and never know if you have it in you?

I’d take the latter – any day.

Stay confident.

– Rego