STOP THE PRESS….BIG issue going on.

UPDATE: THERE WILL BE A SLIGHT DELAY FOR TOMORROW’S FOR THE WEEKENDERS – THE ISSUES WITH THE OFFICIAL SITE MUST TAKE PRECEDENCE. Sorry guys :(. Look out for it at 11:00 A.M. PST – THREE HOURS LATER. It’s a really great one too, so be sure to check back.

Hey everyone,

Alright so listen up, I’ve been getting e-mails regarding the official site AND the store, and I just wanted to let everyone know DO. NOT. PANIC. It’s a temporary issue that I’ve been trying to get resolved with my hosting company, apparently they’re having some network issues and it’s made not just my site, but many other sites temporarily unavailable, so I implore you…


stop being sad stop it

Seriously. That would be awesome. This has also affected the Rego’s Life Store Web Creations site as well, so both me and my team over on that site would all LOVE to see this resolved as soon as possible JUST AS MUCH AS YOU DO. I’m going to be staying on the hosting company all night until this gets resolved, and will be working through the night to make sure this For The Weekenders gets to you guys on time at 8:00 a.m. PST – so don’t sweat.

The exact MINUTE that this gets resolved and the site is up and running, I will let you guys know plus all my email subscribers and clients over at both and Until then stay strong and feel free to treat this like Throwback Thursday (it’s practically almost midnight…sort of) and check out some of the older posts way back in the year – they’re still useful and valid 😉 ….and if you’re REALLY bored, hit up my Instagram @regoslife and follow me – you’ll find some pretty cool things.

Once I again I just want to say THANK YOU ALL for being dedicated readers and bearing with us through this temporary hiccup. I’ll be giving away a free THANK YOU and WE’RE SORRY BRO/SIS gift once this is all said and done. You guys inspire me.

As always….

Stay awesome.

– Rego

Improve Your Lifestyle. Improve Yourself. This is Life. This is Rego’s Life.™


2 thoughts on “STOP THE PRESS….BIG issue going on.

  1. hi rego, it’s working now, hope all goes well for you and your team. Did not want to have to miss a post, and hosting is not foolproof, after all you could not control this.

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