For The Weekenders: Yakitori, Wine on Tap, Life on a Boat

I’ve been eating pretty healthy lately….not that I wasn’t before – just, healthier. My workout regimes are changing, some exercises easy, others that need some hard rock to pull me through – it’s a process…but the end result is always worth it.

So this weekend I figured I’d treat myself. To some indulgence food…sort of. After about 3 weeks of mostly eating plant based protein – I figure it’s time for a little reward.

Yakitori 1 500

…and what better place to reward myself than at Sumi Yakitori in Brickell. This place…….how to explain it – this place reminds me so much of Japan. Mostly because of the aesthetics – also because of the casual, warm atmosphere.

What separates this place from all the rest? The food is amazing. The whisky (yes, they have whisky – Japanese whisky to be more specific – vodka too) is choice, and the fact that they use binchotan – white charcoal, straight out of Japan – for all their grilling, allows them to create a taste that can’t be replicated anywhere else unless you visit J-Land yourself.

The real deal. Right here. In Miami.

The real deal. Right here. In Miami.

Be sure to make a reservation – then plant yourself at the bar, order a bottle, and prepare to enjoy all the grilled delights you can eat until the wee hours of the morning. In true Japanese fashion – this is Sumi Yakitori.

Alright – so I’ll admit, ever since enjoying massive pints in England I’ve developed a soft spot for alcohol on tap…now imagine you’re a wine lover. Imagining? Good…now imagine wine….on tap.


That’s right, Timone’s Pizza brings wine lovers everywhere their favorite fermented grapes to them in a way so unusual but so brilliant it’s a wonder why everyone doesn’t think that way.

Combined with a kick-ass menu and comfy leather seating, this place is great for hanging out with friends or a super casual date spot.


Start with some marinated olives and a carafe of Pinot Grigio while engaging in simple but deep conversation, as you wait on your main entree of pizza made with Cherry & Heirloom Tomatoes, Arugula Pesto, Mozzarella, and a generous amount of goat cheese. If you’re not into pizza take a crack at their Riverview Farms Polenta – heavily laden with red sauce and mascarpone….gotta love mascarpone.

From here make sure the last time you ate was 3 hours ago – wouldn’t want to spring a cramp or worse – get seasick. Why….? Well, what better way to close off (or extend) a weekend by taking the initiative to learn about boats – more specifically how to drive – erm, sail them, I should say.


Leave the beer bottles and cocktails at the door for this one, because here comes some serious training. I remember when I was a kid – I always wanted to learn how to sail/navigate a boat. Then finally, at the age of 7, I got my first chance to take the captain’s wheel and steer one through a canal. The seas were as calm as the weather – but being that age it was still a massive thrill for me. Years later and I still remember my very first time behind the wheel like it was yesterday.

The Maryland School of Sailing & Seamanship offers a variety of courses – from a four day, live-on boat novice education, to a full on, week long advanced training experience. So if you’re new to the boating world grab yourself the easiest course first – but if you’re more seasoned give yourself a challenge. For those in between – they have something for you too.

Welcome to the big dog's playground.

Welcome to the big dog’s playground.

Now you’ll finally have an excuse to break out those white chinos and that captain’s jacket.


– Rego

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