For The Weekenders: Rooftop Cocktails in NY, Cognac Lounges in LV, Photobooth Dates in San Fran

Right…so in approximately 24 hours, the weekend will be upon us.

Ergo, I bring you my top 3 recommended places from Urban Daddy to fill your weekend with good times and better memories:

The Rooftop at Jane Hotel – Picture it – Sipping choice brandy while your love interest has a dirty martini, the view of the Hudson and Jersey in perfect view from your ultra cozy corner seat. No? No love interest? Well then, how about 5 or 6 friends sitting around a large lounge table and making toasts with Jager bombs to the good life? The Rooftop is essentially a choice drinking spot that has been in the works since 2008 and just recently opened last year late 2012. It sits atop The Jane hotel, and can be found by heading to the 6th floor. For more details, check it out on UD here and The Jane hotel website.

San Francisco. When I think San Francisco, I think art, culture, and little hills that feel like you’re hiking in the Himalayas…but mostly art. Which brings us to Photobooth: San Fran’s first Polaroid Portait Studio.
Talk about kicking it old school. Being a fan of photography and a photographer myself, I’ve honestly gotta say, this is one place you can’t afford to pass up. It’s great for friends, dating, or when you just wanna bring out your creative side. The place is literally a photo studio comprised of white walls and lighting equipment, allowing you to get creative with polaroids or tintype photographs (tin type is an early version of photography, google it and you’ll find some pretty cool stuff), with Polaroid cameras for sale plus other accessories. For full details, I recommend checking out the website, and a more detailed description on the UD article. The place is epic, you don’t wanna miss it.

I was very good friends with someone who was a resident in Las Vegas once, a friendship I’ll never forget…they were the definition of a good time (*wink*), and knowing how to find a good time. If you’ve ever been to Las Vegas, you know the nights out are as crazy as the gambling and Elvis Presley weddings. Yet what about when you want something more refined, more, low key? This, is where Cognac Lounge at Caesars comes in.Though it may just be one little room within Restaurant Guy Savoy, they have a rather impressive, and rotating cognac menu, some dating back as old as a century. So if you’re trying to make an impression on that first date with a seductive, one-on-one setting, or just seeking some quality alone time to appreciate the finer aspects of alcohol, you can check out the original website and more details here, on the UD site.

And that’s about it…I really hope you guys have a great weekend and above all, make it one to remember. In the meantime, look out for Musings: Episode 1 – this Sunday.

Stay awesome.

– Rego

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